LS1 Engine Details

Size: 5.7 L 346 Ci Bore: 3.893 inches Stroke: 3.622 Hp: 97-2000 345 @ 5600 rpm 350 ft-lb of torque @ 4400 rpm Hp: 2001-04 350 @ 5600 rpm 375 ft-lb of torque @ 4400 rpm MAF sensor size: 75 mm Throttle body size: 75 mm Spark plug: AC 41-931 Spark plug gap: 1.5 mm Oil Pressure relief setting 60 Psi @ 5000 rpm Block Material: Aluminum 319-T5 Year/Casting # 97-99, 12550592 2000, 12559378 2001-2004, 12561168 LS6 Style The Aluminum LS1 Gen III V-8 block only weighs 103 lbs! Has 6 bolt main caps. The centrifugally cast iron liners are manufactured in a centrifuge then cast into place in the block during the pour of molten metal.

LS1 engine block liners have very little tolerance for rework! 97-98 blocks can only be honed out .004 inches. The 99 and later can be a max of .010 over.

The Stock crank has been known to handle over 500 hp Naturally Aspirated and 650 hp in Forced Induction uses! The rolled fillets on the crank journals are the biggest contributor to its strength.

LS1 Head Details

Rocker Ratio: 1.7:1
LS1 Head Casting #
97-98 (Perimeter Bolt Valve Covers) 10215339, 12558806
99-01 12559853
01-04 12564241, 12559853
Valve Angle: 15 Degrees

Valve Size: Intake 2.0 Exhaust 1.55
Combustion Chamber Size: 66.67
Single Use Head Bolts
Visual Cues For Differences : LS1 Exhaust Port Oval LS6 D-shaped

How to Build High-Performance Chevy LS1/LS6 V-8s (SA Design)

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