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  • Best way to do Comparison Shopping
  • Trusted Partner you normally buy with
  • Easy no question asked returns
  • Transparent shipping process
  • Same Vendors you could buy directly from but easier and safer
  • Fastest shipping
  • Lowest prices on the internet
  • Largest selection of in-stock inventory on the internet
  • Virtually every Corvette part, product and vendor in the world on one website!
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Unparalleled secure ordering system and account safety
  • Free access no hidden up charges
  • Five star customer product reviews 
  • Quality product selection by our Corvette specialists
  • Super Easy to use, just a few clicks and your done!
  • Absolutely the easiest return policies on the internet 
  • Easy search function box and category selection browse features

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A Little More About Amazon

The online retail line of business includes those products sold by Amazon as a traditional retailer, most commonly as a low-cost retailer. Amazon claims to have "Earth's Biggest Selection" of products available through its family of websites, sold at the lowest cost at a small profit. The company started as an online book seller, rapidly expanding into music and movies, and ultimately into electronics and household goods.

But Amazon doesn't stock everything that is sold through its website. Another part of its retail strategy is to serve as the channel for other retailers to sell their products and taking a cut of every purchase. Amazon maintains its status as a destination website, but does not have to maintain inventory on slower-selling products. This strategy has made Amazon a leading long-tail retailer, expanding its available selection without a corresponding increase in overhead costs.

Extending this long tail retail model further, Amazon introduced the sale of used products through its seller marketplace. Originally developed to compete with eBay, the seller marketplace provides another retail revenue stream for the company without the need to stock products in its warehouses. Advertising and shipping are handled exclusively by sellers, with Amazon taking a cut of every sale simply for providing the channel.

Why is Amazon Better than Another Corvette Vendor?

  • Easier to find the product using Amazon's search engine.
  • Protection afforded by Amazon. They can't afford to have disreputable associate merchants, and those merchants don't want to lose their good standing with them. So you have someone else to complain to if you have a problem.
  • Use of Amazon's payment processing system (ease of use,trust, etc)
  • Security: Amazon provides security to your personal information and process transactions through 'secure server' which has highest standard of security. Also, when you purchase from Amazon vendors Amazon charges your card, not the seller. After charging your card amazon transfers your payment to the vendor. Hence, no direct access by the vendor.

  • Guarantee to your purchase: If a transaction with a vendor is unsuccessful or any problem in solving the dispute, you may be eligible for A-z guarantee claim through which you  can reimburse your purchase.

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