The Best Oil for C7 Corvette for All Driving and Track Needs

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Let's talk about the best oil for your C7 corvette. Choosing the right oil for your corvette is extremely important.

What are the best choices for C7 oil that won't void your warranty while enjoying normal driving and track day use? 

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What Do We Know About Corvette Oil?

Well, we own one, for starters.  Here we are on the track in Bowling Green, what an awesome track!!

We will provide you with our real world expertise, experience and knowledge for the best oil for C7 Corvette! 

Our recommendations are built according to your driving needs and what model Corvette you drive.  All while keeping in compliance with warranty recommendations from GM. 

Let's Talk Best Oil For C7 Corvette

As always, only use approved oil, methods and quantities that can be found in your owners manual.

Mobil 1 is the best approved oil for Corvettes, and has been used in Corvettes for over 20 years! 

The viscosities vary depending on your model but don't worry, we break them down below.

While GM recommends ACDelco dexos1 Synthetic Blend in some models and years, the Mobil 1 brand is the better product and we recommend upgrading.  For a while, GM dealers were charging more for Mobil 1 even if you had a service warranty.

  • When your service warranty expires use Mobil 1 or pay for the upgrade Mobil 1 oil during oil changes, its worth the added protection.  

Obviously, cost and quality is a factor in anything that goes into our Corvettes so we work closely to find the best pricing and availability across the internet. 

Prices listed fluctuate, so listed costs are approximate and are only an estimate and do not constitute any guarantee.  We do make a small fee through affiliate links that supports the website operation and product review purchases. 

Best Oil C7 Corvette Factory Fill

The oil listed in this section covers the broadest spectrum of Corvettes through 2018 and is factory approved so it won't void your warranty. 

Mobil 1 has been the choice for Corvette factory fill for over 20 years.  This section is best used for reference to normal use and warranty protection.  It's also important to note this was prior to the upgraded oil fill.

Click on our C7 Corvette Oil Upgrade for more information on how to ditch the GM Dexos brand of oils.

The upgraded oil blend is rated for street and track use, which will keep owners from changing oil every time they plan on taking their Corvette to a track event.

Note: ZR1 2019 model year only. 

Mobile 1 5W-30 6 Quarts range $36-40 ea box (most economical)

PF64 Filter $6-7

Factory Fill Years:  2014-2018

*Don't forget to order 2 boxes!

Factory Fill Years:  2019

Stingray, Grand Sport, Z06, ZR1

The 2019 Corvettes use a different viscosity of oil from the previous years. 

Luckily the Mobil 1 0W-40 weight oil is retrograde fillable to all 2014-2018 years. 

You can find more info on our Oil Upgrade page.

This oil blend is rated for street and track use, which will keep owners from changing oil every time they plan on taking their Corvette to a track event.

Mobil 1 0W-40 6 quarts range $50-55

PF64 Filter $6-7

*Don't forget to order 2 boxes!

Best Oil for C7 Corvette for Racing (Factory Recommended)

Racing oil for your C7 Corvette is only required for the harshest of driving needs, such as on any track for extended periods of time. 

GM has pretty good guidance for this in the track preparation guide.  GM recommends Mobil 1 15W-50 for any Track/Competitive driving for any model or year C7 Corvette.

GM also recommends changing the oil to the Racing Grade of oil for just the Track/Competitive event. GM then recommends changing the oil back for regular daily use to the lower grade oils for proper protection on the street. 

Seems excessive to be changing the oil, trust us we know, that's why we suggest looking at our Corvette Oil Upgrade page. 

The best part about the upgrade is the cost is not really a factor unless you change the oil cap.  

Prices for 6 quarts range $45-50 and this is the most economical way to purchase.  Single quarts can be purchased but at almost $15 each it almost doubles the price of the 6 quart box.  

*Don't forget to order 2 boxes (12 quarts)!

  • Also, don't forget to order your street oil after you're done on the track!  Now would be the time to do the Oil Upgrade unless you drive a ZR1.

Mobil 1 Best Oil for C7 Corvette Viscosities 

Best Oil Change Tools for C7 Corvette

Make sure you have the Best Drain Pan to save the mess and hassle of changing and recycling your oil.  The largest oil quantity on the C7 Corvette is 10 quarts, this pan is more than enough at 15 quarts.  We use it on every oil change and love.  Lots of extra capacity left over!

  • 15 Qt. (14. 25 L)
  • Ideal for Oil Recycling
  • Drain Direct - No Oily Tub, Funnel, or Mess
  • Heavy-Duty Construction with E-Z Handle Design and E-Z Roll Wheels
  • Large 8" (20 cm) Opening with Screw Cap with Filter Drain Screen

Best C7 Corvette Funnel

The Best Oil for C7 Corvette deserve the best tools, which requires finding the right funnel that is key to reducing the chance of spilling and easy adding oil back in your C7 Corvette. 

This style funnel fits best inside the short filler neck for most Corvette fill tubes.

The Best C5-C6-C7-C8 Corvette Filter Wrench

The clearance near the oil pan on the engine makes finding the right filter wrench critical!  Don't worry, we have you covered with this 918 Socket.

This design, with its 15 contact points, allow you the proper control when installing the new filter for proper installation.

During testing we found this to fit well on the AC Delco brand of filters.  We tried on the Mobil 1 filters and found it would not engage with the flutes on the filter.  

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