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Fuel gauge stops working 
Have 2002 convertible 26000 miles after driving 1/2 hour fuel gauge goes to empty, check gauges light and low tire pressure . Unhook battery then connect …

Battery went dead, now getting Service ABS, Service Active Handling, Service Traction  
Have a ‘99 C5 that the battery went dead in, after recharging battery the instrument cluster keep going thru intermittent cycles saying Service ABS, Service …

My 2002 base c5 will not start or reduced power until dash lights and gauges stop flickering 
I have a 2002 base convertible c5 when I turn the key on the gauges and dash lights flicker. sometimes I can also hear a clicking sound from the dash on …

2000 lights won't open 
Hello, this is just the latest of problems with what I think is the muiltfunction switch turn signals work at times other not, when cruise control is activated …

TPS & Key fobs not working 
1999 Corvette, The TPS and the Key-fobs are not being received by the transceiver. tried a different receiver still nothing. they did work when i got the …

Car dies 
1999 C5 corvette died after starting 3 times after I put it in gear. The I started it and revved it up a few times and it drove fine for about 5 miles. …

problem to start c5 vette 
When i put key in to start my C5 vette gages go crazy lights flash security light goes on car turns over but then shuts off . Any idea what the problem …

How do you tell a early from a late made 2003 corvette 
I need to know to order the right part

c5 won't start hot 
c5 won't start hot unless the key is cycled between off and on three times, then it will run fine. fuel pressure regulator has been changed as well as …

Car runs shuts off says take out key for 10 seconds  
Car runs shuts off says take out key for 10 seconds then runs fine

A/C blower motor and resistor are new but still not coming on. 
I have a 1999 C5 Corvette and the A/C and Heater will not come on. I have replaced the blower motor, resistor and all relays plus fuses and still no luck. …

headlight doors wont close if the engine is off 
The headlight doors on my C5 corvette wont close with the engine turned off. Is this normal?

Key Fob compatibility 
I have a 2000 C5 convertible and it came with one key and one remote. I successfully got a spare key with the correct chip and it works fine. I just bought …

Passenger side temp control appears to not work 
Just bought a 2002 coupe and noticed that the passenger tempeture control knob doesn’t change the temperature display when you turn the knob up or down. …

will not shift gears 
Pulled corvette into garage-activated trunk release-corvette stays in neutral when i try to shift-will not work in drive or reverse-closed trunk;still …

Can I reset the psi gauge its stays on 80 c5 
C5 with a psi gauge on 80 with engine running, can I reset the gauge. Year2001

C5 Cruise disengages 
My 03 C5's cruise disengages. Service engine soon, active handling and traction control comes up on the DIC, and check gages comes uo on the Heads Up display. …

Over heating 
Seem like my 2002 started over heating about 2 months ago. I've had it flushed, new anti freeze, new thermostat (2), cooling fans come on, (but don't seem …

Tinny clanging noise on acceleration or stopped on hill 
I won’t go back to the shop that caused this. My computer got wet from condensate overflow. The corvette tried to start itself when I was in the house …

2002 c5 getting charge system fault on dic. then suddenly stops running 
Started getting charge system fault on dic. then engine dies out. I get all kinds of codes and the dash starts flickering after i finally clear the …

Service traction lock soon error message and then reduced engine power message... 
Traction control light comes on and car has no acceleration

Code B1537 
The reset switch on my 98 does not work and does not seem to be stuck. I get a code B1537 "switch 6 (reset) short to ground". Does this mean that the …

Engine sound 
I am wanting to change the sound of my 2002 Corvette to make it sound a little deeper and louder - not overbearing, but as loud as a camaro or mustang. …

I own a 97 C5 Corvette now if anybody can help me id really appreciate it My pop up lights pop wayyyyyy too early and I hate it I want to disable them …

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buzzing sound coming out of the speedometer cluster speaker 
a 2000 Corvette there is a little speaker in the speedometer cluster that is making a buzzing sound? I think the speaker is for if you leave your keys …

My 2002 C5 will not go over 60 mph unless I turn off traction control  
My 2002 C5 will not go any faster than 60 mph unless I turn off the traction control. What can I do to fix it?

1997 dual mode comes on cold can set goes on off when whenever it wants,hrs,all day 
My 1997 coupe auto,loaded 46,000 orig miles ,but dual mode a/c comes on randomly once on can be set to temp,all modes then just loses power shuts off. …

consider a C5 rolling chassis over my Porsche 911 fibreglass replics body ,FWD 
Dear Sir I always loved Vettes but own a fibre glass replica 1989 Porsche 930 wide body. It will cost unlimited monies to restore the project the Porsche-parts …

2004 C5 auto transmission not shifting into 3rd gear 
Car has only 40k miles, very nice condition, not hot rodded. All has been fine, suddenly one morning when first started, it shifts from 2nd to like …

1997 C5 says service ride control 
1997 Corvette C5 is displaying service Ride Control is there a quick fix

Cruise control not working.  
Cruise control will not engage unless I lift on the brake pedal. This is an automatic C5.

I and my wife hate EMT Run Flat noise and rough ride.... 
I want to get rid of Run Flats , and go to a civilized 5 wheel Vette with spare and jack in trunk. My idea is , go with 17' painted silver wheels on all …

Car pulling a charge  
Car did click click trying to start put new battery the old battery was bolging out on the sides. Car ran fine for a week, then no noise totally dead when …

Trouble with headlights.  
When I start engine the headlights pop up and are lit. will not go back down until I shut off the engine.

C5 AC blowing hot air out of drivers side  
My c5 is blowing hot air out of the driver side vent

Buzzing sound coming from steering column 
I hear a buzzing sound coming from behind my Dash or the steering column

interior fuse box part # 19300118 
Looking for an interior fuse box part # 19300118 for a 1999 C-5 can not find one in upstate NY area please help

My C5 speedometer just stopped working, Vet is an 03 bought new. HUD and cruise work fine. 
My C5 speedometer just stopped working, Vet is an 03 bought new. HUD and cruise work fine. Hate to buy a used instrument cluster and have someone install …

I own a c5 2000 convertable 6 speed 
I feel that it rides to rough and the wife also I think the shocks are 16 years old Rolly Thanks

The rear window defogger wires on my 2004 C5 Z06 have changed to distort lights at night 
When I look in the rear view mirror I see the images attached. Thinking it was a rear view mirror problem the dealer replaced it - the problem is still …

Key Fob not working 
Did everything told what to do still cant get it to work my battery went dead re=charge it does that have anything to do with the problem

1998 C5 Corvette Low Coolant  
I just change radiator resolver and now the computer keeps popping up with message ( Low Coolant) .It's full of coolant and I reset the computer and it …

2000 c5 corvette battery is good ,no power ,no lights  
Car turned on fine after a few minutes I turned off and 1 hour later no power ,no lights, no power at all,battery is new.

1998 C5 Under hood light 
I replace the reg bulb with an LED bulb. The LED bulb will not go off. So I put the reg bulb back in . Now the light will not work with reg bulb. So I …

I been having issues with electrical. I am guessing the corvette computer is complicated but two months ago I was having a lot of lights turned on in my …

possible diff fluid in the manual trans 
Is it possible for the differential fluid to enter the 6 spd tranny on a 99 C5. If diff fluid were to mix with tranny fluid what would this cause? Thanks …

Wont shift out of park 
Wont shift out of park C5 Corvette ACDelco 12561688 GM Original Equipment Automatic Transmission Control Lever Cable

Light vibration or shutter.  
2001-2013 Corvette Torque Tube Bushing Light vibration,only between 1500-2000 rpms, ruled out harmonic balancer(damper), torque tube, and crankshaft. …

2004 z06 heater blower not working 
I bought a 2004 z06 corvette the heater blower was working and then I pushed the off button now when I push the fan up button I don't hear anything I don't …

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2003 c5 headlights won't flip up 
I was changing my running light yesterday with the headlights in the upright position and when I was done the headlights wouldn't go down so I had to manually …

One headlight opens; the other one does not. 
On occasion, upon starting the car, the headlights do not both raise open together. The left light opens, but the right one does not. This has now happened …

2004 corvette flood damaged no dash lights wont start 
I just bought a 2004 corvette. I put a new battery in it put key in ignition nothing comes on instrument cluster. also nothing happens when I try to start …

Signal problem 2000corvette 
When I turn on my signals they don't work. then if I turn them off and then turn the 4 ways on, then then signal again, then 4 ways off the signals will …

Brake lights went out on 2001 Chevy corvette 
My brake lights went out on my 2001 Chevy corvette. The top light in the middle still works thank God. But I've gone to Sears,Pep Boys and Auto Zone and …

back up lights not working, manual transmission 
Back up lights do not come on when I shift into reverse, manual transmission. Light bulbs have been changed.

Service vehichle soon 
Whenb I start my car a 2000 Corvette the last couple days the service vehichle soon light comes on what could this mean? Is there a way to check codes …

wipers are acting eractic,dont complete cycle when turned off. 
Wipers are acting erratic, dont complete cycle and return to below the hood when turned off.

lumbar inop 
Everything else works on my drivers seat except the lumbar. Also the memory switch only sets the mirrors and not the seat. Is there some kind of code that …

Floor board lights flickering on and off 
I have a 2003 vette with 47k miles. Recently I noticed when I drive over a bumpy road, the floor board lights would flicker on and off. Does …

Rear license plate 
How do you remove and change the rear license plate on a 1999 Corvette ?

compressor r&r need code 
Is there some sort of code you need after disconnecting battery and installing a new ac system?

both mirror visor lights dont work and rear view mirror lights dont work 
Both mirror visor lights dont work and the rear view mirror lights dont work... Is there a fuse for all of them?? I have a 2001 corvette.. …

C5 seat belt not retracting into bottom/floor component 
Which other GM cars used the same seat belt assembly as I cant find part in Canada anywhere.

car won't accelerate 
My 2001 corvette this morning decided it would not go above 50 mph when I went to pass a so moving vehicle. I was travelling approximately 45 mph in 5th …

reverse lights 
Hey my reverse lights use to come on when I pressed the unlock button on the key but now they don't. How do I make that feature work again?

After replacing headlight motor gear on drivers side the driver side headlight works opposite of passenger 2000-2004 Corvette Headlight Motor …

Sunvisor falls down 
Sunvisor will not stay up on my 1998 corvette 1997-2004 Corvette Sunvisor Retainer Clip

intermittent air bag light on and code b 0026 
At recent service on new to me 2002 Corvette with 26K mi, brake fluid and oil change done. Was told battery tested weak and that was replaced as …

Fault Code P0300 H C 
2003 Corvette. Was idling rough, but ran fine under throttle. Water splashed underneath engine bay, began to show engine light, first flashing then …

1999 Corvette keep dying when put in drive (sometimes) 
Sometimes when I put my 99 corvette in drive, it just dies out. I try it 3 or 4 times and it still dies out. I keep trying and woopee, it runs like a champ. …

getting some oily smoke after car is warm 
1999 corvette, 140000 miles getting some smoke at idle and on take offs from dead stop. The car is a stock 1999 ls1. Comppresion check shows 175psi on …

will not start, does crank well? 
2003 33K miles, will crank on the starter real strong but will not start, no trouble codes stored, nothing has been done to this car mechanically recently, …

Temperature gauge malfunction 
The temperature gauge on my 2003 Corvette is malfunctioning. When the car starts the temp needle goes offscale right, returns to the actual block …

Service ABS, Service Active Handling, and Service Traction Sys are coming up 
This is my wife's Vette that I purchased a year ago to replace her 2003 which was totaled. I purchased a 2001 with extremely low miles (12,601, ran the …

1999 Corvette Glove Box lock and latch Assemly  
I am looking for one in the red color.. can you help 1997-2004 Corvette Glove Box Door Latch

z06 heads up display 
How do I adjust the display as the switch is all the way up & I can't see the screen on the windshield? 1997-2004 Corvette C5 Travel Buddy Cup Holder …

resetting gauges for 2004-all of them! 
Have a 2004 and all gauges need reset. Is it expensive and do you get done at a Chevy dealer? ScanTool 425801 OBDLink SX USB: OBD Adapter/Diagnostic …

1999 starts but when i start to move it just shuts down?  
1999 corvette c5 when i start to go just shuts down does it about 4 times then it is ok??

