C6 Corvette Buyers Guide Paperback Book, Electronic Book and Immediate Download

C6 Corvette Buyers Guide is full of must have information when buying a used C6 Corvette!

Covers All Models of 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 Corvettes

C6 Corvette Book of Knowledge

Facts about the C6 Corvette Buyers Guide:

✓ Now on 6 X 9 Color Paperback with 152 pages
✓ Corvette timeline of improvements for each year
✓ Only book of its kind
✓ Electronic Format allows you to get our free Revisions
✓ Always Current Factual Information
✓ Real world usage from first hand Experience
✓ Jam Packed with Information
✓ Valuable still after you find your Corvette
✓ Performance & Car Specifications
✓ Members Area for Extra Content & Help
✓ PDF Format Ideal for IPads and E Readers
✓ Production Information
✓ Common Problems & Repairs
✓ Routine Maintenance & Required Parts
✓ Extensive Factory Upgrade Part Numbers List
✓ Saves Loads of Time and Money
✓ Current Recall Information by Year
✓ 6 Plus pages of Printable Winter Storage & Buyers Road/Inspection Checklists!
✓ 6 pages of Printable Torque Sheets for almost all Components of a C6!
✓ Recommended Products to Protect & Improve Convenience!
✓ Informational Links and over 60 color photos.
Much much more then we can list here!
Jam Packed with information in the 152 pages and 28,000+ words! See Table of contents below for more information!

We help C6 Corvette enthusiasts to immediately learn about what makes them tick even if you know nothing about cars!

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The book also teaches you what makes them unique along the way! We provide you the tools and the knowledge to keep your life easy! You only need to provide the passion!

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Question? Who is this book written for?
Every C6 Corvette enthusiast can benefit from this book. Its way more than a Corvette Buyers Guide! Contained within its pages is information for the dreamer, searcher, owner and seller. A full experience of C6 Corvette ownership!

Our C6 Corvette Buyers Guide would would greatly benefit and improve any Corvette salesmen knowledge! It empowers anybody to improve their knowledge of C6 Corvettes!

If You Have Any Questions Please Contact Us!

C6 Corvette Buyers GuideTable of Contents for C6 Corvette Book of Knowledge

VIN Decoder	
C6 Corvette Models	
2009+ ZR1	
Build Sheet Info	
Corvette Museum	
Corvette Plant	
Corvette Event Codes	
C6 Corvette Dealer PDI (Pre-delivery inspection)	
C6 Corvette Production	
C6 Corvette Suspension Alignment	
Ride Height	
C6 Corvette Differences	
2009 ZR1 Specific:	
2006 Z06 Returns	
C6 Corvette Dimensions / Capacities	
C6 Corvette Engines	
Engine Specifications	
C6 Corvette Suspension	
C6 Brake Options	
C6 Axle Ratios	
C6 Corvette Transmission Options	
ZR1 Transmission Ratios	
Z06 / Base Manual Transmission Ratios	
Base Transmission Ratios Z51 and Grand Sport	
Auto Six Speed Transmission Ratios	
Auto Four Speed Transmission Ratios	
C6 Corvette Performance	
Corvette Oil	
C6 Corvette TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System 2010+	
C6 Corvette Tire Pressure Sensors 2005-09	
C6 Corvette Window Indexing or Power Window Initialize	
C6 Corvette Battery Maintenance	
Doors are Locked Battery is Dead!	
C6 Corvette Fob Programming Instructions	
Customization Tips	
Customizable Features	
Personalize Name:	
Current Driver’s Preferences are Recalled	
Customizable Features (set in DIC)	
Auto Memory Recall	
Auto Exit Recall:	
Approach Lights:	
Twilight Delay:	
Flash at Unlock:	
Flash at Lock:	
FOB Reminder:	
Passive Door Locking:	
Passive Door Unlock:	
Auto Unlock:	
C6 Corvette Little Known Facts	
C6 RPO Codes	
C6 Corvette Problems	
Corvette C6 Replacement Parts	
C6 Corvette Upgrade / Replacement Parts	
C6 Recommended Products	
Meguiars Car Wash and Wax Kit	
Corvette Garage Priority Start Battery Protector	
CTEK Multi US 3300 12V Smart Battery Charger	
Corvette C6 Logo Custom Fit Sun Shield	
Tunnel Plate	
Corvette C6 Black Splash Guards	
Non GM brand black splash guards set of 4 with attachment clips.	
Corvette Headlight Protector	
Jacking Pads to Protect Rocker Panels	
Floor Jacks	
Rapid Pump® 1-1/2 Ton Compact Aluminum Racing Jack from Pittsburgh tools	
High Quality Large Display Digital Tire Gauge	
Battery Tender Brand Charge	
Gas STA-BIL Stabilizer	
Car Cover	
Corvette C6 Recalls	
Special Recall Note for all Corvette C6’s	
C6 Corvette DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes)	
Corvette Acronyms	
Buyers Guide and Checklist	
Road Test	
2005 Corvette Production	
2006 Corvette Production	
2007 Corvette Production	
2008 Corvette Production
2009 Corvette Production	
2010 Production	
C6 Corvette Winter Storage Checklist	
C6 Corvette Torque Values	
Car Show Form	

List of Figures

Figure 1 2009 Corvette ZR1 at the 2008 Jetstream Blue Tintcoat 85U	
Figure 2 2009+ ZR1 Cyber Gray	
Figure 3 2011 Z06 Corvette with CFZ & Z07 Package Crystal Red Metallic Tintcoat 89U	
Figure 4 Base 2006 Z06 Velocity Yellow 45U	
Figure 5 2010 Grand Sport Cyber Gray 57U and Fender Stripes in silver	
Figure 6 2005+ Convertible Victory Red 74U	
Figure 7 2005+ Base Corvette Velocity Yellow 45U	
Figure 8 Build Sheet	
Figure 9 National Corvette Museum	
Figure 10 Collection of Unique Corvettes and displays
Figure 11 Corvette Plant	
Figure 12 C6 Corvette Production Stats	
Figure 13 2006 Corvette Daytona Sunset Orange	
Figure 14 LS2 6.0L Engine.	
Figure 15 LS7 7.0L 427ci Engine Found in all Z06 Corvettes 2006-2011	
Figure 16 2006 First Year for Z06 Daytona Sunset Orange 71U	
Figure 17 2007 Ron Fellows Special Edition Z06 RPO Z33	
Figure 18 2008 Indy Pace Car	
Figure 19 2008 Pace Car Facts	
Figure 20 2009 First Year for ZR1 Jetstream Blue Tintcoat 85U	
Figure 21 2009 Corvette GT1 Special Edition	
Figure 22 2010 Grand Sport First Year for Grand Sports	
Figure 23 2011 ZR1 Supersonic Blue	
Figure 24 Torque Angle Meter	

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