C5 Corvette Suspension

C5 Corvette Suspension Codes
* Base (FE1)
* Z51 (FE3)
* Z06 (FE4)
* Adjustable (F45)
* Magnetic/Adjustable (F55)

C5 Corvette Suspension Alignment

C5 Suspension Angles 6.5° --- front caster angle
0.2° --- rear caster angle
36mm --- front caster trail
63mm --- front spindle length
50.7mm --- rear spindle length
8.8° --- front kingpin angle
9.2° --- rear kingpin angle (inclination)
10mm --- front scrub radius
1.0mm --- rear scrub radius
1.34:1 --- front shock lever arm ratio
1.43:1 --- rear shock lever arm ratio
5.2 --- rear side-view swing arm angle

Corvette Owners Guide with Alignment Information!

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C5 Corvette Springs

Here are some C5 Corvette Suspension Spring P/N's, in case you are looking to upgrade:
- Z06 Front spring: 22178729
- Z06 Rear spring: 22188038
- Z51 Front spring: 22178729 (note: same as Z06)
- Z51 Rear spring: 22179020
- Base Front Spring: 22178728
- Base Rear Spring: 22179019

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