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13 diget vin

by Don D'ambrogi
(dallas tx)

I am trying search the vin on my 1974 corvette. The problem is all that I have entered they all say the same thing invalid vin must be 17 digit code 1972-1980 have only 13 digit Please help.

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Dec 02, 2011
by: Anonymous

Prior to 1981, VIN numbers were made up by the manufacturer. After '81 (possibly '79, I'm not sure which) the Fed stepped in an mandated a 17 number/letter VIN numer (also, they outlawed the use of 1, 0 (zero), and Q.
I found this out by trying to get a Carfax for my '74 Vette. Kept saying "VIN number not valid" (was a 13 digit number). Scared heck out of me. Thought I'd bought a car with a bad number. Googled "13 character VIN number" and found the above.
Have a great day, B

Oct 31, 2010
What are you looking for?
by: Corvette-web-central

We maybe able to help if you state what information you are seeking besides just the VIN. If you have already looked at our VIN decoder page try listing more info so we can help.

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