Best Corvette Covers for Indoors or Outdoors

Corvette Covers | By: Chris Trautman

There are several things to consider purchasing the Best Corvette Car Covers. The first one is usually price. They range from a basic $25 Cover, to the best Custom-Fit Car Covers by model year and  Embroidered Corvette covers with Emblems.  Those start at $130 and reach up over a $1000 for a C7.R Custom Car Cover in the image above!

Best C7 Corvette Cover Indoor

Indoor or Outdoor?

After price, your second concern is the type of cover element protection you need. Its intended purpose will predicate your cover choice.

Whether you have a brand new car or one you want to keep looking as good as the day you bought it, or a vintage Corvette that you have purchased as an investment, a durable car cover will keep your vehicle looking it's very best. 

Where you live and the conditions that your Corvette will regularly encounter in large part decide your choice of covers.

Lets figure out what you need. 

Outdoor Covers

Extra durable Outdoor Car Covers:

Some car cover types are designed to protect your Corvette from all elements, from snow and ice to dust and sand. They are made to fit your vehicle snugly, and they are extra thick to provide maximum strength and protection.

Durable automotive car covers are a good idea if you want to protect your car when it is parked outside and parked in a garage or storage area. They provide excellent all-around coverage.

A perfect example of a durable car cover is the Thick Budge Lifetime Cover. The Thick Budge is made from three layers of Endura Plus fabric, and it provides superior breath-ability and all-weather protection, including thorough UV protection and high water resistance.

Waterproof Car Covers:

Although it's not always possible to avoid precipitation when you're driving, you can protect against water when your car is parked with a practical waterproof car cover. A waterproof car cover is also the right choice for you if you want a car cover to protect your Corvette from elements other than water, such as dust, snow, and pollen.

Look for a waterproof car cover that is breathable to prevent the mold and mildew damage resulting from condensation that gets trapped.

Sun protection Corvette Covers:

If you live in a sunny state such as Arizona, California, or Florida, sun protection will likely be your primary concern as you shop for a car cover. Look for an automotive car cover made from DuPont Tyvek material, which will keep your vehicle cool and clean by offering 99.8 percent protection from the sun.

Indoor Corvette Car Covers

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Light and strong Indoor Car Covers: If you want superior protection for your vehicle, but you don't need the very top-of-the-line, extra-durable automobile car cover, a lighter version that still offers excellent protection may be a good option for you.

For example, the Ultimate car cover is made from light and strong DuPont material that is soft enough to be gentle on your car yet tough enough to protect against sun, snow, rain, dust, and more. It is a great choice for any environment.

Roll-up car covers: For people who like speed both in their cars and their car covers the roll-up car cover type is a good choice. Roll-up car covers provide excellent protection for your vehicle in only 60 seconds.

They are the easiest car covers to put on and take off, and they come with canisters you can use to roll them up. Roll-up car covers are usually made from extra-light and gentle materials that offer superior protection from the sun, rain, and snow.

Standard car covers: If you park your Corvette in a garage and want a light-weight automobile car cover that will protect your vehicle from dust, dirt, and other elements, a standard car cover is probably your best bet. Standard car covers are the least expensive of the car cover types, and they provide good basic protection for your vehicle.

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