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News! 2019 Corvette ZR1

The 2019 ZR1 has been seen in spy photos for months but now we have the real thing to enjoy.  No longer do we have to speculate about the details.  The new ZR1 is described differently from the previous generation.  The C6 generation and lacks the dash between the letters and the number one.  The power levels on this are absolutely unreal.  We simply cannot imagine what driving 755 hp is like.  Read More

Recent Articles

  1. C5 Right and Left directional lights come on when Ignition switch is turned on

    Jun 14, 20 06:09 PM

    2001 C5 When I turn ignition switch to on, the front left and right directional lights come on. The directional all work okay as does the hazard light

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  2. What was the original color of my car?

    May 12, 20 12:06 PM

    1972 Convertible Currently the car is red with a black interior and black convertible top. Vin: 1Z67K2S522489 Trim Tag: Chevrolet F10, Trim 592, 72L

    Read More

  3. C7 Corvette Oil Upgrade for track and normal driving

    Apr 11, 20 11:12 AM

    C7 Corvette Oil Upgrade explanation and part numbers for the 2019 and why you need to do it!

    Read More

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