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Is a request for confirmation of my car a scam? 
I was recently contacted by email by somebody looking for their father's old corvette - told it was sold years ago and he was wondering what happened to …

missing vin tags on 1964 corvette coupe 
Looking at a 1964 corvette coupe but has vin tags missing car is in canada he said its liscenced but how do I get new vin plates or it is even possible. …


327 340 hp engine has dead cylinders  
1963 327 340 HP runs & sounds well @ throttle but idle isnt good - has tach drive dist with points - all wires/ plugs new with points too - new …

What is the paint code for Red & for Yellow for the 1966 corvette ? 
What is the paint code for Red & for Yellow for the 1966 corvette?

Casting Number / Engine Size 
I recently bought a motor and I was told it was either a 283 or a 327 out of approximately a 1965 Vette. I've researched all the numbers I've found on …

Rare Vetts 
How many 64s were sold without radios?

Mosport Green 66 
There were only 2311 '66 Corvettes produced with Mosport Green, a one-year color. Does anyone know how many of those were also big-blocks?

Corvette Buff 
My 1967 Corvette Roadster has a vin number of Loooooooo1 > What does this mean ? The original one should begin with 194

Looking to find build records for my C2 Not rated yet
Hi are there any build records for my 1965 C2 ' Chassis Number 19467S107666 F22 S2498 65 467 900MM Thank you! Happy …

Car breaks down, spits and sputters @ 4000-5000 RPM Not rated yet
Car breaks down, spits and sputters @ 4000-5000 RPM. My 1966 Corvette 327/ 350 HP, AC plugs, points ignition .... I think problem is either gas, ignition …

air vents Not rated yet
I can't get the air vents to work or allow air in????

My 67 turn signals will not work. Not rated yet
All the other lights including the hazard lights work. The only thing that happens is when the right turn is activated all 4 rear lights blink. I have …

headlight switch heating up Not rated yet
I am replacing the headlight switch and I noticed it was actally burning my hand when I was attempting to position the switch in the dash. Is this normal? …

headlight switch heating up Not rated yet
I am replacing the headlight switch and I noticed it was actally burning my hand when I was attempting to position the switch in the dash. Is this normal? …

64 vette Vin Not rated yet
What is the vin of the last 64 coupe produced 122229 or 122228 or122227 etc. can't find that info anywhere Thank you.

final production assy date Not rated yet
I'm trying to find the final assy date for 67. The production # is 122741. Thanks

trouble making sense out of numbers  Not rated yet
motor number 5111634 f0219ht do these numbers match for a numbers matching car vin number 194676s125640 66 vette

Do not have a VIN only a model number 19467. Not rated yet
I bought a 1967 Corvette in October of 1966. It was a convertible with the 2 tops. The engine was a 390 HP 427 with a 4 speed transmission from a dealer …

C2 Corvette 327 engine specs needed Not rated yet
I want to build a 327 to match Corvette specs. C2 Corvettes came with single 4bbl 327s ranging from 300 HP to 340 HP. Does anyone know where I can find …

Interior vent door in a 64  Not rated yet
How does the interior vent door in a 64 roadster install, is the spring related rod in the up or down position?

Did 1965 327/365 hp come with headers? Not rated yet
Restoring a numbers matching c2 not sure if the headers belong. Can't find anything that will tell me

ac Not rated yet
Everything new on ac except evaporator and ls3 with Front Runner ac compressor I have replaced the drier and expansion valve one more time and still no …

65 vette ac not cold Not rated yet
Did a ls3 engine swap with all new condenser, drier, hoses and bypass in throttle valve and new expansion valve and after charging the top evap line is …

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Purchasing a classic  Not rated yet
I am looking for a reputable inspector to verify all aspects of a 63 fuelie conv in the New Jersey area. Want to make sure stated work was performed and …

Having trouble installing speedometor needle . Not rated yet
1965 stingray ,replaced face on speedometer and now having an issue installing needle, tried simply pushing it on and it wont go .

327 350hp hei dist. motor cranks but will not start. No spark to pluf wire. Not rated yet
327 350hp with hei dist. Motor cranks but will not start. No spark to the spark plug as well.

what motor did this come with? Not rated yet
194677S121665 What motor did this come with?

Looking to purchase 65 corvette Not rated yet
How do I figure out what engine/ horsepower, transmission and options it came with? The original engine is not in the car and am not sure if the trans …

Looking to purchase 65 corvette Not rated yet
How do I figure out what engine/ horsepower transmission and options it came with? The original engine is not in the car and am not sure if the trans has …

Belts for a 1966 427 390 hp Not rated yet
I have a 1966 427 ci 390 hp vette with power steering and power brakes. No A/C I want to replace the belts on it. Do you have a set that includes …

Need to find what engine was originally installed Not rated yet
What size and config engine was originally installed in 1967 Vin 194377s113705. I believe it was a 427 with large exhaust pipes under car

Vin identification Not rated yet
I've heard that there is someone who has microfiche records of chevy vin numbers and who they were sold to at what time. Anyone know who this is?

Interpreting engine numbers for 1967 corvette, 327 motor Not rated yet
I have been looking at c2 corvettes, I am looking to buy. I saw a 67 / 327 recently. The engine serial number starts with a V not an F (Flint) like I am …

1967 Corvette VIN decoder Not rated yet
I want to research my car's VIN number to see if will give me the plant it was built and the dealer who it was shipped. VIN 194677S112246 Thank you …

What Engine was in my 1963 Corvette Not rated yet
I have a 63 Corvette Convertible. When I purchased 4 years ago it had a Crate Engine installed. That owner did not have any history on it. Is there any …

Trying to determine what engine was in my corvette from the factory Not rated yet
I have a 65 Corvette. I would like to know if there is a way to determine what engine was in it when it rolled out of the factory?

