2020 Corvette C8 

Corvette C8 is Announced and Sets 7-18-19 as the Debut Date for the Much Anticipated Mid Engine Corvette!

April 11th 2019 GM Officially set the Corvette C8 release date for the long awaited Mid Engine Corvette C8.  This fulfills the dreams of many Corvette enthusiast and engineers for the last half century.

GM CEO Mary Barra made the announcement at the Siller Foundation charity gala in New York.  

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 The Mid Engine Corvette will compete against the Ford GT and not only win races but sales figures also. 

The Mid Engine Corvette will be a third of the price compared to a Ford GT.  The Mid Engine Corvette will be winning on Sundays and leave the GT to be an overpriced non-podium finishing brick!  Yeah we're a little biased!

I can hear the noise now as Ford Motor Companies once mighty Ford GT profits and audience hit the floor like a large bag of Dearborn potatoes! 

A Mid Engine Corvette can still carry the Corvette name and still live independent of the front engine cars and life cycle.  GM has invested heavily in the plant in Bowling Green, KY and has increased the size of the plant substantially. 

So much so we speculate that some of this size increase is to handle maybe the additional Mid Engine assembly line.  We also speculate it may have a more hands-on assembly process.  Maybe a build your own experience similar to the engine build.

We expect the current C7 Corvette to end production July 2019  and a Mid Engine Corvette out in January 2020.  What happens next with the front engine platform is yet to be determined.

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