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Corvette C5 

Corvette C5 home of LS1, LS6, Coupe and Convertible. The Fantastic and Revolutionary C5 Corvette was the first change for the Vette in 12 years. Hard to believe that it was that many years without a major change. They had a ton of challenges to overcome to build the Corvette C 5.

In our opinion the car was a home run. A photograph does the car no justice. The first time we saw the C5 Corvette was most like everyone else in a magazine. We thought it looked bland until we saw it in person! The exquisite lines play well to natural light and movement. The sexy side of the front fender & hood carry your eye with pure enjoyment as it passes you bye.

The shape has aged well also which is the sign of a true classic! The biggest complaint is the interior. We dont believe this to be true. The interior along with the seats have gotten lots of lip service. Its easy to latch onto something that a few people say is wrong and accept as your own.

It takes little effort as a magazine editor to regurgitate this and spread this negative energy. The car should be respected for its period of design, engineering advancements and value. The C5 is truly a classic you can own today and represents one of the greatest cars you can buy for the money! Purchasing a Corvette C5 and some go fast parts will put a smile on your face and put you on par with some of the fastest cars on the planet and not break the bank!

Some of the changes from the C4 on the Corvette C 5 are:
345, 350, 385 to 405HP depending on the year and model
50/50 weight split
Transmission in the rear
No gas guzzler tax thanks to it great mileage 18-28 mpg
Low curb weight 3300 lbs
Tire pressure sensors and run flat tires (no spare)
Great performance for the cost
Stiffer frame rails
Increased wheel base 8 Inches to 104.5
Cast Aluminum engine block
Engine 44 Lbs lighter then previous
Engine power went up 45 Bhp
Revised firing order to 1-8-7-2-6-5-4-3

Corvette C5 Models

Coupe 1997-2004 C5 Generation

Convertible 1998-2004

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