2001 Corvette  
Hvac panel wont light up no blower speeds. Chevrolet Corvette Air Conditioning / Heater Control - Discontinued - Gm # 10447750

Interior door lights fail to illuminate 
Only the two interior door lights fail to illuminate. All other lights function correctly. I failed to locate a fuse....

Driver auto door unlock doesn't work.  
Drivers side auto door lock doesn't work 2000 vet

Type of ATF  
I wanted to change the fluid on my '01 c5 coupe but what fluid should I use. (Automatic)

Got up one morning and passenger door had no power locks or power window. started long trip home and about 1 hour into drive, lost all gauges except rpm, …

what is the name and grade of transmission grease or lube 
Don't known Rear End, or Transmission oils used when changing or topping off either one. Thanks Butch Dumont

No brake lights 
Would a bad turn signal switch cause the brake lights not to work

AC compressor shuts off at idle 
I have 2004 Corvette. I recently installed a new torquer v2 cam and heads. My car came with the dual climate control system. At idle the AC compressor …

AC fan runs while car is off 
My AC Fan comes on high speed with car off and heating and AC turned off. It only does once in a while but when it does it kills the battery if I don't …

wont start says low pressure 
drove last .went to start today wont start says low oil pressure

Ac cold on right hand side warm on left hand side 
How to tell if I have manual or auto controls

2003 corvette convertible map lights and console lights stay on drain battery 
2003 corvette convertible map lights and console lights stay on drain battery. This started after LoJack alarm was updated in the vehicle. Is this a wiring …

Inconsistent starting, running and heating. 
Bought a 99 C5 came with no FOB remote but 2 keys only. Previous owner wired in a on/off switch as a BCM by pass I think. In short car would not run farther …

Speedometer flashes erraticlly, then won't start! 
Speedometer flashes erratically, then won't start, then after it sets a while it will start, does matter if car is cold or warm.

tach quit working 
When you turn ignition key on tach goes to full scale as normal when started tach jumps around then eventually does nothing did a wiggle test on wiring …

D I C not working 
The D I C lights do not work except when the car is in extreme temps either hot or cold. When they do work it only last until the interior temp reaches …

Column lock car shuts down 
Pull key for 10 seconds service column lock are the 2 displays car shuts down at 2 miles per hr

High oil pressure 
My oil pressure shot up to the mid to upper 80 PSI range. It's running at this range at pretty much all speeds and gears.

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engine light 
When I hit hard bumps eng light goes on for a split second . Also lose acceleration for a Second.

Windshield wiper 
My 97 corvette windshield wiper will not set on park position they change the motor cost me 900.00 dollars the first time then it's doing it again I took …

power door locks 
Power door locks don't work , but you can hear a click in the door.

2004 no reverse 
I have all forward gears, I can put shifter in what feels like reverse gate no reverse engine on or off

Climate control lights will not turn off drains battery 
When i get out of car and turn car off my light on climate control stays on drains batt.

Service column lock  
Steering wheel is locked!

My 2000 Corvette Dies while driving 
My 2000 Corvette Dies while driving. Each time I take it to the dealer, the car never dies making it impossible to diagnose the problem. Have you seen …

Key fob not working right even with new battery. 
My key fob needs to be reprogrammed every few days. The battery is good. It is new. Do not understand why the programming goes out so often and so easily. …

2002 corvette oil pressure reading stays at 130 
on board computer says oil pressure at 130, the reading never changes, just started showing this reading, car running great, why does this appear ?

Can't find someone to repair or replace C5 CD changer 
I have a 1999, C5, searching for someone or company that trouble shoot, repair, or replace CD changer located in rear storage compartment.

Water temp pegged hot after we changed battery 
We drove to round rock from midlothian tx car ran fine started every where .pulled up to son s house went to start and battery went dead .pushed off went …

different body style 
Did the 2004 C5 come with a factory body option. I have a 2004 with the side body panels that were in the C1. I have main color of spiral grey, with the …

1998 C5 Service engine soon light? 
A couple of times this week, the service engine soon light came on and when I stop and turn engine off and restart, all is fine. doesn't show any error …

Car won't start 
Car won't start or even crank battery voltage 11.5,new ignition cylinder put in new keys same problem won't start.

Dic buttons not working 
I get nothing from my dic buttons on my 99 vette the computer works it tells me low coolant door ajar and all that stuff is there a fuse for this and if …

02-Zo6 check engine light  
Noticed check engine light staying on checked all fluids and belt also hoses cant find nothing wrong any ideas

a/c unit will not come on replaced the fuse still nothing 2001 corvette 
a/c unit will not come on changed the fuse which was blown still nothing was working fine before i blowed the fuse checked the relay is fine can.t get …

radio no power 
I had battery off for awhile. when i reinstalled and went to attach neg. cable it started to smoke and get hot. i took cable back off. I've done this many …

new to me c5 vette. put new battery and radiator clock works but no radio 
Runs better with the mass sensor unplugged clock works but no radio or stations delco bose stock stereo and cd player fuse num 5 is good please help …

Tail lights , marker lights and license plate light not working  

Hi everyone, I'd like to know why every time I apply the brakes on my 2000 C5 the lights in the dashboard flash and the fuel pump gets deactivated, thereby preventing the car from starting. 
Everytime I start the car up, it starts fine. But whenever I apply the brake pedal to put the car on drive, it shuts off and it deactivates the fuel pump …

Can i install a 04 Corvette ls1 in a 2000 corvette? 
All the interchange books say that its not a correct interchange. What are the differences and what changes will I have to make?

1997 rear side lights 
Can I use the rear side fender lights from a 97 vette on my 2002 corvette?. thanks

c5 corvette security lights when unlocking car using fob 
The car lights will blink when locking car ... but when I unlock the car only the interior light (mirror) comes on. before all side lights, fog lights, …

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Gas gauge registers empty and low fuel light comes on. car has fuel 
I put fuel in the car. I was driving and the gas gauge went to empty and low fuel light come on. I checked the gas cap to make sure it was on tight.

instrument panel lights go off in c-5 corvette 
When i turn the key to the start position or when engine is running the instrument panel lights go out.In any other position they are fine.

1998 vette water pasenger side floor when using Ac 
Water on passenger side floor when using the AC 1998

hard strting cold 
long crank to start cold. hot starts.

2001C5 corvette automatic 
hi there my car will not shift out of third gear.. 1st and second and third shift smoothky.. but after that.. dead? just revs like crazy.. am …

keyless locks & unlocks without use of fob 
I have a 1999 c-5 convertible that for some unknown reason locks and unlocks without using the fob. When I use the fob to lock the car it will as I walk …


Air Conditioner switch smoke and burn smell 
Last week or so noticed that when I turned off the AC switch I have a burning (Elect) smell, and this morning actually saw wisp of smoke. Could this be …

Drivers side window makes crunching noise only when going down. 
2003 ZO6 - Driver's window works perfect, but makes a crunching noise when it goes down. It makes the noise only it is lowered from the fully up position. …

1998 corvette goes into reduced engine or security mode 
I have an 1998 corvette 6sp that will go into reduced engine or security mode and blows the steering column lock relay. Second time Help?

new battery runs down overnight 
Battery runs down over night. Battery tested and is good.

Defeat headlights. 
Could you tell me, what # of resistor do I need to put in the wiring under the defrost grill in the dash to defeat the auto headlights on my (CANADIAN) …

have a easy way to change front turn signal housing 
I purchase new turn signal housings to replace original on my 1998 C5, not sure how to get to replace easily, any ideas. do I have to remove headlight? …

C5 trunk lid doesn't pop open 
Is the trunk lid on a C5 convertible supposed to pop open when unlocked? Mine unlocks fine but the lid stays closed making it hard to open. Is there a …

no park lights, no dash lights no rear marker lights? 
I have traced power to fuses in both blocks, passenger floor and underhood. Jump E6 to D-2 and they all work?? where or what is shorted, Is it the multi-function …

Steering Colum Lock Relay 
I just replaced the Knee pad on my 2000 Corvette, I found stuck on recess a relay TYCO VPRD-35F14-3203 031851A 15410751 That had been cut off …

Right rear lights flash fast front is almost nomal 
Ok when I turn on my 4 ways they all flash normal when I turn on my left side it flashes normal when I turn on my right side it flashes at viper speed …

fuel oder 
after I gas up my 2002 vette I always get a strong gas oder, then it goes away after driving about 35 miles. I replaced the gas cap but it was the same …

hud will not raise high enough to see over dash....seems to be out of adjustment 
Hud on 2004 c5 corvette coupe will not raise high enough to see over the dashboard. It looks like it is not installed properly on dashboard. .. off sets …

I have a bad oil pressure sensor. 
I live in orange county california. what is a fare price to replace it? Mark

feels like my 1999 C5 is changing gears more than normal  
my 1999 C5 feels like it is changing gears more that what it use to is this common in automatic C5 corvettes?

driver side front blinker light burnt out 
how do i change front blinker light bulb ?

flooded 2003 corvette coupe  
Super storm sandy got my beautiful 2003 corvette coupe wet... with only 50k miles car wet even when i relocated to what i thought was high and safeer …

car got flooded 
My car was resently flooded in hurricane sandy. It took water into the interior just below the seats. I removed and cleaned all components. Upon starting …

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Coolant smell. C5 
Have a coolant smell after driving my 2001 corvette. Just had water pump replaced and mechanic pressure tested it and checked all hoses. No leaks anywhere …

Air conditioner comes and goes when abs light is on 
When I crank my 1998 corvette the abs light comes on,,and the air won't work until the car is driven a while and the light goes off it will work until …

up and down adjustment for front headlights on 2002 corvette 
need help on up and down adjustment for headlights on 2002 corvette. Photos helpful please

sounds like an air compressor running when the car is shut off 
I have a noise that sound like a small air copmressor running when the car is shut off.... its draining my battery.

1997 vette won't sart when weather is cold 
My 1997 corvette fails to start when the temperature gets around freezing. I have replaced the battery even though the car was not behaving like a battery …

Gas smell inside vehicle when tank is filled 
Check engine light came on and mechanic said it was a gas cap or fuel system failure. Replaced cap, no change and started to smell fuel inside vehicle …

driver side window dose not work 
Driver side window dose not work

how to program a new key... NOT THE FOB 
I need to purchase a replacement key for my 99 C5 vette. I dont want to pay the dealers prices for programming. can you help??

Seem the code for locking and unlocking works only for awhile then has to be reprogrammed

DIC buttons dont work 
DIC buttons dont work but everything else does. IPC shows milage and welcome message.

smell of oil 
2000 corvette smells of burnt oil from the engine nothing on garage floor and no visible leaks from on top of motor.

after starting vette accessories do not come on  
I have 01 c5 with 200,000 miles after car starts accessories do not come on if I start the car again accessories come on some times I see the dash light …

LOW WHINE 2001 Corvette 
Very low whine in the drive train?, wheels?, transmission?(automatic), can't determine where. It starts at approximately 30 to 40 miles per hour and levels …

1998 corvette fuel guage problem 
When driving down the road the guage willdrop to empty and the panel will read low fuel when the tank is full. when the car is turned off then restarted …

Problems Installing a replacement sun visor on passenger side.  
I have a 97 C5 coupe. The original passenger side sun visor wore out and needed to be replaced. I removed the visor and acquired a new one.. The old visor …

Transmission slips at 2000 RPMs. Could the problem be related to the Mass Air Flow Sensor? 
Intermittent slipping of the transmission at 2000 RPMs. Could the problem be related to the Mass Air Flow Sensor? My son has an Infinity that was having …

when starting makes loud sound and shake when i turn off 
how to install flywheel on 01corvette automatic transmission

leaky side windows on 2000 corvette convertable 
Both side windows leak where the two gaskets join on my 2000 corvette. can this be fixed?

