SUPER CAR OIL | C7 Corvette Oil Upgrade | Why Dexos is OUT & Mobil 1 is IN | Best Oil for Type of Driving | Part Numbers to Upgrade Oil Caps

C7 Corvette Oil Upgrade Mobil 1 TypeC7 Corvette Oil Upgrade Type (New and Improved)

SUPER CAR OIL | C7 Corvette Oil Upgrade | Why Dexos is OUT & Mobil 1 is IN | Best Oil for Type of Driving | Part Numbers to Upgrade Oil Caps | By: Chris Trautman | | Updated: 11/27/2022

Why Do I Need to Upgrade C7 Corvette Oil | AKA SUPER CAR Oil?

Your first question probably is why do I need to worry about a upgrading my C7 Corvette Oil Upgrade to Mobil 1 0W-40 ESP? 

Which begs the next question, what is ESP? We explained it here!  

Then, what is Super Car Oil?  Mobil 1 rebranded the 0W-40 oil to Super Car Oil in 2021, molecule wise the oil is no different. 

The answer to the first question is simple; you don't, unless you plan to track your car, or you don't want the best oil with extra protection from wear.  As a Corvette owner, builder and a gear head we certainly want the best for our Corvettes!

It's important to note GM did not use Mobil 1 early on in the C7 Corvette program.  As you know they used a Dexos 1 oil spec, they now have a Gen 2 Dexos 1, and Dexos 2 oils, but it's still not Mobil 1.

In 2019 GM made a change and modified the C7 Corvette oil specs for 2014-2018 C7 Corvettes to solve an issue when utilizing your Corvette on a track day or high performance driving event.  The Mobil 1 ESP 0W-40 C7 Corvette Oil Upgrade reduced the need to change oil for an event and then back again.  See Track Prep Document here.

For the 2014-18 Corvettes, GM did not fill C7 Corvette with full synthetic Mobil 1, and instead used a Dexos 1 oil like we mentioned earlier ; the switch back to Mobil 1 provides 2014-2018 Corvettes a path back to full synthetic oil protection.  Mobil 1 once again became approved oil for all C7 Corvettes.

See this link for GM's blessing which allowed the switch back to Mobil 1, which ultimately allows owners and dealers to fill all model year 2014-18 C7 Corvettes retroactively. 

Don't Believe Us, Believe Mobil 1!

Mobil 1 issued a notification with 3 reasons why you should upgrade any Corvette with a 5W-30 Spec to 0W-40 ESP Mobil 1 oil. 

Read the Mobile 1 Notification here.

  1. Better cold start protection
  2. Improved wear protection, through reduced oil aeration from variable displacement oil pumps found on our Corvette C7's. 
  3. Track to street on 1 oil, which reduces costs changing oil your oil from street to track and back to street.  Saving you 2 oil changes! 

Still Have A Question About Oil?  Ask It In Our Q&A Section

C7 Corvette Performance Upgrade Q&A Comment

C7 Corvette Oil Quantity (Order) | Engine Capacity

(Order 2 Boxes (6-1 quart each) Per Oil Change)

  • 7 Quarts for Stingray (Wet Sump)
  • 10 Quarts for Z51, Z06 and Grand Sport (Dry Sump)
  • Corvette C7 Oil Change Cost (DIY) Approx. $93.00 with filter

Upgraded Oil Caps with new Super Car oil viscosity

Fast Shipping & Secure Transactions on Amazon

C7 Corvette Oil Capacity

  1. Stingray 6.2 V8
  2. Corvette Z51 6.2 V8
  3. Corvette Z06 6.2 V8 Supercharged 
  • LT1 6.97 US Quarts (Wet Sump) 
  • LT1 9.83 US Quarts (Dry Sump)
  • LT4 9.83 US Quarts (Dry Sump)

Approved Oils for C7 Corvette

Dexos 1 vs Dexos 2 labelsDEXOS Labels

Only GM Dexos 1 or Dexos 2 Oils are approved.  Make sure and look for these logos on any brand oil you purchase for your Corvette!

C7 Corvette Oil Filter Torque

Fill new filter with oil, lubricate seal with new oil:

  • Torque filter to 22 ft-lb

C7 Corvette Oil Plug Torque

Allow to drain old oil completely, reinstall drain plug(s):

  • Torque drain plug for wet sump motors to 18 ft-lb.
  • Torque both drain plugs for dry sump motors to 18 ft-lb.

Everything You Need Here for a Complete Upgrade!

Mobil 1 0W-40 or ESP DEXOS2 Oil

Full C7 Corvette Oil Upgrade Shopping List | With Tools

  1. Mobil 1 0W-40 Oil (2 Boxes)
  2. PF64 Oil Filter
  3. Stingray Oil Cap (Wet Sump) or Z51-Z06-Grand Sport Oil Cap (Dry Sump)

Tool List:

  1. Funnel
  2. Ramps
  3. Drain Pan
  4. Filter Socket for PF64

As for where to purchase the upgraded viscosity oil type for your C7 Corvette oil upgrade project you can either go to your GM dealer where oil is available for purchase and ask for the DEXOS2 version of the 0W-40.


You can purchase the Mobil 1 ESP (Emission System Protection) Mobil 1 0W-40 at Amazon (DEXOS2 full synthetic).  

