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sputtering power during acceleration 
Hello, I have a 1977 vette it has a newer crate engine 350cu in. 300 horse V8 (that was all done by previous owner), it seems when I idle for a while and …

No power to my fuel pump fuse in the fuse box 
I have no power to the top half of my fuse box my fuel pump fuse is dead and I have no window power no locks no horn fuel pump will not work it's on a …

Battery light always dimely lighted on 1981 Corvette 
Have a new battery and alternator checks out good at the auto parts store. My gauge says that it's charging reads 12 or 13. Car always starts. What's going …

Car will turn over but will not start 
It has been about a month and a half, but went out to start my car , and it was dead, so I replaced the battery, and car turns over like a champ but will …

1969 Stingray Convertible - 300hp or 350hp 
I have a 1969 Stingray Convertible and wanted to know if it is 300hp or 350hp? the vin# is 194679s734960

i have a vin number question about my 78 pace car 
Hi, I recently bought a c3 pace car number 4690 Now i'm doing research on the car and come across something odd my fith digit of my vin number is …

1980 vette air distribution 
The air flow only comes out of the floor vents. How is the center console taken apart in order to get to the heat and a/c controls on 1980 vette in order …

Hvac control wheel rubbing 
In the center console the heating and airconditioning right adjustment wheel is rubbing and getting stuck on the bracket of the automatic shifter. Do …

Engine bogs down when put in gear and when AC is turned on engine dies sometimes 
Engine starts fire and idles great when it is put in gear the engine rpms drop significantly. But when i Turn the AC on the engine bogs down and often …

Front grill...70 Corvette 
Behind the grill is what looks like some sort of plastic or rubber flap. Is it necessary? I know cooling air is directed up by the chin spoiler. So why …

Door Mirror Placement 
I bought a 1976 T Top Stingray. The mirrors on the doors were removed and during some paint work the holes for the mirrors were filled and the paint work …

gen light comes on then car dies 
was sitting at red light, was idling rough, gen light came on, it would not let me take off, I pushed the gas again and gen light went away. drove just …

Rear Axle allignment 
My 1978 Corvette indy pace car seems to track poorly. The rear axle appears to be in poor allignment. In what ways is the rear axle adjustable?

1980 stock 350: engine won't run after it got hosed down with water 
She always started right up until it got wet. Turns over strong sprayed ether in carburetor she wants to rip but it's just shy of catching did have …

1976 corvette good breaks not working after sitting 8 months 
Started to drive the corvette after sitting 8 months and the break pedal goes clear to the floor not stopping the car

1980 corvette battery is good but car will not start or turn over 
1980 corvette battery tests that it is good, but the car will not start or turn over.

new gauges for 1975 vette don't seem to work properly. 
Bought new gauges for my 1975 vette from Ecklers. Fuel gauge reads 1/2 tanks yet i ran out of gas?? Water gauge reads 100 but should read around …

Please advise correct rpm 71 C3 when in first gear at stand still Thank you 
71 c3 running at approx 1200 rpm in first at stand still,is this too fast. If so what is the correct rpm's

Purchased a new alternator and it needs an external ground. 
I am at my wits end trying ground the #8 ga. wire to the bracket, block etc. Where is the proper location to ground at?

Tach doesn't zero 
Tach doesn't return to zero when ignition is turned off on 82 corvette

Horn keeps blowing on my 78 Corvette 
Never had a problem with the horn blowing to change the turn signal switch inside steering column now the horn just stays on can't figure it out

headlight goes down slow 
When I put the headlights on both go up. When I turn the headlights on the right headlight goes down but the left headlight will only go down if I rev …

Tail lights and marker lights will not work 
I have head lights blinkers & turn singles BUT NO TAIL LIGHTS on a 1981 corvette. Corvette Headlight Switch 1978-1982

1980 Corvette 
I have to jump start the car anytime I drive it, and I could drive for as long as I want, but when I turn the car off it doesn't start back up. The only …

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1983 vin information 
I just purchased a corvette from a family friend. He was the original owner. The car has 55k original miles. I have tried numerous vin searches and cant …

have a new motor and regulator for left door,so where do you start to install them 
The regulator was broken and motor no good and someone before me tried to fix things and goofed them up even more. So I took it all out and bought new …

seat belt buzzer stays on 75 corvette 
The seat belt buzzer for my corvette won't shut off and I cannot find the relay to remove it to shut it up. Can anyone direct me to the place where …

On 1977 corvette how to put back main gasket in. 
I have a 1977 corvette. To put the back main gasket in, can you pull the oil pan and put it in from there?

acceleration and trans clunk 
I have a 1980 Corvette 350/350TH with a Holley 670 secondary vacuum (carb rebuilt) and the problem is it starts fine except putting in reverse. At that …

I went for a cruise in my 1979 l82 corvette. I gave it a bit hard on a straight road I've noticed that it's missing and there's a glinging noise from the …

hp question 
Why does my 1975 Corvette shift console say 350hp, when the VIN number says it has 185hp? Everything seems to be factory on the car. The console says …

rear end clunking at low speed while turng or brakeing fine on highway 
It clunks real bad when I stop or when turning at slow speeds. If you walk next to it it has a loud popping and clunking noise but once I speed up its …

dash lights 81 vette, won't work 
I have no dash lights. Someone said it was the ground but I thought the dash was the ground. Where is the ground connection? Or what do you think? I checked …

How to install 1973 seat belt web stop 
Installed new seat belts. Bought new seat belt web stops but can't get them on the new belt. Belt buckle along with the seat belt are too big to pull through …

Driver side brake light is dim or out 
I have a 1976 Corvette. The drivers side brake light turns on when pressing the brake pedal, but when it lights up it's really dim. And just a few minutes …

replaced all calipers and master cyl,& brake pads. 
Have full pedel but brakes just are not reacting like they should.Could it be the power booster.Someone told me to clean the booster air filters.Where …

79 L48 engine direction of rotation 
what would be the normal direction of rotation of the 79 L48 engine,say,from looking at the front (fan)? I want to turn it over without using the starter. …

We have a 1980 corvette where i bleed my brakes and i get pedal  
We have a 1980 corvette where i bleed my breaks and i get pedal and let it sit over night. The next morning, the breaks are spongy and it does not break …

head lights wont go up  
they were working before winter but I had to park it for a couple months and they stop working do I have to do anything special to get them working again. …

stuck in fourth gear with free motion of shifter 
was driving 75 vette on highway in fourth gear, now wont go into any other gear ! has complete free motion when moving shifter , please help

re-installing c3 collectors edition window hatch 
Removed window for painting.Having problem re attaching with hinges, window not alighning with hinges properly no shims yet must be easier way.how do you …

Where is the defroster cable? 
With the console apart I can't locate the cable

I can hear a slight noise with the clutch out and car in netural when I press clutch in slighty the noise goes away. adjustment needed?

cam went flat, replaced cam 
1975, 350 automatic. timing was off-backfired 3 times,newer edelbrock 1406 carburetor non egr electric choke, new spark plugs, ignition wires, cap and …

High Beam problems 
My 78 vette low beam are fine but when I step on high beam button all 4 headlights go off. Please advise if you know what I need to do. Thank you …

Headlights would not raise when switched on, opened manually now they won't close. 1975 Stingray

73 corvette won't start 
We have cleaned and replaced the gaskets on the carburetor. We have also replaced the spark plugs. It doesn't start but turns over.

Headlight switch wireing 
Hi i am instaling a ez wiring kit on my 76 and having a lil troble incorpating some wires on the headlight switch on the stock connator there is …

Removal of carpet on door panels 
I have a 78 standard coupe. I'm going to put new carpet throughout the car and want to replace the carpeting on the doors. The door panels are fine and …

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Dash lights won't work 
My name is Don , I comment on a lot of your problems, but now I have one . My 81 vette has a problem with the dash lights . Checked the fuse. it's ok …

1980 corvette electric choke light and no power to choke 
Good evening All: I have a 1980 corvette that is a toy. The other night I was driving home and the choke light on the dash came on and stayed on the …

1977 Corvette dash wiring harness. 
Is there another car that would have the same dash wiring harness?

what intakefits 1977 crvette 
What kind of edelbrock intake will it my 1977 vette under hood

dash heater outlets 
On my 81 vette the air will only come out of the vents under the dash at the front of the console. What do I need to do to get the air flow to change to …

Wont start 
Got a 75 corvette auto 350 engine when i turn the key will not do nothing not even click battery is good everthing works lights & all you can take a screw …

shift out of neutral is hard, also 2-3 for an automatic. Had carb. rebuilt and mechanic said this could cause the hard shift. Sounds strange to me. 
Corvette, been sitting for while. It belonged to a deceased brother who gave to me. Don't know to start with the carb. or transmission first.

82 Corvette floods out and dies 
The car is getting to much fuel at times and won't idle.but sometimes you can start out and it runs fine

what is a good battery tender for my 1968 
What is a good battery tender to use for 68 C 3 ? Will the schumacher 1562a work.

Front bumper 1975  
I bought a 1975 Corvette project car. I bought a 1975 bumper off of Ebay, only to find out that my front end is like a 1974 and bumper doesn't fit. I checked …

Tail Lights 
The 1979 corvette I just purchased was in storage for 12 years. The front lights work however the rear tail lights do not. What to do?


c3 headlights 
I am looking for a headlight kit the get rid of the stock flippy lights and go to solid lights. I have seen some vettes with 4 square lights in there with …

very rough idele and headlights wil not go up 
Took my 1970 in to have the brakes checked. Started smelling gas on way to garage. Got to garage and found diaphram on fuel pump had ruptured. This was …

heater fan inop. 
Heater fan only works on high speed only,and then only part of the time.

no fuel and no start 
74 350 Holley 4360 4bbl. sat a year maybe some water leaked in tank from pooled filler area. changed bronze filter. only starts momentarily when gas is …

1981 corvette with wrecked front clip 
I would like to know if a front clip from a 1977 corvette will fit on a 1981 corvette

Turn signal and flasher do not work, but bulbs are good 
Turn signal and flasher do not work, light bulbs and fuse are good.

how do you replace upper speedometer cable 1975 coupe auto trans 
how do you replace upper speedometer cable 1975 coupe auto trans

where is the ign wire at on the fire wall on 75 vette 
Where is the ign wire at on the fire wall 75 vette

1982 Corvette starts up but then dies. Has no hi idle 
I have a 1982 corvette with 4,700 original miles. The car sat for about 4 months. I go to move the car today , it starts up but then dies. It has no hi …

extended crank after sitting for an extended period of time. 
76 corvette 350, rochester q-jet. i don't think i have a fuel leak, with 3 pumps of gas pedal cold starts would crank for 8-9 revs before it caught. Once …

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75 350 chevy with electronic ignition 
It sounds like a very loud ticking in the distributor or a spark jumping . I changed the cap and rotor thinking it was one of them but it's still their …

I have a loud ticking in my distributor and it missing when it's cold  
I have a loud ticking in my distributor and it missing when it's cold. when it's warmed up it still misses but not as bad .Checked valve covers ,carb …

Car "chokes out" if I drive it. 
I have a 1976 stingray. It will start but when I go to drive it and give it some gas it will choke out and it's hard to keep it running. I did have a "friend" …

Trip Odometer isn't working 
The trip odometer doesn't reset when the button is pushed in. This is the first contact I've had with a C3 so do I need to turn the knob? If it's the …

brake lights 
I have a 72 vette when you step on brake left turn signal on speedo comes on and marker lights on and front turn sig lights on back up lights on and brake …

Strange Motion 
Ok.....1977 stock Vette. Car has been running great but noticed today that when I accelerate/de-acellerate the car gets a pretty severe shimmy. The rear …

New spark plugs and it's rough start 
I recently changed out all plugs on my 77 vette and it seems it's running more rough? Plus, it's hard to start...I have to bury the gas pedal to fire …

Head lights will not go up 
When I pull out the head light switch the head lights will not go up. I can make them work if I pull down on the switch under my dash. How do I determine …

windshield wipers  
The wipers on my 81 will not turn off unless I unplug them... also cant change the speed they just go slow...

Is the horn contact suppose to contact the spring all the time

engine runs on (diesels) when I shut the key off 
This is a 1968 427/390 4 speed. The timing and idle are set correctly and it is not running hot. Any ideas why I have to kill it with the car in gear and …

I am looking at a 1981 chevrolet corvette at a dealership. The vehicle only has (reported) 15,822 miles on odom. The dealer provided an Auto Check, but …

power windows moving slowly and draining battery  
Power windows moving slowly and draining battery

Headlight won't go up with switch but will stay up if manually raised from below. 
I wnat to find out why my 1973 Vette headlights won't come up when switch is pulled, but will stay up when manually raised from below.Is this a hose issue, …

1977 corvette will not start  
I am having trouble starting my 1977 Vette. It will crank but will not start. Previous work on car: changed out spark plugs and put in a new starter. …

dash vent balls 
Can these be switched out without removing the dash?

Thumping sound 
Thumping sound comming from right rear wheel assembly after alignment. After the alignment there were no shims on one side of the trailing arm whereas …

Will a 1974 corvette owl hood fit a 1981 corvette 
Will a 1974 corvette cowl hood fit a 1981 corvette? If so, is there anything additional I need to purchase?

'79 Corvette sways while driving 
My 1979 Corvette while I am driving 30 mph and up (cruising and accelerating)sways to the left and right. I do know it is coming from the rear end. I have …

carb is running rich 
how do i adjust air-fuel ratio and idle?

1969 corvette overheating..help 
I have replaced the radiator, added a new elec fan to the new radiator, new water pump, new heater core, temp sending unit, and new 160 degree thermostat. …

VIN Research 
I am unable to find any historical information on my 1976 Corvette based on the 13 digit VIN from the driver's side window post. Is there another location …

sending unit gasket 
do i need to use sealant or lube on the sending unit rubber gasket?

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emergency brake 
My emergency brake light will not go out when the brake is relased.

1981 c3 fuel sender ohms 

How do you remove a 1980 Corvette steering wheel? 
I need to know how to remove my steering wheel on my 1980 C3 Corvette.

1982 crossfire Wont stay running,  
Car was sitting. I have to pump pedal to keep car running? New gas, new CTS , no vacuum leaks, HELP????

My 1971 Corvette 350/270 H.P automatic transmission lunges when put into gear. 
My corvette lunges forward or backward right when it is put into forward or reverse gear. If I didn't have descent brakes the car would go right through …

1971 automatic lunges when put into gear. 
My transmission wants to lunge forward when I put it into gear. I am not sure if the transmission needs a complete overhaul, or just a torque converter …

Bleeding Rear Brakes of 81 Corvette 
Shop manual says to bleed the left rear inner and then the left rear outer, then move to righ rear inner then right rear outer. Can not locate the inner …

Water Temp Gauge - 77 corvette 
I recently bought a 77 vette with a very mild supercharger (6 lb boost) 350 engine and 85,000 miles. It has sat a while. I've: 1. flushed the system …

Heat always comes out my floor vents 
Can't get air to come out my top vents,and heat comes through my floor vent ,how can I fix it ,so AC and heat work as I need them

runs hot. 240-250 
All new components puller fan what else can I do?

broken door latch 
Hi, I have a 70 corvette with a broken passenger side door latch. I cant get the door to open.

Intermittent Tachometer 
I have a 1975 Vette with the L-82 350. I installed a new tach but it still freezes up at times at 2000 rpm. Some times if you gun the engine it will start …

Fuel Filter 1976 Sting Ray ? 
Hello, I would like to know, I have read on Chilton's book ( page 1-25 at the very bottom right corner): do not perform changing the fuel filter on …

77 vette A/C missing 
I am trying to find a picture of how the compressor brackets mount to the engine. I have new brackets but can't figure how they go.

Ideal Oil pressure Sting Ray 1976 L82 
Hello, I just bought recently a 76 Sting Ray, L82, 350ci and I was wondering what should be the oil pressure on it. I mean it's almost always high while …


increased speed 
How would I increase speed on a "75 corvette??

Passenger door will not open 
The passenger door on my 71 coupe will not open. I cannot tell if it will not unlock or just will not open. Since it is closed I don't believe I can …

i have a "71 350/270 and it bucks like a bronco when i hit 60mph, what would cause this? 
The car runs great below 60mph but i have no power and the car bucks when i hit 60mph, why? it just started doing this recently.

76' no brake pedal 
booster, calibers, master cyclinder replaced. same problem remains.no brake pedal. Gravity Bleed, Pressure Bleed, Vacuum Bleed, Bench Bleed MC. Nothing …

Air conditioning 1975 corvette 
Do I add R12 freon at the compressor pump, or in the line next to the sight glass.

1972 horn button fix 
does the small spring slide over the small rod with the plastic insulator pointing up towards the driver?

Generator light on when engine Is not hot 
The light is off when just started, but goes quite low seconds after, and stays lit untill car is warmed up. This is a 1979 Corvette- 350.

1970 Corvette rear end seems to sway when accelerating 
When I shift my 4-speed corvette and accelerate from any gear, I get a swaying effect from the rear end. Feels as though one wheel is ahead of the other, …

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I just bought a 77 corvette and the headlights are not the usual pop up lights, but are just two square lamps in each side. Is this because the last owner …

turn signal fuse keeps blowing 
turn signal fuse keeps blowing. The ignition buzzer goes off by itself, usually when the turn signal indictor is engaged. The ignition key lock feels …

Running lights not coming on. 
I restored my 1978 Corvette. The headlight switch is new. My running lights won't come on anymore. The brake lights work and the turn signals work but …

heat coming into the cockpit 
Heat is coming into the cockpit.The heater and air cont.dials do nothing when they are turned.I bought the corvette and the air cond. system is disconnected,just …

77 Corvette A/C won't come out of vents 
A/C comes out on the floor not the a/c vents

Water pump 
I need to replace the waterpump on my 79 L82. I want one that will last, but my budget is not unlimited. Regards Frank

1981 corvette. new thermostat and it still overheats 
I put a new thermostat in my 1981 corvette. But it still overheats

high beam 74 stingray 
Don't know how to turn on the high beams in a 74 stingray

I hear rattling from under the hood when in idle. Not sure what it could be.

1968 Auto Trans "Bump" 
I get a big "BUMP" when shifting from Park to Reverse of Drive. No problems other than that. The car will sit at a light, no creeping...shifts from …

interior lights not working my 76 
I have new dash wiring in my 76 and interior lights don't work.

Oil pressure sending unit 
I'm trying to find some procedures on how to replace the Oil pressure sending unit on a 1978 corvette.

Parking brake button and Spring come off. 
My 79 Parking Brake button and Spring popped out. Does anyone know how to fix this thing with it costing for repair ?

removing emergency brake console 
can't get slide seal past handle

find info on 1978 vin numbers and inf on car 
I have a 1978 pace car corvette and would like some previous info on it.

I want to put a set of Headers on my 77 Vette. according to Summit & Jegs they wont fit if my car has a steering damper under the front crossmember. Somebody …

Fuel gage problem 
My fuel gage operates but the needle goes way past full on a full tank and shows a half tank when empty.

no low fuel light ... 
I have a 1980 C3 and the low fuel light quit working last year. i've had it to two dealerships and they don't seem to know what's going on. the fuel guage …

replacing fuel pump 80 vette 
How do you replace the fuel pump on a 1980 vette?

key will not go to lock position

lights in dash and interior do not come on when i turn on 
i turn on lights no interior ligts work i had the body off frame when i turn on lights both turn signal lights indash come on and brake light comes on …

rear spring on 1976 corvette 
How do I know if I should replace rear spring? car bottoms out easily.

Repair manual 
In your opinion what is the best repair manual for a 1974 Corvette. Some but not many mechanical skills. I do follow directions well.

1975 corvette, cannot bleed rear brakes 
I found 3 out of four calipers leaking brake fluid and then replaced all four. Prior to replacing the calipers, I noticed the brake light stayed on, thinking …

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adding a supercharger 
I own a 75 corvette with original engine that is pushing about 400 horse power. I am running 370 gears. I put a 750 double pumper holley. I have put some …

How do I take off the t-top?  
Just purchased a 1979 with a t-top. Latches seem very tight so I dont want to wreck them taking off the top

replace the lock cylinder and line up the rack assembly 
I can't get the lock cylinder to line up with the rack assembly when I push on the steering hub...any thoughts... I did it once and the car started, …

Hood Release Problem for 75 
I have a 75 that has a broken hood release. ive tried almost everything in the book to release the things. People keep telling me to use the rubber grommets …

I want to know what My 1968 corrvette originally had for an engine 
I don't know what engine my 68 originally had. is there any way to tell? I understand that the VIN# was not coded for engine type in 68.

windshield washer fluid won't spray. 
I can activate the wipers and everything else on the 76 vet works great. I'm either not doing it right or something is broke. How can I figure this out? …

C3 dash speaker replacement? 
How do you get to the dash speakers on a 75 vette?

my speedometer readings are not accurate.  
I think I need to change a gear in the side of the transmission.

How to remove timing chain in 1972 corvette? 
How do you get the damper off? Do you have to drop the oil pan?

1976 Stingray lights up wont go down 
Lights up but will not go down.

1973 corvette 
What is the rear lock for on the rear of the 1973 corvette stingray

1980 corvette replace brake master cylinder but still no brake 
1980 corvette replace brake master cylinder but still no brake

Oil filler Cap 
Don't laugh!! I cannot find the oil filler cap. Where is it?

tach does not return to zero when motor is turned off 
I have a 1972 corvette with an HEI distributor I took out the mechanical tach and sent it to redline in CA to convert to digital tach which they did however …


1982 crossfire 
Car was running great. Put ethanol gas in it and went for a drive. will not run correctly. acts like it is not getting enough gas. have to pump gas pedal …

Electric Water Pump Installation 
I own a '75 Corvette. I want to install an electric water pump to increase horsepower. How do I install one and what equipment do I need?

I own a 1974 Vette with 22,000 miles. Drives great, but after cruising long enough for the engine to get hot, it will not start after stopping for anything …

big block springs 
I just installed big block springs on my 79 corvette & the front is to high

Trying to adjust the doors on a 1977 corvette - both doors stick and the latch mechs don't work - beleieve doors have sagged and need adjustment. Any …

What were orig equipt tires on 1975 corvette

vette problems 
I have a 74' vette it has a new battery and the other day went to go start it and it sputtered 3 times then died checked everything that I know and still …

I took off light switch of my 1970 corvette. I forgot where metal ground on switch screws in to. Could you please help me.

Pat Butler 
I have a 1978 anniversary model c3 what is the best oil to use?

Where is the fuse box on 81 corvette . Tail lights out.

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will a 1974 corvette hood fit on a 1979 corvette coupe

Shake and rattle - Noisy 
My 1970 Vette Coupe(350/370) is a joy to drive, I absolutly love her. My one problem is She's Noisy I'm constantly holding the t-tops or pushing down on …

1979 Corvette Headlight Door 
The left headlight door is slow to open and the right headlight door will not open. Can you tell me how to fix this?

Why do my directional lights blink very slowly only when the headlights are on on my 72 Corvette?

Sandra Mazza (carcrazycuttie) 
I have a 1972 Corvette which recently seems to hop or sway in the rear when I hit a bump or uneven road. I had a friend check my shocks and he said they …

1976 corvette 
Can't find flasher for signal lights,k

79 corvette no power 
New battery new alternator, all fuses good. Have no power to anything electrical except headlights?

second line alongside fuel pump line on passenger side where does it connect to?

1968 stingray hood won't open 
1968 corvette hood won't open after pulling the latch, doesn't look like the cord is broken

Weather Stripping  
I have a 77 Coupe T Top Corvette. I am trying to purchase a weather stripping kit for the car.... they keep asking if it is an early or late 77... How …

Can I put a 454 in my 1978 corvette stingray anniversary? 
I'd like to change my 350 out before it hits 100,000 miles. I have about 96,000 as of now. So I'd really like to replace it with a 454 but I don't know …

Hi, I had been having problem with water leaks on my Corvette 1976 coupe stingray. I had the windshield replaced last year because it had a small crack …

I have a 79 Corvette and recently put a Holly Carberator on. It was running well for a few days and today it laid down on me. It has gas shooting out …

Battery sparks putting the cables on my 1970 coupe. I disconnect the power window feed wire from the horn relay and it's fine but I lose my power windows. …

74 corvette seatbelt warning system 
I have replaced the seatbelts in my 74 corvette and want to disarm the seatbelt warning system ,light on dash and buzzer. Is there a way I can do this …

cylinder head 
I recently purchased a 1977 corvette, and I am trying to determine what parts are original and which are not. Can anyone tell me what the cylinder head …

power dooor locks 
1980 corvette power door locks will lock but no unlock. They will make the click like they are trying .

When I turn on my head lights..all of the gauges stop working.

78 Rear Differential Housing 
I have replaced all of the components in the drive line in my 1978 Corvette with the exception of my rear differential. I want to replace the entire unit …

Door locks on a 76. 
It's almost impossible to get the driver's side door lock to unlock from the outside. Occasionally, once in a while, the key Does work. But it's rare. …

Parking lights 
What are the small bulbs that plug into the side of the parking/running lights on the front of the car?

Drivers side door will not open from outside handle 
When I push down on the handle the door will not open. It does open using the inside door handle. Can you help me?

Key Code 
I have lost my 1975 Corvette keys and am trying to locate my key Code number. I have all my original paper work. I have what appears to be a 5x7 sheet …

Door latch on 76 Vette broken 
I just got a 76 stingray and the door latch on the driver side is broken, I m trying to do a home restoration but I cant figure out how to open it up with …

C3 Corvette Telescopic steering doesn't lock 
Hi I just purchased a 1976 C3 Corvette Stingray and I noticed that the steering column slides up and down and doesn't seem to lock in place. Can anyone …

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1973 corvette 454 4 speed coupe 
Hi several years ago my vette was put up in the air...changing oil.... once down and driving away...I noticed that the hood appeared to stay up? Years …

Air condition 1980 corvette 
Sir: Since I purchase my corvette in 1980 I have had a problem with the air condition, it blow a very small amount of air ever since I bought it. I have …

how easy to upgrade to C4 engine and trans/ 
What does changes need to be made to upgrade a C3 to C4 engine and trans? Are there any sites you can direct me to? Thanks for your help.

78 front bumper 
Is there an easy way to remove the font bumper ?

74 blue 
Brake light wont go off, brakes check out fine, master cylinder changed, brakes bled, no leaks, pads look great, HELP??????