Drivers window won't come up, radio dead, "shocks inoperative" some guages inoperative. "service soon"

2002 C5 passenger door lock  
The passenger door lock won't unlock the door with the FOB or the unlock switch on the door. If the door is unlocked it will lock with the FOB

Where is the location of the C5 flasher relay block located?  
Trying to locate the flasher relay block on the C5 for I put LED brake lights on and they are flashing to fast because of the load. I broght a flasher …

AC not working. Compressor not engaging. Is this a fuse or relay or something else. Thanks for any help you can give. Please visit this page for …

I have to turn on c5 headlights if not won't start? 
I have to turn on the flip out headlights on C5 guy i bought from said he had put a remote start and that started having that issue since that was installed...so …

1998 DIC & speedo switches KPH to MPH intermittently 
1998 C5 Coupe aprox 100K miles. Both DIC and Speedo will switch from metric to US intermittently back and forth.

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ignition lock cylinder will not go to 'off' position 
I have a 1997 corvette. Once I turn the car off, the key will not turn back to the off position and stays in the acc position. somehow I can still remove …

airconditioner blows cold on one side and hot on the other 
air conditioner blows cold on one side and hot on the other on my 2001 corvette, the passenger window dosent work and the windshield wipers come on by …

6.8v electric draw on batt  
I have a electric draw on batt causing it to go dead every couple of days. I have pulled all fuses and relays to find the draw with no success. I have …

will the c5 vette run without the air pump? 
I took out the air pump an I haven't had it tuned so I was wondering if it will be ok to drive? Or will it shut down?

humming in 3,4,5 and 6 gear 
I have 2002 ZO6 That humms when its in 3,4,5 and 6th gear. What would this issue be?

car wont move under power 
Pulled the motor did some head work Cam and vavle springs car I'dles good revs good but feals totally dead when you put It in gear and take off

With the radio on, once car is turn off and doors are opened- the radio will not shut off. when the radio is turned off - the clock will not shut …

I have a 2002 convertible. Is there a way to lock the trunk when the top is down? The trunk button is right there on the dash - easily reachable. 
I have a 2002 convertible. Is there a way to lock the trunk when the top is down? the trunk button is right there on the dash - easily reachable by …

engine stalls and display reads " remove key for 10 seconds" 
I have a 1999 Corvette and recently the engine has stalled while in reverse and the display reads "remove key for 10 seconds and then restart". Is this …

Ticking noise, comfirmed check valve in the inake manifold  
Well i took my car to the dealer and they comfirmed i have a check valve problem related to the smog pump. They have to pull off the intake manifold and …

c5 starts and dies when hot 
no codes,only when hot, engine starts barely runs dies.not all the time.when this happens no fuel pressure at rail.wait 5 to 30 min to cool a little, starts …

AC blowing hot on drivers - cold on passenger 
Had to replace the pos battery bolt (loose / stripped) now AC blows cold only on pass side, hot on dvr's. Also, radio will not turn off after key is …

2000 corvette with good battery will not start unless jumped 
good battery but will not start unless jumped

Started to smell gas , started my 98 vette up gas on garage floor  
Started to smell gas fumes while driving my 98 vette , i thought the gas cap was probably no good , then I started it up in the garage and gas was all …

low oil pressure warning on start up 
I have a 03 Zo6. When I crank it up especially in the morning, the oil pressure takes a few seconds to move upwards. I get the low pressure and check gauges, …

headlights will not go down 
2001 convertible headlights will not go down. What do I need to troubleshoot. The fuses appear to be good.

Tire replacement advice? 
2002 coupe has the goodyear run flats. Front tires good, rears getting a bit worn. Thought about just replacing the rears, then wondered if changing all …

change oil light  
Just changed oil how do you get this message to stop displaying

Headlight Issue 
Hi Guys,this is a good one hope you can help, The other day I replaced my HID bulbs with new ones, as one has gone the others will follow soon. The …

possibile fuel pump problem 
no fuel to engine. runs, misfires, now no fuel out of valve on fuel rail. 14mo ago, replaced fuel pump. Have the same problem again. Friend says to replace …

smell exhaust with open window 
Upon hard acceleration with the window open I get a strong exhaust smell in the vehicle. with the window closed I don't smell anything.

auto-dim rear view mirror 2004 C5 
no courtesy light or unable to activate auto-dim on mirror by holding down on button. console light on mirror functions. how to determine if problem …

Seat back does not stay tilted forward 
This is NOT the more common problem of the seat sliding forward. The seat back is not staying locked on the right side, so the seat back ends up crooked …

coolant smell coming from vehicle, yet no visible leaks 
Just noticed the smell yet not overheating, etc

2003 C5 Z06 Trunk release not working 
I have tested the relay (Switched to another) and it is functioning, When I use either of two FOB's or the dash button the trunk does not open, I hear …

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Only starts some times 
I can go to start the car and it wont turn over like its a dead battery then it will just start right up no problem.

my dashboard light and rear lights do not come on.what do I do? 
My dash does not light up and my rear lights also do not come on. What is wrong? Short somewhere?

1999 C5 Radio knobs cracked 
The small radio knobs for bass, treble, etc... are cracked. Where can I get replacements?

2003 Automatic will not engage in any gear 
Parked car in the driveway. Two days later, when I went to move it, it started fine, I pulled the shfter to reverse and the shifter kept moving through …


battery drain over longer periods of inactivity 
When my 2003 C5 sits, for more that two weeks, the battery drains. I' ve read this can happen, and think there's not much wrong with the car. It's just …

My 03 has a significant vibration at 1900 to 2000 rpms and then smooths out. This problem occurs while shifting (its auto) as well.

noies in the torqe converter 
when i turn off the car my car makes a clank noise about 3 to 4 times. i checked my torqe converter and it has lots of play almost quarter turn

ABS won't work 
I have a 1998 C5 and the abs does not acivate when I Stab my brakes. Then after I am stopped the ABS statment on the DIC come on. Now I put …

My headlights on my c5 2001 vette go down but they make a bad noise kind of like they are still trying to go down even though they are down. Can anyone …

I have a 02 corvette with climate control. Why does the A/C come on when I turn the temp knob up for more heat? I am not understanding how the climate …

LS1 or LS6 
I just purchased a 2004 covette lemans edition. Is there an easy way to know if the engine is a LS1 or LS6 ZO6? The air intake has LS1 stamped on it.

diagnostic code 1263 
I have a 2002 Z06 and have recently been getting a 1263 code, which I know has something to do with the RF Inlet Valve Solenoid. This code is triggering …

1997 c5 HVAC problems 
When you start the engine it may take 5-20 minutes before the HVAC sytems turns on. This is the same for the heater, no fan and no display lights lights …

C5 2004 wont start 
I ran out of gas, I put about 5 gallons but now wont start

2003 Corvette Z06 Production Numbers 
Hello. Just trying to find out how many 2003 Z06's were produced for Canada. Also would like to know which color options were produced for Canada as …

Just bought a 97 vette and got stranded- help!!!!!!!!!!! please 
Hi guys, just bought a 97 vette last friday. It has 55,000 miles. Looked as diligently as posssible to find a well cared for vette. Well, I got it home …

I have a 2002 corvette my oil pressure gage stopped working about a month ago now the other day my check gages light came on and my fuel gage reads empty …

where is the control to let the top up 
where are the controls to let the top up

panel lights. 
The panel lights do not light up while the car is on. They do light up when we turn the key off, and when the doors are open. Can you advise what this …

2000 c5 headlights 
can any one tell me what other years will interchange with a c5 headlight assembly? I have a 2000 and need to replace it. Thanks........Jerry sparklerman@bex.net …

Turning key only creates a click from under the car, if done repeatedly at a fast rate it sometimes starts.

Instrument panel display 
One day the instrument panel display was blank , not working , I pressed every button nothin happened , please help

2002 Vet Owner 
My 2002 Vet has the climate control system for AC and heat; however, the small panel doesn't luminate any longer. On occasion I can see a faint image....I …

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1999 vette the instrument panel lites and rear running lites are not working. I check fuses under the hood and no help. What next?

04 lemans 
How much horsepower is at the flywheel and the rear wheels in a 2004 z06 commemerative?

2004 covette 
Headlights started to malfunction about two weeks ago...They come up o.k but wouldn't go down...The next day they would seem to work o.k....Now they won't …

2000 coupe 6 speed manual transmission pops out in reverse gear 
Why does my transmission pop out of reverse? I have to hold the shifter hard up to go in reverse and even then sometimes it pops out of gear.

shop owner 
I have a customer that replaced his battery in his 1999 with 17,000 miles and got a code 1232 left front abs/speed sensor.We switched the wire extensions …

2001 C5 AC Blower Won't Work 
Had a problem with the AC blower recently. Replaced the blower with a new Delphi blower (original was delphi as well). Worked for couple of hours just …

fred daniels 
I want to upgrade my cd player to a 12 disc. were can i find the wiring harness nessary to complete this job. thanks

Headlight are stuck in the up position cleaned the grounds and no codes on scan tool

Overdrive issues 
I have a stock 99 auto 4l60e. I just had it rebuilt so the tranny is fresh but I still encounter an issue with it staying in overdrive. The cruise control …

Just did a rebuild of my (left) actuator motor on a 2000 C5. Replaced the plastic gear with a metal one, reinstalled the pod, turned lights on to raise …

Where can I buy a leather knob shifter ? 
My leather knob shifter with a black insert and white numerals is wearing through use and needs replacing. Does anyone know where I can buy this shifter …

convertible windows 
does the 2002 have automatic windows that lower and rise when the door is closed

new at this 
My 1998 vett's gas hand went from full to empty in seconds. Does anyone have any idea what is going on?

Driver side door locks & power window don't work! 
My 01 corvette power door locks and power window on the drivers side only works half the time, kinda off & on. I never know when its going to quit on me. …


when i hit 50mph in my c5, the abs and traction control lites come on and the car turns off. what is the issue?

c5 automatic will not go into 4th gear 
I took a 100 mile trip and car ran as normal. On my return I found that the car would not shift from 3rd gear to 4th. I had to drive home on expressway …

Heat and air conditioning panel light doesn't work on 98 corvette

Hello, I have a 1998 C5 and today I washed my car, and also the engine with it running left it running for a while about 15 mins then turned it off to …

A/c in 03 Z06 blows warm air 
My 2003 Z06 blows warm air when a/c is on, I'm thinking it just needs a recharge but unsure. Thanks in advance JB

My corvette tends to vibrate @ & above 3000 rpms. took it to a shop they said its not the torque converter. which is what I thought was causing it. Any …

No power to AC fan control 
I purchased a 2004 corvette zo6 with less than 6k miles. It was involved in an accident. When I turn the key to accessory, the hvac (ac,fan control) …

a/c heat control manual not working 
I have a 2000 vette and when i turn on the air or heat it will only blow out when i put it on 4 or 5 when its on 1 2 or 3 nothing comes out so what do …

While running on the freeway, gauges are operating norman then all of a sudden all gauges light up, the radio turns off and the windows will not roll down. …

reset codes as directed 
I reset the codes as directed and now the 1998 corvette wont start

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Dr Paul 
Head lights only work after manual switch is turned on twice rapidly.. If on automatic then must start engine twice to get headlights.

Tranny fluid 
recent trip to Tahoe...tranny fluid warnig light too HOT came on twice...any IMFO PLZ thx

pvt. malone edtion 98 corvette 
Seats move back and forth when hard stopping and do you know how to read codes using information in cluster knew how but forgot thanks clair steiner

Ron Schoof 
98 c5. Fuel guage when at 3/4 tank goes to empty. Run car and it will return to normal at round half. Have replace left tank module, same problem.

J&R Auto Ssles 
Not to long ago my Corvette read REDUCE ENGINE POWER and SERVICE VEHICLE SOON explain to me what each are Talking about.

