Corvette Insurance Information

If Corvette Insurance is one of your last hurdles to buying a newer corvette or a classic ask yourself this "do I really know what insurance I need"? Well that's what we are gonna help you figure out!

It should not just be the cost of insurance that matters but also the coverage! Some things to consider are how much you will drive it? Is it a seasonal car or a daily driver maybe a collector car? Its not like insuring a Dodge Viper so try some really good main stream insurance places first.

Corvette Insurance whats the difference? Corvette insurance is often not as expensive as you might think!

Corvette Location Matters for Insurance 

Keep in mind that Corvette insurance prices and coverage will vary in your local area.  We suggest you receive quotes for your location, age, year of car, mileage driven and many other factors.  A little extra time looking here can save some extra bucks.  Some things you can look for is multiple car discounts, adding home or renters insurance, towing, (remember you will need a flat bed tow truck) and play with insurance deductibles.  In some cases when you store your car for the season you can reduce your insurance also, but not all places will allow that so ask lots of questions!

Corvette Classic Insurance

Some Reasons to consider Hagerty Insurance for your Classic Corvette:

Low annual premiums

Guaranteed Value

A customized policy

Vehicle Under Construction Protection

Spare Parts Coverage

Classic Corvette Insurance Policies are Better Suited to Agreed Value Types of Insurance

With standard, mainstream Corvette insurance policies, valuation for coverage is based on "actual cash value," which is basically book value minus depreciation, but for a collectible car, whether it's been lovingly restored, or merely has a host of aftermarket parts, "agreed value," is in which you and the insurer review the car in question and set the value of coverage. This is the way to go for such a Corvette insurance need. Don't even consider any other valuation. Unlimited Usage: This would be the best insurance feature to have if your Corvette is one you actually drive, you'll want to find a collector car insurer that doesn't restrict the amount of miles you're allowed to drive in a year. Contrary to popular opinion, there are a few that offer unrestricted mileage, and there are more who offer fairly generous mileage allowances.

* Liability Coverage: Some specialty insurers treat collectible cars like art pieces, instead of automobiles, so you'll want to make sure the policy you select includes liability coverage, for those times when you are driving. You'll need this anyway, to keep your Corvette street legal. It's important to be certain that the liability insurance doesn't require you to be IN the vehicle, as well. Some specialty insurers won't cover accidents or thefts that happen in the parking lot while you're in a restaurant.

* Show Coverage: If you participate in car shows, you should ask about special show coverage that will reimburse you if you're stranded en route, and cover your tools and trailers if you tow your car to events, instead of driving it.

* Additional Car Coverage: Most collector car insurance gives you a price break - and in some cases the first 30 days free - when you wish to add a second car to your policy. If you are the type to never settle for just one collectible car, be sure this is a policy feature with the company you choose.

* Low Deductibles: Even though your car is a sports car, as the owner of a collectible you are a low-risk driver. You probably have a clean driving record, without any tickets - even speeding tickets - for at least three years, and you also probably have a significant amount of experience so be sure that your collectible policy has a low deductible. If you don't drive your car very often, you may even be able to find a policy that has no deductible.

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