1976 corvette stingray 350 
car will crank but will not always start. already has new plugs, wires, and distributor cap and has no issues with fuel system. what else could be the …

72 engine and vin cross reference 
my 72 c3 vin is 1z7k2s24575. is the engine with s/n f0329ckl a matching engine?

dash wiring harness 
Yesterday I posted that I could not figure out where a wire went on the new dash wire harness on my 1969. I took a pic yesterday, so here it is. Can …

Dash Wiring Harness 
I bought a dash wiring harness for my 69 and having trouble figuring out where one of the wire goes to. The unknown wire is in the bundle that attaches …

Window problems 
Why does the window on my corvette roll down fast and up slow or not at all? After driving awhile neither window will work at all.

headlight assembly removal and install 
My headlight assembly has both rear attachment bolts broken. I want to replace the assembly with a another that I pick up But I'm having trouble figuring …

I have a 1969 corvette engine and want to a 700r transmission. Will the 700r work and what tort converter should I use. 
I have a 1969 corvette engine and want to a 700r transmission. Will the 700r work and what torque converter should I use.

Clunk and movement in rear end at low speed 
Hi all, Firstly I live in Australia so no mechanics or anything have any idea about the suspension set ups so I either have to do it myself or tell …

how do you close a corvette hood 
How do you close a 1976 corvette hood? It goes down, but won't latch all the way on the driver's side. I don't want to ruin anything...

72 vette will not start  
I have a 72 vette that will not start for nothing - its getting 12v to the HEI but drops down to 9 volts when turning the engine over? Is that enough for …

Intermittent Starting Problems 
Car will start just fine and run great for a month and then all of a sudden without warning it will not start..Then about 4 hours later it will start again. …

will a 1976 stock hood fit on a 1978 corvette 
will a 1976 corvette stock hood fit on a 1978 corvette

How to get the button off a 1979 corvette interior rearview mirrior for installation 
How to get the button off a 1979 corvette interior rearview mirror for installation

1980 Corvette v.i.n.  
1980 Corvette v.i.n. after the letter S= St Louis I have the number 405941. this seems to be one number to many. Is there a explanation for the serial …

Quadrajet Secondaries 
The carburetor secondaries on my '72 Quadrajet don't work. What is the most likely reason for this and how can I fix it?

75 corvette loses power at 70 mph 
75 corvette loses power when on the highway at high speeds, it drops back to 40 mph and acts as if it's getting too much gas or too little? I've checked …

Low beams 77 Corvette shelschaeff @yahoo.com 
I have a 1977 corvette and i was wondering how u put the low beams on if there is even any thank you...

How can I change my power booster on my 1975 corvette? 
I have a 1975 Corvette and I was wondering if anyone has the instructions to replace and repair a power booster? Thanks !

1978 corvette 
I have a 1978 corvette I put a new battery and alternator in it and it won't keep a charge can someone help me? Thanks

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The headlights won't close on my 1977 Vette, any advice? 
I can't get the headlights to close on my 1977 Corvette any advice on what I can try to close it? Thanks!

1977 Corvette Headlights won't close 
Have a 1977 Corvette Took it in for inspections and now can't get the lights to close back down? Any advice?

How do you replace the speedometer drive gear in a 1972 Corvette? 
How do you replace the speedometer drive gear in a 1972 Corvette?

What causes fuse to blow when turn signals are used when the park lights are on?  
manually checked all wiring involved in (rear lights, park, running, turn signal),can not solve the problem. Also noticed that the dash lights dim and …

1974 corvette head lights 
I'm having a problem with the headlight lids on my 1974 Corvette, they won't close. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

How do I re & re the park assemblys on my 76 Stingray ? 
This is my first visit to what looks like an excellent web site, so please have patience with me, I'm new at this and don't even know where to view your …

What's the best Stingray for a novice to own? 
I've always loved the look of the Stingrays (and Sting Rays) and would love to own one. However I am concerned with maintenance issues and costs. I'm …

I replaced evrthing on the front bushings shocks springs and power steering stuff but whn I start the car and rev it up the stering wheel moves the th right by it self what is the problem? 
I replaced everything on the front bushings shocks springs and some power steering stuff but when i start the car and rev it up the steering wheel moves …

My headlights are stuck open on my 1979 L-82 How do I get them to flip down 
My headlights are stuck open on my 1979 L-82 How do I get them to flip down. Thanks

Why does tail light go of when I hit my brakes? 
MY LIGHTS ARE ON ....headlights fine.. tail lights fine. ...then i hit the brake... drivers side tail light goes out..let off brake it comes back …

1974 corvette starting problem 
Car will start for a few times and then suddenly it wont start. wait a couple of hours and then it will start again is this an ignition problem?

old? corvette emblem anyone have any info on what year  
It is 3 inches round and is spring loaded breakdown hood ornament 2 bolts and a spring on the under side the paper in the box states the name GEM Manufacturing …

is there a contact 
the lights on my 79 pop up ok....but they don't come on. Is there a switch that activates when the door opens?


How do I remove ignition switch from 78 vette?  
I know the steering column as to drop down in order to remove switch, but I do not know what bolts to remove to drop the steering column and, if I do, …

I have no brake pressure on my 1977 corvette. I have changed the master cylinder still no pressure? 
I have no brake pressure on 1977 corvette. I have changed the master cylinder and still no pressure?

1979 Corvette with LT1 
I am looking at a fully restored 1979 Corvette that looks showroom perfect. It has an LT1 engine. I am new to Corvette's but cannot find one that is …

Where oh where are the interior door locks on the passanger side?!?! 
Hello I decided to try my luck today and hopefully receive an answer. Okay this question might seem a little ridiculous but it is very odd and the answer …

13 diget vin 
I am trying search the vin on my 1974 corvette. The problem is all that I have entered they all say the same thing invalid vin must be 17 digit code 1972-1980 …

( Corvette differential noise ) 
( Corvette differential noise ) I have a 1977 corvette 350 auto, the differential started making sort of a clunking noise making a turn at really slow …

1969 over heating 
My 1969 Stingray has been running hot only when on a highway or if I push it hard and it will stay hot I need to drive it nice and easy for it to cool …

help!!!headers ice cold on passanger side  
my passenger side headers are ice cold but after running 15 min they become luke warm what does that mean please help!!!!!

Who knows, out of the 2,072 1969 L68's built, how many were convertibles? 
Who knows, out of the 2,072 1969 L68's built, how many were convertibles?

I installed a Vintage air system in my 1972 small block corvette. What should be the normal operating temperature? Before the installation it ran at about 180 degrees. 
I installed a Vintage air system in my 1972 small block corvette. What should be the normal operating temperature? Before the installation it ran at about …

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my 68 corvette has no electrical power. battery is good . any ideas, thanks 
my 68 corvette 327 has no electrical power. battery good any ideas. thanks

I have a 1979 corvette that i was replacing alternator - forgot charger was on battery at the time saw smoke I think coming from the starter solenoid - now I have no power to ANYTHING!... Help! 
I have a 1979 corvette that i was replacing alternator - forgot charger was on battery at the time saw smoke I think coming from the starter solenoid - …

rear end moving right to left 
1978 corvette as your driving it feels like the rear end is moving right to left what could this be

stuck in first gear 
The other day I was in a parking lot and shifted out of 1st to neutral, when i let go of the clutch i stalled out. Now either because of this or the reason …

opening 1976 corvette door 
1976 passenger side door is unlocked with window rolled up. The door still will not open. Driver side door locked and can not be unlocked.. Any ideas of …


Gas Problems 
Why does my 1975 corvette loses power after driving for about 1 mile and I have to wait for several minutes before it will start again? I recently cleaned …

How do I increase stock engine performance on a 1977 Corvette? 
I have a 1977 Corvette with L48 THM350 Trans and 3.08 gears, basically stock. I drive mostly in the city and would like to get a little more kick when …

How can I figure out the original color of a 1976 corvette? 
I have a 1976 Stingray corvette that looks to me to have been repainted at one point. How can I go about figuring out the original color?

Just bought 1978 Stingray - Speedometer bouncing, AC missing and lights don't work 
I just bought my wife a 1978 Vette and it has a few minor things to fix. The AC was removed and needs to be replaced, the speedometer bounces like crazy …

Removal of 77" AT shifter knob/boot. 
I am trying to replace my shifter boot. I cannot figure out how to remove the knob. I've unscrewed the button, now what?

Auto Appraiser, 25th anniversary color choices 
Did any 1978 - 25th anniversary corvettes, (non pace cars) come from the factory with a dark blue metallic upper & silver metallic lower paint 2 tone like …

Hi guys Can you tell me what KO5 on the door pillar plate means?

What are the best high performance tires for a 1975 corvette with stock rally wheels 15 x 8?

harleybob Best Carb 
I'm restoring a 1973,350 V8 Vette for my son. What is the best carburater to use.

Okay, I have a 1978 corvette, 25th anniversary. but it was stolen about 8 years ago and the serial number was taken off of the front windshield. I need …

1970 Color/production facts and book 
I am looking for information regarding the 1970 Vette...... Specifically I am looking for production numbers or certain colors (exterior and interior). …

77 vette 
Have a 77 vette and engine over heats after a few minutes of cruising thermostat is not installed.

Can anyone tell me where to find the flasher relay on a 1977 Corvette?

Duane Ooms 
Could you tell me anything about the stamping of engine blocks in 1972 corvettes--my car has a 350 in it but it has an aluminum tag rivited to the number …

Paul Colllins 
Hi what is the best carburetor for a 78 vette 185 hp model. Paul


Production numbers by color, trans and all options 
I am looking for a production number listing that takes the production numbers all the way out to the option level. Example: How many 1980, L48, manual …

I have a 79 Vette with a lot of squeaks in the suspension does any one know where I might start my hunt?

where is the v.i.n. number located on a 1978 25 anniversary corvette

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Answers for Mark, Here is a couple of websites that may help! Just cut and paste into your browser. Good luck! http://home.comcast.net/~chadwick.robert/ventilatio …

I am looking for someone who has solved or at least has found a way to make acceptable the interior heat in a 1972. I currently have the motor out and …

1975 Stingray.... 
Hello everyone.... I'm thinking (for my 50th birthday,and 1st ever Vette) of buying a 1975 Stingray... Nice condition 118K miles, everything works as …

1980 Corvette Hatchback 
I have a 1980 Corvette that has a hatchback. Now most people would say are u sure its not an 82, yes I am positive. I have the paperwork where the dealer …

1975 vette 350 starting problems 
Car would run 30 or 40 miles and start to spit & sputter and backfire thru exhaust and die, wait 15 20 minutes it would start and go 20 to 30 miles and …

Corvette Vacuum System  
Hi I have 1970 Chevrolet corvette my problem with vacuum system when i turn off the engine the headlight and wiper door open little bet,if i start the …

interior lights not going out 
The interior lights will not go off in my 78 corvette, i have to unhook the battery when i park the car. I unplugged the interior light delay time and …

How can i tell what type of engine in my 78 corvette?

1978 corvette turn signals 
The turning signals just stopped working nothing lights up when you turn them on. Any ideas?

Battery dead overnight  Not rated yet
I installed a new battery and new turn signal flasher.I noticed if I drive the car and it doesn't sit overnight the battery stays charged. But if the car …

Transmission was changed from a manual to an automatic. Having trouble mounting shifter Not rated yet
I bought a barn find 1969 corvette. The original owner changed the manual transmission to an automatic. He had the shifter held in with two wood screws. …

'68 C3 427ci (L36) Overheating at high RPM Not rated yet
'68 C3 Big Block with aluminum rad, electric fan with full shroud, FAST fuel injection, 160 degree thermostat, hi- flow water pump, air conditioning, 50-50 …

window regulator on a 1981 C3 corvette with pop rivets Not rated yet
I am trying to change my window regulator on my 1981 Corvette passenger door side , I have encountered a problem though, how do I remove the pop rivets …

vacume hose routing/connection Not rated yet
Working on a 1970 Corvette. under the left side dash near the steering column I have a "mystery" vacume hose with a yellow stripe on it. where does it …

81 Vette Hard to start Not rated yet
Just got my 81 Vette , I follow the instructions on starting procedures and always get mixed results in starting the car, very frustrated in getting it …

vin decoding Not rated yet
i have a 1981 corvette vin 1g1ay8761bs425457 i am having trouble decoding it? please help …

LT 1 question Not rated yet
I have a 1974 c3 . The VIN number shows I have the T 250 horse power engine. A previous owner put LT1 emblems and stickers on the car. The LT1 was not …

1981 corvette will not start  Not rated yet
1981 took car for ride shut car off tried to start would not start back up cranks seems like it wants to start but will not start first time for this issue …

1992 LT1 IN A 1977 C3 Not rated yet
I installed a 1992 Corvette LT1 in my C3. Everything is good except the water temp gauge. Can I put a resistor in line from the 1992 sensor or should I …

How to adjust the bumper bar front 1973 Not rated yet
Having trouble fitting a new nose piece. The bumper bar itself has to move back a little bit. Seems to be adjustable but there are these bolts that have …

1981 Corvette Engine Idle changes (Improves) when I unplug the two wire connector on thew alternator Not rated yet
I have an 1981 Corvette with just under 31,000 original miles. I am not sure if the alternator is original or not and I have a brand new battery. Everything …

I have a 1971 C3 soft top convertible and wanted to put in rear Speakers Not rated yet
I have a 1971 C3 convertible soft top and wanted to put in rear speakers. I found speaker boxers for the rear of the compartment but with the top down …

Can't release the clips holding brake light switch Not rated yet
Is a special tool required to release 2 clips holding brake light switch in place?

1980 tachometer & speedometer Not rated yet
1980 corvette - Speedometer is 15 miles faster than actual when driving, when engine is turned off the speedometer reads 15 mph. Kinda the same problem …

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69 vet, only has high beams Not rated yet
When I engage the light switch only the high beams come on the low beams don't come on any suggestions?

Oil pressure gauge not working Not rated yet
I have a 75 stingray 4 speed manual 350. Oil pressure gauge stuck at 80 plus. Engine is running fine. Is there a fuse that controls the gauge. If so what …

1968 corvette wiper over drive light stays on Not rated yet
I have a 1968 corvette and my wiper over drive light stays on all the time and the wiper door opens when I start the vehicle. The headlight doors work …

Sounded like a blowout then smoke or steam from engine  Not rated yet
79 Vette driving at about 65 mph it sounded like I had a blowout pulled over and smoke was coming from under the hood no fluids were leaking no oil spray …

replaced starter, starter does not start,,, :) Not rated yet
Replaced starter, because it was free wheeling, replaced, wit a new one from NAPA, wires are correct (took picture before taking apart. all was put back …

Rear wheels locked up and will not turn Not rated yet
We were driving the 75 not racing it either went to turn around to go back home. Rear wheels locked up. We couldn't make it move. Motor runs strong …

1971 red and amber sidelights Not rated yet
I would like to eliminate the side lights and glass over the holes to make a smoother look. Can I legally do this relative to government regulations. I …

Can´t find this model Not rated yet
Hi guys. I have for a long time been looking for a C3 1969-1972. Now I have been offered this model which does not have pop-up / flip up lights. The …

wiper door Not rated yet
wiper door opens when key is turned on

right turn signal bulb replacement Not rated yet
How do I get at the right turn signal bulb to replace it>

power accessory fuse box no power across relay Not rated yet
The circuit that powers seat/ doorlock/ cruise is not hot across fuse / relay plug at fuse panel

1979 corvette-I have no power to the gauges or gauge light fuse.  Not rated yet
1979 corvette. I have no power to gauge light or gauge fuse. Idk we’re I should check. The fuses are good I’m just not getting any power to the fuse.

anttenna motor won't shut off Not rated yet
antenna motor won't shut off

1980 Corvette information Not rated yet
I have a 1980 Corvette with a 1 piece glass top not t tops m coad on the glass Vin says car made in St Louis can't find anything on how many were made …

Having trouble reinstalling turn signal switch arm Not rated yet
I am having a problem locating the pivot point for the turn signal switch arm on the turn signal arm, can't seem to get it connected correctly.

Alarm door switches Not rated yet
How do you adjust these switches

Hard to drive Not rated yet
I bought a 79 Corvette and it’s impossible to drive it what could be wrong with it. I can’t hardly keep it in the road. It also has some type of braking …

ignition and door key replacement Not rated yet
Lost both ignition and door keys to 1974 corvette. Is there any way to replace them or must you replace ignition and door locks?

water pump replacement Not rated yet
I have 3 pullies to attach to my water pump. The smaller one doesn't seem to have a purpose. Any video I watch only has two. Its a 1979 Stingray that …

A/C & Heater Blower Motor-'75 Corvette Not rated yet
This is strictly an A/C issue. I have no fan speed from the blower motor. I was advised to check the function of the blower motor by removing the purple …

A/C & Heater Blower Motor-'75 Corvette Not rated yet
This is strictly an A/C issue. I have no fan speed from the blower motor. I was advised to check the function of the blower motor by removing the purple …

seat belt warning light stays on Not rated yet
Seat belt warning light stays on

Rear upper shock bolt keeps turning.  Not rated yet
Upper shock bolt keeps turning and will not come out

1977 corvette dies at stop signs/lights. Not rated yet
After driving my 1977 vorvette for a period of time it has a tendency die die at stop signs/lights. it starts right up again, but what would cause it to …

doors - convertible vs coupe Not rated yet
Will doors from a convertible C3 work on a coupe???

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Break booster replaced now headlights no going up  Not rated yet
I found out the brake booster in my 81 Corvette was leaking air when I pushed the pedal so I replaced it and the master cylinder. Now the brakes are working …

Choke light  Not rated yet
When the electric choke wire is plugged in the choke light comes on. Disconnect it the light goes off. Look at he wiring diagram it shows an oil pressure …

1973 doors Not rated yet
Will doors from a convertible corvette work on a coup. Will 1973 convertible doors work on a 1975 coup

1979 turn signal not working Not rated yet
Left turn signal works, right turn signal only works occasionally?

1980 corvette low fuel module Not rated yet
I found this laying under my dash and was wondering where it goes in behind the center cluster? Also is it needed as it looks like it it broken on the …

What type of tape should i use on replacing a egr vacuum control switch on a 77 corvette l-48 Not rated yet
how to replace a egr vacuum control switch on a 77 corvette l-48 Thank You

81 corvette won't restart after driving 30 minutes Not rated yet
i have an 81 corvette coupe. when you drive it for about half an hour then shut it off go into the store come out and try to restart it nothing happens. …

horn pin install Not rated yet
I purchased new horn spring, pin, and plastic retainer. plastic retainer does not seem to fit/lock into white plastic tube. There is no notch for the retainer …

no electrical power when taking 72 T top 327  Not rated yet
taking a 72 T top 327 corvette out of winter storage, hooked up the battery, no electrical power. Charged the battery, installed it into the vehicle, still …

Installing driver side mirror 74 corvette Not rated yet
Hello, I am trying to install a driver side mirror on my 74 corvette to replace a non correct one. My issue lies in the fact that the original door …

headlights flash off and on Not rated yet
after having headlights on a little wile they begin to flash ive replaced headlight switch dimmer switch checked ground wires 1974 corvette

wiper cowl cover  Not rated yet
how to remove cover

Is there a way to figure out the horse power of my 79 vette? 195 or 225 Not rated yet
Im trying to find out what the horse power is on my 79 vette. 195 or 225. while the vin number indicate which motor I have? Thanks for you help

power window gremlins C3 72 Stingray Not rated yet
My power windows seem to have a mind of their own. I have replaced the switches and the relay but issue still exists. Power windows will not go up or …

73 rear end locks up trying to move in reverse. Not rated yet
transmission out to the car thinking it was bad. rear rotation of the tire about a half turn and it locks up with a clunking sound. forward rotation is …

Carb problem Not rated yet
I have taken off all the smog equipment on my engine and now the carb is running ruff and idles at 6 to 7 rpm. I have a rebuilt Quadrajet should I replace …

have 1980 with 1985 350 TPI with 4 speed trans no OD button Not rated yet
can I turn off the overdrive on the transmission I dont need it only town driving

body swap Not rated yet
I am wondering if someone would be able with some mods of course be able to put the body of lets say years 68-72 c3 corvette on the frame of the 1979 which …

1980 Charging System Problem Not rated yet
Battery is discharging.With engine running,only reading about 13 volts on car's voltmeter gauge which agrees with the reading from a voltmeter hooked up …

1972 Runs Rough After 30 Minutes And Dies Not rated yet
1972 350 Not driven in years due to this problem. Starts after battery charged, runs ok for about 30 minutes then starts to get really rough and hard to …

1976 corvette Not rated yet
The tach was not working and stuck around 1200 rpm. I changed the circuit board. While running, needle steady at 750 rpm at iidle and works properly …

Rear signal Not rated yet
I have a 1977 corvette when you put your left turn signal on both lights in the rear bumper on the left side blink when you put your right turn signal …

Stripped bolt on drivers side exterior mirror  Not rated yet
Drivers side mirror is really loose the mounting bolt in the outside that screws into the mount is stripped how do I get this backed out so I can replace …


VIN # question Not rated yet
Have a 69 corvette with the vin# beginning 194G79S. Cannot find what the letter G designates. Any clues? Can't seem to find any other #s with a letter …

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73 Vette fuel gauge issue Not rated yet
My 73 Vette fuel gauge needle points to the 3 o'clock position when the tank is full. I have replaced the fuel tank sending unit and have attached a …

hi beam switch detached from column 1978 how does it attach...screws..clamp? Not rated yet
Hi beam switch detached from column how does it attach ...screws....clamp..?

73 Vette headlights not poping up when headlight dash switch is pulled Not rated yet
73 Vette, When I pull the headlight dash switch on, the headlights illuminate but don't pop up. When I pull the pin down on the vacuum override valve …

Heater Face Plate Change on 1970 W/O AC Not rated yet
How do you remove the face plate on the heater control? Do you have to disassemble the entire control? I just want to change the lens.

25 year garage parked unused c 3 corvette Not rated yet
What to except when looking to buy a 1979 c 3 corvette it is In a unheated Garage in Michigan all I know is it was black in and out , was pampered before …

shifter wont go in or stay in gear Not rated yet
problem with gear shifter in 78 vette

1969 CORVETTE TYRE SIZE Not rated yet
Hi what is the best tyre to put on a 1969 corvette that will fill the entire guard.

how maney uper windshild molding clips on 1977 corvette Not rated yet
dont no how maney clips hold uper windshild trim on car hade none on it

Driverside headlight won’t go all the way down.  Not rated yet
My driver side headlight goes up and down, but when I put the lights down it sits up about an inch and a half from being flush. It’s not catching on anything. …

Fuel Gauge for 1975 vette not working Not rated yet
Fuel gauge is new - worked for a while - but is not working now? Reasons????

No drive? Help! Not rated yet
1979 C3 will go into reverse fine but not any of the 1-3 drive settings? Fluid is fine. no leaks anywhere? Help

brakes rear both cailipers are stuck c-3 Not rated yet
Replaced master cylinder/all new disc brake calipers/new rubber lines/while apart blow out all lines/ all new disc brakes/ guest back 2 calipers stuck/ …

how hard is it to replace a fuel pump in a 1982 vette Not rated yet
I have a 1982 corvette that has sat for 8 months because of a bad fuel pump I am trying to figure out if I can change the pump myself or do I need to take …

Temp gauge  Not rated yet
Hello I have a 1973 350 that someone added a temp gauge that brings antifreeze to the gauge. I am changing it back to the original set up. My problem is …

Blinker Not rated yet
On a 1977 corvette when you turn on your blinker are both lights in the back supposed too blink say if you put on your left blinker are both of the left …

Headlights turn off when I push in the clutch Not rated yet
When driving if I push in the clutch the headlights turn off for a few seconds and come back on.

Changing the fuel and ammeter guages Not rated yet
Can I just remove the instrument panel on my 71 C3 to access these two guages or do I have to do further teardown of the dash assemble?

Windows quit working when car is at operating temp Not rated yet
When car warms up both power window don't work ,when car cools down they work again.it is an 81 so it doesn't have really last time it happened I installed …

engine back fores during hard acceleration , flames from drivers side TBI intake Not rated yet
recently replaced the distributor with anew one, spark plugs, sparks, installed new fuel injectors (with all flanges included in the kit), several sensors …

Speedometer an odmeter not working  Not rated yet
I gave zr1 lt5 1990 Corvette and I changed the battery and now the speedometer and the odometer don't work took to Chevy place an there fn idiots please …

switching to manual transmission Not rated yet
what i need to switch to manual trans.and where i can buy it for my 1976 corvette.

no interior power Not rated yet
I have a 1975 corvette stingray. I have 12 volts to the engine and the battery but the car will not start nor do I have any power inside the cab of the …

Motor size for a 1969 vette Not rated yet
VIN #. L94379s7114354

power brake booster Not rated yet
Can brake oil drip from bottom of power brake booster?

1977 corvette won't start after driving and turning off... Not rated yet
Have had an issue with the 77 corvette. Will start up and drive no problem, will need to warm up a little in cold weather but... if I drive it and make …

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erratic tach Not rated yet
tach goes crazy after 70 mph

no fuses in fuse block Not rated yet
i have no fuses in my fuse block but everything works no problems why are their no fuses its a 1979corvette


1977 corvette chassis frame rust  Not rated yet
I was wondering if anyone knows the type of metal/iron used on C3 corvette chassis frames, because my C3 gas some rust spots that need to be plugged and …

I would like to know if the Corvette I want to buy has "matching numbers"  Not rated yet
VIN number is : 1Z37L7S409943 Number engraved on the engine are : - 17S409943 and 1014CKZ Can you tell me the meaning of those 2 numbers …

Power steering system  Not rated yet
Power steering pump was broken replaced it and the steering wheel jerks hard back and forth this is in park and idling it will jerk until i turn it off …

no turn signals Not rated yet
had radio installed in 1977 corvette now no turn signals and brake light wont work if you use your turn signal black and white wire hanging from dash by …

VIN number Not rated yet
In searching a 1975 VIN number all searches ask for 17 characters. But the 1975 Corvettes only have 13! Where would I search then?

C3 upper engine noise on deceleration Not rated yet
My 78 C3 has developed a tapping or clicking noise that appears to be coming from the right side upper part of the engine. Only happens during deceleration. …

Mufflers Not rated yet
where can I find ORGINAL mufflers

1977 corvette will not shift out of park automatic transmission any suggestions Not rated yet
1977 corvette all of a sudden will not shift out of park. it has a M40 automatic trans. any suggestions?

