C5 Corvette Wheels

C5 Corvette Wheels (Base Specs)

Cast Aluminum

  • Front: 17 x 8.5 Tire size: P245/45ZR-17
  • Rear: 18 x 9.5 Tire size: P275/40ZR-18
  • Bolt pattern 5x4.75" (same as 5x120.65mm)
  • Front offset= +58mm, Back Spacing= 7.0" (177.8mm)
  • Rear offset= +65mm, Back Spacing= 7.5" (190.5mm)

C5 Corvette Z06 Wheel Specs

  • Forged Aluminum
  • Front: 17 x 9.5 Tire size: P265/40ZR-17
  • Rear: 18 x 10.5 Tire size: P295/35ZR-18
  • Bolt pattern 5x4.75" (same as 5x120.65mm)
  • Front Offset= +54mm, Back Spacing= 7.38” (187.35mm)
  • Rear Offset= +58mm, Back Spacing= 8.03” (204.05mm)

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C5 Corvette Wheels OEM Sizes:

Use the wheel specifications and wheel examples to shop for wheels. As long as they say the wheels fit you are guaranteed the wheels will work!   Wheels shown are guaranteed to fit your C5 Corvette.  You can also explore different style of wheels.

To Calculate Non Stock Wheel Specs Use Our Calculator

Click here for our wheel offset tool

Forged or Cast Aluminum Whats the Difference?

Forged or Cast Aluminum whats the difference? That's a question you may be asking yourself. "Forged" and "Cast" refer to the type of manufacturing process and they could not be more different. Forging refers to cold working the metal from one solid piece of billet aluminum. Generally this done by forcing the aluminum material between forging dies under extreme high pressure. This changes the molecular grain structure of the aluminum packing them tightly together. Once the forging process is completed the strength of the material is increased. After Forging a blank is placed in a CNC cutting machine and the wheel shape is cut out in what ever shape the manufacture has programmed. This is a time consuming process but it yields the strongest one piece design and usually the lightest wheel you can buy. After machining any finish can be applied.
Cast wheels are just like the name implies. A sand casting negative of the wheel is made and molten aluminum is either gravity fed or force fed into the mold. This is an art in itself to do right. The advantage to casting under pressure is that it forces more material into the cast making the wheel stronger. Cast wheels then are finished in any popular finish like chrome, paint or powder coat. Cast wheels are generally of less strength from its cousin forged but is an economical solution. Cast wheels will have more intricate detail from forged allowing a greater selection of designs.

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Click on the links below to learn about wheels that we have reviewed on Ecklers Corvette.  They have a large selection of wheels and provide specific C5 Corvette fitment details for each wheel style.  The large photo gallery's also allow you to zoom in for a closer view. 

One of the many reasons we like Ecklers  is the experience they have with Corvettes.  With over 50 years of experience they have grown by leaps and bounds over the years allowing us Corvette freaks customize our cars like no one else.  They also have one of the best customer service and Tech help lines in the industry!  
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C5 Corvette Wheel Hard Core Data

C5 Corvette Wheels Weight by brand and type
19.2 lbs, front; 21.4 lbs, rear - 97-99 OEM wagon
22 lbs, front; 29 lbs, rear - 97-99 OEM wagon
17 lbs, front; 19.5 lbs rear - 97-00 OEM magnesium
17.5 lbs, front; 19.5 lbs, rear - 97-00 OEM magnesium
18.08 lbs, front; 20.06 rear - 00 OEM standard, thin spoke, high polish
17 lbs, front; 20 lbs, rear - 00 OEM standard, thin spoke, painted, no sensors or centercaps
16 lbs, front; 20 lbs, rear - 01 OEM standard high polish
19.6 lbs, front; 21.4 lbs, rear - 01 Z06 forged
19.2 lbs, front; 21 lbs, rear - 02-04 Z06 cast/spun
24 lbs, 18x10.5 - 00+ repro high polish
28 lbs, front; 32 lbs, rear - Z06 chrome repro
23 lbs, front; 26 lbs, rear - Z06 chrome repro
23.5 lbs, front; 24.5 lbs, rear - Z06 Motorsports, polished
20 lbs, 17x8.5, 58mm offset, front; 23 lbs, 18x9.5, 65mm offset, rear
22 lbs, 18x10.5, 58mm offset, front - HRE 545 w/clear center
27 lbs, 18x12, 74mm offset, rear - HRE 545 w/clear center
24/25 lbs - Z07 wheel weight, front
28 lbs - Z07 wheel weight, rear

How to Measure C5 Corvette Wheels Offset


Rim Width / 2 = Centerline
Centerline + Offset + Rim Lip = Backspacing

8" wide rims / 2 = 4" Centerline
4" centerline + 0.63" Offset + 0.25" Lip = 4.88" Backspacing


Offset is the distance from the rim's mounting surface to the centerline. Positive offset means the mounting surface is moved towards the outside (away from the center of the car) of the rim. Negative offset is the opposite.


Backspacing is the inside depth of the rim. It can easily be measured by putting a yardstick across the backside of the rim, and measuring the distance between the mounting surface and the yardstick.

C5 Corvette wheels backspacing can also be calculated, as shown above. Don't forget to add for the rim's lip and tire bulging past the rim (Roughly about .25"). Per our Example the 16x8" 0mm offset front rims would have 4.25" of backspacing. The positive 16mm rear rims (16mm/25.4 = 0.63") have about 4.9" of backspacing

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