Corvette Museum 2012

2013 Corvette

2013 Corvette Line Up

(Video) Meet the 2013 Corvette

2013 Corvette is introduced to the crowd outside the National Corvette Museum. Tadge and Harland show the changes to the 2013 Corvette. Presenting the new model Z06 Convertible and what makes it unique.

(Video) Corvette Managers Discuss the 2013 Model Changes and Pricing

Kirk Bennion, Harlan Charles, and Tadge Juechter talk about color options, stripes, carbon panels, 60th anniversary, special edition, wheel option, pricing and unique features of the 2013 Corvette. Listen closely for the comment about the last ZR1.

(Video) 2013 Corvette Color Options & Z06 Convertible Information

Harlan Charles, and Tadge Juechter talk about color options. Towards the end of the video they discuss the Z06 Convertible challenges and specifications.

(Video) Michelin Tire Development

Lead tire Engineer Lee Willard, Michelin Race Tire Engineer speaks about the Tire Tech transfer to the C6 Corvette at the 2012 National Corvette Museum Bash in Bowling Green, KY.

2012 C5 and C6 Corvette Birthday Bash

April 26-28 2012
The 2012 C5 and C6 Corvette Birthday bash located at the National Corvette Museum was another huge success. On hand were the 2013 Corvette model line up and Corvette Racing displays. Michelin tire engineers were also on hand to discuss the technology transfer of the Michelin PS Cup tires on the C6 Corvette.

List of Seminars Presented:
“Ask the Expert” Seminar with Paul Koerner C4/C5/C6 Specialist
Tire Tech – Race and Street, Presented by Lee Willard, Michelin Race Tire Engineer
Factory Corvette Care Tips, Presented by Tom Hill and staff of the Bowling Green Assembly Plant
Race Team Seminar with Race Team members Doug Fehan and Danny Binks
Powertrain Development in the Corvette, Presented by Bill Nichols, Powertrain VSE
2013 Corvette Walk-AroundPresented by GM Detroit and Bowling Green engineers and designers
Setting Records at the Nurburgring Speaker: Jim Mero, GM Track Rat and Jeff Mosher, Vehicle Dynamics Engineer
Engineering the Corvette Presented by Tadge Juechter, Corvette Chief Engineer and Harlan Charles, Corvette Product Manager
Sculpting and Design Presented by: Kirk Bennion, lead exterior Corvette designer and Gerry Panetta, head of sculpting studio

2013 Picture Show from the Bash

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