'87 Corvette Convertible Rare Color Combo Almost 100% Original and COMPLETELY un-molested! TRADES CONSIDERED!

by Richard
(South Jersey, USA)

OK, Here's a GREAT opportunity for the guy who wants a new toy and wants that toy to be one unlikely to be the same as ANYONE else he'll run into wherever he goes!

(and that applies to ALL the toys I'm selling.....I never buy "cookie-cutter stuff.....if you want "head-turning quotient" you'll get that in spades with my stuff every time!)

I have an EXTREMELY rare 1987 Corvette Ragtop........why is it so rare?


Corvette did a good job documenting their cars and the color of this one, Metallic Gold, was only used to finish 133 Corvette convertibles in 1987. That makes this one rare already, but here's where it gets even better!

Out of those 133 convertibles, almost every one of those had a black or grey interior and black top.

This car may possibly be one of the FEW EXAMPLES EVER BUILT (according to a Corvette collector I spoke with) equipped from the factory with a matching saddle top and saddle colored interior!!!! Let me put it this way...I have found ONLY ONE PERSON who has ever seen ANOTHER in this combo as it came from the factory and I have the build sheet to show this one did!

I have NO IDEA why there weren't more ordered this way because I have seen both and this combination blows the more common Gold with Back out of the water in the head-turning department! It is a simply MAGNIFICENT combination in Gold/Saddle/Saddle! Just a far nicer "match" in my opinion!!

Even if there was another built, think about it.....what are the chances it has survived to this day? In other words, YOU will be the only person at the next Corvette run or show with this color combo........it sure is nice to have something that stands out from the sea of red and white and black Vette C4's that fill those events! If you want a head-turning attention getter, THIS is the car for you!

On to more GREAT news about this car....

This is a near 100% ORIGINAL CAR.....it has always been adult owned, garaged, NEVER beaten, and rarely even driven! It's 26 years old (yes,old enough to qualify for Classic Car plates and insurance so you can lower your cost of ownership down to a couple hundred dollars a year for insurance!) and it is STILL ORIGINAL in 99% of the car....it's got the original rims that STILL HAVE THE MATCHING CRAYON VIN MARKS clearly visible inside each wheel!

It's got the ORIGINAL numbers matching engine of course, which runs better than new, because one minor change from original was to upgrade the injectors to new modern units that enhance both the power and efficiency of the car, but I do have the originals set aside for the new owner. (Not that you'd want to re-install them but a purist may want to have them on hand to make the car's engine aside from the usual maintenance items like oil, filters, plugs, wires, etc, back to 100% factory.)

It's got the ORIGINAL matching saddle top which still looks and works like new with a CRYSTAL CLEAR rear window! It appears this car has never been driven in rain and that the top stayed down and stowed all these years.....how else would it maintain it's pristine un-used look?

The ORIGINAL interior looks BEAUTIFUL, with NO tears in the saddle seats and NO damage anywhere on the dash or door panels. By the way, the "Star Trek" type digital dash works 100% as the day it left the factory, VERY rare in these cars as most Corvette guys know!

Another RARE working accessory is the ORIGINAL power antenna, which is LEGENDARY for failing and almost ALL 80's Vettes have had it replaced or removed.....this car's power antenna functions 100% as the day it was new! In fact, ALL features on this car work as they should and all this car really needs is a new driver.....you won't get what seems like a "good deal" on one of those cheap older Vettes out there that bury you alive in repair costs once you start trying to make them a nice car again....this car is READY TO ROCK NOW! Be careful about buying an older Vette at what seems like a great price......there's a REASON the previous owner didn't fix all those seemingly "little" things that are broken or simply aren't working....they cost a FORTUNE to repair and/or replace! Take my advice, whether you get MY car ir someone else's......get one that's DONE so you don't get nickle and dimes to death fixing one thing after another to make the car "right"....in the end you'll spend FAR MORE than if you had just gotten a low mileage well-cared for example that you enjoyed DRIVING instead of FIXING!

In the interest of full disclosure, I do believe that the car may have been repainted at some point, because although the car shines like new, there is one spot over one front wheel well that has what looks to be a poorly done touch-up and if I don't sell or trade this car I am going to get that fixed so the car will be perfect. (It's a tiny spot....very tiny..... but I am very anal about taking care of my stuff!)

I have cool "stuff"to go with the car....the window sticker, showing the thousands of dollars in options this well equipped Corvette came with,a well as the build sheet which documents that it is indeed an original Metallic Gold and Saddle convertible. I also have the factory Service Manuals for the car (a couple hundred dollars in value there!) and original 1987 Corvette Sales Brochures!

OK....now that you have heard all about MY car, here's what I am looking for!

I'd like a new toy....something like a REALLY nice C-3 Vette, or other classic 60's or 70's muscle or sports car.

Send me a detailed proposal with pics of what you have and let's talk!

EMAIL: beatleguitar@gmail.com

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