Corvette Girls

Glass, Gas and Fiberglass!

Flannel Never Looked So Hot!
Excellent Car Accessory!

Corvette Girls!

We did our due diligence while scouring the internet for sexy girls and Corvettes.  Sometimes it was necessary to enlarge the photos (for research of course) to bring you the best examples of gorgeous Corvettes and girls that love them!  I challenge you to find the cars in these photos...I promise they are there.  If you have some hot pics to add to these Corvette Girls, simply post them in the Corvette Ask section and we will move them to this page!  

Hot in Heels
Santa's Mechanic-No Wonder He's So Jolly!

Makes you feel kinda festive, doesn't it.  Us too! (We're waiting up for Santa this year!)

Keep Looking...We Promise It's Broken!

Thankful when this mechanic came to fix my Corvette!  Unfortunately I had car trouble a few times that day.

Sold! Package Deal!

Lest we forget the sexy Corvette Girls at the auto show!!  

Of all the makes and models of Corvettes, which ones attract the most women? Well, not just ANY women, but the hottest women...(you'll thank me later)

Below are thoughtful answers across the web:

  • "Any vette laminated with $100 bills!"
  • "I've gotten so many looks from my yellow Corvette. Chics dig yellow cars! But the coolest part is when they ask you what you drive and you reply "Corvette", their eyes light up with a newfound interest in you! 
  • A C2 or C3 vette implies that you have a sense of class and refuse to drive a mere Honda like a savage."
  • "My yellow '81 seems to attract lots of female attention as they want rides. If I were single I'd be dating 24/7. I turn most of them down, all I need is a photo of me in my vette with one of these hot blondes popping up somewhere my wife would see it. "Honey, really, I was just giving her a ride... uhh.. I mean a ride in my car.  **slap**"
  • "Black 79 with flames ( its the flames that get them hot)"
  • "I don't know what Corvette attracts most attention but I know what vette doesn't... One stuck in the driveway with broken suspension components awaiting parts. :lol: "

    -And now a "brake" for important images:

We thought it was important to get some insight from a female perspective:

  • "It's not only how they look but how good they sound that can really get my attention!"
  • "A vette gives a girl a sense that her man has power and is unstoppable – traits she wants to find in other sexy things her man does to make her feel feminine and wild!" 

And we'll leave you with this:

  •  A study was conducted which had women listening to engine sounds from a variety of automobiles. Girls revealed an increase in testosterone levels in their blood after hearing the sound of a Corvette engine revving, which means their libidos were affected in a very positive way. Ideally, owning and revving up a Corvette engine will get you surrounded by amorous women. However, for those who can’t afford one, you'll have to settle for downloading a revving ringtone on your cell phone.

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