1980 vette tach  Not rated yet
The tach sticks at 2000 rpm when engine is turned off. Seems to operate properly while engine is running.

71 corvette wiper door will not open Not rated yet
the wiper door will not open with the override activated. the headlight side works fine. could it be the wiper switch.

Battery door won't shut with new seal in place Not rated yet
C3 corvette,battery door won't shut with new seal in place, what do I do next to solve problem.

rear end moved forward  Not rated yet
on passenger side of rear end. axles rums on storage box . 1980 corvette

Starting issues  Not rated yet
Replaced starter, wires ,lower ignition switch on column still no start. Can jump from silonoid and fires rite up

Starting issues  Not rated yet
Replaced starter, wires ,lower ignition switch on column still no start. Can jump from silonoid and fires rite up

68 Corvette Power window relay wire Not rated yet
I have a white wire coming out of the power window relay connector block and I don’t know where it belongs. It is a female spade connector. I have looked …

Steady High rpms Not rated yet
1981 c3 stuck at 1600 rpms and lunges forward violently when put in gear

Steady High rpms Not rated yet
1981 c3 stuck at 1600 rpms and lunges forward violently when put in gear

Fitment of t-tops from '69 on a 1977 Corvette Not rated yet
Will T-tops from a 1969 Corvette fit a 1977 model with no issues?

77 vette seats Not rated yet
would like to replace my seats in my 77 vette...heard that 78-82 seats will bolt right in existing holes with no modification needed, and that they weigh …

1978 L82 automatic Not rated yet
Transmission fluid comes up and out of the transmission dip stick tube when the engine is started. Previous owner replaced the torque converter and thought …

Battery drain Not rated yet
I just bought a 1982 c3 and t'm suddenly having a problem with my battery seeming to drain. Happens intermittently and FAST. Mechanic thinks it's the …

Head light issue Not rated yet
While driving my 1977 vette why would the lights come back down when hitting a hard bump or when slowing down?

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1969 Radio Light Not rated yet
The radio in my '69 works perfectly but the light does not come on. Disassembled the console to get at the bulb and original and new replacement bulb are …

Headlight switch effects transmission Not rated yet
When I turn on the headlights while driving my 1974 corvette 454, the trans down shifts. If I push on the dimmer switch to High Beams, it upshifts and …

thanks , my name is edd n my vet is1978 i am trying to find the horn flasher n relay for the anti theft alarm original equiptment it is not w/ jack is itunder the dash? Not rated yet
I am looking for the flasher n horn relay. don't know if it is under the concel there is n't a lot of info on 78 alarm parts location in the car in 77 …

production info Not rated yet
Where can I go to find out how many Vettes were made like mine? Thanks, Bill

Brake lights don’t sork Not rated yet
I have a 1970 corvette stingray the brake lights don’t work. I changed the bulbs and the fuse appears new

Stalling Not rated yet
What causes my ‘69 vette to stall out after starting up

Oil gauge goes to 80 at high rpms and highway Not rated yet
i have an 81 Vette, 4speed automatic. I had the oil changed last week (first time in a year. Less than 1k driven) and now see that the oil gauge fluctuates …

78 vet Not rated yet
Thanks my vet is a 78 . When the backlight defrost is on and the AC is on the AC fan goes low speed if fan is at a higher speed is that normal? Sure …

Fuel filler Not rated yet
I have a 1970 454, it's at my nephews. Is there a latch that you pull to open the fuel filler?

68 sitting for 35 years very hard to push. Not rated yet
We have pushed the car a foot with about 3 times the force you would expect.Car is in neutral. I know that a lot of small frictions add up but this is …

running hot Not rated yet
1974 Corvette 454 auto trans, original 63,000 miles overheats on highway driving whether or not I run the a/c. Temperature runs about 220-230 degrees

does a 1969 corvette dash harness go over or under steering column Not rated yet
does a 1969 corvette main dash harness go over or under steering column

Ac problem Not rated yet
I'm not getting power from the fuse box to the compressor on my 79 Corvette but it was working before. What could be the problem?

Speedometer cable making noise and speedometer needle jumping  Not rated yet
I bought an aftermarket speedometer cable looking to install do I have to take the dashboard apart to get to it ?

1958vette clunkswhenput in reverse Not rated yet
1958 clunks when put in Drive at times and all the time in reverse ??

How do I remove the clutch rod from the motor of 1978 with 350 eng. Not rated yet
Trying to remove engine without removing trans on 1978 Corvette. How do I remove the clutch rod going into motor? I have read manuals but they are very …

1968 corvette wiper motor issues Not rated yet
all electrical new switches check all switches but in the off position it runs and in high it parks and shuts off. Yes all the wires are in proper location …

center gaues work sometime Not rated yet
My center gauges work sometime and sometime they don't. anyone have a answer as to what my problem is?

A loud buzzing noise at the rear of car  Not rated yet
I have a loud buzzing noise in the rear of a 1978 S/A 'Vette. When you turn the key, but before the engine starts, it starts buzzing. I was guessing the …

1979 Corvette L82 without A/C?  Not rated yet
I'm looking at a 1979 L82 4 speed that was built without AC - can it easily be added ?? I can't imagine why anyone would want a car without AC so I'm …

Headlight switch Not rated yet
Installed 2 new headlight switches with both switches on high beam after a short wile the lights flicker off and on Low beams work fine What do I try …

1978 silver anniversary. 350 L82 Vin #4  Not rated yet
We have been working on a Vette we purchased earlier this year. We replaced the vacuum module to the tranny, and this car will not shift from 3rd to fourth. …

Dome light Not rated yet
My dome light suddenly wont turn off at all. How can I fix that?

Recharging my79 ac Not rated yet
I have a 79 vette that needs the ac recharged but the compressor cluch is not kicking in. How do I manually start the compressor cluch so I can add refidgerant …

no visible # on the front of the engine Not rated yet
I have a 1970 350 300 horse 10.25 compression. I always believed it to be all original when i bought it from the original owner about 20 years ago. I am …

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broken bolt  Not rated yet
1973 corvette has 4 bolts holding rear leaf spring , one off the 4 bolts snapped off the differential cover that holds the leaf spring, is it ok to drive …

broken bolt  Not rated yet
1973 corvette has 4 bolts holding rear leaf spring , one off the 4 bolts snapped off the differential cover that holds the leaf spring, is it ok to drive …

have a silver knob on the radio access panel on driver side of console, what is it for? Not rated yet
Have no lights on console or dash, did not know if this knob/switch had something to do with it?

no power to the air compressor Not rated yet
the air compressor clutch will not engage because there is no power to the green wire. the green wire go's into the wiring harness and not sure after that …

Seats will not fold forward Not rated yet
I am restoring my 1982 'vette. I have replaced the cushions and went to reinstall and cannot fold the seats forward. Can you help?

bleeding brakes on a 73 corvette Not rated yet
can't get any pressure on brake pedal

The cars stalls when it warms up Not rated yet
1982 stalls when gets to temperature then cool off start up and goes untill get back to full temperature. .

'75 L48 bogs then dies Not rated yet
Hello, I have a 1975 L48 Stingray with some problems. The biggest problem it has is that it bogs down and stalls out like it's out of gas, but you put …

Want to find out if my rear view mirror is original Not rated yet
Need a picture of original so I know what one looks like I'm looking for a I'm looking for a picture of a 1978 inside rearview mirror so I know what it …

ELECTRIC PROBLEM/1982 Corvette Not rated yet
In the middle of a on body restoration the defrost switch light doesn't come on when pushed and I checked the fuse. I purchased a new switch and it still …

1969 big block idles rough Not rated yet
Recently my 1969 big block idles rough. In addition I have noticed that the wiper door & headlights operate slowly. I have sprayed carb cleaner around …

milky windshield i Not rated yet
Milky on each corner of front windshield looks like it is in between the glass what causes this so I can avoid when I put a new windshield in is this …

76 tach will not zero.  Not rated yet
I have a 76 stingray and the Tach operates but not at the correct position. It's never at Zero and running on Highway at 70 mph it pegs out. How can this …

1972 Corvette Stalls when going into reverse Not rated yet
Greetings... My 72 corvette small block continues to stall when I put the car into reverse. In fact, it feels that it is resisting and not letting me …

My interior door handle retaining screw keeps breaking off Not rated yet
One day the handle was on the floor at my feet. I could not find the screw so I ordered a pair. replaced the handle and after a day it broke off with …

1979 auto trans lines stuck Not rated yet
1979 lines to radiator hard to unbolt do unbolt from radiator or undo rubber hose from fitting

no elecrical Not rated yet
Started fine in garage backed out shut off engine went back to start got a loud clunk and no electrical.

My '75 corvette was in a flood, I got a new battery, starter clicks but engine does not turn over Not rated yet
My '75 corvette was in a flood, I got a new battery, starter clicks but engine does not turn over, what should I try from here? Thnx

right turn signal not working Not rated yet
right turn signal not blinking all bulbs light up but don't blink left works fine

‘79 won’t shift into park Not rated yet
Took ‘79 for a ride last night. After backing it into the driveway the car would not go into park put in neutral with e-brake on so I could park it for …

Automatic Won't go into reverse after sitting for six months ? Not rated yet
My 1977 c3 automatic won't go into reverse it's been sitting in my garage for six months

Tail lights on while charging battery? Not rated yet
I am charging the battery on a 69 vette and see the tail lights are on. No other lights on and keys are out of car. What’s going on? Thanks Carl

which emblem came on a 1976 horn? Not rated yet
cant figure out which horn emblem came on a 1976 corvette horn.

exhaust odor Not rated yet
The odor from the exhaust is almost too much to handle. my wife complains it gets in her hair. there are flowmaster exhaust on the vehicle. I don't know …

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tail light  Not rated yet
how do you change a tail light on a1974 corvette

replacenment intake manifolds for a 1969 big block corvette Not rated yet
I have a 1969 coupe with a 427 3x2 carb set up I want to replace it with a single holley carb what intake manifold will have enough hood clearence

Loss of power steering boost slowing from highway speed Not rated yet
Full frame-off restoration of '76 vette including all steering components. No issues for first 2 years on road but recently after driving at highway speeds …

bad exhaust smells Not rated yet
1980, built somewhat smells terrible from exhaust.. have pulled cats.. how do i eliminate smell ronning a small cam, 750 holley professionaly tuned. …

bad exhaust smells Not rated yet
1980, built somewhat smells terrible from exhaust.. have pulled cats.. how do i eliminate smell ronning a small cam, 750 holley professionaly tuned. …

gas gauge problem Not rated yet
I put a new gas tank in my 70 Vette. When car is full of gas my gauge reads a little over half full. When I have a half of tank og gas it reads less than …

C3 electric door locks Not rated yet
Hi. I have new electric switches and pigtails fitted which work on both doors but when I use my door key I hear a click from the central console but the …

Production Sequence Number Not rated yet
Trying to decifer the VIN number of our 68 Corvette for my husband. I'm good until the last six numbers our start with a 4 and all information I am finding …

headlight will not return on 78 vette Not rated yet
1. What is the thin black knob under the steering wheel for? It pulls straight down and pushes up. 2. I manually raised the headlights to clean contacts …

1981 corvette electrical problem Not rated yet
1981 corvette run great all other electrical out

no spark even with new distributer on 81cant find why? Not rated yet
81vette turns over but no spark even after new distributor. Could ignition switch cause hot distributor to block spark to plugs?

1/8 inch drill hole in the door Not rated yet
just bought a 1978 silver anniversary corvette and noticed that the outer door seals had been replaced and they added screws inside to help hold it on. …

73 corvette vintage air wet passenger carpet Not rated yet
Installed a vintage air AC kit on a 73 corvette. Passenger carpet was wet when running the AC full blast on an 80-ish degree day at highway speeds. Passenger …

Sticky dash knobs Not rated yet
Stock 75 vette. The knobs are all very sticky. Anyway to fix this? Or a complete set of knobs?

75 vettte turn signal switch, am wont fit  Not rated yet
I have a 75 vette that needs a turn signal switch. The after market ones I received along with ac delco do not fit,should these have to be modified somehow …

1977 dash speaker replacement Not rated yet
Very leery of playing around with the dash to replace speakers. But I see screws along the dash as I look straight at it. Is it as easy as removing those …

headlights stuck up Not rated yet
I started my 1979 corvette and my headlights went up. I didn't even turn the headlights on. The lights were not on so i turned them on and then off a few …

My 1975 got hit in the driver side quarter panel Not rated yet
How do I take off the whole back section both quarter panels back bumper all in one piece

Location of engine lift brackets Not rated yet
What is the correct location for the engine lift brackets on a 1970 corvette 350 small block with automatic transmission?

81 corvete not starting Not rated yet
sometimes when i drive the car around come home park it.get back in the car 30 min later the car want start the gadges work the power window work radio …

Loud noise then hard idle Not rated yet
My 77 vette made a loud popping noise going around 70 on freeway. Now it’s idling hard. ????

Horn Relay Wiring Not rated yet
I've been racking my brain view wiring diagrams on the above subject. I have all 3 spades in the right locations. I need help with: 1 red wire with …

Transmission won't engage in any gear Not rated yet
Hi I have a 1978 silver anniversary with a automatic transmission. I haven't driven it since December. Today I was going for a drive and it doesn't want …

1972 passenger door shifted Not rated yet
1972passenger door shifted on corvette convertable

right rear brake light/taillight goes out when brakes are applied when headlights are on Not rated yet
1978 corvette silver anniversary edition the bulb is good when i apply the brakes with the headlights on, the right rear taillight gets very dim, or goes …

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power door lock switch Not rated yet
Remove and replace on a 79

Brake Lights on 1978 Not rated yet
Brake Lights/Hazards not working on my 1978 Vette. I replaced the brake light switch and have power coming out on the white wire when brake is depressed. …

No electrical power on 1976 vette Not rated yet
I was trying to remove dash to replace lights in tachometer. While pulling dash forward I believe the light switch touch the metal of car, I saw small …

1969 4 speed the wires coming out of the switch Not rated yet
So on my 1969 350/350/ 4 speed the wires coming out of the reverse light switch someone just zip tied them up under the car. I have no idea where to plug …

Rpm Not rated yet
My Rpm needle goes to max when trunk radio on 1979 corvette 350

How does the consol pad fit and stay on Not rated yet
My78 vette was restored and the very rear of the consol pad is not attached. Are there some clips of somesort that holds it in place?

Flip up light gets stuck on surroundings fiberglass Not rated yet
1976 Corvette w/ pop-up headlights. The headlights will not go up because they get stuck on the surrounding fiberglass. When I push the fiberglass down …

Engine dies after highway driving when coming to a stop Not rated yet
After driving for awhile my engine dies at a stop light. I restart and put it back into gear and it hesitates at low rpm. What could cause this? 1972 …


Added headers what happens if MFS will not open Not rated yet
What happens when mFS will not open?

Seat belt light Not rated yet
I just rebuilt the center console gauge on my 68, now when I press the seatbelt button, the light will not go off on anybody got any ideas? Thank you!

Passanger seat wont fold down ? Not rated yet
Passenger seat wont fold down

Hard clunking when shifting Not rated yet
1969 small block 350 auto shifts very hard from P to D and R Also engine has started to ping after shutting off. This is a rebuilt engine that only has …

radio goes in and out Not rated yet
when I start car radio is fine when I start driving radio goes in an out

electrical issues Not rated yet
battery drains and when i use the brakes the battery gauge goes to very low, also when i turn on my headlights my blinkers dont work

no power 79 corvette . Not rated yet
I have no power going to the anti theft relay . pulled out bad relay . put test light to plug had power . hit side o f console metal by accident . small …

68 Corvette power window chatters Not rated yet
When the passenger side power window is rolled up or down it chatters or jerks. It isn't a smooth movement like it should be. I've adjusted the window …

1971 vette manual steering hard to turn Not rated yet
When I turn the wheels on my C-3 it is very, very hard to turn, where do I start to find the problem? It does not have power steering.

1973 Corvette Stingray dies when engine gets warmed up, but restarts OK Not rated yet
The 1973 Corvette Stingray starts up fine when cool, but when it warms up, it sputters, and dies, but it can be restarted again. It only does it when …

headlights don’t work but brights do Not rated yet
headlights come up on a 79 vette but they don’t come on. hit the brights switch and all 4 work. switch replacement?

rear end wheel wells are at different height Not rated yet
Noticed the rear end sits at different height about an inch different. solutions to the problem? thanks

I have a 96 corvette and when it rains… Not rated yet
will be driving down the street and it will go off and it would not start you can hear the the starter try to turn engine but it would not start

body shim Not rated yet
I have a 1976 corvette. I took the body off the frame to change out the old body mounts. I forgot to count the number of shims needs at each mount. …

Click when applying brake Not rated yet
I have 1982 Corvette. When I apply brake I hear a clicking sound.

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The car shudders when secondaries are opening  Not rated yet
The car drives and operates fine other than when you quickly depress the accelerator pedal then it shutters before it will take off at highway speed’s …

Single water pump belt Not rated yet
can I do away with the single belt and use two alternate r belts

Clunking sound when trying to start Not rated yet
when trying to start the car the starter cranks for a few seconds then stops with a loud clunk. The starter seems louder as well. I does that 3 or 4 times …

1978 corvette drivers side rams horn exhaust manifold heat shield removal? Not rated yet
cannot see how this heat shield comes off.

the upper dash pad is not flush with the gauge bezel on the drivers side.  Not rated yet
The entire left side of the dash seems to be elevated about 3/8's of an inch too high. Is this due to the steering column? I see the in a lot of photos …

Exhaust squeaks at crossmember after getting up to temp.  Not rated yet
I have a 73 Corvette with a newer 2 1/2" exhaust installed. and after the car gets up to temp I get a squeak form the cross member if the exhaust is moved …

No HVAC in my 1979 Not rated yet
I have no A.c., no heat no vent no defrost. The compressor doesn't turn on and neither does the blower motor. The control module in the dash is fine …

I have a 1974 corvette and my hazard lights won't turn off Not rated yet
My 74 vette hazard lights won't turn off even when I pull the knob.

Garage space Not rated yet
We are the proud owners of 2 C3’s and are trying to figure out what size garage we need to be able to park them in a staggered plan. We are space challenged …

Rear marker lights on 4 way. Flash Not rated yet
Are the rear marker lights suppose to flash when 4 way flasher iare on. The front marker lights flash on 4 way flash. All marker lights flash when using …

Gas tank replacement? Not rated yet
My 82 Corvette has the original tank in it with the plastic liner. I drained the old gas out of it and dried the tank, but after about 30 minutes gas reappears …

70 Stalls out with A/C on? Not rated yet
Car runs like a champ until I put A/C on. A/C on stop at a light or stop sign take off and stalls?

will a 69 427 hood fit on a 82 vette? Not rated yet
I own a 82 Corvette with Crossfire injection. I am changing that out to a carb. I understand that I will need a new hood with the intake and carb I plan …

gauge cluster  Not rated yet
the oil and temp gauges do not go back to zero when car is parked

gauge cluster  Not rated yet
my 1979 corvette gauge cluster the temp and oil gauges do not go down when car is parked and key out of the car

High beam dash light on wrong Not rated yet
Ithe high beam dash light is on when the low beams are on and turns off when the high beam lights are turned on

my 1969 vet signal light indicator on the left side sits lower than the indicator on the right Not rated yet
I installed all hem replacement dash pads. But I noticed that the left side signal indicator on the speedo sits lower than the indicator on the tach. Is …

Cool air through vents into cabin Not rated yet
Hi, My problem is that on a long hot driving day I cannot get cool air flow into the cabin from the vents. What does come through the vents is warm, not …

Needing a value can’t find information on my car Not rated yet
I have a 79 l82 it has yenko badges all over it fenders,center caps,and a yenko tuned sticker. I know to the best of my knowledge that yenko dealership …

76 Vet blows cold air Not rated yet
76 Vet blows cold air when the heater is on and temperature gauge stays at the low end on the temperature range Replaced thermostat and didn’t see any …

Clunking noise Not rated yet
Noticed a clunking noise when the car moved forward. It stopped for a time. Have heard it again. Doesn't remind me of gears in rearmed.

radio c3 1970 Not rated yet
Is there a way I can check to see if a gm radio will look ok? someone cut out the old bezel! the holes where tuning and Rectangular middle

Where is the high beam indicator located on z 79 vette dash? Not rated yet
Please show me where the high beam indiactor is on my 1979 vette dash.

tach not working in a 1982 corvette Not rated yet
I found the tach cable laying disconnected by the distributor on my 1982 corvette, but I don't see where to connect it to the distributor. There also is …

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Takes too long to crank or start after shut off Not rated yet
My email: bncobrajons@live.com, My C3 82 vet run for 30 minutes I cut it off go in to store come back out vehicle will not crank/start until 40 to 50 minutes …

78 Corvette -switch works/lights work but bluelight on instrument panel does not work Not rated yet
78 Corvette - Switch works/lights work but blue light on instrument panel does not

c3 ticking Not rated yet
1981 corvette four speed. ticking noise in the rear increases with engine rpm.

Signals not working in mt 77 Vette. Not rated yet
Sitting at a light waiting to turn with me signal on and it just quit. Right and Left not working, no warning. Hazards are fine as well as brake lights. …

Break lights not working and i have changed the break peddle switch Not rated yet
Brake lights not working and I have changed the brake peddle switch

Sun visor tightening  Not rated yet
How can you tighten the sun visors on a 68 corvette? They will not stay in the up position

A couple of wires hanging that i do not know what belongs to. Not rated yet
There are a couple of wires hanging in the center console that I do not know what they belong to, the fan and everything is powered up and the cigarette …

Transmission removal Not rated yet
Do you have to remove motor to get transmission out on a 1973 corvette?

I want to put a big block in my 1976 stingray is there any poblem doing that Not rated yet
Can I put a 454 in My 1976 stingray with no problems?

How to change the Automatic Transmission Pan Gasket Not rated yet
Tranny is leaking.

brake light comes on  Not rated yet
I was driving and my brake light came on. but I was able to stop. I drove it home ok and check the brake fluid ok. so how do I check the power brake unit …

vent position and problem on a 1978 corvette Not rated yet
I have a 1978 corvette with A/C and I can't get vacuum to the right side air vent in the vent position. I get vacuum in the A/C position. on the heater …

changing rear gears stock 287 to 392 in my 1981 Not rated yet
Purchased the 392 gears, was told that I need a spacer but none are made for this app. or switch to a 3 series from a 1980 and the new rings will bolt …

Red Battery Light Not rated yet
I have a red battery light that remains illuminated when the ignition key is selected on. My 82 seems to be charging okay and my alternator belts isn't …

Hood stuck closed. Not rated yet
A 1982 c3 vette, ths hood is stuck closed on the passenger's side. I tried a screw driver in the hole on the firewall with no success. Help!

81 dash lights Not rated yet
I bought a 81 and the dash lights was not working. Here what's been done so far. Pull all dash out replaced printed cericit on both speed-o and gauges …

While @ road speed my driver side headlight lifts, and will stay for a couple of seconds and then go back down Not rated yet
While i am driving at highway speed, the driving side headlight will rise into position, and stay for a few seconds, then and lower back into to normal …

Electrical problem Not rated yet
My 1981 corvette choke and battery stays on, door lock battery gauge ,rpm gauge, horn doesn't work. Changed alternator and choke relay.

Found .47 µF capacitor on the floor of my 72 Corvette where does it go Not rated yet
I found a .47 µF capacitor on the floor of my 72 Corvette can you tell me where this goes

why would someone put washers under the leaf springs only on the drivers side of my 1976 vette? Not rated yet
steering is all over the road on my 1976 vette. anyone know why someone would put about 10 big washer under the leaf springs only on the drivers side?

1971 C3 Big Block Issue Starting Not rated yet
I have recently acquired a 1971 C3 454 that had been sitting in a barn for 20 years. I have changed the gas tank, the distributor, the points, the oil, …

Rotational noise in rear end Not rated yet
Have an annoying rotational noise coming from the 3.55 differential on my 1978 Corvette, especially between 30-50 MPH. Had it rebuilt, and when I installed …

1974 corvette gets stuck in neutral while driving  Not rated yet
While sitting with the engine off, I can shift into all four gears plus reverse, and shortly after starting I can shift from reverse to first all the way …

73 corvette squeak in first and second gear Not rated yet
when I start out I hear a slight squeak on the left side in first and second gear with the car in neutral nothing while I'm rolling so not a universal …

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Oil pan leak Not rated yet
1980 l48 I removed all of the smog from eng took oil pan off put new gasket On when you start eng it leaks oil at dipstick gasket between the block and …

console trim lights not working Not rated yet
only one of six lights work on my 69 veto where do i start

1973 blower will run with key off Not rated yet
1973 , blower will run with key off. if I switch the a/c control to anything other than off when the key is off , it causes a draw on the battery. the …

1978 Corvette Not rated yet
I have a 1978 Corvette project, and will be changing the intake and carb. The car has Antique plates and doesn't have to go through emissions, but a lot …

Wiper door  Not rated yet
I am restoring a 70 corvette and when I put the wiper door back on and tried the wipers they run for about 15 to 20 seconds then the door shuts and wipers …

new weatherstripping now door glass wont shut or open. Not rated yet
I have a 78 vette, I replaced t-tops and the door glass weatherstripping. before the weather stripping was torn etc from people breaking into the car I …

both door door locks don't work Not rated yet
BOTH door power locks do not work

Gas cap Not rated yet
Gas cap will not come off '76 stingray

wipers on 75 stingray Not rated yet
I just purchase a 75 stingray and the wipers only work when hood is released I see a switch that is controlling this but don't know why its wired this …

Electronic control module on 1978 Corvette Not rated yet
Have a 1978 Corvette with low mileage..Each year I have to replace the electronic control module due to the car not starting. Usually I can tell when it …

Passenger window won't go up Not rated yet
79 corvette. Passenger side window won't go up. The window was going down very fast. Wife took car know window won't go back up. Was wonder if maybe it …

1980 to a 1978 Interchangeable parts Not rated yet
I'm thinking about purchasing a 1980 corvette for parts for my 1978. Will the doors, hood fit? Is the rear end the same?