Key fob stops working after an hour 
When I program the key fob to my 2000 C5, everything works fine. For about 1 hour everyone works fine. Then the key fob stops working, I cannot lock or …

004 corvette 
The driver window does not open but occasions it does and it closes fine. It must e the relay. Do you know what part number it is and where to get it, …

Bonn Stevens 
1997 corvette coupe. I can hear the air blower fan increase and decrease when adjusted but there is no air coming out of the vents. Anybody have the …

Have. An 04 with only 10000 miles. Took it out of storage today. Now there is strange odor coming from the air conditioning vents and the fan is making …

heat all the time on passenger side vents 
heat on pass side ,ac on drivers side works good,but hot air comes out pass side vents ,got new control head still hot air on pass side vents

Mr Car stops when putting in drive 
The car stops when putting in drive!

2002 Corvette. Father inlaw stuck in Canada!! 
My father inlaw just called. He went to Niagra Falls in canada this morning, he is from Pennsylvania. He said that the a/c quit working, all gauges quit …

98 corvette A/C drain is clogged 
A/C drain is clogged and is leaking on the interior when i turn corners-passenger side

when my headlights pop up on my 2000 corvette conv , one opened not the other , i then close them down and now they both open with the exception of the …

2002 vette low oil pressure light 
start the car low oil pressure light on let it idle doesn't change give it some gas goes up slowly

release button 
i'm trying to find a release button to put my top up on my 2002 convertible corvette. if there is one, where is it? the top part won't come up by pressing …

Went to start my 98 after sitting for about month, the 10 second pull key came on, then the service column lock came on. i was going to drive to dealershiip …

TPMS Issue 
We store our 02 over the winter months and this past winter the mechanic disconnected the battery. I am now getting a warning to check gauges and a warning …

radio issue 
I have a 1998 and the drivers side of the radio (speaker) goes on and off when I hit a bump with just the passenger side playing. The speakers have been …

Corvette 01 
My oil gauge wont go down and the oil is full and i can smell it burning. What is the cause of this??

battery drain 
The battery keeps draining. Replaced with new battery same problem.

corvette owner 1997 Fuel gauge shows empty 
Fuel gauge shows empty on 1997 corvette? Answer: See Comments for more info. This is a very common problem!

corvette owner Visors move 
have a 2003 anniversary edition corvette convertible..when I have top down I push visors forward toward windshield..used to stay totally up but now the …

Pete How to reset seat memory 
How do you set the seat memory

can i remove the mufflers  
Can i remove the mufflers on my 2001 corvette and put tale pipes

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Power seat moves 
Driver side seat will move up tp phave an inch under acceleration, How do I get it to not do this ?


Engine light came on - listed two codes 
My 97 corvette engine light came on and showed two error codes. PCM - P0135 HC PCM - P0155 C What do these codes mean and what should I do?

a/c display 
The a/c display is real dim. how do i repair this.

Oil pressure gauge problems 
Just bought 2001 corvette convertible noticed analog oil pressure gauge was pegged at 80psi the on board computer said 130psi so I asked the dealer to …

Engine dies after letting off the clutch 
Engine dies after letting off the clutch

How to diagnose A T failure on 2000 vette ,lost 3-4 , 1 and 2 operative shifts to 3rd but no drive 
New to me 2000 vette x's 3 months (( 70,000)), driving at interstate speed accelerated to 140 . when the tranny started shifting all over the place …

how many 2004's were manufactured in Magnetic Red Matallic 2  
How many 2004,s were made in Magnetic Red Metallic 2?

2003 50th. Anniversary Sun Visors No Longer Stocked by GM - Help 
GM part numbers 58215 and 51848 Shale Sun Visors are no longer stocked by GM. I have look everywhere on the internet with suppliers and cannot locate these …

corvette performance (Hesitation in Reverse) 
i have a 98 corvette and have been having some problems with it mechanically and my most recent work i had done after my service traction system message …

How do I unlock 98 gas tank manually? Why does my button not working 
How do I unlock 98 gas tank manually? Why does my button not work?

Inside air temperature sensor cover broke! 
I have a 1999 corvette. The cover to the inside air temp sensor fell off. The plastic clip broke. How do I replace this without buying the whole sensor? …

I have a 1999 corvette it is making a clicking noise under the dash is this some relay going out? 
I have a 1999 corvette it is making a clicking noise under the dash is this a relay going out? if so how do I know which one?

An error message keeps coming up on my 1998 Vette CD player 
An error message keeps coming up on my 1998 Vette CD player

my traction handling display came on. What is wrong? Thanks 
My traction handling display came on can any one tell me what might be wrong? Thanks

c5 headlight door 
When I turn lights out the right headlight motor stays on when closed


What is the correct oil pressure (PSI) when operating a corvette C5 at a speed of 65mph? 
What is the correct oil pressure (PSI) when operating a corvette C5 at a speed of 65mph?

My left headlight will not open! 
MY LEFT HEADLIGHT WILL NOT OPEN Two possible problems here: 1. The headlight gear is stripped out Corvette Headlight Motor Rebuild w/ Gear …

2002 C5 Corvette 
Can the radiator fan be adjusted to a lower setting? Like 180 deg's by using the onboard computer ? The car runs at 200 deg's on the freeway but when …

1999 corvette AC blows hot air 
Put gauges on and the readings are OK. Compressor runs but still hot air only.

How to find security code for radio 2001 C5 
Replaced battery in car, now radio, CD player, or Clock will not come on. Is there a master code I can enter to reset the stereo? Is so, where can I find …

Sound system 
Hi all, I was wondering if my 2003 vette stock stereo is capable of playing an mp3 home made cd? Anyone know for sure, I havent made the cd yet, awaiting …

column lock won't unlock 
This morning I let 2002 C5 roll down the drive way before I put the key in the ignition. Then I put key in and I the "pull Key for 10 sec" message follow …

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looks like I can't drive a standard 
Since I have found this wonderful site one more question. 2000 C5 this has happened only a few times since I bought car in October. After starting car …

how do you remove the sun visor and install new one on a C5 
How do you remove and install the sun visor on a 2000 C5

can you change the dashboard light colors on a 2000 corvette? 
Can you change the dashboard light colors on a 2000 corvette?

Has anyone had problems with gas guage showing empty shortly after filling up 
Has anyone had problems with gas guage showing empty shortly after filling up?

1998 Corvette seats move when stopping. How can I fix this? 
1998 Corvette seats move when stopping. How can I fix this?

2002 C5 Z06 Window won't go up. 
It happens intermittently (about once or twice a year), the driver side window won't go up. Then all of the sudden, it fixes itself after a few hours. …

Skunk Smell when running. 
I have a 1998 coupe with 47,000 miles. I just had it in the shop and had the Serp belt replaced, tran fluid flushed and replaced, brake fluid flushed and …

what is the best way to install the entire rear end axle with diff/trans in your garage on the c5 corvette?  
I rebuilt my transmission/diff and now me and my buddy are putting her back to 1 piece. however we cannot line up the bell housing of the torque tube to …

oil pressure 
When i turn my key on my 1998 vette now without engine running my oil pressure gauge pegs out @80psi and even my information center says its running @ …

Oil pressure 
When I turn my key on now without engine running my oil pressure gauge pegs out @80psi and even my information center says its running @ 130psi with engine …

Programming keyless entry on a C5 
How can I tell if the rfc unit is bad in my 2000 c5?I have tried to program several keyless entry fobs with no success.Does it have to be the correct part …

how to run c5 on e-85 ? 
How to run e-85 in a c5 autox car.

I changed to new batteries in my keyless entry system and nothing happens 
as my doors will not lock nor my trunk will pop up when I use the keyless entry system. The dealer believes it is a remote sensor. How remote is this …

I changed to new batteries in my keyless entry system and nothing happens 
The dealer wants to hook me up to an electrical test for a nice fee. But a gentleman heard me and said it sounded like a remote sensor. My doors …

have 2002 350 hp automatic with transmission slipping. 
Owned this vette for 5 months, has 86,00 miles. seems like great car but out of no where with no leaks, the transmission slips going to 3rd and will never …

My Automatic Climate Controller is Stuck 
The automatic climate control on my 99 C5 is stuck on 73-74 degrees. The knob turns but the temperature indicator just flips between 73 and 74 degrees. …

02 z06 abs light and traction control light stays on 
02 z06 abs light and traction control light stays on. I had not driven the car for a couple of weeks and the battery went dead. I boosted the battery …

Importing into Canada 
I am looking into importing a corvette into Canada, I'm looking at something in the 2000-2002 range. There are two things that a vehicle has to have to …

Venny, Colum Lock question 
Hi to all, I know I am not the first nor the last one to ask, but... I get the "Service Column Lock" message every single time i get into the car (btw …

K Tubbs Air Cond Pump Removal 

1G1YY32G635105455 Leaking Shocks 
How long should shocks last. mine are "leaking" at 47000 miles.

Low Oil Level Sensor 
Where is the Low Oil Level Sensor located on a 1999 Corvette? I keep getting the alarm, but the oil level is okay and the pressure is good.

A ton of C5 Corvette Coupe questions. 
What is the body of a C5 coupe capable of attaining? Like is 250 mhp conceivable? Or is the body aerodynamically incapable? I currently have a C5 automatic …

BJD C5 Trunk release button 
98 vette trunk release button stopped working?.

owner of 1997 corvette 
I have a 1997 corvette,but the seat in the passenger side keep moving back and forth,it wont lock. how can i solve this problems.thank you

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1997 C5 problems 
Have two problems with my 1997 corvette C5. #1 Dual ac blows hot on drivers side and cold on drivers side. #2 Fuel gauge works sometimes. Goes to empty …

2001 corvette rim OEM size? 
Im looking to buy these rims for my car they are off a 2001 corvette and the lady does not know what size they are...how do i find out with going all the …

1999 Corvette owner 
I have a 1999 corvette convertible. How do you lock the trunk with the top down so someone can't reach in and open the trunk using the dash button? Thanks …

C5 OWNER / 1999 

Mr. Convertible glass top 
I have a 98 Corvette Convertible. The glass window in the back of the soft top has 'un-sealed' from the material of the soft top. How do I 're-seal' …

C5 Owner with seat memory problems 
I have a C5 and the seat memory has lost it's mind. Sometimes when I shut the door and put the key in, the seat will maybe move forward 1/4" then stop …

Trunk Lock  
Having trouble getting trunk to open using button under dash. Seems to only open after being pushed several times. Also will not work after turning key …


CH Headlight Problems 
I believe that the ground for the HCM on our 2002 Corvette may be faulty. It works in the garage but when we take it out the lights will not pop up when …

Can any one tell me what 1SA group is on 2003 Vette?

Anybody have any experience with running these coils? I'm hearing mixed reviews on these. James

01 C5 ZO6 NEED HELP!!!! 
My car is in the "Reduced engine power mode" I've pulled all the codes from the onboard diagnostics. P1120HC, P1220HC, P1515H, P1516HC, P1518HC, C1214HC, …

Where can I find build sheets for my car?

Cooling fans not working in my 2003 C5 
The cooling fans are not turning on. When I am driving on the highway my car does not heat up but does in stop and go driving. I checked to see if one …

is the 300 MPH speedometer stock on the 2002 corvette? 
Is the 300 MPH speedometer stock on the 2002 corvette?

wet passenger floorboard after it rains 
When it rains the passenger carpet gets soaked

protect convert top and original window stickers 
I am the recent proud new owner of a 2003 50th anniversary edition C5 torche red with red interior convertable. I am told that this combo is 1 of 303 …

I have a 2003 50th. Anniversary Corvette with shale colored sun visiors needing replacement. Where can I find these? 
I have a 2003 50th. Anniversary Corvette with shale colored sun visors needing replacement. Where can I find these? My e-mail is swanscarl@comcast dot …

Cat converter noise 
I just bought an 02 Vette convertible and it is making a noise that sounds like something in the cat or the muffler rattling . Is this a common problem …

ABS Traction control issues 
Hello all I purchase a 2003 Ani coupe from the original owner who stored it in a heated garage with 28,000 kilometers ( 18,000 miles) We had a mild …

Battery keeps dying 
My son borrowed my ZO6 and had a little problem (tire sidewall blowout) and I had to have the car brought home on a rollback. I ordered new tires but they …

my windshield wipers will not turn off 
When i turn on my 1998 corvette the windshield wipers come on by themselves and i am not able to turn them off. This has happened once before and the …

dead gas pedel 
while driving my 2000 c5 corvette the gas pedel goes dead no response but I can turn traction control off it returns to normal.any idea of the problem …

steering wheel locked car wont start 
The car ran perfectly fine one day . the next day got in the car went to start it it wouldnt start and the steering wheel is now in the locked position. …

Gasgauge goes to empty and a check gauges light goes on in my 1998 corvette. 
Gasgauge goes to empty and a check gauges light goes on in my 1998 corvette? We recommend Chevron Techron fuel system cleaner Chevron 67740 Techron …

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2004 door lights not working? 
Just got a 04 vette. YEA! LOVE IT...Big difference in the '04 vs. my '85...but I still like ole Blacky. Dummies for C5 Vettes, I need the book..lol. …

I need a new clutch and throw out bearing for my 2004 Z-06 Not rated yet
I have contacted 4 shops recommended to me in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area to get an estimate. Its been a week and a half with no answers. Two of the four …

List of sensors and location specs Not rated yet
List of sensors and location on C5 2001 because I am rebuilding

02 Heater reset Not rated yet
Replaced both catalytic converters and 4 02 sensors on 98 C5. Ran drive cycles for 375 miles with no luck. Scan tool reads HTR and CAT not ready.

