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Almost 60 Years to the Day!

Close up Video of the C7 Corvette at Detroit IAS

Our Coverage of the C7 Corvette

Its Finally Here!   

Video Below of the Live Debut in Detroit

See all the C7 Corvette Videos that are available anywhere right here! Return often to experience the birth of the next generation Corvette here. This video page for C7 Corvette will house only the most accurate videos captured of the car. No renderings or fake photo shop cars.

The Last Glimpse #4

In the above video we get a our last glimpse before the offical release on 1.13.13  and we notice a few things.  It appears that the curved glass is gone for the rear window.  Aft of the Pass and Drivers windows is a small fixed window.  This is something that is completly new for Corvette.  We also noticed that the frame construction is similar to the previous C6 with a big improvment!  All Corvette frames will now be Aluminum!  If you see something feel free to comment below.

C7 Corvette Video Releases #3

Posted 11/29/12 Its all in the calibration. Sounds like the street has new car to fear. The 2014 C7 Corvette appears to be becoming more advanced with more emphasis being placed on technology. In this video we see the days of Analog speedometers and gauges are gone. Yes you read that correct the C7 has an LCD type display.

These new Flight or Fight instruments are found in all serious machines of modern vehicular warfare. From Fighter jets to Ferrari's the new Corvette will be painting many enemies in the new sights. Surely the world can be yours in the new Corvette. Godzilla should be scared because King Kong is about to open a can of Whoop Asss! No compromises!

C7 Corvette Glimpse #2

Posted 11/15/12 In this Video at GM’s Wind Tunnel facility, we briefly see design sketches, clay shaping, and even the sound of the new Corvette C7 LT1 450 HP at start up. Kirk Bennion, the Corvette’s exterior design manager breifly talks about the new car. Hang on more teasers to come. GM will slowly make us pay in the next couple of weeks in build up to the Debut on 1.13.13 in Detroit. One thing is for sure the next couple weeks are going to be fun!

2014 Corvette C7 Teaser #1 from GM

Posted 11/1/12 This video from GM gives you actual design clues, more like short glimpses of small elements. But still cool none the less. Let the hype begin!

LT1 On The Engine Dyno

The C7 Corvette is going to be release to the public on 1.13.13.

At which time we will see the full potential of the next generation Corvette. The exposed skin will finally meet the light of day. Showing its sure pure passion to Corvette heritage, but leaning towards the future. Doping so as every predecessor has done since 1953. No retro styling will be part of Corvettes DNA. Every new Corvette has been and always will be better than previous generations. The heritage will always be a part of the image. But like shoes they grab the image of the times and instantly take you back in time to the day you first saw that generation. That's what makes them so special.

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