Purchase Mobil 1 0W-40 ESP for your Corvette Here (Best Price)

New GM Part Numbers for Mobil 1 Oil Cap | Links below (standard on 2019 model years) Fits 2014-2019 Corvette Models:

  • (Wet Sump) 2019 Mobil 1 GM PN 12686472 – 2019 Corvette Stingray without Z51 (fits all 2014-2018)
  • (Dry Sump) 2019 Mobil 1 Oil Cap | GM PN 12680708 – 2019 Corvette Stingray with/Z51 or Grand Sport and Z06, ZR1 models. (fits all 2014-2018)

Oil Filter Part Number (All Models):

Note:  Always check individual fitment before install.  Please refer to GM parts diagram for approved parts. is not responsible for fitment issues.  

Eliminate the Track Prep Hassle!

Before the C7 Corvette Oil Upgrade, the process included draining your street oil type and refilling your engine with an approved race oil blend of 15W-50, then changing back again after your track day to 5W-30 oil type, therefore going back to the street blend. 

You can read the Track Prep Document here 

Well that sounded like a huge waste of oil, time and money!  GM agreed, so for 2019 Corvette the factory fill oil is a new street/race blend that does not require changing your oil twice for track day events.  

The new factory fill on all 2019 Corvettes is Mobil 1 0W-40 ESP.  This new blend can be used on previous C7 Corvettes 2014-2018.  If you want, you can make this standard on your earlier versions of your C7.  To start you can change the oil cap to match the 2019 version.  Depending on your model, specific oil cap part numbers are available depending on your performance build.

Do The Full Conversion and Change The Oil Cap Too!

2019 C7 Corvette Oil Upgrade Cap Design

2019 Oil Cap Part Numbers

C7 Corvette Oil Upgrade

Part Numbers listed below are for your 2014+ C7 Corvettes.  Use these Part Numbers to upgrade your earlier C7 Corvette Stingray, Z51 or Z06 Corvette oil cap!  New style cap calls out the upgrade oil viscosity and the Mobil 1 logo!

  • 12686472 – 2019 Corvette Stingray without Z51
  • 12680708 – 2019 Corvette Stingray with/Z51 or Grand Sport and Z06, ZR1 models.

Still Dont Want to Do the C7 Corvette Oil Upgrade!

No worries, we understand you may not need maximum performance all the time.  If you want to stay with the regular Mobil 1 5W-30, we have you covered with the most economical way to purchase.

2014-2018 OEM Corvette Oil Cap Design (Pre-Upgrade)

Recommended | Best Corvette Oil Change Tools

How do you change your oil?  Do you use a floor jack and go back and forth front to back crawling around on the ground?  Ugh, that's a very agonizing, annoying problem. 

Using a floor jack and jack stands can be dangerous and hard on the car if the jack slips off. 

Just about every time we crawl around the Corvette for cleaning or an oil change we grab these ramps and a flat creeper and scoot around and work on our Corvette without the pain.  We cant say enough about these ramps.  Proper length Ramps are important so make sure and know the right length.  More info....

More Corvette Oil Change tools here....the perfect funnel, drain pan, & filter wrench.

Why Do We Have 0W-40 ESP?

The 0W-40 began in Europe but in the USA we require the ESP spec oil for GM vehicles.

What is the ESP part of the Mobil 1 Oil specification?  Low Sulfur & Phosphorous Content: Helps To Reduce Poisoning Of Gasoline Catalytic Converters.  This is a major problem for newer cars.  In the past high Phosphorous oils were destroying catalytic converters.  In response to this manufactures have lowered the additives to extend the life of emission systems. 

High Phosphorous oils attack the converter matrix coating and requires replacement of the converters when they fail.  This is typically detected from the monitoring O2 sensor downstream of the Catalytic Converter.

On the flip side, older engines that depend on the additional phosphorous content to extend the life of metal to metal contact parts such as camshaft lobes began to fail.  If you own an older engine without roller camshafts pick your oil wisely!   

The 0W-40 oil has a weight of SAE 0W-40, meaning it has an SAE viscosity rating of 0 in cold temperatures and a rating of 40 at normal operating temperature.  A numerical code system created by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) grades motor oils according to viscosity--the higher the number between 0 and 60, the more viscous (thicker) the oil is. Most consumer motor oils are graded by two numbers, with the first number indicating cold weather (Winter or "W") performance.

15W-50 Use?

For the hard core racer this will still be the first choice due to the temperature range and engine protection offered.  This becomes critical for longer races with higher atmospheric temperatures.  This type of car is no longer driven on the street.  It spends its time in the garage, in the trailer or on the track and never see's a stop light.  

2019 ZR1 Oil?

The 2019 ZR1 Factory recommendations are still to use the 15W-50 for track events and switch back to the factory fill 0W-40 found on all the Corvettes.  This car has 5 additional coolers to manage the demands of 755 hp in a tight package.  The last thing GM wants is a repeat of the Z06 limp mode when tracking the cars.  Hence the additional requirement for the 15W-50 oil. 

C7 Corvette Performance Upgrade Q&A 

Not sure how to increase the horsepower or performance in your C7 Corvette? Ask or search our database in this Q&A Section.

Do you have a question or great information to share, ask it here!

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