My 1976 corvette stingray sputters  Not rated yet
My 76 corvette starts fine drives great until you try to give it some hard acceleration then it sputters and eventually stalls and after a few minutes …

Electric short Not rated yet
Under dash and dome light stay on after you shut car off!

1981 vette, only way it starts is with push and pop clutch, replaced almost everything? Not rated yet
1981 vette wont start except by push then runs perfect

L-88 Hood Not rated yet
I have a 1968 L-88 Corvette, and my question is about the underside of my hood . Obviously the large hole is for the air cleaner, but there's a smaller …

Shift panel/console light stays on Not rated yet
I noticed a light on the shift panel of my C3 (P,R,D123)stays on while the car is parked. I don't drive the car at night and just happen to look at the …

how to change back up lights on 79 vette Not rated yet
upon taking out 2 screws can,t seem to get light apart or remove light bulb socket to get at bulb any ideas to get it apart

how to change back up lights on 79 vette Not rated yet
upon taking out 2 screws can,t seem to get light apart or remove light bulb socket to get at bulb any ideas to get it apart

Courtesy lights dim, but won't turn off Not rated yet
The courtesy lights and dome light on my 79 early model dim after I shut car off butbwont go out ! Runs battery down overnight

Right side fuse panel not hot Not rated yet
1972 corvette right side fuse panel not working

Hello my 82 Corvette has a blinker problem Not rated yet
When I apply the brakes all the parking lights come on and when I put the turn signals on the hazards come on please help m

C3 TI problems...... Not rated yet
1971 Corvette 350 LT1, Car is dying when getting hot, after this started happening, I changed out the Trasitor Ignition Amp Module, car starts and throttle …

1968 corvette 327 hard to start hot or cold  Not rated yet
1968 corvette 327 hard to start hot or cold runs good once running

Like to put 72 bumper on 73 Not rated yet
Like to put 72 bumper on 73 can that b done

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My 1973 stingray Corvette won't start when I turn the key on a red light comes on on the dash and it makes a buzzing noise why is that Not rated yet
My 1973 stingray Corvette won't start when I turn the key on a red light comes on next to the dash and it makes a buzzing noise does anyone know why

1979 corvette,"Gen" light stays on, car turns over but will not start Not rated yet
1979 corvette,"Gen" light stays on, car turns over but will not start

when I turn the battery on i hear an alarm Not rated yet
I installed a knife switch on the battery so I don't have to listen to the alarm.

automatic transmission Not rated yet
what type of automatic transmission goes in a 1976 corvette?

79 vette a/c problem Not rated yet
change from r12 to 134r replace almost everything had it service its ok but blow out warm air

no headlights, dashlights or running lights. Not rated yet
I have no dash head or running lights on my 1968 vette. I do have blinkers, break and flasher lights? I have new light switch and wiring harness back …

Wrong Dip stick Not rated yet
I have a 1980 with the wrong dip stick. Nobody sells a replacement. They have them for 81 and 82 but not 80. Does anyone know if there is a difference? …

Car doesn't start  Not rated yet
Replace the starter put a heatshield between the starter the new starter in the header that I have on the car worked fine, but now it does not start until …

head lights Not rated yet
the head lights on my 1976 corvette go on and off by them self, only on high beam, not on low beam , changed head light switch , didn't work , need help …

Trying to id this relay or whatever it is. Not rated yet
Can anyone ID this relay or whatever it is on the passenger side fire wall plugged into the orange junction block.

1981 can't find the rear end drain plug Not rated yet
My 1981 Corvette was in a flood. The water got up to the radio. I need to change the oil in the trans, and rear end. I jacked up the car but I can't find …

no power Not rated yet
I replaced the dead battery in my 1981 corvette and I still have no power at all.

C3- Shifting Issue  Not rated yet
Hello! I have a 1980 corvette. Garage kept, all original. I changed the spark plugs, all new fluid and cleaned the carbuerator. The car only has 22,000 …

power windows not working Not rated yet
Where is the relay located

Parking and side marker lights Not rated yet
Does the side marker light and blinker blink to Heather when lights are on and front parking lights come on when I hit my breaks on 1977 corvette c3

Ground strap location  Not rated yet
I'm looking for the location of the ground straps on a 1981 Corvette

1974 5.7L Alternator Wiring Not rated yet
The last owner ran the car with only the single post wire, not the two pronged plug, which has been frying my battery for years without me or anyone else …

1971 vette 4-spd shifter hitting left side of console when put in reverse Not rated yet
My C3 (1971) 4 speed shifter is hitting the drivers side of the console (CAUSING A NICE DENT IN THE CONSOLE TRIM) when I engage reverse, does anyone know …

stuck gas cap Not rated yet
1971 has been in storage for a number of years. Fresh gas and stabilizer put in when last run. thought I would be getting out sooner than latter but not …

ac/heater blower 1973 corvette Not rated yet
Blower works on all speeds except high. have replaced relay and resistor. what should I check next?

Blower runs, but nothing comes out of the vents. Not rated yet
Hello, I recently purchased a 1980 L48 with 40k original miles. When I turn on the A/C, heat or fan - I can hear the blower engage but I get nothing from …

I want to replace stock mufflers with Thrush Turbos.  Not rated yet
I am starting from scratch on my 68 C3 exhaust. I want to use stock 2" pipes and use Thrush Turbo mufflers instead of the stock type units. Where can …

Question on my 1977 Corvette Trim tag Not rated yet
I have a light blue exterior Corvette. My trim tag on the top left is ZJ1 and the trim is 152. I understand my interior is suppose to be two toned. I am …

halfway head light Not rated yet
My 68 corvette has one headlight that goes up and down completely and my left light one goes up halfway. Is there an easy solution?

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81 corvette loss of power Not rated yet
it idles fine. in park i can rev engine up. it seems to have good exeloration, but around 40 mph then it bogs down. Thank you in advance for info with …

"Clicking/rattle" noise Not rated yet
Hello,1978 base,automatic, when I put into gear there is a clicking noise coming from both rear wheel area, as I drive along I hear a minor rattling type …

Temperature Gauge Issue Not rated yet
What is the name of the part the temperature sending unit plugs into on a C3 generation Corvette?

82 vette crossfire. Cranks but no start Not rated yet
Driving down hwy and started to flood the engine, kept driving and kept getting worse until transmission began to shift in & out of gear. Slowed down &would …

what is normal operating oil pressure reading for 1980 L42 350 motor Not rated yet
What is the normal operating oil pressure for a 1980 L42 350 motor?

Rough Finished Door Jam Area Not rated yet
I'm looking at purchasing a 77 Vette and know that the factory finishing in the door jam areas is questionable. Here's a picture of the RH area below …

1980 corvette Not rated yet
Recently purchased a 1980 corvette with the 350 engine.the air was not working and found a leak.had the leak repaired but now when I use the air I have …

turn signals not working Not rated yet
Installed new headlight switch, all worked right after then signals stopped working?

Cannot find a signal light switch for a1977 without T andT Not rated yet
I've searched everywhere but cannot find a signal light switch replacement for a non Tilt and Telescopic steering column.. Also can I replace old column …

Car won't start when its warm Not rated yet
Hi, I have a 1973 stingray and when it's cold it start without problem, but ass soon as it gets warm for some reason it won't start, not even crank it …

clips mounted on side of oil pan Not rated yet
I bought a 1977 corvette with a manual transmission and 39K original miles. Mounted to the passenger side of the oil pan are clips for the automatic transmission …

can't find the problem that is causing the battery to go dead Not rated yet
If not driven for at least a week battery goes dead. Slow drain somewhere but no one can seem to find the problem so it can be resolved. Need help - miss …

69 vette - have to jam it into park Not rated yet
It is very difficult to get the car into park, you have to use a lot of force to get it into park. Would this possibly be why my key won't come out of …

the ignition fuse keeps blowing Not rated yet
Hi I was changing the starter in my 78 corvette and I touched the wire to medal and shorted something out.. The ignition fuse was blown and every time …

Trying to find a replacement piece for my 1980 Corvette Not rated yet
I looked underneath the front bumper and I am missing half of the fiberglass section that goes behind the bumper support I was wondering if you knew what …

Cowl to window gap Not rated yet
There seams to be a gap where the right and left corner of my cowl meet the lower windshile or outter dash and can see the floor is there saposed to be …

broken hood cable Not rated yet
How do i open the hood on a 1975 corvette with a broken cable

break light problem Not rated yet
For some reason, I am burning out brake lights. Tested the wiring from the front all the way to the back and it shows that it is all fine. Installed another …

Car won't crank over after a drive Not rated yet
Hi I have a 1981 corvette. I take it out for a good drive, but after I shut off the engine, the car will not crank over . I have to wait for about a half …

after putting in a new battery my antilock light is on and the care won't start it is a 1969 Not rated yet
antilock light is on in my 1969 corvette and car won't start after installing a new battery

Power windows not working Not rated yet
Had a few fuse issues as some things not working like interior lights, radio and so on. I replaced a few fuses and things started to work. I was told …

How to remove 1974 tai lights on corvette Not rated yet
1974 corvette conv need to change out tail lights need to know how to remove them there are no visible screws .

Research a VIN for car history Not rated yet
Before I purchase I would like to check a cars history from the VIN. Where can I get this information?

gray wire under interior molding Not rated yet
My birdcage was in need of repair to replace a windshield , when I pulled the interior there was a gray wire broke off going nowhere. What does it connect …

Turn signal flasher out Not rated yet
How do you get to the turn signal flasher to replace it?

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Removing carpet from 1979 seat back  Not rated yet
What has been found to be the best method to remove carpet from a 1979 seat back and then remove the excess glue to leave a clean seat back?

color of wire for the electric choke Not rated yet
Need to know what the color of the wire for the electric choke

1971 c3 want to go straight when Corning under load  Not rated yet
Going around a corner on the highway and you get on it the car want to straighten out. Just put it up on a lift this morning and nothing is sticking out. …

Starter/ electrical Not rated yet
Was having an issue with the starter or so I thought. It was clicking when I turned it over. changed the starter and now it won't start at all. Any …

problem with the timing on a 1981 corvette Not rated yet
which wire do I disconnect when I start the 1981 corvette up to find time the car? somebody said it is a 4 plug in wire and then somebody told me to bypass …

68 Corvette turn signal blows fuse Not rated yet
I have a 68 Corvette. The turn signals stopped working. checked fuse, blown. Replaced fuse twice blows fuse. It appears if the turn signals are running …

Park neutral safety switch Not rated yet
How hard is it to replace. ?

Radio,power antenna, door locks Not rated yet
Radio just went out and power antenna will not move until power to radio is fixed checked fuse it was good. Door locks just quit. All was working fine …

1973 corvette 350 4 speed all stock contantly strips the plastic speedometer gear Not rated yet
gears are stripping on plastic speedometer drive gear located at transmission.

Heater Core Not rated yet
I have the dash out looks like the are some screws from the fire wall side and i just can't find the please help

Engine ticking very loud after oil change Not rated yet
Hello, after changing the oil on my new Chevy 350 crate engine on my 79 Vette there is a loud clicking sound the speeds up with accleration. The car was …

Wheel trim clips  Not rated yet
How do I place back in a double clips into the trim

Rusted holes in metal plate behind heater core on my 1968 no air car Not rated yet
Can you replace or repair this metal plate

Head lights brighten when excelerator pressed Not rated yet
What would cause the head lights to brighten when I get on the gas hard? Trying to help my brother in law fix this issue.

Horn blows when I turn a corner, both right and left turns Not rated yet
I just replaced my turn signal switch. I reassembled everything and. Ow when I turn either right or left the horn blows moms tarily

Blower motor and fan does not work in a 1979 corvette Not rated yet
How do you replace the blower motor and fan on a1979 Corvette?

a wire is melting Not rated yet
i have a white wire (from the ignition switch) to the courtesy light switch on the drivers side that immediately gets hot and starts melting the insulation …

Low beams are fine - high beams flicker/go off Not rated yet
The lights can't be used on high beam. Things flicker, can go off, can make it so that the low beams go off, too. The mechanic could not find the source …

Vette wont start or come out of park ! HELP Not rated yet

Body to Frame Ground Straps Not rated yet
I've looked all over the place to find the EXACT location of where to mount the Body to Frame ground strap, a copper mesh strap with a funny looking clip …

78 Corvette performance mofification Not rated yet
I replaced the stock 2" exhaust manifolds on my 78 Corvette with RAM 2.5" manifolds, removed the CAT, and ran true dual exhaust through Flowmaster mufflers. …

the area were the wipers sit in leaks water into the corners of the interior  Not rated yet
when i wash out the wiper reservoirs that lay in front of the wind shield. water gets into the interior and fills up the carpets. where would the hole …

Suddenly won't start Not rated yet
I have a '73 convertible with the 190 hp 350 in it. Have owned it a year now and has always been easy to start. Usually turn it over briefly without giving …

1978 Corvette starts but will not idle Not rated yet
Hi all! A little history first. My father-in-law gifted my wife and myself with a 1978 corvette that he has owned since my wife was a little girl. The …

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My 78 loses power to distributor Not rated yet
My 1978 will start and run for about a couple of minutes then looses power to the distributor. It will usually start again after a few minutes.

73 Corvette won't start in park Not rated yet
My 73 Corvette (automatic) has been parked all winter. Now when I try to start it in park, it will not turn over in park. If I hold the shifter forward, …

T top years ranging to switch Not rated yet
Looking for a set of T tops to fit a 1978 Corvette will 68 through 77 fit this car?

Wanting to know a production date of my C3 Not rated yet
Hi! I have a 1977 C3 Corvette and in parts catalogues they often refer to early or late 1977. My problem is that I don't have any identification plates …

size of motor Not rated yet
What is the base model motor of an 1980 corvette the 5th degit is an 8 for a Base Engine how many HP. is it and can it be up graded to 400 + HP, Thanks …

no power to ignition or instrument cluster after changing speedometer Not rated yet
replaced speedo and bulbs. no power to ignition or dash battery is charged..

Timing carb.engine runs grt.but doesn't move,also don't think carb 4 bbl is open ingredients  Not rated yet
Engine runs excellent,starts right up.but when I step on it,doesn't have much pickup,also I don't think the qaudrajet is opening all 4 bbl,s can't here …

door low at handle end Not rated yet
Just installed new hinge pins and bushings on my 82 vette as they were worn. the door still needs to come up at the rear (handle end). Can I get this "up" …

brake warning light on all the time Not rated yet
Brake pedal is firm and brakes are working properly. Emergency hand brake switch functions correctly, however, brake warning light is on all the time. …


rear turn signals Not rated yet
Rear turn signals do not work or flash inside on dash or tail lights. Hazard lights work on the outside and you can hear them inside but you can't see …

gas tank Not rated yet
I had to replace the gas tank in my 82. when my tank gets down to 1/4 full and I take a fast turn, the engine starves for lack of fuel. How can I fix …

Idle problem on 1978 Corvette Not rated yet
Was driving and all of the sudden the exhaust sounded funny and she stalled when I let of the pedal. It starts fine but will not idle

1976 Stingray auto won't shift out of park.  Not rated yet
My 76 Vette auto will not shift out of park. The shifter itself will not move.

where is oil sending unit on 1975 l82 corvette ? Not rated yet
Trying to locate position of oil sending unit

i have a 1975 corvette what years fit my 75 vette steering column Not rated yet
I need a 1975 steering column what years fit can you help me

Rear brakes Not rated yet
I replaced a rear caliper it is now locked up has anyone ran into this issue


stock 350 CID, 180 HP engine running rich and idle is too fast Not rated yet
Car has been sitting for 5 years. When I stated it last fall it was running real rich and fast could not set the idle speed down. Also catalytic converter …

Frame and bird cage. Not rated yet
I have a 1981 Vette that I purchased and it needs the frame section by the drivers door up to the front fixed. I was then told to buy a 1977 car that …

Automatic vs maunual 1971 vette Not rated yet
Looking to purchase my first C3 - 1971 vette. What are the pros/cons of an automatic transmission? Looking at a numbers matching 350/270hp. Any thoughts? …

1979 corvette Not rated yet
When I turn key to accessories every thing power on when ,I go to start It does nothing then needs a hot shot any ideas ty

1975 tach failure  Not rated yet
When i removed the tach from my 1975 coupe the computer board clearly showed one component to be burnt out. I can get a new one off the internet for just …

no heat Not rated yet
I have no heat in my 77 Vette. Water level is good, heater coil new, 195 thermostat, new water pump and radiator.I have replaced all vaumme line and the …

This 82collector car has sat on showroon for 13 years Not rated yet
Looking to purchase a C3 82 corvette collector edition with 19700 mi. However, I was told that all the calipers were replace due to leakage. The master …

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77 vette headlight switch burning Not rated yet
Replaced dash pad. headlight switch started burning. bought new switch it burned. need help.

step on gas bogs down Not rated yet
When i step on gas the engine bogs down no power sometimes dies

1968 T top weatherstripping  Not rated yet
My 1968 T top has 17 holes in it for weatherstripping but it seems that all the stripping I order has 19 plugs instead of 17. And none of the plugs match …

wheel hop at low speed  Not rated yet
I just rebuilt front end of my 75 everything is new but the power cylinder i rebuilt it (new seals & ball joint) and at low speed or standing still front …

dash turn indicator stay on Not rated yet
72 vette turn on dash lights turn indicator come on and do not flash when switched left or right turn off dash lights turn signals work fine

sputters then shuts off Not rated yet
When driving my 1980 corvette it will drive fine for about 3 mins and then it will sputter and shut off. Only way to save it (sometimes) is to throw in …

Passenger door exterior mirror Not rated yet
Just taken delivery of a 78 25th Anniversary model and been sorting out all the controls and obvious things needed to know before venturing out and about …

Brake light on with low pedal and Tachometer issue. Not rated yet
Just started my 1980 after sitting in the garage for 5 months. It's a 20,000 mile car. I decided to take it out and noticed the brake light came on with …

79 door alignment Not rated yet
i have a 79 and the passenger side door at the front has a big gap between the body and door at the top and the back of the door is too far up in the rear …

headlight door want shut,windshield wiper door want open Not rated yet
the headlight doors stay open and the windshield wiper door want open. I replaced the actuator relay, but it did not help

Starts runs rough dies won't restart Not rated yet
Engine starts cold, but runs rough. Needs to be goosed to stay running. When it dies, it won't restart for several hours

1981 Automatic Corvette Starts in Reverse Not rated yet
My Automatic 3 gear 1981 Corvette starts even if the car is in reverse or any other gears. What do I need to check/fix/repair/replace to make sure the …

75 vette 350 blowing control module new accel distributer Not rated yet
Blowing control module how to ground distributer to battery

Will a 1969 corvette ac drivers side duct fit a 1968 corvette Not rated yet
Will a 1969 corvette drivers side a/c duct fit a 1968 corvette

Smog pump Not rated yet
Can I remove the smog pump and plug the hole in the block on my 1975

Battery drain after heat/AC lamp replaced Not rated yet
I replaced heat and ac lamp and now constant drain on battery in my 1977 corvette. Required loosening and shifting the upper center console. How many possible …

Emergency brake light stays on. Not rated yet
Emergency brake warning light stays on in my 1977. Emergency brake handle contact switch checked out and working fine. Any suggestions?

Lights won't go up Not rated yet
My headlights won't go up on my 75 stingray when I pull the knob.

jump starting a 1973 Corvette Not rated yet
Need to jump start a 1973 corvette. I see the post on top and they have plastic caps(no connected cables etc.). Is this where you jump start or is there …

windshield wipers only have off and slow no hi Not rated yet
Bought the car, first time I tried wipers I slid switch to low they came on I thought wow that's slow. tried hi and nothing changed-same speed. was going …

69 car with 71 seats Not rated yet
Can I replace 71 high back frame with 69 frame?

Front springs  Not rated yet
1972 c3 350 small block with a/c would that be the same spring that is used for a big block without a/c

new transmission pan on 81 vette Not rated yet
can i use a deeper than stock pan and if so what problems if any can i look for

shifter stuck in park Not rated yet
Shifter on 1973 was slightly hanging in park. Now wont come out of park position Thank you in advance for your time Scott

Removal of front rotors? Not rated yet
I want to replace the front rotors on my 1974 corvette. I do believe they are original, I tried soaking them with penatrating oil and beating them with …

1980 corvette Not rated yet
Do you need a special air conditioning bracket when installing headers?

69 Corvette with 79 front clip ,"Should I buy it" ? Not rated yet
I just found a 69 Corvette on Craigslist for $5500. Car from doors back is entirely 69,good interior,427 4 speed factory,currently has 350 engine with …

power wire from ignition switch stays at 12 volts even when you release key from cranking position Not rated yet
What causes the power wire from the ignition switch to stay at 12 volts even when you release the key from the cranking position? I just replaced the ignition …

thfe hood will not release Not rated yet
I pulled the hood lever but the left side will release but the right side will not on my 1978 corvette

Corvette sounds like it wants to die during idle Not rated yet
1977 corvette idles fine for a few minutes and then starts to die before catching and then it settles down to idle again. Repeats every few minutes. Any …

how to remove fuel pump bolts on 1980 corvette? Not rated yet
how to remove fuel pump bolts on 1980 corvette 350

header to stock exhaust Not rated yet
Need to know the correct long header which will have clearence to mate to my stock dual exhaust on a 1974 corvette with AC, power steering (minus mufflers …

Tachometer doesn't work when car is moving Not rated yet
When I got my 1978 Corvette, the tachometer was just moving wildly around. I bought a new Willcox tachometer card and after installing it the meter worked …

Drivers seat wont click back Not rated yet
75 corvette drivers seat wont click back into place

vacuum solenoids constantly oscillating chattering Not rated yet
the ones that are mounted on the firewall the true they are mounted above the valve cover and the one that's up on the front of the engine

80 vette won't charge battery Not rated yet
New 3-wire 120 amp. alternator, new battery, replaced main ground with good copper. Meter reads only 13 v and drops as load added.

1982 Oil temp, water temp, Oil psi & amp gauges do not work. Fuel gauge is fine. Not rated yet
None of the above gauges work. Could this be a fuse?

replace rear brake disc Not rated yet
This has not been done to this car.It is a 1970 corvette.

C3 backup light switch drawing amps Not rated yet
C3 backup light switch is drawing amps when it is parked in reverse and the car is off. Backup lights work when car is running.

Headlight switch Not rated yet
Replaced the headlight switch on 1976 corvette. put dash back together. put knob in and it pulls right out of switch and the lights now wont work.

1979 corvette power window not working Not rated yet
Since I bought this Vette from my brother the passenger side window has always been slow going up and down. Now it's quit all together. It has gone down …

loud knocking noise in front engine near timing chain area Not rated yet
I started my 1979 vette (with small block 350 in it)and there was a loud knocking sound coming from timing chain area. Is this going to damage my engine? …

lack of vacuum  Not rated yet
Can I run a high lift cam and still have enough vacuum to run brakes and lights etc.

do i need ac water valve if i dont have ac Not rated yet
I have a 1976 corvette It has a air conditioner water valve, but doesn't have air conditioning, do I have to have one

exhaust system change Not rated yet
I have a 75 Vet. In my state 75 and older auto are exempt from smog checks. I would like to remove my 75 exhaust system and replace it with a 74 non cad …

replacing driver's side mirror Not rated yet
Does the door panel have to be removed to replace driver's side mirror, or can it all be done from the outside? I don't want any small parts falling inside …

carburetor vacuum leak on '78 L82 Not rated yet
Car will start but not idle.

signal, hazards, and brake lights don't work. Not rated yet
1970, Signals and brake lights worked when I pulled in for front end alignment. While on align rack brakes were on for 2 hrs while they did alignment. …

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1971 corvette stingray will not idle to stay running Not rated yet
Once the car is warmed up, the car will not stay running there is no idle

air not coming out top vents Not rated yet
No air conditioning through top vents on 1975 corvette

can't get key to turn all the way off so i can remove key. Not rated yet
Is there a way to adjust a cable or linkage on the the 4 speed so when I turn the car off I can turn the key all the way off and remove the key.

a clunk in the rear when driving at lower speeds and sometimes turing Not rated yet
a clunk in the rear at lower speeds and turning sometimes

turn signals Not rated yet
Left signal works, front and rear right signal comes on but will not blink

Ac Not rated yet
Ac never has enough air blowing out, replaced fan, cleaned out cowl just never has force of air

Driving along and compressor clutch smoked Not rated yet
I found my compressor never shuts off. I need to get into the control wiring. So I figured in the mean time just pull the plug off it. Driving along and …

battery guage doesn't work in 1969 corvette Not rated yet
Had a short in a primary electrical wire that was repaired. However the battery guage hasn't worked since - stuck on right (charge) side. After removing …


My car won't shut off Not rated yet
My car wont shut off..it idles awhile after you shut it off with the key. Also, it will not move out of park.

1981 corvette automatic transmission torque converter seal continues to fail Not rated yet
Has anyone experienced multiple torque converter seal failures on an automatic transmission on a 1981 Corvette? Any help would be greatly appreciated

Is the steering damper on an 81 corvette located in front of the crossmember? Not rated yet
I am wanting to purchase Hedman Street Headers 68300. Will they fit?

1979 corvette unknown wire plugs Not rated yet
I can not find these three wire plugs on schematics let alone what and where they plug into under the dash: 1st plug is upper left driver side. Purple …

Do you have to take fender off 1977 corvette to get air conditioning hoses on. Not rated yet
Do you have to take fender off to get air conditioning hoses on a 1977 corvette? Could you explain the easiest way to put them on?

amp gauge jumps at idle Not rated yet
My amp gauge jumps at idle on my 1969 corvette. Any suggestions?

1979 headlight switch Not rated yet
I am putting a new headlight switch in my 1979 Corvette. My parts person said I may need a headlight switch ground strap. Is this needed, and what would …

i want to disconnect the door buzzer not the door switch. Not rated yet
The door buzzer sounds like it's coming from under the dash. I presume it's a little relay box. Does anyone know how to disconnect the door buzzer box? …

71 vette 454 starter only works with full battery Not rated yet
When I charge the battery to full charge or give the battery a boost the starter turns right over. Once it has been driven for a while and you go to start …

73 corvette  Not rated yet
Can you fit a 78 front body onto a 73 firewall snd chassis? cheers

1982 vette-the driver window won't go down Not rated yet
The driver window won't go down in my 1982 corvette. Any suggestions as to the problem?

need a agc 5 amp fuse 1/2 in. long Not rated yet
I can't find a agc 5 amp fuse 1/2 in. long anywhere.

turn signal arm is very loose Not rated yet
how does the horn button come off?

corvette stall Not rated yet
My 1979 corvette stalled when I was driving. All electrical systems such as alarms and lights were still functional. At first I thought my engine had locked …

where is the transmission fluid dip stick in a 1979 corvette Not rated yet
I have a transmission leak. Where is the transmission fluid dip stick in a 1979 corvette?

