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Corvette Financing or Leasing your Corvette can be a real rewarding experience for several reasons.  Either buying new or used depending on your situation has advantages.  

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We'll cover Corvette Financing for a new Corvette first. A new Corvette is obviously a great way to get a car and limit the amount of potential repairs because of the warranty. Even out of warranty you wont have that many problems with these cars.

The C5, C6 and C7 Corvettes have proved to be pretty reliable. You could always purchase an extended warranty for piece of mind. GM typically can be a good source of financing because they want to move cars.

Please be careful of a bank that a dealer recommends with caution. They kick back a certain percent of your Bank Auto Financing back to the dealer which comes out of your pocket. Our recommendation is to bring your own Corvette financing to the table and work your best deal first. Check available credit unions they usually have the best rates.


A lease is another option for getting the Vette of your dreams! You can work the lease very similar to the finance but get a little lower payment. Its all about the purchase price and the residual value of the car when your lease term is up. Negotiate the purchase price before talking lease.
The banks determine the residual value. This really is where you can make or break a lease deal for you. Its the banks best guess at what they think they can get for the car at a dealer auction. The future is always changing so it depends on the market. You could always purchase the car at the end of the lease also. The advantage to that would be a cheaper monthly payment for a couple of years. Then since the purchase price of the car will be less after the lease you can finance the car for less and pay less interest on it and know who drove the car before you. Sometimes banks will take a lower price then the residual to save on the hassle of dealing with the car so there is another angle for you.
If you are ready to build a new Vette don't forget to check the Museum Delivery Option (R8C). Check this option if you want to pick it up in Bowling Green Kentucky when special ordering from your dealer. Corvette Museum Delivery If you are in the area or picking up your car make sure and do the plant tour you might just get lucky and be the first one to give birth to your car! Corvette Plant Tour Used Corvettes are a great way to enjoy a nice car and not fork out too much money and in some case can be a great investment depending on the car. But do yourself a favor and do a Car Fax on it first after you figure out the Corvette Financing!

The Corvette has one of the highest residual values of any car which means you wont get upside down in it to fast. Just make sure and put enough down on it to keep yourself in front of the depreciation. Buying a Corvette is really a great experience and you will love the car more and more everyday. Great people, great car lots of smiles, miles and fun! A true American experience we are fortunate to have. It really is the heart of America!

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