SAE or MM Not rated yet
On a 2003 corvette are SAE or MM wrenches required ?

start up ignition assorted electrical problems Not rated yet
When I start my car sometimes (not always) things don't work. EXAMPLES Start the car and the gas gauge shows empty with a check gauges warning. Restart …

Battery in my 04 vet will not hold a charge Not rated yet
I installed a rear view camera in my car and shortly thereafter the battery lost power then all power was gone. I used an old trickle charger to build …

Abs or EBCM location  Not rated yet
I have a 1997 C5 Corvette was wondering if you guys knew the Location for the ABS computer or ebcm For some reason I can't seem to find mine and the engine …

Will code B0361 left side actuator disable compressor Not rated yet
a/c works intermittently code B0361 only a/c xcode

First problem, looking for an air intake for the bottom and connects to the bridge. I have the wrong one in my 1999 Vette. Not rated yet
Second problem is my car will start but when I put it in gear it shuts off can I fix this problem home or does it have to go to the garage

DIC reset not working Not rated yet
When I press the DIC Reset button nothing is happening, appears to be functioning when going through the codes. Any ideas? fuse or?

Fuse #6 located passenger side floor panel, blowing Not rated yet
Fuse #6 keep blowing. Headlights stuck up, no tail lights.

1999 FRC Temp. Not rated yet
C5 run hot from the factory I'm wondering what is the best way to remedy this problem. Do I combine a different thermostat and fan temperature switch? …

Active Handling warming up light stays on when I clear the DIC Not rated yet
After driving a few minutes on my DIC a message shows up that my active handling is warming up. I can clear the message but the traction light will not …

Sticking clutch Not rated yet
The clutch does not return to the fully out position occasionally , I have to put my foot behind the pedal and pull it out. Does not seem to happen when …

What is the original OEM battery size & type for a 2002 Base Corvette? Not rated yet
I need to replace the original battery in a 2002 Corvette. Check out C5 Corvette Battery Selection & Options

spark plug gap Not rated yet
Looking to find the proper gap for a set of AC41-962 plugs for my 1997 C5.Seeing conflicting recommendations for 0.60 such as in the manual and hearing …

oil pressure guage. and sensor, and blinkers Not rated yet
Oil press, at start =40-65 psi after driving approx.10 min goes to 0 and low oil warning .when oil press. reads normal 40=65psi have NO BLINKERS,when oil …

headlights on 2004 Not rated yet
Battery went dead, put it on charger, after a while car started the lights popped up but had no low beams. all other lights around the car worked. The …

headlights on 2004 Not rated yet
Battery went dead, put it on charger, after a while car started the lights popped up but had no low beams. all other lights around the car worked. The …

windshield washers do not work on c5 corvette Not rated yet
wind shield washers do not work on c5 corvette-wipers work- checked voltage at the pump -no voltage- believe push button switch to activate pump is defective?need …

wipers work washers do not Not rated yet
Need to know location of elec connector to check elec to pump?

belt screech, suspect harmonic balance pulley Not rated yet
There is movement in the pulley. Is there a keyway on the pulley and does it have to be balanced when replaced. Need instructions on replacing the pulley. …

2002 C5 has been sitting a while, now cranks fine but doesn't start.... Not rated yet
I just purchased an immaculate 2002 Corvette that only has 5,500 miles on it from the original owner. It was last registered in 2006 so it hasn't been …

not a cup holder Not rated yet
In my C5 there is a small covered area that looks like it might be for change/coins on the center console below the A/C controls. People keep referring …

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2003 C-5 DASH READ OUT Not rated yet
Check gauge symbol is flashing and dash read out is (PRESS.PNEU B. AR-G) what does this mean and how to fix.

Tire wheel sixe Not rated yet
I have a set of race star rear rims i would like to keep them they are 10 and 1/2 wide x 18 with a 35 mm offset my question what size tire will work on …

high oil pressure Not rated yet
I live in Sparks, NV. Today the temperature was 39 degrees F. While driving my 2002 z06 Corvette I noticed that the oil pressure gauge was at 80 psi …

Heater not working Not rated yet
Pulled dash out to watch actuators move ,all work, could my a.c. Controller be my problem why I'm getting no heat.

Heater not working Not rated yet
Pulled cash out to watch actuators move ,all work, could my a.c. Controller be my problem why I'm getting no heat

No power to fuel pump,gauges or starter radio has power Not rated yet
History of faults started as intermittent fuel pump power then battery indication would show full 12v then drop to zero back up to full12v now no power …

C5 HVAC control part number interchangability Not rated yet
I have a 2000 C5 with control head problems and want to replace it with a good used one. I have seen a few on EBAY with different part numbers but I'm …

splash guards Not rated yet
I recently purchased splash guards for my C5, but not really pleased with the way they sit against the fender & also not thrilled how close the back ones …

Tach stopped working Not rated yet
99 FRC tach stopped working. Occassionally with work for a few seconds. Is it on a separate fuse and if so is it under the passenger floor?

Won't start after getting water in floorboard after flooding. Not rated yet
I get a loss of engine power on dic and low fuel. I ran dic diagnostics. It shows no codes on pcm no comm on bcm and most others except for dcm both show …

Part fell off.  Not rated yet
It appears to be a cover of some sort. It is on the left of the ignition switch. It has slots on one part of it. Where it came off there is a soft cushion …

Dead battery Not rated yet
My battery is dead after sitting for 3 days. I've replaced it twice with same results

Manual hvac control panel light stays on.  Not rated yet
Manual hvac control panel light stays on. Light stays on, key removed, doors closed, lights off, car off. Pulled fuse 27 & 18, hvac did not function properly. …

Speedometer not working!  Not rated yet
Speedometer not working! worked intermittently prior... changed sensor on Dif... ran scan, no power train errors! When attached to scanner, moving speed …

Factory installed spark plugs Not rated yet
2001 C5 replacement plugs not same gap. The factory installed Denso are set at .60 Replacement plugs gap .40

AC Condensation on passenger floor Not rated yet
When using the AC we get condensation on passenger floor.

doesn't lock in park with key off Not rated yet
With the key off, the shifter can be moved to drive, neutral or reverse. It won't stay in locked in park

Tail lights  Not rated yet
Tail lights not working, Couldn't find a bad fuse by the battery or on the floor

1998 C5 Corvette. Driver side high beam not working. good fuse , good bulb. What else is there to check? Not rated yet
1998 C5 Corvette. Driver side high beam not working. good fuse,good bulb. What else is there to check? Everything else works. Popups are fine right low …

97 Passenger side hood release will not release! Not rated yet
When I pull the hood release, the driver side pops as it should. The passenger side remains fastened. How do I access this, and Trigger the release?

ac not blowing cold on drivers side Not rated yet
AC not blowing cold out of drivers side, tech said actuator was working as should. The button for the drivers side will continue to turn. you can keep …

who sells RKE modules for a 2000 vette convertible and where is it located when I go to relace it. I was told by a chevy dealer's service department that mine was bad. Not rated yet
Fob does not stay "in sync" with car for more than a couple of days. new batteries were installed. service TPS monitoring system message on dash which …

Battery drain Not rated yet
Battery is draining when it just sits. Anyway to test system to find the drain? 1998 Corvette

problem to start c5 vette Not rated yet
Hi i have a c5 corvette When i put key into ignition an turn it to start corvette the following happens: Gages go crazy security light goes on and lights …

Electrical Not rated yet
I got a new computer put in and programmed and it worked and came back 3 months after and when had to replace the new battery and when I start the car …

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Car cruises at around 40 with my foot off the gas  Not rated yet
99 c5 auto trans on a back road trans in drive o/d car will stay around 40mph with my foot off the gas until I brake to slow down

Hid and dic lights on dash never go off Not rated yet
Think heads up display lights and diclights on dash are draining my battery

No gauges and wipers Not rated yet
All my gauges and wipers not working on my C5 . Check all the fuses and is good . Stuck !!

My reset button does not work Not rated yet
None of the buttons on the reset work

Need Sun Visors Not rated yet
I have a 2004 C5 Commemorative Edition Convertible, Le Mans Blue, interior color Code:19 Shale. Would anyone know where I could get replacement LH & …

Grinding sound on right rear Not rated yet
After my car sat for a period of time in the garage and as I'm pulling out of the driveway making a left hand turn I hear a grinding sound coming from …

2001 alarms when locked via the key fob Not rated yet
Car alarms instantly when locked via the key fob. If either door is open when the car is locked via the key fob, the car alarms as soon as the door is …

Column lock  Not rated yet
How often does column lock service come up on 2000 Corvette automatic ?

2003 convert. locked in park no battery Not rated yet
Hello I bought a 2003 convertible that was flooded. It was in a garage and in park. I would put a battery in it and try to power it up but the drivers …

Shocks inoperative  Not rated yet
How serious is this problem?

Gauges all stop at once Not rated yet
I have a 2001 corvette end now the gauges all stop, they do come back on but there is no pattern to the problem. I had a service tech check all but 2 …

Plastic in fan Not rated yet
My engine light is on and they can find anything wrong with it except that the plastic bag my be the problem around a small fan need to remove it my help …

ac not working  Not rated yet
when I push the button to turn the ac on it stays on for a few seconds then go's off there are no codes set for the ac. if the ac is low will it keep it …

power window diver side doesent go down when putting top down  Not rated yet
Driver side window does not go down when putting down convertible top down

1998 code P1518 TAC Module,Reduced Power,Won't Accel Not rated yet
Hi,I can not solve the problem with my 98.Has codes P1518 TAC Module and P1571 Traction Control and the Reduced Power message and runs terribly.I did …

1999 vette scrolls message center by itself  Not rated yet
The message center keeps flashing all the options. Then starts over again. Happens when I'm driving or parked. Car runs great. Charging good. Not sure …

dic and instrument lights not working Not rated yet
I have a 1997 vett with 35k miles,,,, I hardly drive it... I have no dic response and the gauges ligths are out.... I have checked fuses 19 and …

Temp gauge not working  Not rated yet
I start it cold and temp gauge goes to over temperature side. Then it says service soon and car will shut down after aroun 5-10 min of driving

headlights causing power issues Not rated yet
On my 2000 corvette, when the headlights come on the instrument panel lights go off and power on the radio and the air conditioner stops. When the lights …

I drove my c-5 to the store & back now no start Not rated yet
Can't get my c-5 to start, drove to the store and back, no problem, went back later no start

Mouse smell coming from A/C outlets Not rated yet
Where is the air input (from outside the car) to the a/c system? I would like to trace the system from the beginning to find the mouse remains.

installing a used gauge cluster in 2001 c5. Will the cluster work without programing? Not rated yet
installing a used gauge cluster in 2001 c5. Will the cluster work without programing? Are the clusters plug and play?

Remove key Wait 10 sec  Not rated yet
Stalls if you drive without removing the key and waiting 10 seconds.

