Can't open hood on my C2

by Bob

The hood slammed shut after which the left side would not release.
Tried pulling on the release cable but no results.
Please advise!
Thank you!

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Nov 22, 2018
Stuck Hood NEW
by: Chris Corvette Brainiac


Nothing is worse than having that stuck feeling! Man we can't imagine a worse problem. We understand the following video on Youtube is of a C3 but we figure it will give you the idea where to look on your car and possible give you ideas how to solve your problem. Copy and paste the following into your browser address:

For the C2 and your problem you may have to try (with help) to push down on the hood and pull simultaneously the hood release.

If that does not work you may have to gain access to the forward area of the firewall via the fuse block. Be very careful unless you jack up the car and disconnect the battery. Live 12v power is running through the fuse block at all times. If you can loosen the fuse block panel from the firewall and move far enough away from the hole it may be enough to get a screw driver up to the hood release on the driver side. You might get lucky and have another option of an access hole. Once you get access let us know how you got into the hood.

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