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This exhaustive Specs Corvette review of six generations of American high performance, from the first 6-cylinder ’Vette of 1953 through today's fire-breathing, world-beating C6, "The Complete Book of Corvette" offers an in-depth look at the prototypes and experimental models, the anniversary and pace cars, and the specialty packages for street and competition driving that have made the Corvette a living automotive legend for more than half a century. With extensive details, specs, and photographic coverage, this book is the ultimate resource on America’s sports car. Officially licensed with Chevrolet and including many never-before-published photographs from the car maker's archives.

With 50-plus years under its belt, Chevrolet's Corvette is one of the world's longest continually produced sports cars. Six generations of cars have produced a dizzying variety of combination's, from the original Stovebolt-6-powered version to big-block 60s bruisers to today's sophisticated C6 road rocket. "Corvette Black Book" is the perfect companion volume for the dedicated Corvette fan. Every shred of Corvette data of note resides in these pages including options, colors, stats, facts, history, prices, codes, serial numbers and more. An indispensable reference!

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If what you are searching for is a book which will give you a detailed understanding of the second generation "Stingray", this is an excellent choice of reading and research material for Specs Corvette. The book starts with a basic overview of the Corvette and a solid foundation for understanding how the "shark" bodied cars fit into the evolution of this uniquely American automobile. You begin a more in depth look at the 68-82 Corvette with some of the prototypes which lead to the production model. The book then walks you threw a living history and evolution of the "C3" type Corvette. But more than a brief overview, Mike Mueller provides a detailed study of the car presented in a coherent and logical fashion. The reader comes away with an intimate knowledge of the changes and development of this car on a year to year basis. This is a quality printed book containing many excellent pictures from General Motors archives, illustrative diagrams and original beauty photographs displaying breath taking shots of exceptional examples of Corvettes. Many fascinating sidebar articles support and expand on the main body of reading material. This is a comprehensive and complete body of material in one volume which would be an excellent addition to any Corvette library. It is an excellent book for both the hard core "Vette" owner wishing to have information about his or her car in their collection of Corvette literature or the casual auto buff looking for a bit of information to round out their knowledge of a very interesting and exciting period in the history of a true American automotive icon.

Great book, loaded with pictures and specs corvette, that covers the evolution of the C4 year by year. If you're a C4 owner, or just a C4 lover you have to add this book to your collection.

An American icon. At a time when British sports cars were attracting legions of car enthusiasts on both sides of the Atlantic, a new kind of automobile burst onto the scene: the Chevrolet Corvette. With a throaty rumble, scorching acceleration, and stirring looks, the 'Vette quickly became the 'it' car for those drivers who had a need for speed and style. Fifty years later, Corvettes continue to attract fans, with top-notch performance and a cutting-edge design that make it a car like no other. This collection of Motor Trend magazine articles chronicles every step of the car's evolution, giving die-hard Corvette fans road test data, Specs Corvette for model specifications, and more.

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