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C5 Corvette Speedometer

C5 Cluster Speedometer
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C5 Corvette Standard Speedometer

C5 Corvette Speedometer 97-98 Clusters do not have HUD capability but can be replaced with newer Speedometer Cluster. You will have to have the Mileage reset in the cluster. Mileage information is stored in the Speedometer and the Engine Power Train Computer. Tampering with the Mileage can get you in big trouble. So make sure you set Mileage to the old Speedometer. They will know!

All 99-2004 Speedometer Clusters can be adapted to having a HUD Display. Scroll down to see pictures of HUD Wiring Plug on Cluster.


As far as we know the C5 Corvette Speedometer Clusters are very reliable. Unlike the C4 Clusters with digital displays failures are uncommon. A slight HUD speed error could be noticed of 2-3 mph but was considered normal even when it left the factory. The only item that we are hearing about is the DIC Buttons failing. This item is no longer sold by GM so find a spare if you plan on keeping your car for a while.

C5 Corvette Z06 Instrument Cluster
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C5 Z06 Corvette Speedometer

C5 Corvette Cluster Light
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C5 Corvette Cluster Back Light

C5 Corvette Cluster Install
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C5 Cluster Trim
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C5 Cluster Trim Bezel

C5 Corvette Cluster
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C5 Cluster
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C5 Corvette Trip Reset Buttons
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DIC Fuel & Gauges Reset Wiring

C5 Corvette Trip Reset
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DIC Fuel & Gauges Reset Buttons

The DIC Button P/N 12135152 is no longer available for purchase from GM. You will have to locate a Recycling facility or Ebay to acquire a replacement.

C5 Dimmer Switch
Click here for C5 Corvette Dimmer Switch P/N 12135149 ACDelco D1577E Headlamp Dimmer Switch

Dimmer Switch

C5 HUD Switch
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ACDelco 12198648 Instrument Cluster Head Up Display Dimmer Switch

HUD Control Panel P/N 12198648

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Speedometer Back

C5 IPC cluster plug
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C5 HUD Plug
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