77 vette with park lights on when i hit the brakes the right side goes out Not rated yet
I have a 1977 Corvette. When I drive with the park lights on, the right side lamp goes out when I hit the brakes. I tested each lamp with a test lite …

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Speedo,tach, instrument cluster and shifter lights not working 1973 Corvette convertible Not rated yet
None of the dash lights come on when I turn the head lights on. The headlights work as well as the convenience light below the dash. Could this be a problem …

reassembling steering column on 1978 corvette with tilt/tele Not rated yet
Not sure how to reassemble the steering column (upper portion) Thanks

why does my 1981 corvette dart left when i accelerate while the car is in motion Not rated yet
When I'm driving down the road and let off the gas the car seems to fish tail in the rear while wanting to dart left in the front. I recently rebuilt the …

1970 Corvette Stingray Convertible that keeps blowing the turnsignal fuse. Not rated yet
Hello: I cannot add the fuse to the turn signal, horn, and rear lights fuse holder. It flashes and sparks and burns out, even with the key off. I have …

Rear brake squeak at low speed Not rated yet
Rear brake squeak at low speed will quit after a little brake pressure is applied

Rear brake squeak at low speed Not rated yet
Rear brake squeak at low speed will quit after a little brake pressure is applied

my 1979 corvette tach not working Not rated yet
tach was working and just stopped working

77 corvette heater fan and windshield wipers don't work unless hood is open Not rated yet
77 corvette heater fan and windshield wipers don't work unless hood is open. I can get them to come on if I open the hood, and a door. I tried to tie …

Engine stall at acceleration on my 1982 corvette cross fire Not rated yet
When I accelerate the car wants to go but it backs off and stalls. I have taken my foot of the pedal to try and stop it from stalling but it does not help. …

1968 corvette big block hood won't open.  Not rated yet
1968 corvette big block hood won't open. Tried using a 3ft piece of rebar and went through the 2nd gill on the driver side. As noted on the internet). …

Replacing the frame on my 1976 corvette. Not rated yet
My frame on my 1976 corvette was completely rusted out. I purchased a 1981 frame everything is the same as my 1976 except for the rear end mounting bracket. …

1976 rear end in 1981 frame Not rated yet
Hello can you tell me if the rear end mount from an 1981 will fit on a 1976. I purchased a 1981 frame for my 1976 body and running grear.

high idle  Not rated yet
The engine idles high at about 1500. When I put in drive it drops to 850 fine! How do I get it to idle at 850 and not die when put in drive ?

heater blower motor Not rated yet
Blower motor not working I believe it is just a poor ground wire does anyone know what color and where it goes on a 79 vette

1974 corvette and the brake light is lit on dash all the time Not rated yet
I have a 1974 corvette and the brake light is lit on the dash all the time. What's wrong?

Will a 1977 corvette harness fit a 1972 corvette? Not rated yet
Will a 1977 corvette harness fit a 1972 corvette?

Exceedingly dim dash lights Not rated yet
I have a 1976 Corvette and when driving at night, I have almost no dash lighting. It is impossible to be driving and know what speed you are going! Has …

Mine turns left ok. Turning right it makes a noise. Not rated yet
The tires are wide but it doesn't do it turning left. Just right at a very low speed.

window regulator Not rated yet
Is there a video showing how to install a power window regulator?

power Windows not working Not rated yet
My husband replaced the radio in our 1976 corvette and now the power Windows aren't working. Any help would be appreciated.

Need identification Not rated yet
I have a 1976 Corvette that has a toggle lever in the driver side cockpit area. It is in the wall beside the gas pedal. I can not identify what it is/was …

Electrical problem Not rated yet
My 1978 C-3 has no blower high operating function. Works well on low and medium. Is there an inline fuse for A/C operation and or high blower switch? …

Alignment of interlock bracket and shifter bracket on 72 Corvette. Not rated yet
Can not get the interlock cable and the shifter cable aligned when the shifter is in the park position. 1972 Corvette Auto Trans 400. Bolt holes only …

car was running fine, parked it , wants to start but won't Not rated yet
I drove my car 60 miles plus and parked it. Then it wouldn't start. It tried to start but wouldn't. I had the gas checked and the filter but its fine. …

exhaust system compatability Not rated yet
Will the 1974 exhaust pipes bolt onto a 1975 Corvette?

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1979 350 Corvette Not rated yet
When I'm driving and punch it the car goes. But when I hit the brakes the car dies. It will start right up and drive. When I drive at normal speeds its …

1977 headlamps Not rated yet
The headlights will neither come up nor react to pull switch under dash. Where do I look? Thank You!

I have a 350 out of I believe a 1973 corvette can anyone helpme decode all these numbers? Not rated yet
I got these numbers off the id pad on the 350 in my monte carlo engine was claimed to be out of a corvette can anyone helpme decode these so I know exactly …

air vent ball replacement on a 1973 Not rated yet
The air vent is loose and rattles

Windsheld wipers rubbing noise Not rated yet
I have a 1976 automatic corvette. The windshield wiper blades make a rubbing noise. Can someone tell how to fix the problem?

windshild wiper Not rated yet
I have a 1976 corvette. Wiper blades is making a loud rubbing noise.

what do the five gauges do on a c3 Not rated yet
Takes about 14 kms for oil gauge to move up to middle reading are they always slow to respond and warm up. There is 100,000 miles on clock and doesn't …

permanently locked my driver side door Not rated yet
My door latch was missing a small clip connecting the left door handle rod to the latch which would not allow me to open my drivers side door from the …

Electrical issue? Not rated yet
I have a 1976 l48 and the tach is always at zero and doesn't pick up. The oil pressure gauge works and reads well, in between 40 and 80. The issue I'm …

window motor Not rated yet
bench test a window motor

Aftermarket radio has to be reset Not rated yet
I have just put an aftermarket radio in my C3 and everything is running great including the repro auto antenna that moves up and down whenever you turn …

shifting  Not rated yet
My shift lever moves but nothing happens

VIN # BRAKE DOWN Not rated yet

Have to move shifter in and out of park before it will start Not rated yet
Have to move shifter a couple of times before it will turn over.

speedo cable 81 corvette Not rated yet
speedo cable broken

350 will not go over 80 mph Not rated yet
My 78 vette has an automatic 350. Out on the highway it will only go 80 mph. It does not shake or anything, it just won't go over 80mph.

1971 CORVETTE 350/270 H.P Quadjet carb. when shifting into gar car revs up. Not rated yet
On 3 different occassions the engine has revved up on its own. This has happened twice in forward gear and once in reverse. Each time it was like the rear …

1975 corvette starts in any gear Not rated yet
Is there some kind of switch missing on the automatic transmission to allow my 1975 corvette to start in any gear?

tachometer problems Not rated yet
I am having problems. I bought a new headlight control switch but the only thing working is the headlights. When you remove the switch and test the wires …

1982 corvette Not rated yet
Seats won't fold over in my 1982 Corvette. Suggestions?

Idles too fast Not rated yet
1982 corvette is idling too high. Put injector cleaner in, did not help. Is there an easy way to fix it.

press brake pedal and brake light comes on or goes off Not rated yet
Replaced leaking master cylinder and back calipers on 1982 Corvette. Brake light still comes on when brakes applied, sometimes stays on until pedal …

Will a 1976 corvette rear end fit on a 1981 frame Not rated yet
Will a 1976 corvette rear end fit on a 1981 frame

Tail lights not working Not rated yet
On my 72 corvette, the headlights, turn signals and brake lights all work, but for some reason the tail lights do not work. Any ideas?

Runs rough when cold then runs great when warmed up. Not rated yet
That is basically it. I start the car (79 corvette L-82)and it runs rough like it's got a dead plug. Then after it warms up it runs great. Takes 3-5 minutes …

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Fitment of 1972 C3 gas pedal into 1973 C3 Not rated yet
I have 1973 C3 w/4 speed transmission. New clutch/brake pedals fit multiple years - and have nice stainless trim. But, gas pedal doesn't fit and I have …

Ground wires hot when ignition on Not rated yet
I have a 76 corvette with an electrical issue. Black ground wires to heater blower, regulator and wiper motor become live when ignition is turned to the …

Hi my power windows only work sometimes Not rated yet
Hi I have a 1979 corvette c3. Last week my power windows and air conditioning stopped working. I checked the 30 amp fuse and it's fine. Sometimes my ac …

82 corvette ignition will not start after I replaced the dimmer switch Not rated yet
Vett would not turn over after replacing dimmer switch. Started fine right before we worked on it. After wiggling the rod of the dimmer switch I got it …

very rough idle when engine's cold Not rated yet
I've an 81 that idles rough with a cold engine. Once it warms (3-5 mins?)it seems to be fine. Even when the choke is set, it idles so roughly it will stall …

1981 corvette/350engine /need to know possible problem with my hot air coming out of vents and floor but not blowing out of top defrost Not rated yet
1981 Chevy Corvette has hot heater that blows in the vents and floor board but won't blow through the top defrost. Please show me locations of possible …

t top Not rated yet
I have a 1979 C3 Corvette that doesn't have a t-top. Is there a cheap way that I can put a t-top on her?

non starting when extreme cold Not rated yet
When below freezing my 1973 corvette 454 will not start. Above freezing it starts with no problem. Tried starting fluid, spark not good when cold. Could …

68 corvette 327/350 wont start Not rated yet
Car ran perfect all Summer. Car was garaged for 3 months in winter. Had about 2 gallons of gas in the tank when garaged. Last week I added 5 gallons of …

1979 corvette blinkers are solid in side and out Not rated yet
The blinkers are solid and won't flash on both sides. I checked the bulbs but they seem fine and the flashers are working fine. Any suggestions?

1970 vette doesn't start periodically  Not rated yet
If I stop like to get gas, sometimes it starts and sometimes it doesn't. If I let it sit for awhile it sometimes starts and other times it doesn't. Can …

u joint bolts connecting tranny to drive shaft hitting shifter bracket Not rated yet
I replaced the shifter and shifter bracket on my c3. When I tried to reconnect the drive shaft I discovered the bolts connecting the u joints to the transmission …

1981 corvette automatic,i can shift from gear to gear without pressing the knob Not rated yet
I have a 1981 corvette automatic. I can shift from gear to gear without pressing the knob. How can this be fixed, to make it safe?

Interior dash and center cluster lights come on Not rated yet
I have a 1972 corvette with a wiring harnesses I purchased thru Lectric Limited. When I turn the ignition on to start the car the center cluster and RPM …

how to install right hand side mirror on 1970 corvette Not rated yet
How do I install the right hand mirror on 1970 corvette?

Turn signals just stopped working Not rated yet
My turn signals have been working fine on my 1975 stingray but today whenever I pull the lever on the column to turn my dash the turn signal lights won't …

width of 78 corvette red pinstripe Not rated yet
I want to order red pinstripe for the 1978 corvette pace car, but am not sure of the width.. thanks

number clarification. Not rated yet
My build date says V1I18HW. What does the I stand for? The block serial number matches my vin.

76 corvette key buzzer relay located Not rated yet
Where is a 1976 corvette key buzzer relay located?

C3 Manual transmission issue Not rated yet
I have the car on jackstands and shifter in neutral. Should the rear wheels spin when I engage the clutch?

no brake lights,both blinkers flash only in the rear when u turn blinkers either way Not rated yet
I've checked the brake switch,it's good but is getting no power to it. I replaced the blinker switch in the column. All fuses are good. It's a 1982 Chevy …

Backfiring - Blue smoke Not rated yet
When I started my 1974 vet with 4/s will run a little rough but will not stall. Then it began to backfire and during each gear change as well as stopping. …

seat change  Not rated yet
I recently purchased a 75 vet and the seats are trash. I would like to install bucket seats any suggestions?

car vibrates between 20 and 35 MPH, below and above ok? Not rated yet
car vibrates between 20 and 35 MPH, below and above ok?

ignition key stuck Not rated yet
1980 corvette 4 speed ignition key stuck in run position, won't turn either way, please help

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1982 Corvette C3 Collector Edition / change Oil Pressure Sender Not rated yet
My question, I have changed the original Oil Pressure Sender in my corvette C3. The number on the original Oil Pressure Sender is 12 83 and 80,4. …

High beam dash light does not work but lights do work on 1975 corvette Not rated yet
Hi, I have a 1975 corvette that the high beam dash light doesn't work but the headlights do. Is it just a bulb and if so, what location is it in behind …

75 corvette 350 cranks but will not start Not rated yet
The engine will crank but not start. Purchased car 4 years ago and have been in the process of restoring it for several years. It sat in previous owners …

button on park brake lever sticks, Not rated yet
The button on parking brake sticks. It won't grab on teeth, can put lever by hand on teeth,and release by hand,moves up and down easy,seems like a spring …

new dash wire harness Not rated yet
How much should it cost to have a new dash harness installed?

High beam and dash lights Not rated yet
How do I fix high beams and dash lights that don't work on a 1981 vette?

no power to anything electrical Not rated yet
The ground wire to alternator overheated melting all insulation, all lights off including ignition, starter not cranking.

Steering gear box problem? Not rated yet
I am restoring a 68 corvette and while getting into the steering linkage and such I removed the steering gear. After cleaning the gear box of all the …

gauges won't work with dash lites on Not rated yet
All the gauges work fine until you turn dash lights on. Turn the dash lights off and the gauges work fine.

1976 Corvette Not rated yet
We have 1976 corvette. The starter is good! When I turn the key there no power to the starter.

t top missing Not rated yet
Will earlier t-tops fit my 1982 Corvette?

1981 corvette choke light stays on after wqrm up. Not rated yet
Choke is working. Choke plate is closed when starting then opens gradually as car warms but light doesn't go off.

77 corvette; engine hunting or missing after 20 minutes of running? Not rated yet
I can run my 77 Corvette for 20-30 minutes then it starts to miss or hunt. It is still drivable while the car is doing this, it just drops slightly in …

car runs warm now Not rated yet
Hi, I have a 1979 corvette that I bought to restore. Car was not running well but no running hot problem. Replaced heads because one valve was bad, installed …

will idle down to nothing and stall out Not rated yet
The car starts fine and runs great, but say I shut it off and run into a store, come out and start it up... it will start, but then it will idle down …

1972 vacuum issue Not rated yet
My wiper door and the headlights will actuate on and off when I accelerate quickly. Is this caused by the resevoir check valve or something else?

Won' t start after warning up Not rated yet
After warming up, unable to crank until about a hour later, turns over ok, but won't fire, getting gas, has a 600 holley auto choke, put on new coil still …

i have good wierin but some things are miss placed dont know were they go ? Not rated yet
I have good wiring but have some wires that I don't know were they go need help. ???

sticky choke, dash choke light doesn't go off. Not rated yet
My choke light won't turn off after car warms. The rpm seem to only reduce slightly.

ignition doesn't lock unless it's put in reverse Not rated yet
I have a 69 Vette; when I park it and turn it off, I have to put it into reverse before the key ignition will turn to the locking position. If I don't …

Total electrical shot down in my 81 Not rated yet
Out of the blue my 81 Vette has died electronically. All fuses are ok and the battery is ok. Is there a main fuse in the engine compartment and if so where …

gauges go out. Not rated yet
My 1977 corvette gauges go out when I turn on the lights.

overheats Not rated yet
454 with elec fans gets hot when turned off

'74 automatic slipping out of park Not rated yet
I am having trouble getting the automatic transmission to stay in park. There seems to be a small sweet spot. Is this a big problem? The tranny shifts …

1971 Corvette keeps dying Not rated yet
My 1971 Corvette keeps dying. Any suggestions?

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1982 corvette when the engine light comes on it will die. Not rated yet
I have a 1982 corvette. When I'm driving for a while and stopped in traffic, the car is idle and the engine light will come on. It stays on for a while, …

power not crank Not rated yet
I have a 1978 corvette. My starter went out so I replaced it. After I did that I went to start it and nothing happened. I have power but no crank. I tried …

1974 454 automatic transmission seems to slip "P" park Not rated yet
Let me first say thank you for having a web site for novice mechanics. My soon to be 1974 convertible with 454 automatic seems to have a very small sweet …

windshield installation Not rated yet
What is the proper way to install the windshield in a 68 corvette? Do i need spacers?

dash lights wont turn on Not rated yet
dash lights wont turn on

steering column Not rated yet
Clicking noises in steering column. Any idea how to solve this problem?

Power windows won't work Not rated yet
Trying to figure why both windows only work sometimes. Where should I start looking? I was told there is a circuit breaker by the master cylinder that …

Interior lights stay on Not rated yet
Hi I recently replaced 95% of the wiring in my 1979 corvette. Everything works except now I can't get my interior lights to turn off unless I disconnect …

1982 C3 Tail Lights Not rated yet
Can anyone tell me if 1979 tail lights would be interchangeable with 1982. They are both C3 series, but not sure if the screw holes, etc. will line up. …

74 Headlights Not rated yet
Vacuum from check valve is 12 on large port and 5-6 on the small. Headlight doors open very slowly. Is this vacuum enough and will changing the witches …

1976 interior color code location Not rated yet
can't find location of interior color code 1976

1974 corvette stingray trans problems Not rated yet
I just bought a 1974 stingray and the car has a 350 engine. It ran fine for about a month and now the car won't switch into drive. It stays in 2nd. I …

Driver side window won't go all the way down. Not rated yet
Just bought 1979 C3, don't know were to start on window, it goes 3/4 of the way down and stops, no noise and no grinding just stops.

1979 driver window  Not rated yet
won't go all the way down

1971 covette 4speed lunges Not rated yet
The car will lunge at times, thought it might be timing issue but tuned it to factory spec ,and it still does it. It seem more of a drive train issue ,clutch, …

power windows wont work Not rated yet
When car is running, I tried to get windows to work and they do not. Is there a few steps I can take to see why?

Head light doors are stuck open and no headlights working Not rated yet
My 1979 corvette I just bought the head lights will not come on or the doors will not close. I also have no brake lights, dash lights or side marker lights. …

71 auto, loud clunk shifting to reverse only when warm Not rated yet
Clunk is barely noticeable when started cold and shifting to reverse. However, when warm it is a completely different story. There is a very loud and pronounced …

what are the grouping of wires running through the center going to the back of a 81 vett. Not rated yet
I bought a 81 corvette and see that a bundle of wires have been cut that go back to the rear compartmet near the battery.The previous owner did install …

1975 a/c line freezes up Not rated yet
New vir and compressor low side 35 high side 240 lines freeze up need help

1975 a/c line freezes up Not rated yet
New vir and compressor low side 35 high side 240 lines freeze up need help

trying to find out what edition vette i own Not rated yet
I'm trying to find out what I can about my vette. The vin is e18 416 927

brake lights Not rated yet
Brake lights doesn't work with the light switch on.

seat belt light  Not rated yet
My C3 roadster the seat belt light will not go out? Was working fine this is a framw off restoration

Front marker light for 78 corvette Not rated yet
How do I change the front marker light on my 78 corvette?

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hot pasanger Not rated yet
My passenger side gets really hot air when driving

Cigarette lighter Not rated yet
I need cigarette lighter assembly instructions for my 1980. Anyone?

Front marker light Not rated yet
How do you change a front marker light on a 78 corvette?

dash lights  Not rated yet
This is Don again .Where is the ground strap or how do you ground them ? I thought the dash was the ground but I guess I was wrong.

Radio and antenna problems Not rated yet
I have a 82 corvette. I sent the radio in and had it rebuilt 6 months ago, also put in new speakers. Now when I turn on the ignition and then turn on the …

headlights won't light up go on Not rated yet
Lights rise up but don't turn on - 1979 model

rear window insallation in 1973 coupe Not rated yet
I have a 73 corvette coupe and was installing the rear glass. The window was out and clean, just wondering if the writing on the window reads from inside …

Blower Fan on 1981 Corvette Not rated yet
Hello, The blower fan on my 1981 corvette has issues at highway speeds only. For instance, at speeds of 40 mph or lower, the fan works as it should …

rusty doors Not rated yet
Will 1977 corvette doors fit a 1979 corvette?

front left caliper will not release Not rated yet
My 1977 corvette front left disk caliper will not release. When I open the bleeder the pads then will retract and the wheel will turn freely.

rear end clunk foward to reverse and acceleration/shifting Not rated yet
When I go from forward to reverse, the rear clunks. Also while driving when it shifts and clunks. All universals are tight and the rear axle shafts seem …

lights dont roll up Not rated yet
The lights on my 79 corvette don't roll up when I turn them on.

Headlights Not rated yet
I can't figure out how to make the headlights go up. They will turn on when I pull out the knob but they won't go up.

Replacing armrests on 1980 corvette Not rated yet
I just bought my first corvette. One of the armrests is unattached at the front end (door pull). Would like to replace it myself. Can anyone provide …

brake pedal is adjusted all the way out but still not reaching the brake light switch. Not rated yet
Just installed a new power booster and master cylider. Made sure to adjust the new yoke to the same length as the one that was removed. Brake pedal is …

1980 l 48 steering column bearings wore out . ..i can replace top, but never been in the lower end of a tilt column. Not rated yet
Will a column fit from any other chevy/gm ...doesn't have to lilt or tellie. Also, if I decide to rebuild, what my I run into as far as special tools go? …

Wipers Not rated yet
Wipers only stay on when holding switch in

need better air condition Not rated yet
I need to improve air flow and cooling in my 1973 corvette without spending a lot: $1,000 or less

1976 Corvette Turns off while driving Not rated yet
I really don't know what the problem is. I started the Vette up to go to work this morning. I got about a block and a half away from the house and it shut …

Flooding or starving for fuel issue? Not rated yet
If your driving when car is warmed up or almost warmed up you take a turn like into a parking space or driveway, and she begins to run rough and drop idle …

1979 will not stay running Not rated yet
Inherited a 1979 that had been sitting for 9 years. It had a half tank of fuel. Refueled with premium fuel and drove it for 240 miles. Stopped and refueled …

battery hooked up backwards Not rated yet
Battery light comes on but car won't click or turn over now that the battery is installed right

wiring problem Not rated yet
I have a 1981 corvette and I found 2 wiring harness connections in the battery area behind the drivers seat. They are not hooked up to anything what are …

air conditoner Not rated yet
Is there anyway to increase the air coming out of the vent?

How do I retrofit my a/c system from r-12 to r-134 on my 1976 L-82 Not rated yet
I've been told it can't be done without major modifications.

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red brake light Not rated yet
Brake pedal low and red warning light came on, master cylinder was low filled and brakes normal but light will not go off.

rear diff fill plug removal 1977 vette Not rated yet
I have a 77 Corvette automatic transmission. I can't get a wrench on the fill plug in the rear axle to remove it and check my diff fluid. Any tips?

high speed fan does'nt woork Not rated yet
no high speed fan on 74 vette

BRAKE LIGHTS FOR ZZ430 Not rated yet
Changed the brake light switch brake lights worked for a couple of days and no brake lights again.

my 1977 vette sways back and forth when i get above 30 mph Not rated yet
I have had new tie rod ends, tie rod sleeves, idle arm, power steering cylinder and had it aligned. And it is worse now that before I had any work done. …

Power windows Not rated yet
Was driving and went to put windows down and nothing happened. They were working fine on the trip in. Any suggestions?

1982 collectors ed,white pin conn.(421) that fits on ecm Not rated yet
I tried starting my corvette and smoke from the ecm white pin conn. burning. I need to replace pin conn. can or that piece of wiring harness

are the orginal tires worth saving Not rated yet
I just purchased a 1978 pace car & the owner has the original tires. Question is, are they worth saving & does it bring any more value to the car?

car takes off by it self  Not rated yet
I have a 1977 corvette and I went to drive it today and once I started the car it revs and takes off even in park

trailing arm bolts  Not rated yet
I have a 1979 corvette. I can not get the bolt out that goes through the frame and trailing arm and out the other side. I have soaked it with penetrating …

I have a 78 stuck in 4th gear Not rated yet
The car is stuck in 4th gear. No play in shifter, it's stuck too.

Heat stays on at feet with controls set to off and cold. Not rated yet
Hi, I have a 1982 corvette. Heat blows down on my feet even though the temperature control is set to cold and the vent selection is set to off. Fan …

wiper switch makes shorting noise Not rated yet
Wiper switch makes shorting noise from center of dash whenever switch is moved

74 convertable driver side door stuck shut Not rated yet
Driver side door is stuck closed. Door won't release with inside or outside handle.

catalytic converter/long tube headers Not rated yet
I am considering purchasing a 1971 Corvette. I am unsure of the requirement for a catalytic converter with this model. The car's exhaust system was modified …

Changing chassis Not rated yet
I have a 1973 corvette in need of a chassis replacement. I can get my hands on a 1979 chassis, but will it fit my 73 corvette?

passenger headlight will not go down Not rated yet
My passenger side headlight assembly is stuck in the open position. How do I get it closed?

passenger headlight will not go down Not rated yet
My passenger side headlight assembly is stuck in the open position. How do I get it closed?

My 77 corvette won't start hot. Starts fine after it cools off. Not rated yet
My 77 corvette won't start when hot. It cranks and the carburetor is pushing fuel. Installed all new plugs, wires, rotor, distributor cap, and fuel …

Heater core Not rated yet
Heater core leaking, what is the procedure in replacing it?

Garage filled with smell of gasoline. Looked under the car and there was a puddle of fuel and the leak is coming from what appears to be the fuel pump. …

77 corvette won't start... Not rated yet
Vehicle started to run sluggish while driving and I had to pull over because it wouldn't stay running. My buddy replaced the coil to some avail and the …

airconditioner broke Not rated yet
How can I change the ac compressor?