Aux button won’t work on radio. Not rated yet
After battery change the aux button on the radio seems stuck. It will not access the trunk mounted cd changer starch which has power to it.

After battery change aux button on radio is stuck Not rated yet
After changing battery is 01 vette the aux button on the radio is stuck. Everything else works I’m liding the trunk mounted cd stack.

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C5 and c6 OEM wheels Not rated yet
Will the stock wheels of a c6 fit on a c5

Car won't start right away Not rated yet
turn key and nothing happens keep turn key then lights flicker then cluster turns on then car starts but it's taking longer and longer every time have …

Why doesn't my ac belt align on back side of crank shaft. (Looks cock eyed) Not rated yet
My ac belt is not lining up. It looks cockeyed. This is on a 1998 C5 Corvette

2000 Corvette C5 Not rated yet
Both front blinkers not working, wipers just come on random, will not lay back down. AC controls blow cold on one side hot on other, , AC will stay on …

Reverse lights don't come on Not rated yet
I have a 2000 C5 I decided to put Led lights around the car including the reverse lights. When I did this only one was working . The next day none worked. …

Fuel smell in car after aggressive acceleration (1999). Not rated yet
Fuel smell in car after aggressive acceleration (1999).

Security light comes on while driving  Not rated yet
A few weeks ago my C5 Security light comes on while driving. Seems to go out after I drive a little bit but then comes back on. Any idea?

Dash lights Not rated yet
On my 2001 the dash lights come on when you open the door. When you start the car they go off. Is this normal ? They do come on when you turn the headlights …

Dash lights Not rated yet
On my 2001 the dash lights come on when you open the door. When you start the car they go off. Is this normal ? They do come on when you turn the headlights …

2002 Corvette C5 When car gets up to  Not rated yet
AFTER CAR WARMS YUP ON 2202 VETTE C5 ALL GAUGES SHUT OFF EXCEPT FOR SPEEDOMETER.running temps my gauges shut off. the speedometer is the only thing that …

all warning lights coming on my dash 98 corvette Not rated yet
Its telling me all kind of warnings like door ajar,low fuel,shocks unstable,reduced power,stability control, and abs light but still drives ok except when …

Where is the ECM located on a 2001 Z06 Corvette?? Not rated yet
I am having problems with the Traction Control and other functions. I was told that I need to replace the ECU, which I purchased.

04 c5 security Not rated yet
security & prindl light up after a while key out causing battery drain ?

Outside Temp reads 10-15 degrees high...already replaced outside sensor 2x Not rated yet
My outside temp on a dual zone started reading very high. 100's when outside in mid 70's. Voltage @ connector approx 5v. Replaced outside temp sensor. …

Won’t go over 40mph Not rated yet
Won’t drive faster then 40mph and today it would power on

CEL under hard acceleration 2001 base coupe Not rated yet
Took the car to Roebilng Road and on the first lap had the CEL start flashing then the car went into limp mode. I changed the wires and plugs there. It …

Lost everything Not rated yet
Warning lights on dash blinking speedometer would not work hit reset button now no lights work car will not crank yay and gauges will not work

2002 Charging Port in Center Console Remains Operational Even After the Engine is Shut Off Not rated yet
When I plug my dash cam power line or cell phone charger into the charging port located in the console/armrest, devices continue to run/charge when the …

Installing C6 seats in a C5 Not rated yet
Need a wiring diagram for the 1999 C5 sport seat. I am installing a 2006 C6 base seat and need the wiring diagram for it also. any help would be appreciated. …

michaelurquhart71@yahoo.com Not rated yet
2004 Corvette hud display shows a small yellow square in the left side of the HUD. What does that indicate? Traction control issue?

c5 side wall vent Not rated yet
what does the small sidewall vent do or connect to on pass side in 2002 Corvette ? tia

Courtesy Lights not working? Not rated yet
How do if fix the problem and is it a fuse or a relay.

2004 C5 Z06 Transmission Not rated yet
Hello Thanks in advance for any advice you may offer. I have a 2004 Z06 that no longers shifts into 5th & 6th gear. When I do try to shift 5th I just …

Charge system fault code Not rated yet
After new alternator and tune up

key does not activate the memory function Not rated yet
When I turn on the ignition, the memory function does not adjust the seats, steering wheel, outside mirrors, etc. I have to press the memory button on …

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Cruise control disengages. Not rated yet
I have 72000 miles on my C5. The cruise control disengaged and Service the ABS and Traction Control comes up on the DIC, The operation of the vette appears …

Drive side headlight pops back up after shut off Not rated yet
I changed out the drive side headlight motor. All seemed to be working fine. To store the car I always disconnect the battery. When I disconnect the battery …

Where is the netural safety/reverse light switch on a C5 automatic? Not rated yet
Reverse lights only work when key fob is used to lock/unlock car.

2004 c5 starter issue Not rated yet
I just replaced the driver side turn signal bulb by reaching down through the bucket assembly and now the car wont start. \i just get a click from the …

Burning smell Not rated yet
Hello, I have a 2000 C5 6 speed after I drive and car gets warm there is a burning smell seems to be at the driver front side of car. All fluids are fine …

multi function switch Not rated yet
Hello, how to replace multi function switch on a 2000 corvette. some times turn signals don't work then they will again also when using cruise control …

Why do high beams come on only in cold weather Not rated yet
High beams come on in cold weather and I have to click switch several times to go low beams

Headlight noise Not rated yet
Is it the actuator or the plastic headlight gear making a noise on 2000 C5

which fuse powers the trunk release and fog light buttons on the dash of a 2002 coupe? Not rated yet
Recently installed LED lights in front quarter panel vents (between doors and wheel wells) on my '02 Coupe. Tied the hot leg of new switch into hot leg …

How to identify wheel color on 2002 Corvette Not rated yet
I have Aluminum Alloy wheels and they are not chrome. I ordered a set of Painted Center Caps and they don't match very well. I would like to know if my …

I want to store my 1997 corvette for the winter what do I do Not rated yet
I want to store my 1997 corvette for the winter,what do I do

Driver Information Center Button (DIC) Fuse Location Not rated yet
Does anyone know where the fuse for the DIC is located. It's not working on my 2001 C5 corvette. Thanks in advance for your help....Robert

Tail lights not coming on Not rated yet
Tail lights not coming on when headlights are on...turn signals and brake lights do come on properly.

Traction control system activates at 65 mph on 2002 corvette Not rated yet
Have a 2002 corvette. Traction control system comes on when get to 65 mph. Never did this before. Have about 53000 miles on car. All I have done to car …

service vehicle soon message continues to display Not rated yet
Have replaced steering wheel sensor (code c 1286) and then Zeroed out with dealer machine-message continues. Can clear all codes , etc. then 2-3 days later …

1998 C5 stalls causing total power failure Not rated yet
1998 C5- was driving 45 mph when car stalled (just before stall heard 3-5 second buzzing sound coming from center area between shifter and radio) causing …

2002 Grill Not rated yet
Do you cut out the plastic in the grill before you put in grill screens for air flow

installed new motor on headlight, now works apposite of each other Not rated yet
when one headlight is open the other one closes. How do I fix this problem. I installed new motor.

gas gauge Not rated yet
Dashboard gas gauge goes on and says low on fuel, then says check gauges. I have already checked the gas tanks gauge and want info on the dashboard gauge …

fan motor keeps running when car is parked with out key in ignition Not rated yet
when into shop yesterday and noticed fan motor was blowing, car has not been run for 2/3 weeks. have trickle charge on battery. turned key on and all …

C5 vertical position sensor Not rated yet
Hi, could someone please tell me, where the vertical Position sensor is? Under the driver's seat? Thanks Andrea

Electrical issues Not rated yet
My 2001 C5 Convertablehaving elictrical issues. passenger door had no power locks or power window. started long trip home and about 1 hour into drive, …

Maximun Speed 80 mph and shocks Inop Not rated yet
I have a 2003 Corvette with 28,000 miles... started receiving a message of shocks inoperative and maximum speed 80 mph.... Any suggestions? Current …

possible grounding issue Not rated yet
I have a 2003 Convertible Corvette and all my lights are on. Reduced engine power, service traction control, service abs, power windows and locks do not …

Iridium spark plug gap for C5 Not rated yet
I decided to change plugs and wires on my 2000 c5 with 31K miles. I bought the AC Delco recommended plugs (# 41-110 )which are now iridium and not the …

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Shocks inoperative Not rated yet
2003 50th Ann model. While driving last night, suddenly got chimes and message 'shocks inoperative max speed 80 mph' abd the ride went mushy. Car only …

97 blows fuel pump relay every few months Not rated yet
Fuel pump relay bows intermittently every couple of months.

Security light came on and is staying on Not rated yet
My security system is working just fine, as I tested it. However someone told me that if I don't fix what is causing the light to stay on that it would …

Headlight on my c5 goes up and down many time before closing Not rated yet
Me headlight on my c5 doesn't just close when shut of but goes up and down many times. Before stoping, sometimes up or down.

Ac fan quit Not rated yet
Ac fan quit working . Checking fuses #51 fuse not there, what fuses should I check?

c5 abs light came on Not rated yet
why would garage parked abs light come on?

1999 corvette wait 10 seconds Not rated yet
After replacing battery, Also installing a FMC5 module. And having steering column unlock. I still get the message. Remove key and wait 10 seconds.

Engine noise under left coil cover Not rated yet
I have scraping, grinding, rattling noise coming from under left plastic coil cover. It happened once before, about a year ago, and just stopped. Today …

Active handling check engine light reduced power c5 corvette Not rated yet
Drove my 2004 z06 about 3-5 miles and parked for about 15 minutes. When I restarted, car displayed active handling and check engine light and went into …

My AC is not blowing. I need to change the blower motor resistor. Not rated yet
I have bought a new blower motor resistor for my 2002 Corvette. I cannot find any videos showing how to find the location and replace it. Please Help! …

tail lights dash lights intermitten work Not rated yet
Dash tail lights only work when they feel like it?

headlights go on, running lights and dash lights do not Not rated yet
headlights always come on but most of the time running lights and dash lights do not

Burning rubber smell under hood and in cabin. Not rated yet
C5 1999 Corvette. Getting onto expressway and moving through the gears and noticing gears 4 and 5 slipping. Awful rubber burning smell pulled off road …

There is a humming noise coming from my 99 vette and it stops when the window button is pushed all the way up and held there once you let go of the switch the noise comes back Not rated yet
There is a humming noise in my 99 vette and it stops when the window is all the way up and held there once you let it go the humming sound returns

service abs,traction lights came on? Not rated yet
the check lights for the abs,traction service them came on...now what?

Power steering issue after Winter storage  Not rated yet
Took my 2000 Corvette out of winter storage and the steering is very stiff at a stand still, once the vehicle is rolling it isn’t so bad There was absolutely …

2001 service colum lock? Not rated yet
My corvette will start and run well back up fine and once I try to shift and go forward it stalls out. It reads "SERVICE COLUM LOCK" do not have a key …

miles to kilometer Not rated yet
Car starts with miles but always need kilometer. is there an option to block it to kilometer.

Ticking noise Not rated yet
Ticking noise behind dash while accelerating? I goes away when I put it in Neutral or get into 5th or 6th gear.

Minimize fender well gap / Wheel and Tire change Not rated yet
I am trying to minimize the tire to fender clearance on my stock 2004 C5 2dr coupe. I want to use a 18" x 9.5" (56mm offset) wheel with 245/45/18 tires …

HVAC and radio 5-20 minute delay after start-up Not rated yet
I have a 1998 C5 Corvette. Whenever I start the car, the abs and traction control light come on, and the HVAC and radio are powerless. After 5-20 of the …

Passenger power window doesn't work and battery drains overnight Not rated yet
My 2002 Corvette Z06 passenger power window stopped working it was working when it was put into storage did not work after storage. The other problem is …

Electric seats won't go back Not rated yet
Moved seat all the way forward on driver's side-won't go back-bought a new controller-works up and down-but stuck all the way forward-any ideas?

over heating Not rated yet
my car has been running very hot I put on a new cap as once it boiled over, but still running hot, I read where it could be the cooling fan temp? I wonder …

Locked radio Not rated yet
I was able to unlock but clock works but radio still does not work any suggestions?