1964 Corvette - 327 overheating  Not rated yet
In 1981 I purchased a 1964 Corvette with a 327 -365 HP engine. The only mods done to the car was that a pair of 1965 side pipes were added. The car ran …

Looking for person to assist in restoration in Columbus, OH on a '65 Not rated yet
Purchased an all original 65 Coupe and don't want to screw up taking it to a place that may ruin its value. My car has 64K original miles, 4 speed w/ 365 …

C2 powerbroker transmission codes Not rated yet
I am looking at a very nice 66 coupe with a powerglide transmission. I'm not having much luck finding numbers & codes for these transmissions. I would …

1966 Passenger Vent Door removal? Not rated yet
How do you remove the passenger vent door ( and assembly) on a 1966 corvette coupe with air conditioning?

How do i know if my 63 is early or late production Not rated yet
How do i know if my 63 is early or late production?

1966 Fuel filler door crossed flags, victors flag, upper left corner color Not rated yet
I am in the twilight zone regarding fuel filler doors for a 66. White or black square? I have a mid 13,000 vin with what I thought was an original door …

spare tire rim type and size for 1966 corvette Not rated yet
What rim type and tire size was meant to mounted in the spare tire compartment on the 1966 corvette? I have no spare tire, so purchased a modern replica …

rust in gas tank Not rated yet
I am planning on draining my gas tank; pull and replace the fuel sending unit, spray a mild acid 10% in the tank to remove the rust and then spray in …

Is seafoam safe? Not rated yet
I have had a couple of people recommend that I should use SeaFoam in my 1967 Corvette 327 (original motor) - Holley 4 barrel. It is running a little rough. …


Trying to ID a Corvette Block Not rated yet
The casting # is 39000, there maybe a space between the 39 and 000. The stamp on the front of the block is hard to see but looks like 0F4224 the in larger …

Where can I find detailed info on removing the body from the frame on my1964 corvette convertible Not rated yet
Need help in finding detailed info to separate my body from frame on 1964 convertible

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mixed up body panels Not rated yet
I recently found and purchased a 1965 Corvette roadster that was in a garage and had not moved since 1983. The vin# is 194675s1232xx. It has rear disc …

AM/FM Radio Not rated yet
I have a 1963-1967 oem radio and need to find out what specific year it is for also I need to find out if it is working. I am trying to sell it for a deceased …

1964 air vent rear pillar Not rated yet
Where can I find info on repairing the rear air vent on a 64 coupe? Also the rear window leaks, I need info for removing the trim without damaging it. …

finding VIN Number- plate missing from glove compartment bar Not rated yet
my vin plate was missing from the bar near the glove compartment. where else can I find it?

removing body 1967 roadster Not rated yet
I'm not sure where all body bolts are on this car. Can you help? Sincerely, jerry

Missing VIN  Not rated yet
I have recently purchased a 1965 Corvette Coupe that does not have the proper VIN number or plate under the glove box on the cross frame I know all 1965 …

327 340 hp engine has dead cylinders  Not rated yet
1963 327 340 HP runs & sounds well @ throttle but idle isnt good - has tach drive dist with points - all wires/ plugs new with points too - new …

1967 w/427 motor brake rotor service limits Not rated yet
Hey can someone tell me the brake rotor service limits for a 67 corvette. original 427 motor if that matters... Thanks... Dave

fuel for my 1965 corvette Not rated yet
327 engine special h.p can i run 110 octane can not find 104

Search question Not rated yet
How can I find out if my Uncle's Corvette is still around? I have the VIN number of the 1965 car. Thanks

1964 Corvette engine horsepower Not rated yet
I have a '64 corvette and have always thought that the engine was the 327 300 hp version, but after recently having some service work done, the mechanic …

1967 driver side fresh air vent assy. with air conditioning Not rated yet
Does anybody have a picture of their 1967 with factory air conditioning showing the drivers side vent assy. It is not shown in the 1967 assy. manual Any …

67 corvette Not rated yet
Head light indicators flashing

Removing fresh air vent cable Not rated yet
How do I remove the cable from the fresh air vent door of my 64 coupe there. How is the cable fastened to the vent door? bob

Why does my 1964 convertible corvette tachometer red line read 7500 rpm? Not rated yet
Why does my 1964 convertible corvette tachometer red line read 7500 rpm ?

Have a 65 Corvette. I have lots of air coming from under the dash, that is not coming from the kick panel vents? Where do you think the air is coming from Not rated yet
Hello, I have a 65 corvette. I have lots of air coming from under the dash that is not coming from the kick panel vents. Where do you think it is coming …

Decoding "job numbers on early Corvettes (C2) Not rated yet
Does anyone know the meaning of an "X" prefix on the job number on a C2 Corvette, i.e., X195; I found this number on the rear bulkhead just in front of …

Part numbers for 63-64 wheel cylinders Not rated yet
part numbers for 1963-1964 brake wheel cylinders

george c. Turn Signal Location Not rated yet
Can someone tell me turn signal flasher location 67 roadster thank you

Retired Manufacturing Engineer Not rated yet
I recently purchased a 1955 Chevrolet BelAir 2 dr. H.T. This car was a body off restoration in 1998, and has a 1964 327 V-8. Other than that, this car …

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