1980 Corvette jerks (pulls/shifts) to one side when I accelerate or decelerate. Not rated yet
When I get on the throttle of my Corvette it pulls to one side. Then when I let off the throttle it does the same thing. Very violently and nearly uncontrollable. …

power ssteering problem on a 68 c3 Not rated yet
Hi, I just replaced the power steering control valve and power steering pump,the problem I am having is a build of high pressure and heat in the pump. …

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1980 Corvette won't start after installing rebuilt starter Not rated yet
A rebuilt starter motor was installed and when the ignition was turned on the car was dead. No radio, nothing works. The battery is new and fully charged. …

Electrical Maybe? Not rated yet
I have a 1997 Corvette. Just recently when I stomped on the brakes all the gauges blinked on, the speedometer went to zero, the radio flashed on/off; …

windsheild wiper Not rated yet
The windshield wiper is plugged up but doesn't turn on 1974 corvette ...why?

horn doesnt work Not rated yet
The horn doesn't work on my 74 corvette, what could be problem?

horn does not work on my C3 corvette (1980) Not rated yet
I measure 3 volts on the positive at the relay. I am trying to find the loose contact or the fuse. As the panel is unreadable, do you know which is the …

headlights Not rated yet
The head lights on my 1976 corvette stay up all the time. Is there an easy fix?

no brake pedal Not rated yet
I have a new master, new brake booster,both back calipers are new. I can't get any pedal. Also, power bled then 4 times

78 Vette starts in 3rd gear and reverse lights come on in Neutral Not rated yet
My vette's reverse lights come on in Neutral and the car starts in 3rd gear but not 2 & 1. I am assuming that the neutral safety switch is out of wack. …

1976 will not go into reverse Not rated yet
My 1976 L82 acts like it shifted into reverse, however, when you let out the clutch it is in neutral (or not engaged. Also, I am now not able to get the …

Increase Horse Power Not rated yet
Hi, I have 1971 Corvette 350 V8 Turbo 400 Auto and its 270 HP and I would like to increase its HP without changing anything, my query is can I do it with …

1971 correct radiator Not rated yet
I just purchased a 1971 C3 from California, 350, auto, no AC, matching number car off the original owner. I need to replace the radiator, the one on the …

after market radio install Not rated yet
face mounting kit?

mid vents blow outvery little air in 1979 corvette Not rated yet
My mid vents blow out very little air but the bottom blows out alot?

Vacuum for wipers and headlights  Not rated yet
Recently installed a new crate motor 383 stroker and since then bad vacuum any suggestions? Thanks, Ken

Brake lights and tail lights just quit on a 1979 corvette Not rated yet
The rear brake lights and tail lights just quit while driving my 79 vette. The signal lights still work. The tail light fuse was Ok but I changed it …

81 Vette - choke light goes on and engine stalls Not rated yet
I have an 81 vette with a 350 engine. It had been running well up until this last week. After a 50 mile highway cruise it developed a new problem. The …


generater light comeing on and power window fuse comeing on.1977 vette Not rated yet
My generator light comes on and the power window fuse is blowing

detaching my speedometer cable Not rated yet
I am trying to remove my speedometer cable from my 1977 Corvette. I can reach the back of the cable but I'm not sure how to release it.

1978 Corvette air conditioner. Not rated yet
What are most common causes of A/C not coming on or fan blowing on a 1978?

how do i remove a wipe switch 78corvette Not rated yet
just click run low speed

Push clutch in, put in reverse to start and put in reverse to turn 73 vette off Not rated yet
I am buying a 73 vette and owner tells me to start car, push clutch in, put in reverse and turn key to start. then to turn car off put car in reverse with …

electrical  Not rated yet
I step on the breaks and my right turn light comes on also when I turn my blinker light to turn right both blinking lights on the back start blinking.. …

1977 fuel tank hose connections Not rated yet
Please advise the correct fitting of hoses to 1977 c3 fuel tank. thanks Russ whimpey

1975 heater core box seals Not rated yet
I bought a seal kit for my 1975 heater core box compartment and the description on how to apply the seals isn't the easiest to figure out. I also put four …

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1976 C3 seatbelt warning light not working Not rated yet
I understand the dash seatbelt warning light is part of a buzzer/light system. I want to make the light go but not the buzzer. The circuit has a bi-metallic …

If feels like only the front breaks are working and the break light comes on but if I hit the break really fast it goes off Not rated yet
The problem is that when I hit the brakes it feels like not all the brakes are working and the brake is almost to the floor and when I hit the brake the …

Dual retractor seat belt through upper seat bezel Not rated yet
I was thinking of adding an upper seat bezel with the hole to put seat belt through on my 1975, but my seat belts are duel and don't come apart. So how …

no brake lights or turn signals Not rated yet
I have replaced the ts and still nothing... help

Starting a 1978 Corvette after 10 years storage and only 1000 miles Not rated yet
I am looking to buy a 1978 Pace Car with 1000 original miles, and in showroom condition. What do your recommend I do prior to starting the car for the …

headlight switch not working Not rated yet
When I turn on the headlights with the switch the lights turn on but the headlight doors do not open unless I use the override switch under the dash and …

installer snap-ring sur yoke  Not rated yet
drive shaf cote droit sortie du differentiel lorsque l'auto est sur le lift

Backfires and dies Not rated yet
The car will idle and wind up not under load. When you try and drive it, it backfires through the exhaust and dies out like it's not getting fuel.

Dimmer is not working.  Not rated yet
I have changed both switches, headlight and dimmer twice but after driving the car a short distance with the lights on, all four of the lights will come …

cfi blows fuses Not rated yet
My 82 corvette regularly blows a 3 amp inj fuse

1976 power windows not working Not rated yet
The battery went dead this winter. After charging, car starts fine but both windows don't work. Also, the tach, temp, & oil pressure gauges are not working. …

Do I need to remove my hood to replace my radiator? Not rated yet
Do I need to remove my hood to replace my radiator?

Power window relay 1976 vet Not rated yet
Both power windows stopped working at the same time. The fuse is good. I found the power window relay and wanted to know how I can tell if it is defective? …

Power window relay location Not rated yet
76 Vet: both power windows stopped working. Fuse is fine, it might be the relay but can't find it. Could you tell me where the power window relay is located? …

No oil getting to top of engine Not rated yet
Rebuilt engine new high pressure pump. Tried priming pump, after 2 minutes drill burns out. Must somehow be a blockage. The car is a 454 1972 corvette. …

can u adjust the pop up light Not rated yet
When i turn lights thay pop up and fall down can it be adjusted For that.

th400 transmission clunks  Not rated yet
th400 transmission shifts or clunks hard when going from park into reverse and from neutral to drive. The idle is around 800 rpm so not too high there. …

carburetor vacuum Not rated yet
What does the vacuum line from the carburetor to the vacuum canister on a 1981 vette do?

C3 81 corvette speedometer change to autometer Not rated yet
Changed all the gauges in my 81. All gauges seem to be working fine but the speedometer gauge. Had issues with the cable. The gauge seems to shake at initial …

No heat on 75 corvette Not rated yet
There isn't any heat on my 1975 corvette. Water goes through heater core. All controls and vacuum operated flaps are working properly. It has no heater …

Headlights don't turn on Not rated yet
I had a radio installed in my 72 Corvette now the headlights won't light up. What do think happened? Also he ran the hot wire from the radio to a different …

Is there an online car manuel, or somewhere I can buy one? Not rated yet
My car is in the shop for some audio repairs and the guys there are willing to fix my hazard lights at the same time. They were asking about some "magnet" …

1972 coupe drivers door won't open Not rated yet
drivers door will not open from inside or outside on my 1972 coupe

1982 crossfire no crank when hot Not rated yet
The car starts fine in morning, but when hot it won't crank. I have installed a starter button directly to the starter and mounted it so I can start it …

One headlight cover will not go down Not rated yet
My one headlight cover will not go down, how can I fix this problem?

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Battery went dead- oil pressure gauge and tach not working  Not rated yet
My battery went dead this winter. It was replaced, starts great, everything is ok except oil pressure gauge and tach not working. Also power windows are …

80 diff-need rebuild specs Not rated yet
Have an 80 Dana 44 that's in need of a rebuild. I'm looking for the specs I'll be needing during assembly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

1981 power mirror issues Not rated yet
Power mirror won't go up/down on driver's side but works on passenger side. Any suggestion?

rear spring alinment Not rated yet
I removed the rear end in my 1977 corvette and replaced it with a 1979 and now my spring won't line up

1976 vette door locks Not rated yet
How can I unlock the drivers door on 76 vette. Interior, key and exterior don't work. I can see the rod moving, but does not engage the lock.

What fuse is my cigarette lighter on for a 1982 Corvette? Not rated yet
I have an 82 and the lighter won't work, what fuse is it on? thanks for your time

79 Vette, will not go into any other gears other then Drive Not rated yet
Gear shift travels freely, will only stay in drive (not sure what gear 1, 2, or 3). Can shut the car off and restart but it will remain in drive.

1981 with electric choke Not rated yet
My new to me 81 vette has the electric choke but there's no wire going to it as someone before me has removed it. There's also no loose wire close by that …

Dash lights not working on 1978 vette Not rated yet
Gauges working but not lights printed circuit boards

Mph and rpm gages quit working Not rated yet
Hello and thanks for your consideration to the following issue...I jumped started my 82 crossfire and after firing up i noticed the rpm needle had spun …

72 Corvette headlights don't turn on. Not rated yet
Headlight doors go up and down perfectly, but the lights don't turn on. Is there a fuse I should be looking for?

72 corvette-how to remove fresh air vent door to clean drains? Not rated yet
How do I remove fresh air vent door to clean drains?

Turn signal Not rated yet
If my turn signal is not working, is it best to replace or rebuild?

Headlights Not rated yet
I have a 1979 corvette and my front headlight assembly will not go back down. Help

Lifting a 1978 corvette Not rated yet
What is the best way to lift a 1978 corvette on a two post lift?

R&R Reverse Backup Lamp Switch Not rated yet
The backup lights on my friend's 1973 Corvette stay on all the time. I'm guessing the reverse backup switch is stuck closed or has just failed... My question …

Stopping issues with 1976 Corvette Not rated yet
My 1976 Corvette that has a high pro. cam does not want to stop well..what can I do? We installed a vacuum booster and still have issues...

Instruments Inoperative Not rated yet

Wiring color codes for a 1977 corvette Not rated yet
Instruments inoperative. Anyone know where to find wiring color codes for a 1977 corvette?

Rear defogger turns off in 3 seconds Not rated yet
My 1981 rear window defogger turns off in 3 seconds. Anyone know why?

How should I paint my belt fan on c3 corvette? Not rated yet
How should I paint my belt fan on c3 corvette

Temp gauge wiring Not rated yet
I wired up my new temp gauge incorrectly on my 1969 corvette and need a picture or diagram of the back side of the gauge cluster showing the correct way …

take light switch out Not rated yet
How do i take the end bit off the light switch, the bit you pull that says light on a 1975 corvette stingray?

1976 corvette pop up lights Not rated yet
I just purchase a 1976 corvette stingray and I notice that it doesn't have the pop up lights as the other 1976 vette, is this option or has it been customized? …

Identification of a real LT1 Not rated yet
I'm thinking of purchasing a 1970 Corvette LT1 and wondering what can I do to identify that it is a real one?

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How to install driver side window glass Not rated yet
Need to put in new glass in my driver side. Any help?

Running Lights Not rated yet
My running lights will not come on as with the dash lights but the headlights come on and I have no clue why. I changed the switch out and checked all …

brake freeze up in a 1970 corvette Not rated yet
After driving for a short distance I find that the left rear brake pad is freezing up causing the rim to smoke. I tried replacing the pad but still does …

Installing doors and setting gaps Not rated yet
I have a 1969 corvette project car and it did not come with doors. I did get doors for it and installed them and would like to reduce the gaps at the front …

replacement parts Not rated yet
Will the doors and glass from a 1974 corvette coupe work on a 1975 corvette convertible?

I have 79 and the side rear blinkers stop working Not rated yet
Rear side blinkers stop working on my 79, all others work. All parking lights work including rear side, need help to figure this one out

changing spark plug wires Not rated yet
do motor mounts need to be removed to change 74 vette spark plug wires

Locking My Doors Not rated yet
Is there any part or piece I can buy to be able to push a button on my keys and have my doors lock and unlock?

will a door from a 1978 corvette fit on a 1973 corvette Not rated yet
will a door from a 1978 corvette fit on a 1973 corvette?

headlights wont go up on a 1979 vette Not rated yet
Headlight were working before winter had to storage it for out 3 months after starting it back up the light wouldn't go up , I manualy risered r them but …

She starts will not stay running Not rated yet
I have a 1980 coupe put rebuilt carb in will start but won't stay on put a screwdriver in carb to keep her running thanks hope someone can help, Tony

TRACKING MY VIN # Not rated yet

"manually" turning over 79 L48 engine thats been sitting 20 years Not rated yet
I've got a 79 L48 thats been sitting for 20 years. Am about to bring it back to life.Drove it in the garage and it's sat there ever since.Before I attempt …

Fuel leaking from right rear above muffler 1975 vette Not rated yet
How do you gain axcess to this area,if I have to remove the fuel tank,how do I go about it.

1971 corvette door ajar circuit not working Not rated yet
My door ajar light does not work from either door. The switch shaft on the driver side door is broken and the switch needs to be replaced. With the ignition …

drivers side door arm loose at strap end Not rated yet
seems to be nothing behind panel to take screw used repair kit with tube and 2 screws

what size thread size is the shifter ball for a c-3 1975 Not rated yet
What size thread is the shifter ball in a 1975 vette.

auto,shift to nuetral Not rated yet
turn key on ,should i be able to shift into nuetral without a battery in the car .i have a bad gas leak and i want to move it into my other (lift) garage. …

Rear leaf spring Not rated yet
The end of drivers side doesn't line up with hole in trailing arm, it is about a inch off from lining up.

tach not working in 72 vette Not rated yet
my tach stopped working on hard downshift

car getting to much gas floods strarting Not rated yet
82 fuel inj seems to load up when starting and wont idle.

WIPER door and headlight's don't go up or down Not rated yet
I replaced the master cylinder and the power brake booster and now when i start the car the headlight doors and the wiper door won't go up or down and …

WIPER door and headlight's don't go up or down Not rated yet
i replaced the master cylinder and the power brake booster and now when i start the car the headlight doors and the wiper door won't go up or down and …

wont go into R,  Not rated yet
even with the shifter ball off, spring removed & shaft too...... NOTHING! ive tightened everything as suggested in other forums, disassembeled,reassembled …

headlights  Not rated yet
The lights work, they just won't flip. I can unhook the vacuum canister on drivers side and it will come down after I manually push them up. Passenger …

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key buzzer Not rated yet
76 corvette key buzzer switch i installed in the column dose not work.

how to replace front wheel cylinder 1979 corvette Not rated yet
leaking brake fluid

i would like to take the vacaum headlites off my 1976 corvette and install stationary lites does anybody make a kit i have see them on a vehicle Not rated yet
I want to install stationary headlites on my 1976 corvette instead of the vacaum lites does anyone make a kiit

79'. horn doesn't work, heat wonr work and interior lights won't work Not rated yet
79' horn doesn't work, heat won't work and interior lights / dash lights don't work. I've tried everything. Any suggestions?

how do you remove/replace the taillights on a 1971 corvette convertible? Not rated yet
Need to know how to remove/relace tail lights on a 1971 corvette convertible.

headers getting red hot Not rated yet
Thr headers on my 80 vette are getting red hot. I replaced catalytic converter and same thing. Car was running fine. I changed spark plugs,wires,cap and …

1979 left front side marker light assembly is loose Not rated yet
The light comes on but its loose and wants to hang out slightly and Id like to fix it before the problem gets worse. Does it have clips to hold it in …

Electronic Choke issue Not rated yet
I have a '79 with an Edelbrock 1460. I had to adjust the choke slightly past where the manual says to set it in order to prevent bogging. I have now …

will 1976 door panels fit 1980 Not rated yet
Need to know if they will fit

replaced brake booster Not rated yet
I connected the ROD 2 the pedal but now the brake light switch does not engage and I adjusted the brake light switch as far out as it will go.Is it possible …

i replaced brake booster' Not rated yet
I adjusted brake light switch all the way out but it still does not touch pedal by 16th of an inch. Whats wrong?

Gear Shift Shake  Not rated yet
At 3K RPM shifter starts shaking and increases with speed increase in all gears after 1st. 71 C3 4speed 454. Placing hand on the shifter stops the shaking …

Previous History On My 1969 C3 Not rated yet
Hello form the land down under Australia. I was wondering is it possible to document previous history on my 1969 Vette ? 1969 Corvette Convertible …

Hood question... Not rated yet
Will a 1968 hood fit a 1979 vette?

Looking to find the day and month car was produced Not rated yet
The V.I.N. is 1Z67J35416693 Thanks

lose fuse box  Not rated yet
My C3 82 crossfire corvette not starting, checked everything, fusebox, injector and car turns when pooring directly in to injectors but doesn't start. …

NO REAR BRAKES 1969 CORVETTE Not rated yet

replacing a broken housing support on my 1981 c-c Not rated yet
The problem is I was able to remove the entire headlight (includes the housing support, actuator and all working levers and springs) It is now sitting …

gasoline stops access to the engine Not rated yet
When driving my 1971 Corvette gasoline stops access to the engine suddenly causing the engine to stop

no hot air when heat is selected Not rated yet
No hot air when heat is selected, blower motor is working, new thermostat and hot water control valve installed.

Rear defrost isn't working. Toggle switch doesn't light up. Not rated yet
My 1982 corvette rear defrost doesn't seem to be working. The toggle switch also doesn't light up. Any ideas and where is the fuse box? Could it be …

1982 stingray step on gas pedal and wont respond Not rated yet
I have a 1982 stingray, and it wont respond when i step on the gas.

No dash lights or running lights Not rated yet
Car was 100% restored. Everything was good when I pulled up at home. Got in car three hours later, no dash lights or running lights. I have headlights, …

No dash lights or running lights Not rated yet
Car was 100% restored. Everything was good when I pulled up at home. Got in it three hours later, no dash lights or running lights. I have headlights, …

Need a ground wire Not rated yet
I have a 1978 Corvette and put a 700R4 transmission in it. It has a switch on the center console. the hot wire is connected to the fuse bos next to …

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low beams not working i changed dimmer switch and they are still not working could it be headlight switch Not rated yet
Low beam will not work i changed dimmer switch and still not working could it be the head light switch on 78 corvette.

Side view mirror adjustment Not rated yet
Do all 82 corvettes have center console remote mirror adjusters

bleed rad in a 69 corvette Not rated yet
Hi there i have a 69 corvette and replaced the temp sender unit yesterday as i removed the sender water came out of the block. i refilled the rad and …

dash lights issue Not rated yet
Installed new dash wire harness in 73 vette w/lamps and fuses.everything works but dashand gauge lights also blower for ac/heat


Manual window 1973 Corvette  Not rated yet
I tried to roll up the window of a 1973 Corvette taht I just purchased I must add and all of a sudden thehandel just urned freely no slipping, no jumpimg …

turn singles Not rated yet
I have a 74' stingray. I have no turn signals. It has new fuses, switch, flasher and bulbs. Like to find a color code of the wire harness. Just for the …

Car is charging intermittently Not rated yet
New battery,took the alternator to part store it's ok, changed the plug on alternator, ground wire connections are good and cleaned?? Some times it charges, …

front end Not rated yet

How can I find out what GM dealer my 1969 corvette came from ? Not rated yet
Trying to locate what dealership ordered my car from the St. Louis factory.....

Ignitions problem Vette 81 Not rated yet
Hello sorry for my English, I'm from Argentina and I have a beautiful model C3 81 Automatic. Currently has a fault and I have not to be clear, after being …

seatbelt light on Not rated yet
The passenger side seat belt wiring is missing i don't know where it go so i have no way of fixing just need to know where to look for wiring harness

Thinking of installing a modern auto tranny in my '82 Vette to lower the high rpm Not rated yet
I want to keep my '82 Vette an automatic. However, I want to potentially change to a modern tranny that will help lower rpm's from the high of 2300-2500 …

lights Not rated yet
When you pull the light switch out 2nd notch all light are on but when you shut light off the parking,side marker and running lights stay on,it on a 74 …

hazard switch is missing Not rated yet
There was no switch in the column when I bought the car. I removed the turn signal switch but don't see anything spliced or whatever inside the column. …

engine miss at idle and acceleration. Not rated yet
1971 350 corvette engine misses at idle and acceleration.

1980 Passenger Mirror is falling? Not rated yet
1980 Corvette passenger mirror is falling off. I recently bought this car from someone, car was recently painted likely to cover up some of the issues. …

new battery no power Not rated yet
81 corvette have no power to lights/starter/rear vehicle?

Headlights will not go up or down on my 1974 vette Not rated yet
I was checking the vacuum check valve. The input from the engine reads 15 on the vacuum gauge. the larger port that goes to the tank reads 15 on the vacuum …

Reverse light stays lit even when car is off and key is out Not rated yet
Windows were repaired according to schematics. Dash lights had been out and were repaired. Now the reverse light stays on on one side even when the car …

headlights, tail light issues Not rated yet
Lights stopped comming up when switch is pulled, and tail lights and side markers wont turn off when car is off, this just started last week

Under the storage bins of my 1969 roadster I found 2 wires Not rated yet
After taking out the storage bins to replace the carpetting in the back of the 69 roadster, I foud two wires ( with female plug ends)and I dont know where …

headlight system Not rated yet
What can I use to open/close headlights on my 69 vette instead of vacuum actuated system?

72 has trouble shfting once hot Not rated yet
I have a 1972 w/standard tranny and 350. My 4 speed clutch can find every gear when initally started, but as the car warms up it looses the ability to …

Windshield wipers 81 Corvette Not rated yet
Purchased my first Corvette. Need help! There are lots of problems... The windshield wipers will not turn off unless I unplug the switch under the hood. …

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ground wire to wiper motor hot  Not rated yet
The wiper motor ground wire is hot even when it is not connected to wiper motor

engine light came on Not rated yet
We took off the positive on the battery, to reset it, Now i connected the positive back on, I got Nothing! PLease help

no ac flow thru center vents Not rated yet
I can hear fan blowing but nothing coming out of center vents on dash. MY CAR IS A 1975 CORVETTE CONCERTIBLE

power locks fuse Not rated yet
When repairing the driver's side door interior arm rest, i saw the power lock had two disconnected wires. When I touched the wires to their connectors …

Removal of dash pad  Not rated yet
I need to know how to remove dash pad and install tach circuit board

drivers side door spring installation on 74 corvette Not rated yet
Installation on door spring for a 74 corvette

How do you arm and disarm the alarm system on a 1971 Corvette? Not rated yet
How do you arm and disarm the alarm system on a 1971 Corvette?

Can you make a 1969 - 1971 c3 hook up real good ? Not rated yet
Hello. I'm looking to buy a 1969 - 1971 vette. Or a 1970 Charger - Cuda or Challenger. I know I can make the mopars put the power to the ground. But I …

need to replace the ignition cylinder Not rated yet
I have a 1979 corvette with tilt/telescopic steering. i'm trying to remove the steering wheel lock plate and the center telescopic shaft is moving up …

1978 Corvette guages not working. Not rated yet
Oil pressure guage quit working. Put in a new sending unit and a new oil pump. Then purchased new circuit panel for guages. All guages quit working. …

engine stalls Not rated yet
1975 corvette The cars starts like a dream, but whenever I try to excellerate the car looses power and almost dies. Most of the time it will catch itself …


can you put a modern ac heater blower in a 1977 corvette Not rated yet
I would like a better blower for the ac and heater what can i do?

Mounting license plate light?? Not rated yet
I don't know where to mount the license plate light. Please help!! I need to have this car ready to roll on Saturday Aug. 25th, Thanks

door chimes do not work Not rated yet
Door chimes do not work when key is left in ignition and door is open

toggle switch rear defroster does not light up Not rated yet
If the rear defroster switch light does not light up, does it mean the defroster does not work

over heating Not rated yet
Changed the thermostat what is the arm that connects to the manifold passenger side and open and close a valve in the manifold does this have anything …

1969 vette low beams not working on one side Not rated yet
The low beam headlights do not come on when the light switch is pulled on and when clicking the high beam switch, 3 of the 4 headlights come on (outside …

big block won't start. Not rated yet
Turn key to start and nothing happens. changed starter and actually the motor turned Over for a few turns then acted the same as before and nothing happened. …

how to remove t-tops 79 vette Not rated yet
I am a new vette owner and cannot get the t-tops to remove

wheels won' turn Not rated yet
on my 75 corvette ,put new 9 leaf rear spring on,now rear and wheels won't turn

When I pull back on turn signal lever for high beams ....all lights are out in front Not rated yet
No head lights when I try to activate high beams...Any suggestions?. Bulbs are good

Transmission not shifting into second gear ? Not rated yet
Hi~ I have a 1968 Corvette Convertible & just recently the transmision (Auto) won't go into second gear or more.Fluid is good ! Any ideas? Thanks>Deanne …


air conditon Not rated yet
cant get power 2 air conditon compressure

hot Not rated yet
Will a 195* stat be better than a 165* for engine is running hot yea I know there are about 10+ other things, they are in OK cond! So please stick with …

side mirror cable replace Not rated yet
i have a 1981 corvette with side view remote mirrors, problem is the adjuster and cable is gone from both sides, is there a rebuild kit for it?

trying to find vin tags on 1979 Corvette Not rated yet
Hi, I'm looking at a partial 1979 Corvette, most of the chasis is there, but no front end, gutted interior, no drive train. i cannot find a vin anywhere; …


Stereo cuts out Not rated yet
Replaced radio with a ken wood system and now it cuts out when rpms are above 2000

brakes Not rated yet
Car has good brake pedal until engine is cranked up , then pedal goes to floor and brake light turns on

brake lights Not rated yet
Both of my brake lights come on when I push the brake pedal, and both of my tail lights come on when I turn on the lights, but when my lights are on and …

defogger short Not rated yet
So I have a 78 corvette auto and I was working on the interior and when I turned on the rear defogger it made the battery gauge,windows, and radio not …

windows to short? Not rated yet
I recently purchased a 74 with manual windows when i purchased the car t tops were out i tried them in every thing seemed fine.On the drive home it was …

lighter won't work and fuse is fine Not rated yet
trying to get the lighter working and can't find the problem. the fuse looks fine. what else could it be and how do you fix it. thanks

runs hot Not rated yet
What is a candy thermostate???