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Valves are ticking Not rated yet
Valves are ticking

window sensors in a 1998 corvette convertible Not rated yet
Does the convertible model (1998) have window sensors, that roll down slightly when you open the door, then back up when you close it

ac doesn't work  Not rated yet
5 pin relay shows fault on pin 30 where does it go and come from how do I resolve this issue??...no ac please help!!

have a miss fire in #7 cyl Not rated yet
was told i need a solenoid valve relay control its stuck open what is it and where is it


It's a 97 c5 . The PCM fuse (23) keeps blowing Not rated yet
The number 23 fuse (PCM) under the hood keeps blowing and at times the car will just die. I'll pull over pull the key out and it cranks right up. I've …

my 99 corvette reverse lights does not come on when i lock or unlock the car but they work when in reverse Not rated yet
my 99 corvette reverse lights does not come on when i lock or unlock the car but they work when in reverse

erratic coolant gauge; reduced engine power Not rated yet
the coolant gauge jumps around erratically and the engine power is greatly reduced when this happens. What could be wrong. I replaced the temp. sensor …

shuts down Not rated yet
I start it up put it in gear and start to go and it shuts down

Looking for a C-5 Z-06 tune-up specialist.  Not rated yet
Simpson Chevrolet in Irvine, CA seems to have a good tune up team, but I can never speak to the guys that turn the wrenches. I'd prefer to speak directly …

'98 vette fuse blows, to brake lights when pressing the brake peddle. Not rated yet
Brake fuse blows when pressing the peddle.

Speedo not working stuck on high side of gage Not rated yet
Jumped my 2003 Corvette this spring and when I went to drive it the speedo needle is stuck on the high side 200+. Not working.

c5 z06 clutch will not disengage Not rated yet
2001 c5 zo6 will not go into forward gears -- only reverse has abs, traction control and handling lights on - lights have been on for months and car runs …

head light sequnce Not rated yet
c5 I turn on my head lights my right one turns on and comes up ,but my left one turns on by goes down. If I turn off my lights they go off but my right …

Problem Solved.  Not rated yet
It was the sensor. It's an optical sensor and it failed. This also causes the PCM to throw codes for the TCS and ABS

High Mileage and Transmission Reprogram Kit Not rated yet
This is my first Corvette although I've owned more than 60 car's (nice car's and trucks) in my 60+ years of experience. I bought a beautiful, one owner …

Active Handling Sys, Low Brake Fluid Not rated yet
I've filled the brake fluid reservoir, but the message and brake light is still on?????

2001 c5 will only go in reverse  Not rated yet
When I let the clutch out in any forward gear it kills the engine reverse works fine

key fob acting strange Not rated yet
I have followed all the reprogramming instructions and replaced batteries in both fobs. frequently I need to hold both lock and unlock buttons down until …

My 1998 C5 corvette will not start humming noise while not running Not rated yet
I have had issues with my vette at times it will start other times it does not. Recently the battery kept running dead. There is a humming noise you can …

Convertible top on my 99 vette will not release from deck lid because wire operating button release is unplugged Not rated yet
When trying to put down my convertible top on my 99 vette, I pushed the yellow release button which detaches the top from the deck lid and it did not release. …

ac/ heater control panel blank 92 corvette Not rated yet
ac / heater control panel showing orange blank screen. cant adjust speed or on off nothing appears in screen. fuse good cause orange blank screen is on. …

security light on dashboard Not rated yet
security lights up on dash while driving. 1998 C5 Corvette Automatic

aircondintioner, headlights, turn signals Not rated yet
going over railroad tracks, at a slow speed! the air conditioner, turn signals, headlights stopped working? radio, air temperature lights on console do …

no lights in glove boxand sun visor mirror light Not rated yet
i cant find the reason the lights will not go on in the glove box and the sunvisor mirrors; i suspect the fuse blew but i dot know what fuse it is. …

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c5 won't start hot Not rated yet
c5 won't start hot unless the key is cycled between off and on 3 times, then it will start and run. fuel pump has been replaced-did not help. car has a …

C5 speedo jumps around also car won't stay in 3rd or 4th gear slips right out.. New speed sensor installed Not rated yet
Car reads zero on speedo and won't stay in 3rd or 4th gear.. Installed a new speed sensor. Still a problem. Plz help

Bl;owing Fuse Not rated yet
My running lights dash lights and side lights fuse keeps blowing . Blows out when I insert fuse with everything off. Ign key turned off also.

2004 Coupe with Auto Trans and Dual climate control HVAC system. I just purchased the Vette in September of last year. Took awhile to notice the problem …

1999 Corvette DIC stuck in German Not rated yet
While driving DIC Language suddenly changed to German and cannot get back to English or any other language. Speedometer also reads German.

Water leak Not rated yet
Passenger side gets water on floor ONLY after it rains hard

passenger side window Not rated yet
Upon trying to open my passenger window it goes a quarter of the way and stops rolls back up fine lower it again and it stops help

1998 corvette coupe fog light/hatch release not working Not rated yet
Fog light/hatch release not working, the fog light switch works fine but the hatch switch will not open. Checked fuse 26 all good, next the relay 32 all …

1998 corvette coupe fog light/hatch release not working Not rated yet
Fog light/hatch release not working, the fog light switch works fine but the hatch switch will not open. Checked fuse 26 all good, next the relay 32 all …

reset oil indicater,after you chg the oil Not rated yet
how do you reset the oil lite,after you change the oil?

convertible back window has fallen loose of canvas. Not rated yet
Back window in my C5 convertible has fallen loose from the top. Best step to re-attach?

Upgrading Headlights, High, and Fog to LED Not rated yet
No sure what products will work to upgrade my headlights, high and low, plus fog to LED.

C5interior lights stays on Not rated yet
Where is the switch located that turns off the lights when you close the door ?

Noise Not rated yet
High pitch noise coming from the front of the engine. I have installed a Homonic Blancer and a new pully. Noise is still there what could it be.

Turn signal operation Not rated yet
Turn signals work intermittently , work perfectly for a few miles , then are inoperable . Later , work fine again .

tyre monitor Not rated yet
Hi. I can not program air sensor or fob. I'm coming to "learning fob" and "tire training" but I do not get into programming mode. I've removed all the …

No heat after storage Not rated yet
2000 c5 stored for six months has no heat a/c works fine but no heat all blowers working

ac hvhc problem  Not rated yet
Well I bought a new climate control thought it would fix my problem . The vent doors are not changing at all So I went to the computer on the dash to …

turn signals only work sometimes. Already changed the column switch assy. Not rated yet
Turn signals only work sometimes. Changed the column assy. and still same problem. It works when it wants to!

reduced engine power shock absorbers not detected Not rated yet
I start the car and after about 30 seconds warnings start flashing on the dash. reduced engine power, shocks not detected, service tire pressure system. …

My wipers will not turn off on my 2002 corvette Not rated yet
My wipers will not turn off even in the off position. They will not return to park. I need to remove the fuse to make them stop when the key is on. Please …

Driver side window gets stuck halfway going down. 2001 ZO6 Not rated yet
Driver side window gets stuck going down halfway. Took off the door panel and hooked up the window switch and tried it. Goes up and down fine . Put a couple …

Battery goes dead  Not rated yet
I have a 2002 corvette which I keep outside. The car is not used often. The battery goes dead and I have to jump start it. I can't use a trickle charger …

ac not cold Not rated yet
turn ac on and its just cool air not cold

2003 zo6 idles fine but when put into any gear it dies Not rated yet
Car idles fine but when put into any gear it dies

Won’t crank Not rated yet
Won’t crank all lights come up on dash battery good

Interior lights not working. Not rated yet
Change bulbs in courtesy lights now none will work. What fuses should I check?

Radio does not work Not rated yet
2001 Corvette My radio does not turn on, no lights nothing. Where the light should read on heater/air conditioner does not work. Any suggestions would …

Intermittent hesitations for a couple miles at a time  Not rated yet
2001 coupe. Hesitates almost continuously for a couple miles at a time after good and warm. Then goes away but may come back for another 2 Miles 15 Miles …

Just want to send you an video Not rated yet

Passenger side parking light not working Not rated yet
Ok, so when I start the car and release the e-brake only the driver's side parking light comes on. When I turn the wand one click to the running light …

Back Glass came unsealed frome Rag Top Not rated yet
Back Glass came unsealed from rag top. How do You re seal It?

02 corvette ls1 Not rated yet
Hi i have a c5 base corvette under hard acceleration i hear a rattling metal sound from my engine.what could that be?

Fluorescent back-light bulb out on instrument panel-C5  Not rated yet
When I turn the headlights on, only half of my instrument panel is lit. The right side is dark. I removed the instrument cluster and replaced a few bulbs …

147,000 miles no problems till now reduce engine power Not rated yet
Reduced engine power comes on occasionally sometimes it'll go a day no problem then it comes back on along with traction control light any simple solution? …

Light switch backward?  Not rated yet
Light switch on "off",but running lights are on. Switch on next setting, lamps turn off, gauges illuminate ,Switch on headlights, all are on. is this correct, …

high voltage reading Not rated yet
I'm getting high voltage reading while driving, it starts to increase with the speed while driving. I replaced the alternator and battery. Can anyone help …

oscillating vibration 60 mph and above. tires are correctly balabced and straight Not rated yet
Vibration similar to an unbalanced tire. I have tried different wheels and tires with no change. had the tires rebalanced 3 times with no change. It oscillates …

Tach stopped working on my 1999 Frc Not rated yet
Tach started working intermittently for a while and now it doesn't work at all

What fluid to use c5 power steering? Thanks. Not rated yet
P/s fluid for c5

1 headlight stuck up Not rated yet
My drivers side headlight worn retract. Passenger side works fine. All headlights work and the fuse for the LH headlight has been checked (it was fine) …

C5 LH headlight closes and reopens half way when turned off Not rated yet
LH headlight closes and reopens half way when turned off, RH Headlight works properly. LH headlight motor was replaced two months ago and worked properly …

NO POWER TO MY HUD Not rated yet

1998 convertible windows up dont allow doors to cloe Not rated yet
since i replaced the battery several years ago when the windows are up you cant close the doors as the windows are hitting the weather stripping. i have …

BATTERY DRAIN Not rated yet
I know the C5 generation corvette is notorious for battery drains. But before i tackle this issue, i realized that the interior time/clock stays lit 24/7. …

The clock is working properly but the reset buttons don't work to change the time. Is this a big deal to fix? Thanks for any help.

1997 corvette blower motor nor manual climate control comes on after 20 of driving  Not rated yet
Good afternoon I have a 1997 corvette auto trans and manual climate temp controls. For the past several weeks when the car sits overnight the next morning …

99 c5 power loss on when cornering. Not rated yet
On a couple of occasions while excelerating in first or second gear in tight right turn I’ve lost power until the car loses Centrifugal force. Any ideas …

C5 Corvette stuck in Park Not rated yet
the leaver will not move. with my foot on the break

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starts but will not crank Not rated yet
My 2003 C5 Corvette will start but will not crank. Does this security system have to car shut down?

windshield wiper issue Not rated yet
I have a 1999 C5 and my windshield wipers stopped working. When this happened, they would just turn on on their own, and also not come on when I turned …

BCM buzzing after stereo system install Not rated yet
New Kenwood stereo, 700w amp, speakers, sub with proper harness wired in along with installing entire rear end with new gears. Stereo instructional …

C5 AC fan motor Not rated yet
After replacing AC fan motor ( old one was howling ) , after awhile I am getting burning smell. Checked and wires are not hot and motor seems to run OK. …

door panel inspection port covers for sale Not rated yet
WHERE can I find door panel inspection port covers for sale?

