ZR1 2019 Corvette 

ZR1 Sets New Bar!

2019 Corvette ZR1 The 2019 Corvette ZR1 sets the bar to the highest level ever! Never has GM produced a production vehicle with this much horsepower. The new ZR-1 produces 755 horsepower and 715 foot-pounds of torque. Exclusive body features accompany the ZR1 at every vantage point of the beast. The increased inlet area required to cool and feed the massive air pump under the new bulging new hood is the most obvious and largest distinguishing feature of the new Vette. The rear wing is also the largest to ever be fitted to a GM vehicle. The wing is offered in 2 different options. The low wing version allows for top speed runs that reduces the drag of the Corvette to break well past the 200 mph mark. The high wing version allows a somewhat overstated in your face I'm here and I'm not messing around get out of my way and watch out for my wake turbulence as I go by your hulking chunk of Titanic scrap steel "D" or "F" model whatever! 

Unique Features of the ZR1:

  1. 5 Additional Cooling Radiators compared to the Z06 
  2. Unique leather badging 
  3. Custom wheels 
  4. Unique exterior badging 
  5. Custom suspension tuning 
  6. Front underwing 
  7. Unique front bumper design 
  8. Max boost 13 psi 4 lobe design supercharger that's 52% larger than what is used on the Z06 
  9. 95 mm throttle body 
  10. Direct fuel inject with a secondary electronic port fuel injection system 
  11. 212 mph top speed 
  12. Exhaust bypass system unique to the ZR1 
  13. Massive functional halo hood 
  14. LT5 engine specifications

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