Hard starting when engine is hot Not rated yet
Engine barely turns over when hot. If I wait approx. 10 minutes or so, no problem. Any ideas?

wires that i don't know where or what they are for Not rated yet
Well i have a wire that is blue and goes to the ac relay or resistor and comes out the other side ..and more wires from where ever like my wires that …

engine and tranny swap. Not rated yet
Will a 1980 corvette engine and transmission fit in a 1976 corvette?

won t crank good battery Not rated yet
ingnition key stayed in start position burnt out starter put in new starter now won t crank no power to s terminal on solinoid

4 ways work, but the turn signals blick very fast.  Not rated yet
1978 corvette, 4 ways work, but the turn signals blick very fast. I install an electronic flasher as we

From 3.08 to 3.55 final in my 427/390 auto Not rated yet
I want to go from 3.08 to 3.55 final drive. 68 Vette with a 427/390 TH400 Auto My mechanic is ADAMANT that I will regret it Just looking for more …

Missing kickdown for 72 Not rated yet
I recently purchased an automatic 72 vette and determined that the kickdown function on the tranny is not working. It has the Turbo Hydramatic transmission. …

need a D shaped steering wheel for 74  Not rated yet
hI I'm building an auto 74, it doesn't have a tilt column, and can't afford one, its not in the budget. So I'm looking for a D-Shaped 13.5 or 14"steering …

Hot air through vents when turned off Not rated yet
I have a 1975 corvette covert that when the heat or A/C is turned off I still get hot air coming throught the vents. Is that normal? It's summer and it …

1982 corvette intermittant problem cranks but will not start Not rated yet
1982 corvette has intermitant starting problem - cranks but will not start

how to convert 1978 t tops to fit 1969 car Not rated yet
how do you convert 1978 t tops to fit 1969 car

remove radio Not rated yet
How to remove radio from 1970

key buzzer stays on after key is pulled or it will start buzzing all on ita own Not rated yet
key buzzer stays on after key is pulled or will come on all by itseif

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1976 corvette - Auto -350 -im hearing a Banging noise from rear of car with acceleration Not rated yet
I hear a banging noise when i accelerate. the noise is coming from the rear of the car. The Auto trans (Just rebuilt) 350 motor (Just rebuilt)

Hate view out windshield due to sitting so low! Suggestions? Not rated yet
Hate view out windshield due to sitting so low! Suggestions?

1976 four speed.Can't get into reverse. Not rated yet
I have a 1976 with a four speed. When I started it up couldn't get it out of reverse. Finally after pretty much forcing it I got it out of reverse. Now …

dana 44  Not rated yet
Will the dana 44 rear housing for a corvette fit in a 1979 corvette.

coupe to convertible Not rated yet
any instructions books or videos on haw to do this

1979 T Top refurbish Not rated yet
I want to replace interior of the ttops for my hubbys 1979 corvette. What parts do I need to order. Black interior. Thanks for any help.

how many 1969 corvette convertibles were built with a 427 engine and a/c Not rated yet
I have a chance to buy a 1969 Corvette convertible with numbers matching.The car is an automatic with a/c.I'd like to know how many were made so equiped. …

pulleys don't line up Not rated yet
I have a 69 L46 with 4 speed, no power steering, no A/C. I bought a replacement waterpump, the "608" code pump. When installed the pulley does not align …

1978 corvette restoring and power windows will not work Not rated yet
While restoring my 1978 corvette my power windows will not work. I have power to the power window relay and when I bypass the relay and run power to the …

steering column fit. Not rated yet
Hi, will a 1980 corvette steering column, tilt and telescopic, fit a 1973 corvette

Brake pedal goes to floor. Front breaks work, Back do not. Not rated yet
My 76 corvette sat for years. Had trailing arms replaced. The place that did the change said they did nothing to my breaks but since I got the car back, …

headlight blink on hight beam Not rated yet
headlights blnk on hight beam 1981

Brake pedal goes to floor. Front breaks work, Back do not. Not rated yet
My 76 corvette sat for years. Had trailing arms replaced. The place that did the change said they did nothing to my breaks but since I got the car back, …

Rear suspension swaying and passenger door sags Not rated yet
Hello. I am looking at buying a 1977 vette. When speaking with the seller he informed me that when the car is run for a while and gets hot the rear suspension …

1981 vette Air Filter Not rated yet
i see other corvette engine bay with alot less cluttering under the Hood. what are the risk of removing the Corvette Carburetor To Radiator Air Intake …

Steering wheel wobble Not rated yet
Upon heavy acceleration steering wheel kinda wobbles and shakes from side to side. Big block 71.

Sometimes I have to give my corvette gas to start  Not rated yet
I sometimes have to give my 1981 corvette gas to start and other times it starts just fine. There have also been times where it won't crank at all and …

signal lights will not flash Not rated yet
My signal lights will not flash. Each side come on, the bulbs appear to work fine. The 4 way flasher works fine. I have checked the bulbs, change the …

battery light and choke light on Not rated yet
Battery light is on and the choke light on. battery and alternator good.

car getting hot Not rated yet
Need to replace transmission. Want a 4 speed automatic to replace the three speed. Car get a little hot on long road trips. Is there a bolt on 4 speed …

power steering presure line Not rated yet
Fitting tightens to pump but line is lose

drivers power seat wont operate Not rated yet
Drivers power seat will not work, fuse is ok

71 battery drain Not rated yet
battery goes dead with the motor off,the alternator and starter check out ok loaded and non loaded

Carb Thread stripped Not rated yet
Hi - Just overhauled the carb, Rochester 4 barrel, on a 1971 Vette 350ci / 270HP. Also replaced fuel pump and line from pump to the carb. When installing …

1, 980 corvette running hot Not rated yet
Hey guys, need some help. I have a 1980 L-82, recent rebuild, and the thing is screaming hot. Idling and highway the thing runs around 240 degrees. I have …

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Missing key Not rated yet
How can I get vin history free

Is there a separate fuse for the hi beam lights Not rated yet
Separate fuse for hi beam lights 1976 Corvette. The high beams will not work.

77 Corvette will crank but will not start Not rated yet
My 77 corvette wants to start, but acts like it is not getting any gas.

1980 L48 choke light Not rated yet
1980 L48 all power good, choke light comes on when I turn key and nothing...starter won't engage.

right side headlight door wont open Not rated yet
Right side headlight door wont open

rear breaklines leaking. Not rated yet
I want to change out everything that could be leaking on the rear break lines on my 76 vette.

heating  Not rated yet
I recently purchased a 79 vette, and the heat in the cabin is almost unbearable, I have all the levers in the off position and the heat is like its on …

1979 drivers side window wont go up or down all the way Not rated yet
I replaced the motor and the gear for the window now it goes down half way makes a grinding noise and needs help to go down. When its down you have to …

vette will not crank Not rated yet
Before I put the vette away for the winter, it ran great. I put the battery back in the other day and the starter will not even crank. I checked the …

i took off sun visor for good now radio and interrior lights wont work i cut wires off do i have to splice and put them together an ground them Not rated yet
Im removing the sun visor for good on a 1981 vete now i have 2 ground wires hanging and lost power to radio and interrior lights and fuses keep blowing …

1972 automatic stalls when hotat stop sign Not rated yet
1972 stalls when hot at stop signs

rear end seals Not rated yet
The rear seals are leaking on my 1981 Corvette, all 3 of them are leaking....How hard is it to replace them ????

gas cap wont come off Not rated yet
I have a 1975 stingray. The gas cap will not come off. It spins and clicks. Tried applying pressure and still won't release. Any help would be great.

blower motor too weak Not rated yet
ac blower motor does not blow hard enough to cool the car very well. is there a substute that i can relace the stock one with. a later modle year may be. …

lose driver side window Not rated yet
The driver side window wobbles back and forth.

76 right side break light or blinker doesn't work Not rated yet
I changed the bulb but when I step on the break the right side does not light up. Also the right side turn signal does not light up or blink. Can someone …

Clutch problem on '78 corvette Not rated yet
'78 L82 4speed manual transmission, gears do not engage after shifted into gear

my 1975 corvette has a very low break Not rated yet
when iam driving sometimes i am losing my break. what seems to be the problem?

Heating Not rated yet
I'm not able to get the heat shut all the way off on my 1975 corvette. Any ideas?

pinion nut torqut spec Not rated yet
Growling sound from rear end after pinion seal change.

700r4 in c3 linkage problem Not rated yet
I have a 78 that I installed a 700 R4 into, well heres my problem When ever i hook up the linkage to the transmission every thing works untill i hit …

i have a corvette 1968, right now the engine is a -73 454 and that is not the right one for the car. So the question is, how do i figure out what the original engine is? Not rated yet
i have a corvette 1968, right now the engine is a -73 454 and that is not the right one for the car. So the question is, how do i figure out what the original …

changing urathane front bumper to a chrome bumper Not rated yet
I have a 73 coupe. Does anyone know whats involved in replacing the front bumper with a chrome bumper off of an earlier C3 coupe. I would appreciate any …

engine stalls on excelleration Not rated yet
1975 corvette with 350 engine. New intake and edelbrock carberator. The cars starts like a dream, but whenever I try to excellerate the car looses power …

1980 frame swap Not rated yet
i have a 1980 corvette and want to replace the frame i found a 1979 frame i would like to know if i can use it or are there complications involned. …

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73 Corvette headlights not working Not rated yet
Bought a 73 recently and the owner told me the headlights sdidnt work. Did some digging, tested the bulbs- they light fine, tested the headlight switch- …

1975 headlight assy in my 1969 corvette Not rated yet
What is the difference in 1975 headlight assy to a 1974 corvette headlight assy

low beam not working on one side Not rated yet
Just bought 1980 Vette, low beam was out. Decided to replace all four bulbs. The same bulb is still out. I failed my inspection for this and have 2 weeks …

hood scoop not connected Not rated yet
What do i connect the Corvette Hood Air Door Scoop to

tachometer, voltage gauge quit and generator light came on at same time Not rated yet
Tachometer quit, voltage gauge quit and generator light came on while driving down the road. I have checked the the alternator and it gives out 14 volts …

1977 automatic won't go into gear Not rated yet
Car starts but will not go into reveres or any forward gear.

Restarting a 1984 Corvettte sitting 8+ years in a garage in LA Not rated yet
What needs to be done before trying to start, Other than the battery. Does the fuel system need to be flushed. Coolant, brake fluid, filters, etc. Car …

Heater blower does not work on high Not rated yet
Heater blower does not work on high. it will run on all the lower speeds. I replaced the heater control switch, no change, I replaced the blower relay, …

horn button assemle guidance 1970 Vette Not rated yet
Disassembled 2 or 3 years ago to swap steering wheel. Now missing screws and unsure how it goes together

not wanting to keep running Not rated yet
I've replaced the fuel pump, sending unit, the fuel will keep flowling thru the lines when the key is off and the fuel injectors don't make a good cone …

fender adjustment Not rated yet
The doors line up well with the quarter panels but the top of the fender does not line up with the top of the door.

81 Corvette with starting problem/auto shifter failure Not rated yet
I bought this car new and it has been a good luck car until recently. My mechanic removed & installed a new Delco heavy duty starter after the starter …

Making a 1977 daily driver Not rated yet
I was researching the easiest engine fit for a 1977. Maybe against the grain but want to get the most modern engine in a 77 without too much modification. …

dash lights stoped working  Not rated yet
Dash lights stoped working have a gray wire not sure where it goes but when i touch it to a hot wire lights come on but will not go off can' t figure …

my windshield wiper motor is making a loud noise and wont engage Not rated yet
I need a diagram showing how to adjust the cam follower in my windshield wiper motor for a 78 corvette

What should the oil Tempature gage read under normal conditions Not rated yet
Just wanted to know what should the oil tempature gauge read under normal conditions. Just cruising

79 power window passenger side wont roll down Not rated yet
interior lights dim when window switch is pressed, window wont roll down. any help,thanks.

Trying to replace the motor on a C3 power window unit Not rated yet
How do I get the window to go up and down without the motor as the glass has to be in a certain position and held in place before the power unit can be …

dash wiring harness install Not rated yet
Whenever I put the instrument cluster (speedo tach and pad surrounding) in and pop bulbs in its like they get binded and pop out. And tricks to easier …

steering column or wheel moving toward the driver while driving Not rated yet
steering column or wheel moving toward the driver while driving what could be the problem?

broken t-handel on shifter 1968 Not rated yet
how do i change the t-handel

Electric water pump Not rated yet
I have a 75 corvette. three fifty engine with no air conditioning. 400 plus horse power. I would like to put an electronic water pump. They say that its …


I Just bought a 68 Corvette 427/390/Auto. The car is mint in every way, but when moving the transmission from Park to Drive, there is this loud "BUMP" …

how do you remove sun visors on 1978 corvette Not rated yet
sun visors 1978 corvette

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replace door & window harness Not rated yet
How do you replace the door and window harness on a 1981 corvette

77 dash lights will not come on Not rated yet
77 vette, I changed the headlight switch and all of the dash light but they will not come on. the dash is still off so I'm able to see when they come on …

need ohms for a 1981 C3 fuel gauge Not rated yet
Can you please tell me the ohms for a 1981 Corvette fuel gauge. firstclasstruck@comcast.net

will a 1974 tilt steering column fit a 1969 corvette Not rated yet
Want to install a tilt telescopic steering column in a 1969 corvette

gauge problem Not rated yet
Temp gauge pegs when turn on headlights,also oil pressure gauge jumps all over or does not read at all after replacing alternator

1970 Corvette will not start until I release the ignition key Not rated yet
1970 Corvette 454 4-speed: I added T/T HEI When vehicle is cold it will not start. I have to turn key multiple times. It may start when I release the …

transmission Sqealing when in park Not rated yet
Due to a brake failure I had to force the car in to park while at approx 5mph, now there is a loud squeal coming from the car when running.

Dash lights are dim on my '81 C3.  Not rated yet
The headlight rheo must be corroded because the dash lights do work but their brightest is not bright enough.

Vibration at highway speeds Not rated yet
Had a valve job done on 1980 Corvette with 38,000 miles. Car ran great when work was completed. Smooth and quick. Then, after about 400 miles on that …

Black plastic guides for console vent levers on 1971 C3 Not rated yet
Can't find them anywhere. Any suggestions?

starting issue - starter/battery Not rated yet
I have a 72 350 stock vette with a electronic ing - i just rebuilt the engine and replaced everything new starter, electronic ign, battery, altenator, …

wiper switch buzzing  Not rated yet
I just pulled my 82 vette out of storage for the past 6 yrs. I put the battery charger on and soon as i made positive contact to the terminals the antenna …

tran Not rated yet
Im having trouble getting the shifter and linkage back to where it will go into gear

My hood does not want to latch Not rated yet
I have a 79 coupe that I'm having trouble with the hood latch. I don't want to push too hard, but I can't seem to get it to close. It used to. I don't …

Non working interior lights Not rated yet
I recently bought a 71 c3 and no interior lights work. I replaced a couple of lights bulbs to make see if these at least work, they didn't. Then i looked …

automatic to 4-speed Not rated yet
I have a 1979 automatic corvette. To my understanding the auto's crossmember is bolted in where the manual was welded. In 1980 apparently this changed …

rear defroster fuse location Not rated yet
Where is the fuse for the rear defroster for a 1980 corvette?

Dash light says head lamp not up  Not rated yet
My '75 convert , when I pull the head light switch a dash light lights says head lamp doors not up ,but they are up and fully up I checked doors thet are …

Dash light says head lamp not up  Not rated yet
My '75 convert , when I pull the head light switch a dash light lights says head lamp doors not up ,but they are up and fully up I checked doors thet are …

car does not start Not rated yet
I own a1980 Corvette..I blew the cigarette lighter fuse which knocks out a lot and replaced the fuse and everything works but car does not start any suggestions …

CAR NOT STARTING Not rated yet

CAR DOES NOT START Not rated yet

73 corvette starts when cold barely able to turn over when hot Not rated yet
When starter on my 73 vette gets hot from being close to header it is barely able to turn engine over. Wait 30 minutes to cool and starts with ease.

turn signals light up,stay solid, neither will flash, hazards do flash Not rated yet
I've got a 1976 corvette Stingray. The turn signals each light up but neither will flash. The hazard lights do light and flash. Just before this, the …

Pop up lights winking Not rated yet
I have a 78 corvette. The lights will both pop up when I turn the lights on but when I turn them off it takes a awhile for the right one to go down and …

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81 diff torque specs Not rated yet
Rebuilding a 81 dana 44, need the torque specs for the pinion nut, and the aluminum carrier cap bolts thanks, S. Stern

Fuel proplem  Not rated yet
I think? I replaced a fuel pump in my 78 corvette, hasn't ran in over a year, tried to sifen the old gas then added new.. Have a new battery . The car …

Need to adjust headlights 1974 Not rated yet
Headlights are not flush with body. How do I adjust them?

power window dont work -no power Not rated yet
My power windows dont work -both- in my 78 vette --where is the ground for that ---as both stoped at the same time when I was working around the fuse box …

Which spark plug should I use? Not rated yet
I have a 79 Vette with a 350. I have installed Prostar 2.02 aluminum heads when I rebuilt the motor. Also installed 125 dome top pistons. I know I can't …

no heat or ac Not rated yet
I have a 81 put a new motor in and didnt hook up the heat or ac car runs. i dont no where to start

1976 fan running but no air comming out vents Not rated yet
1976 fan running but no air comming out vents

I have a 1975 corvette the shift position indicator does not have a pointer on it how does it work  Not rated yet

Had a radio installed recently now my gauges r not lighting in 79 vette Not rated yet
I have a 79 vette i just had a radio installed now my gauges do not light also the temp. gauge is not working what can i do

one headlight is up the other is down Not rated yet
the headlights. one is up the other is down

installing a drivers side dash in 1974 corvette Not rated yet
I'm trying to reinstall the dash in a 74 vette. The wiring seems to be too short. Does the wiring harness go above the tach and speedometer or below …

retrocam or electric waterpump Not rated yet
I own a 1975 corvette with a 350 engine. My top half of my 350 engine is roly. Will i get more horsepower with a retro cam or electronic water pump?

1970 corvette is now higher after restoration Not rated yet
After a frame off restoration, my car is now about 5 inches higher between the top of the tire and the fenders edge. A frame measurement was also taken.The …

4spd swap to th400 Not rated yet
I have A 1975 c3 with A 4spd trans and I would like to install a th400 can you tell me what i need??

How do i take out the radio of my 1970 corvette? Not rated yet
My stock radio will only recieve one station, so I am trying to get some information on how to take it out without damaging anything else in the process. …

Missing one horn on my 1969 corvette. Where under the hood are they located? Not rated yet
Can someone show a drawing or describe where the two horns are located on a 1969 corvette?

brake light on left side goes off and on Not rated yet
Well I have a broken wire some where in my tail light wiring that causes it to come on and off at times and i would like to be able to locate this wire …

1972 corvette  Not rated yet
I am having trouble getting the low beams on the corvette . The high beams stay on all the time. Is there a switch for a 1972 corvette . Thanks for your …

1973 temperaure gauge pegged out when i turn on the ingition Not rated yet
i have 73 454 just put in new sending unit & used temp gauge in but as soon as i turn on the ingition the needle peged all the way out and stays there …

filling up gas tank Not rated yet
Unable to pump 3 gallons at one time into gas tank. gas gauge reads full but gas light indicates low fuel.

choke stuck Not rated yet
i have a 78 vette and when i start it the rps never come down from 20 and if i hit gas real quick it goes up to 25. is it ok to drive or not? thnks

how to install b&m hammer shifter in 81  Not rated yet
I just purchased an new b&m hammer shifter and I am trying to install it in my 81 corvette. Is there any ideas to modify the console or a place to purchase …

1980 4 sp tranny will not fit with new with new crate motor? Not rated yet
hello all... im perplexed. 1980 4 sp ..unhooked tranny..slid her down with crossmember still hooked up came right out np. new crate motor right in easy.i …

73 rear spring plate torque specs Not rated yet
I've seen specs. from 33 ft/lbs to 75 ft/lbs. What is correct updated torque spec.

C3 Guage switch over Not rated yet
I am taking out my c3 center guages and have autometer ultra lite guages to install. Not new but good used. Will i need to use resistors in place of the …

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Vin # ??? Not rated yet
I have a 73 coupe the Vin lists the car as a convertible but its a coupe any explanation for this? Vin # 1Z67J3S

noise shifting in to second gear Not rated yet
I had transmission rebuilt and new clutch parts. When shifting into second gear I hear a winding noise as soon as I let off the clutch it goes away all …

Side view mirrors loose Not rated yet
How do you remove the mirror from the housing in order to tighten the bracket that hold the rotary ball tight allowing the mirror to be adjusted my …

1974 tail light Not rated yet
I bought 2 used 1974 tail lights with the serial# of a 1974, but they have 2 screw holes in them,WHY?.

seat belt replacment Not rated yet
Does any other chev vehicle have the same seat belts as a 76 corvette. I couldnt believe the price of new ones just because corvette name

outside mirror 1975 corvette Not rated yet

1979 vette buzzer stays on when the front lights are one Not rated yet
When i have the lights up and on the interior buzzer stays on i tried to adjust the switch no success

key will not go to lock position Not rated yet
1972 corvette 4-speed trans. Just took my vette for yearly inspection. Pulled into my garage put the car in reverse and turned it off, but the key would …

Disconnected the battery to replace some parts and when i reconnected the battery the car will not start Not rated yet
I am replacing all of the instrument cluster lights on my 1982 Corvette. Before I started I disconnected the positive battery cable. After I finished replacing …

Interior lights fuse blows when radio is plugged in Not rated yet
All was working perfectly when the dome light wires shorted. Fixed problem. All worked, then I hit a bump on the road and all the radio stopped working. …

how do you get the t top off? Not rated yet
nothing is wrong with my corvette but im not sure how to get the t top off?

Oil Pressure Gauge reading Not rated yet
My oil pressure gauge is reading very low. At cold start up it moves up some then once warm, it drops to almost nothing. There is no knocking, smoking, …

I have a 1975 corvette i want to put z06 rims on Not rated yet
I have a 1975 corvette that I bought off a guy in the middle of a frame off restoration. Killer deal, but the rims he has for it were z06 rims. They obviously …

heater Not rated yet
Heater dosent work but in high position

Replacing 68 Vette master cylinder Not rated yet
After ordering a replacement master cylinder for a 68 Vette I found the 1" bore to have a shallow cup, about 1/2" deep. I assume this should not be modified …

Passenger door window  Not rated yet
Window goes down just fine, but doesn't go up(although i't has been able to go up maybe like once a week. I took the door panel off and i can hear the …

VIN # DECODING Not rated yet
Looking for some help in decoding this vin # 1G1AY878XC5124204

Hood only releases on one side Not rated yet
Hood will not open

VIN # location on 1975 Vette convertible Not rated yet
Is the a VIN # on the door

VIN # location Not rated yet
Is there a VIN# on the door?

a.c. bracket Not rated yet
Need to see a picture of an a/c bracket assembled on a 1972 corvette with a 350

75 t-10 shift linkage Not rated yet
Sticks in reverse, problems with neutral

Front clips  Not rated yet
What are different year corvette front clips I can put on my 75 corvette?

sun visor  Not rated yet
how do you replace the sun visors

heater only works when switch is in high Not rated yet
I have a 1976 Corvette with new blower motor,switch,reface kit for heater controls,temp control cable,new vacume line kit,heater core,hoses,ect.The only …

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I turn the key and nothing comes on. no lights nothing.  Not rated yet
I turn the key and nothing comes on. no lights or nothing!

Gear is not shifling  Not rated yet
I have a corvette stingray 1975 automatic , the problem is whenever the head lights are on and while driving, the gear is not changing from first gear. …

oil pressure gauge pegged 1976 corvette Not rated yet
How do you test an oil pressure sending unit?

I have no dash lights in my 69 vette Not rated yet
I have no dash lights in my 69 corvette, but I have head lights an park lights!

where is in line fuel filter Not rated yet
Where is the in line fuel filter?

1974 Cranking problem Not rated yet
When I attempt to crank the engine with the key from the driver's seat, the engine turns over but the starter chatters as if I had a low battery. The …

no juice to the starter ignition wire on my 74 corvette Not rated yet
No juice to the starter ignition wire on my 74 corvette. Is there a fuse somewhere? I don't see one in the fuse box.

blowing horn blows the fuse Not rated yet
I was going to purchase a 1978 Corvette. I looked at two for sale, and both had the same problem. When you blow the horn, it blows the fuse. One owner …

75 corvette headlights Not rated yet
My headlight will not pop up 75 vette when you turn them on but after i push them up manual & when i turn the lights off go back down help e-mail cstacy1 …

ignition won't turn to off position....what is the problem Not rated yet
The ignition won't turn back to off position. key will come out and turn to the start position but not to off position. had to disco the alternator and …

Can't Find a new Odometer anywhere! Not rated yet
I have 1980 corvette with a odometer thats completely unoperational. I HAVE to get it repaired. I've looked and looked and can't seem to find a kit or …

1977 corvette L48 350 oil pressure Not rated yet

my corvette hood is stuck on drivers side pin Not rated yet
I took my hood off to replace my radiator then put it back on with the align marks then went to open the hood and the pin is stuck on the latch. please …

my mph gauge quit working. 1978 corvette pace car  Not rated yet
I was driving yesterday and my speedometer jusquit working. i have a 1978 corvette pace car

won't start - headlights - no interior lights Not rated yet
77 corvette, started fine night before, then next morning wouldn't start. Head lights work but no interior accessories> Thanks,

Instructions for lowering a convertible top for a 1971 Vette? Not rated yet
Looking to lower the soft-top and install the hard-top. Does anyone have access to instructions?

Putney in Houston Not rated yet
High beams will not work.Replaced dimmer switch and checked sealed beams.When dimmer switch is pushed ,all headlights go out

1976 tilt steering coloumn Not rated yet
Removed steering wheel to refurbish. Ignition lock switch had key removed and was in the run position. I cannot get the lock to go to the lock position …

no power to gauges Not rated yet
Key was left on battery went dead now the gauges don't work

Tom Caudle Not rated yet
I have a 68, 427, 4spd, and i need to remove the ignition switch, any trick to getting it out with out tearing things up?

corvette restorer Not rated yet
where does the engine pull its vacuum from,the carb or the manifold?

Installing a 73 hood on a 69 corvette Not rated yet
Need additional hood clearance. Do not want to modify my stock hood to install cowl induction. I what to cut and modify a 73 hood so I can keep the wiper …

Zesty73 Not rated yet
I installed a new rear window inside frame and noticed quite a large gap around the panels and the frame. Is this normal and what is the best solution …

how do i hook up the lights on a 69 stingray corvette Not rated yet
I dont know how to hook up my lights

1970 vette owner Not rated yet
When I turn my head lights on amp gauge goes to -40 ,but does not seem to drain battery. Is this a problem? all grounds are good ,battery is new. Could …

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Minor wiring repair on my 81 corvette Not rated yet
Hi my problem is I have a broke tail lite wire on my 81 corvette that causes the lite to come on and off with the movement of the car. I would like to …

1977 corvette seat belts Not rated yet
I have a 1977 corvette and need to replace the seat belts the seat belts have two retractors can I replace it with a single retracter seat belt

need help Not rated yet
Will a 454 easily fit in a 1975 corvette. If not what all will need to be changed?

Corvette owner Not rated yet
oil guage doesn't respond at all. Could the problem be in the gauge itself?

Power Windows and Radio no longer power on Not rated yet
I have a 76 Corvette that the power windows stopped working. Also at the same time the windows no longer work, the radio stopped working. Help?

Installing aftermarket stereo to 75 fuse box Not rated yet
how to hook up a aftermarket stereo to the fuse box

scott  Not rated yet
I have a '79 vette and my passenger window has lost power. Driver side works but seems a bit sluggish.

Beach Mann Not rated yet
1980 L82 corvette won’t start. The fuel pump, new plugs, new control module, new fuel filter and vacuum pump work fine. Before all of this I took it out …

diragram of 1978 belt insulation. Not rated yet
I need to install all 4 belts but i am not sure how to route them, do you have a picture of how they look installed?

Ms Not rated yet
Will t tops on a 1978 fit on the 1974 Corvette


lost keys Not rated yet
no keys on 78 corvette what can i do to unlock ignition

Turn signals have stopped working Not rated yet
Just installed a new heater core and when I finished the turn signals have stopped working and the interior lights do not work.

1977 corvette door adjustment Not rated yet
I replaced my 1977 corvette door panels and they fit in all the holes but the bottom of the panel is rubbing on the sill. Can the doors be adjusted?

c3 headlights Not rated yet
I have an 74 corvette... Had a problem with one headlight not going down ... had vac. fixed now neither will go down?

How to remove ignition on 1970 stingray Not rated yet
How do you remove ignition to replace your self

Temp gauge and sending unit Not rated yet
Please help!!!! I have read and read about the temperature sending units that do not read correctly out there and tried about 1/2 a dozen. My question …

SIGNAL FLASHER Not rated yet
Where is the turn signal flasher located on a 1977 corvette?

Drained battery Not rated yet
I installed a new battery twice only to find them drained dead. Something is staying on constantly

robb Not rated yet
I want to upgrade the wheels on my 76 stingray, i was wondering if the wheels from a newer corvette would work? i have seen some with what look like old …

Headlight covers Not rated yet
How can 1979 Corvette headlight covers be opened manually?

2003 and 1980 Not rated yet
Knave the after market hatch back for my1980 corvette and I was looking for the rear window inner trim parts.

424 cu.in. oldsmobile Engine in 1974 Corvette Not rated yet
Can the 424 cu.in. engine from a 1966 Oldsmobile fit in the 1974 Corvette (currently has a 350)?

Phil Not rated yet
My 1975 l48 Corvette has points ignition which appears to be original, rather than HEI system. Any one else with this?

rick Not rated yet
When I slide the ac control to cold it pushes back. When I hold it in the cold position its blows cold air, but when I release it it pushes back to the …

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no low beams only brights on one side Not rated yet
okay, all of my headlights are out on low beams...but on bright my lighst all come on on the drivers side. but none whatsoever on the right. why would …

battery drain Not rated yet
1973 corvette - when the car sits for a week or two the battery is dead. I've pulled the fuses one at a time and put the test light between the negative …

steven reed Not rated yet
i am driving down the road about 55 mph. and the engine shuts off. the engine will not start or run. my rotor is ok.

owner Not rated yet
how to change out a parking light bulb on a 75

headlight problems Not rated yet
My 74 corvette headlights come up when car is started but wont go down or upwith switch I have to manually lower them when i turn car off.

76 t-top interior lights. Not rated yet
The driver & passenger side dash mounted courtsey lamps fail to shut off ,even tho the rear courtsey lamp extinguishes,upon closeing the door;sIs the …

steering column looseness 1973 coupe Not rated yet
upper section of steering column(T&T) is floppy loose. I have puled steering wheel and all inner parts, but still cant get access to but one of the bolts …

1973 stalled then brakes locked Not rated yet
My wife was driving our 1973 vette the car stalled at 45mph it restarted she pulled off into a parking lot then the brakes locked up. after sitting for …

Running hot Not rated yet
I have a 1976 corvette with a454bbc bored 60 over stock heads elgin pro stock cam 302/302 514/514 airgap intake holy 750 duel feed 2row 1" tubs alum …

heater Not rated yet
No power to heater switch or blower motor

1977 show car corvette owner  Not rated yet
hi ... what is the operating temperature under hood c3 corvette . i am putting a closed cell vinyl-nitrile hood liner and do not want any problems... …

wade Not rated yet
The front end droops down and my tires scub on the fenders

lbowdon Not rated yet
Installed rebuilt steering column. Headlights, work horn works. Turn signals don't work. Checked Fuse in fuse panel. No power. checked the fuse below that …

Cliff Not rated yet
Where is the fuse box on a 1973 Vette? The horn and radio don't work but the horn itself does when I jump it.

belts Not rated yet
How long does it take to change the alternator and power sterring belt on an 82 vette

Rennie Not rated yet
Will a 1978 corvette steering column fit a 1969 vette?

gary. howard@rangerboats.com Not rated yet
Can not get the Heater control to change the air flow, it is now on the floor ducts. I have replaced the vacumn control module under the selectot arm. …

Battery light stays on Not rated yet
I have an 81 vette and the battery light stays on. I brought a brand new battery and had the alternator checked and everything was fine? So can you tell …

1981 battery light Not rated yet
Why does the battery light and choke light stay on in my 1981 vette. Guage shows charge. Intermittent buzzing sound.

tommytom Not rated yet
i just put new seals on my t tops and they will not go back on???????????????79

1980 Corvette L82 wont start Not rated yet
1980 corvette L82 wont start. Just put an Edelbrock 1721 fuel pump on and new filter and it started just fine. The new pump puts out 6psi at 110gph and …

hyd07terry@yahoo.com Not rated yet
I have a 1972 stingray and I am trying to establish if the engine is original. The car indicates it came out with a 350 hypo engine. Please give me any …

68 temperature gauge Not rated yet
The fuse for my gauges keeps tripping on my '68-327 vette, so I took the console apart and disconnected each gauge and reconnected them one by one until …

Bill Not rated yet
The fuse for my gauges keeps tripping on my '68-327 vette, so I took the console apart and disconnected each gauge and reconnected them one by one until …

Steering Column Not rated yet
I would like to know if a steering column from a 74 will fit on a 76 mounts and plug right in. Thank you

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Ignition switch (key) very hard to turn Not rated yet
I want to replace the switch assembly, located in steering column, it has a 9 pin connector going to it. Its been sitting for 5 years because I didnt …

what mods are needed to use a 75 frame with my 68 body? Not rated yet
I have a 68 vette with a cancerous frame. I have available to me a 75 rolling chassis in mint condition. First off, can I use this chassis, and second …

1980 Corvette Dash lights Not rated yet
my dash light will not shut off, I have to disconnect my battery all the time. I have replaced my headlight switch but that did not help.

dash board wires Not rated yet
im installing all new after market gauges on my 79 corvette im also going to install a custom fiberglass dash i need to know what wires are for what gauges …

Headlight switch Not rated yet
Is there a vacuum port coming off the headlight switch?

Heater Control Unit, 72 Vette Not rated yet
Need a little help. I'm trying to pull the heater/ac control unit out of my '72 vette but it's hung up on the steel cable that opens the vents. Can anyone …


Start up lights and system check Not rated yet
When I start up my vehicle, I do not get any system check lights. I do not get a warning chime when the key is in the ignition or when lights are left …

77 Vette steering wheel shakes when i hit a bump at 40+ mph Not rated yet
I have a 77 vette and I just had the power steering fixed, and now if i hit 40 mph+ it shakes the steering wheel until I turn it slightly, any ideas on …

SGT Ritt Not rated yet
Have A74 vett when you try to start it it wont turn over or it turns over like the battery is almost dead, but sometimes if you turn the key off & on it …

T Not rated yet
I have a rattle that I am thinking must be my headlights, everything else seems tight. Is there a way to tighten up the system?

1968 corvette frame Not rated yet
Can i interchange a 1975 frame to a 1968 body?

Turn signal Not rated yet
Hi, I have a 1978 Corvette. Sometimes when I turn right sharp the the turn signal will trip off, but not always. Almost all the time when turning left, …

installing rear bumpers on 1970 corvette Not rated yet
I am having trouble installing the rear bumpers. There are four brackets. The large long bracket and the short cylindrical thin one are obvious. The two …

corvette vacuum amplifier Not rated yet
Hello I have a 1976 vette and have a vacuum amplifier but dont have any idea where does it instal and what lines goes to it, can you help Thanks Jeff.

cutting off/  Not rated yet
Hello, I have a 1996 collectors edition corvett. everything was running great. no problems and had even been checked out by a mechanic aprx 1 month …

1979 Volt Gauge showing charging at 18 v Not rated yet
I have a 1979 vette with 54K miles, had the vehicle for 15 years. Volt gauge reads at 18v always. I had changed the gauge, first from an aftermarket, …

stalls Not rated yet
When I come to a stop my 69 will die. I have to put it in neutral to keep it at idle? Is it something vacuum?

1979 Corvette Not rated yet
Why does my window still drop an inch or so when all the way up? Can't get it to go up by it self have to pull up on it and push down on it to help it …

hood air door 1974 corvette Not rated yet
with hood door open all the time and factory hood seal in place, would there be to much air for sealed carb. ajustment?

johnnyd Not rated yet
I have a 1974 Corvette with a 454 when I drive my car for about 20 miles. When I stop and then start off I have a bump or grabbing action on my drivers …

Fuse dilema.... Not rated yet
I will try to be as brief as possible. I have a 1974 Corvette Stingray 4 speed. The problem I am having is I place a perfect battery in and vehicle …

1974 corvette stingray Not rated yet
can you answer a question about this model???? just installed new battery and car has zero juice...checked all fuses...never had this problem before ever. …

C3 Radio Install Not rated yet
This is the first project for me on my 1981, so please accept my apologies for my inexperience... I have purchased a radio - a Sony DSX-S300BTX. Kind …

Short from starter Not rated yet
we were moving the starter down and all of a sudden we saw a spark and smoke coming from one of the starter wires going to the fuse block. we re routed …

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1977 vette is turning over but.... Not rated yet
my 1977 vette is turning over but I have to press the gas at the same time or try numerous times any clue why.

Owner Not rated yet
Do I need to pull the drivers seat out to get to the fuse panel? Also were can I get a drawing of that panel were I can know what each fuse go to.

No spark for 76 corvette Not rated yet
My corvette just quit while driving. It's not getting spark to the spark plugs. It has an electronic ignition. I've tried a few things...any ideas what …

1976 corvette  Not rated yet
I have a 1982 trans am with a 4 speed trans wondering if this will fit into my 1976 corvette? any help?

Stereo Conversion Problems Not rated yet
The radio in my '74 does not work and I have a pioneer knob radio that i bought 10 years ago for another project and never used. The problem is that the …

Dan Thomas Not rated yet
My 1969 covette front clip to door gap is very wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. I live in the Detroit area and would like to find a body shop …

voltage drop on 1980 vette Not rated yet
i have been having a terrible time trying to figure out what is causing the voltage to drop on completely unrelated systems such as ,the choke heater & …

Rear end Not rated yet
I have a 78 pace Car, automatic. At 40 MPH the tach says 2000 RPM; at 60 MPH the tach says 3000 RPM. It is not comfortable to drive the car with the …

rocker panel moldings Not rated yet
I have a 1969 built 10/10/69 and it has a leather shift boot and aluminium rocker panel moldings,is it possible for these to be original to the car? Being …

replacing 69 front end Not rated yet
Wrecked front end. replacing with a one piece front end. need to know what kind of time is given for replacement, thanks

kenbee65, license plate light  Not rated yet
Where is the license plate light located on a 1979 corvette mine is missing.

77 corvette temperature sending unit Not rated yet
I Order a new temperature sending unit,new temperature harness wire,wondering if there's another wire that goes from the gauge to the wiring harness.Stuck …

Water leak Not rated yet
I recently purchased a 1975 stingray and drove home in the rain, looks like the rear vents behind back window may be leaking, not sure if there should …

Hotter then "H" '74 Stingray. Not rated yet
I have a 1974 Corvette Stingray with a 350. It runs at around 200 - 230 degree's when running. I have adjusted the timing to 14 degree's BTC due to the …

kjustus, remove original seat belts  Not rated yet
Trying to remove original seat belts for a 74 Vette. Can't get the darn things off from the floor - both sides. Topside 13/16 has to much play and 3/4 …

Brian, replace a starter ignition switch Not rated yet
I want to know the best way to replace a starter ignition switch on a 1974 Corvette with tilt and telescopic steering.

1978 Cooling Question Not rated yet
I own a 1978 Corvette, and I have a question about the cooling system. The previous owner rebuilt the engine placing a enhanced cam in the engine as …

a/c recharge Not rated yet
unable to get @ vir low side recharge valve

Steve Beak Wont start Not rated yet
1975 Corvette, Replaced Carb, for a new one, now it wont start. Put old carb back on to see if new carb was at fault. But it still didn't start. Checked …

miked power window Not rated yet
Power window wont roll down any ideas?

Seat belt won't extend Not rated yet
the drivers side seat belt will not extend from the well near the door. It has ratcheted it self down to where only an inch or so will come out.

no gas to carb Not rated yet
I am not getting gas to carb changed filter and pump

oil pressure guage pegs when car is started Not rated yet
I am told there may be a short in the wire between the gauge and the sending unit. Is this the probable cause? All other gauges work properly. If this …

HELP LESS Not rated yet
just had car painted 69 vette car has high rise hood no wiper door hood release worked on passanger side no probem looks like release on driver side too …

1968 battery issue Not rated yet
new battery new alternator but the car will not hold a charge

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oil pressure gauge does not work! Not rated yet
My oil pressure gauge does not work. I replaced the sending unit that is located on top of the engine just under the distributor. Maybe no power getting …

1969 corvette Not rated yet
Bought new hei tack drive distributor to replace old points style distributor do i need any other wiring to convert and were do i hook the power wire …

windshield wipers-1969 Not rated yet
My windshield wipers on my 69 only work when I push the wiper wash switch in. They wont come on when I slide the switch to wipers. Anyone know what may …

C3 Hood Fitment  Not rated yet
I have a 1973 350 4spd car and have acquired a L88 hood for a 77-80 model. Will this hood fit with no modifications?

body parts Not rated yet
will the front clip, including inner fender well, of a 1972 or a 1978 corvette fit my 1976 corvette?

Corvette Joe Not rated yet
For the last 3 years I own a 4spd 1974 corvette with an L82 original engine. I have added an Edelbrock Preforer Manifold and 600 cfm carb, Headman headers …

hood release 76 vette Not rated yet
My hood release on my 76 vette has broken ,how can I get my hood open. I have removed the plugs in the wiper area but still have had no sucsess.

1974 corvette has no spark Not rated yet
can't get spark

fuel problem Not rated yet
i have a 1977 corvette, it runs great when its cold and fuel filter will stay full of fuel.(i have a clear filter just before the carb) But when it gets …

1973, 454 hot starting problems Not rated yet
Have a completely rebuilt 454, new Holley 670, distributor,starer, the works....starts fine when cold but when hot will only start if the timing is advanced …

Side Mirror Compatibility Not rated yet
I have a 1976 corvette and I was wondering if a 1977 or later model mirror would fit on my 1976 My email is jbergbauer200 and that's at yahoo

rear end gears , Not rated yet
I just installed a 400 hp engine in my 77 L-48 , can i change my 3:08 gears for 3:70 with same rear end housing ? thank you .

76 Steering column and console sides Not rated yet
Hello I am needing to replace steering column on my 76. I can get one out of a 77 or a 79. Will they bolt right up and is the wiring plugs the same on …

no cabin power wont start Not rated yet
I have power to the starter and engine bay and no power to headlights

T tops off interior lights stay on? Not rated yet
When my t tops are out the interior lights stay on

Eng trans swap from 95 Vette Not rated yet
Can a 95 vette eng and trans be put in a 80 corvette

77 corvette headlights  Not rated yet
pull the headlight switch lights come on but the headlight lids dont come up also you can manualy disconnect the actuator vacuum line and push under the …

1974 Corvette Ignition Switch Rack Not rated yet
How is the easiest way to remove a ignition switch rack on a 1974 vette. I've got it down to the turn signal assembly removed.

fuse problem Not rated yet
replaced blown fuse for radio still no power to wire

1977 corvette a/c removal; Not rated yet
trying to find a video of removing a/c from 1977 corvette

my 78 vette has rear end whine when letting of the gas Not rated yet
my 78 vette has rear end whine when letting of the gas

power door lock actuator Not rated yet
I have a 1978 corvette I'm trying to get the door lock actuator off. all i see is two rivets on the outside of the door. Do i have to drill them out? i …

70 vette  Not rated yet
I am a autobody tech , shop has asked me to replace a front clip on a vette need info on how to before just tearing into project

73 corvette 390hp 454 numbers match! Not rated yet
Have run across alot barn finds thru the years but this one has me stumped. It's a 73 454 corvette, number matching engine, trans ect.. The plate on the …

First time Vetter Not rated yet
The radio in my 78 corvette doesn't work. Should i replace it and if so with what type of stereo. Or, i was told i could leave the old radio in place …

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How to I replace the ignition switch in my 1978? Not rated yet
How to I replace the ignition switch in my 1978?

1976 Corvette Stingray Not rated yet
The Driver's side door will not open from the outside but will open from the inside. How do I take the panel off to repair the problem?

C3 Chassis compatability Not rated yet
I have a 74 corvette. the frame has seen better days. I was wondering if a 75 and up chassis will fit. Thanks, Allvettesrred.

78 rear differential Not rated yet
Will a 63 vette rear differential bolt into a 78 ?

Alternator bracket Not rated yet
I just changed timing chain and water pump on my 79 l-82 forgot how the bracket mounts to water pump have a extra spacer dont know were it goes does someone …

My 1979 corvette gauges will not work? Not rated yet
I have checked voltage to the plug behind the dash and have voltage, Is there A gauge module that controls the gauge cluster that I need to change out?? …

How do you get the headlight covers off? Not rated yet
The headlight covers are held in place by three cap bolts that are supposed to be accessible through the grill opening but I can't get a wrench up there. …

Having trouble keeping my car running Not rated yet
Haven't started it up in 10 years!

75 Corvette won't fire Not rated yet
75 Corvette, have spark, turns over, tried gas down carb, won't fire or back fire - any suggestions?

Can I put a 72 stingray front x member (bolt on) into a 76 stingray (welded) Not rated yet
Can I put a 72 stingray front x member (bolt on) into a 76 stingray (welded)

1974 Corvette-Passenger side door will not open. What do I need to do to open this door? Not rated yet
1974 Corvette- Passenger side door will not open. What do I need to do to open this door?

Front bumper lights Not rated yet
Is the head lights and front bumper blinkers hooked in to the same wire harness, my front turn singles and parking lights don't come one, if I turn the …

How do you remove and replace side mirrors on a 1974 corvette? Not rated yet
How do you remove and replace the side mirrors on a 1974 corvette

How many brown L82 were produced? Not rated yet
How many brown L82 were produced? (I know that 2,300 were made of normal. But I don't know how many were L82's.)

Installing headers on a stock 1975 L82 auto.w a/c  Not rated yet
I want to remove the cat and install headers and true dual exhaust. Any challenges/things I need to look out for? Thanks in advance.

How long does it take to remove and replace a rear end center section on a 1977 Corvette Not rated yet
How long does it take to remove and replace a rear end center section on a 1977 Corvette?

Seat belt cable Not rated yet
Can anyone tell me the best way to remove the seatbelt cable which passes through a bracket in center of frame ? Do you seperate one of the ends from cable …

Remove 1976 upper dash Not rated yet
How do I remove a dash on 1976 corvette?

I have a 1969 Corvette convertible a/c car with heat coming from the botton vents. Not rated yet
I have pulled apart the dash and exposed the heating and A/C duct work. I'm trying to find why there is warm air coming from the lower vents into the driver …

Does anyone have a diagram on how to attach the interier roof trim on a 1972 corvette Not rated yet
Does anyone have a diagram on how to attach the interior roof trim on a 1972 corvette?

Location of Turn Signal Flasher on 1974 Not rated yet
Hi I just acquired a 1974 Corvette roadster. The manual says that turn signal flasher is supposed to connect to the fuse box up under the Drivers side …

Engine idle Not rated yet
How do you adjust engine idle for L71 69 corvette?

Hood latch Not rated yet
Right side hood latch on 1980 will not release, car has been sitting for 8 or 9 years?

1971 stingray corvette normal operating temperature? Not rated yet
What is the "normal operating temperature" I often see quoted for a 1971 stingray corvette. Also what is the normal oil pressure when idling

How to check the numbers, to make sure your car has correct color 1970 corvette Not rated yet
How do I check the numbers on a 1970 corvette to see if the color is correct? Also where to locate the numbers?

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79 corvette Not rated yet
can you drive a 79 corvette that has been sitting for 8 years in an open garage?

how many 1978 dark blue corvettes had t-tops Not rated yet
How many dark blue 1978 corvettes with t-tops where produced

how to install sun visors on a 1979 corvette Not rated yet
How do I install sun visors on a 1979 corvette

Location of directional flasher(s) 1974 corvette Not rated yet
I have a 1974 corvette, are there more than one flasher for the directionals. I found one on passenger side under dash. Could not locate one on drivers …

Jump starting 1967 from another car proper connection of cables Not rated yet
Jump starting 1967 from another car proper connection of cables?

1978 corvette ignition key alarm going off Not rated yet
The ignition key alarm keeps going off, when key is out, and it seems to be affected by high temperatures. Any suggestions?

air flow diagram Not rated yet
76 corvette... where to find a air flow diagram showing depending on where the control is set (ac/heat/outside aire)to where the air will be coming out. …

what does the switch that looks like a door lock button do on my 1969 corvette dash Not rated yet
What does the switch that looks like a door lock button do on my 1969 corvette dash?

C3 temperature gauge Not rated yet
I have a 1969 Corvette and I would like to know if the temperature gauge is repairable. I purchased one on ebay in early June and didn't discover it was …

Headlight dashboard indicator problem: Not rated yet
Headlight high beam dashboard indicator is "on" when the headlights are actually on low beam, and vice-versa, for my 1978 Corvette. Defective light switch …

my 1968 corvette 427/435hp periodically wont start???? Not rated yet
my 1968 corvette 427/435hp periodically wont start

1968 corvette 427/435 hp  Not rated yet
On a 1968 corvette L71 427/435 HP @ 5800rpm what is the real HP? Red line is @ 6500 Thats 700 more rpms Thanks

1970 Ignition Switch T/T Not rated yet
1970 Corvette 454 4-speed Tilt Telescopic A/C I just completed changing wires under my hood and now under my dash with NEW Wiring harness. Prior to …

73 corvette hood problems Not rated yet
when I pull the release cable the drivers side opens and the passenger side releases but it won;t open. bob i

I am trying to find out about my 1978 corvette it has a 1piece roof not ttops trying to find out vaule no one i call or look up has any idea any info helpful call richie 781-953-1264 ET thanks  Not rated yet
Looking for info on 1978 with 1 piece roof trying to find out value does not have t tops or conv just 1piece roof

Rear end ratio Not rated yet
Where exactly is the differential ratio code located on a 1978 corvette?

Proper procedure to gain access to ign. sw.on 69 auto. Not rated yet
Access to ign lock 69 auto. key was removed before shifting to park.

1972 blank build sheet Not rated yet
I just bought my first vette. Its a 1972. I dropped the tank to get the build sheet. and it does not have any options listed. Its like they forgot to fill …

1970 Corvette running hot and boiling over Not rated yet
My 1970 corvette (350)is running hot by the water temp gauge. I parked it in my garage, shut it off, opened the hood and it was gurgling pretty good and …

How do I remove 1975 corvette dash pad? Not rated yet
How do I remove the dash pad from my 75 vette?

Weird clicking noise from behind instrument panel in 78???help "driving" me crazy! Not rated yet
Hi, Im at my wits end so im hoping some corvette guys out there can help me. First off im an australian and moved to the US, while here i thought i would …

I have a 1978 Silver Anniversary Corvette that has a dark blue interior code 292. Is there a way to determine how many of these paint schemes have the dark blue interior? Not rated yet
I have a 1978 Silver Anniversary Corvette that has a dark blue interior code 292. Is there a way to determine how many of these paint schemes have the …

I want to remove and replace the Dash on my 79' Corvette Not rated yet
Hello. My wife and I have been restoring the interior of my 1979 Corvette, but have left what appears to be the hardest part for last; the Dash. I just …

karenb6117@comcast.net 69 Corvette with Hollywood Top Not rated yet
Have you ever heard of a 1969 corvette with a Hollywood top?? also I am told it has part aluminum and fiberglass body? It does have a 350 with 4 speed …

1977 hood applications Not rated yet
I have a 77 vette, can anyone tell me what other years fit? I am looking at a 78 hood, and not sure what years apply to my body style.

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gdgreen17@comcast.net Not rated yet
I have removed my dash to gain access to my ignition switch, I don't want to break anything I m holding switch I need to disconnect to replace ignition,any …

77 Corvette Not rated yet
Need location for the turn signal flasher?

Thunder Not rated yet
I have the entire dash out of my 79 corvette. Is there a trick to getting it back in without cracking it? I even took the windshield out to make it easier …

Corvette-web-central.com for Darrell Not rated yet
Darrell, These are the locations that we know of. If its not in any of these positions let us know and we will keep looking. Its possible your car might …

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