Cracking/popping noise in passenger floorboard area Not rated yet
Crackling/popping noise in area of passenger floorboard.about a week ago their was a small clicking noise behind dash near drivers side when engine was …

Steering problem Not rated yet
When I turn the steering wheel completely to right or left, the tires shake the steering wheel when I start moving forward or reverse also the tires shake …

Speedometer not working Not rated yet
Speedometer is pegged to the high side.

whinning noise and temperature control lights flickering on 2003 corvette Not rated yet
Whinning noise coming from under dash, temperature control lights flickering and and windshield wiper blades jump when turn on ignition. Turn off fan and …

My 1998 C5 Suddenly Died Not rated yet
My 1998 C5 suddenly died today as I was pulling to a red traffic light today. Would start then shut off immediately. I was able to get it pushed to a side …

Shifter is very stiff and difficult to get first and second!? Not rated yet
Loud tapping is constant. Been told it's a lifter. Hard to get in first and second gear. I don't think the problems are related. Can a noisy lifter be …

Reset Button Not rated yet
Had an alert regarding my tire sensors. Cleared it with the reset button. When I restarted the car the tire sensor alert came back on and now my reset …

Fuel smell in right rear wheel well. Not rated yet
2003 C5 Corvette base coupe. When I fill the gas tank I can smell fuel in the right rear wheel well upon returning home from the gas station. Problem …

pull key wait 10 sec. Not rated yet
when i start my 97 vette the message center say pull the key and wait 10 sec before start.what do i need to do to solve this problem?

2003 Corvette Driver's side headlight Not rated yet
My headlights come up and then go down but the drivers side comes back up even with the lights off What could be the problem It is not making any …

Courtesy lights not working. Not rated yet
Change bulbs in courtesy lights now none will work.

What is this on C5 seat frame? Not rated yet
Found this riveted on passenger seat frame during re-cover. No known pictures on web. No answers on Corvette forums. Bought car new off lot. Almost looks …

Courtesy lights not working. Not rated yet
Change bulbs in courtesy lights now not will work.

passenger hvac control doesn't display Not rated yet
when I try to set the passenger side temp. for the hvac system it doesn't register on the display. The drivers side works fine and the outside and inside …

Stalling. Not rated yet
Whenever I drive somewhere and stop for a little while like a grocery store I come out and start up put it in drive and it stalls out. I was told …

Head lights pop up Not rated yet
I have a 2004 C5 and just replaced the gear in the drivers side head light. Worked fine for awhile. Then one night came home shut the lights off and both …

I need to Remove and Replace an Ignition Lock Cylinder Corvette 2000 C5 Not rated yet
I need to remove and replace my ignition lock cylinder. I was looking for a video that I can watch and follow.

Is there a reason for an oily substance in my windshield washer tank Not rated yet
Oily substance in my C5 windshield washer tank.

Burnt oil smell Not rated yet
I sometimes drive my c5 automatic in first gear, slowly around the neighborhood, and when I get home there is a strong 'burnt oil' smell. No apparent …

Need throttle body relearn procedure  Not rated yet
Replaced throttle body and need relearn procedure for startup.

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temp gauge not working Not rated yet
temp gauge goes to over temp side when start cold not working changed sensor still no change

1997 coupe 13,750 miles black excellent shape what is a good price to buy it for? Not rated yet
1997 coupe 13,750 miles black excellent shape what is a good price to buy it for?

Reduce engine power Not rated yet
The check engine light came on And the code read reduce engine power While driving the car stalled but restarted Now I had too idle all the way home …

ac/heater display will not go out Not rated yet
hello my name is Randy I have a 2000 corvette coupe with dual zone heater / ac. I had a dead battery and the battery charged up with no problems and is …

passenger window not working C5 Not rated yet
passenger window not working clicking sound from console

driver side air conditioning actuator Not rated yet
driver side blows hot air while passenger side is cool

Replaced the throttel position sensor. Car states but only runs short distance then quits. Not rated yet
I replaced the ignition module because it would crank but no start. still no start. I replaced the throttle response sensor and car starts right up but …

Abs/traction control/security light when moving power seat harness Not rated yet
Well.I have a 98 c5.the ac stopped blowing.so I was checking connections.also, drivers seat wasn't working.so.die electric grease.blower started working …

C5 sunvisor? Not rated yet
How do I install?

Corvette totally ran out of gas Not rated yet
My cousin used my corvette and let it run completely out of gas! Put in a quarter tank of gas but the car will not start at all now. What can I do? …

97 corvette drivers seat will not recline back all the way Not rated yet
97 corvette drivers seat will not recline back all the way. Just purchased this used vet. Replaced fuse and still seat will not recline back like the passenger's …

c5 auto dimming rear view mirror light bulbs Not rated yet
Can the 6 led's on each side of a c5 auto dimming mirror be changed out ??? They sit on a wafer like a computer wafer and don't look to be changeable . …

When I hit a bump on the road the rear end stats swaying real bad Not rated yet
When I'm driving I hear a bump in the road the real rain starts to sway real bad what could be the problem

gas pedal assembly Not rated yet
Need a gas pedal assembly for a 1999 corvette. Does anyone know where to find one?

Temperature display is incorrect. Not rated yet
Our temperature display is always the incorrect temperature. It does change temperatures by either going up or down but they are still incorrect. We don't …

Multiple electronic malfunctions  Not rated yet
Gauges , radio , window , a/c all go off and on randomly at the same time !?????

LED light is on under the rearview mirror Not rated yet
Led light is on under the rear view mirror

LED light is on under the rearview mirror Not rated yet
Led light is on under the rear view mirror

Courtesy lights / parking lights stay on 30 mins after opening car door. Not rated yet
Trying to find where the timed relay is, ?

2001 convert driver seat isn't going back when I cut off car Not rated yet
Driver seat isn't moving when I start or cut off car. Manual control is working. Battery had to be recharged recently.

How do I remove my speaker panels? Not rated yet
My radio isn't working because, so I am told, one of the speakers may have a broken or loose wire.

Car wont start Not rated yet
Drove 02 zo6 everything was fine next day wont turn over says it is overheated and its out of gas now trunk dont work nor does radio or dome lights

hey i have a 2004 ZO6 that was manufactured in October 2003, i purchased the car back in December 2016 with 22,000 miles on the clock and in very good …

c6 parts on c5 Not rated yet
hello, I know this is probably a commonly answered question but, it doesn't seem like anyone has a specific list of what I want. Seeing how you have a …

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No power to climate control Not rated yet
My climate control is not receiving power on my 97 C5. It periodically was going on and off and now appears to have finally quit. Pin 16 and pin 5 have …

visor lights and hood lamp what fuse is it Not rated yet
hood lamp and visor vanity lights out

2004 corvette wont start after getting gas Not rated yet
my 2004 corvette does not want to start after I get gas. no matter how much gas is in the tank already.. I turn the vehicle off at the pump put gas in …

1997 c5 corvette not starting  Not rated yet
My 1997 c5 corvette it will crank but won't start I can't hear the fuel pump coming on I check the fuses an there good an if I press on the fuel rail gas …

burning smell and check engine light Not rated yet
what could be causing a burning smell and the check engine light to come on all fluids are up to correct levels. This is coming from the driver side by …

water keeps draining into the interior of 2002 C5 convertable . How many drains do they have and where are they? Not rated yet
Water drains into my C5 corvette convertable when it rains. where are the drains and how do I unstop them?

No start, no comm w pcm, fans blow Ign off, fires coils right bank after battery reattached Not rated yet
No comm, pcm, fans on ign off, right coil bank fires all coils upon battery being connected.

My 97 starts, gos into gear, soon as it rolls,, it quits Not rated yet
My 97 starts, gos into gear, soon as it rolls,, it quits

Is there a fuse that controls valve for exhaust on a C5 2001 Corvette LS1? Not rated yet
Is there a fuse that you can pull out to make exhaust louder on a 2001 C5 Corvette?

odometer readout disappears after a few minutes and screen remains blank. Not rated yet
Just had a new battery fitted (Optima) and now the odometer display disappears after a few minutes and the screen remains blank.

instructions to remove heater blower c5 corvette Not rated yet
Mice nest in air vent system

Heads up Display (HUD) unit for 2001 c5 Not rated yet
Hello, My HUD unit needs replaced in my C5, but the GM web site says its discontinued and no longer available....do you know who makes this unit …

loud clicking noise right side of engine not loosing power Not rated yet
loud clicking noise right side of engine not loosing power

i have2002 headlight problem Not rated yet
i h ave 2002 corvette and headlight on passenger side doe'nt alway go back up r down

i have2002 corvette and headlight on passenger side doe;nt alway go back up or down Not rated yet
i h ave 2002 corvette and headlight on passenger side doe'nt alway go back up r down

Ac not blowing from vents Not rated yet
It blows from defrost, vents and floor at the same time

Cruise control doesn't work Not rated yet
After replace the transmission cable seen to be like the cruise control doesnt work

98 corvete auto goes into reverse throttle will not do anything like the drive by wire is broke but goes forward just fine Not rated yet
Car wont accererate in reverse just moves slowly nothing happend when i push the throttle no rpms nothing . drives fine in drive is not slipping and is …

service t.m.s. soon Not rated yet
service t.m.s. message . what to do?

2001 vett gauges going wild stop working complety Not rated yet
gauges stop working and all kinds of warning showing like reduce engine power

Reverse light switch  Not rated yet
Will oil leak out of the transmission if I remove the reverse light switch on my 1999 C5.It needs replacing and I don't want to get a bath

where is the turn signal flasher on a 2000 C5 corvette? Not rated yet
Signal lights are intermittent

Turn signal on my 2002 Corvette will just quit working.  Not rated yet
I will turn on my turn signal and before I complete my turn the green signal light goes out and when I try to turn the signal back on it does not work. …

when I rev the engine I get a metal scraping/hi pitch squeal Not rated yet
when I rev the engine I get a Hi pitched squeal / metal on metal sound. I starts at around 3000 rpm

New Fuel Pump Whines Not rated yet
Installed a new fuel pump on my 1999 C5. Pump works fine. But it whines for 20 minutes of driving then goes away. Also hearing a hissing noise from the …

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car wont start, gives service active handeling system and reduced power Not rated yet
98 c5 corvette was running fine when cut off. next day went to start and wouldnt start. is giving service active handleing system, reduced power and low …

no turn signals Not rated yet
have no turn signals anywhere in car. have hazard flashers an all other lights

ac on/ battery volts drops/ won't start when shut off/ac off car runs fine Not rated yet
Ok, excuse my writing! I have a 2004 c5 corvette stock except for a 25% UD balancer, auto, 73000 miles and is my DD because only car I have. Need to repair!!!! …


Low oil level light keeps coming on Not rated yet
Low oil level keeps popping up

Spark Plugs Not rated yet
What are the stock spark plugs in a 1999 corvette coupe ?

Engine coolant overheating and charge system fault at same time Not rated yet
Hi Looking for some help please! I have a'98 C5 that I bought a few weeks ago. She's been working fine but today I was in the highway going about …

Electronics Not rated yet
Doors will not unlock automatically when you take the key out

No Front Turn Signals or DRL's Not rated yet
Problem 1 This problem is sporadic, I have front turn signals and DRL's and the next minute I don't. I am wondering if it could be the front harness or …

Air conditioner  Not rated yet
Air works on one side only hot on the other

Turn Signal Replacement - Dead Battery Not rated yet
I replaced my battery this spring on my 2000 C5. Been running strong for the past couple months.no dead battery issues at all. Last week both my turn signal …

1998 C5 speedo / tach not working. Not rated yet
The lights come on and the speedometer / tach needles move like they're supposed to when the ignition is turned on but when the engine starts, both meter …

Check engine light  Not rated yet
I was driving on your the freeway All off a sudden my check engine light came on.nothing seems to be wrong it runs and starts just fine.it has only 38574 …

Trunk release fuel door release Fog lights all won't work Not rated yet
I have three issues pop up on my 1999 C5 after blowing the backup light fuse (I was installing backup camera and crossed the wires). The fuel door release …

where do I start ????????????????????? Not rated yet
02 Z06, no problems until oil change,20 miles later get low oil pressure warning,,take it to dealership but before I get there I stop for gas,,car won't …

After installation of flash back drl and led 194s headlights refuse to raise they do light up .  Not rated yet
After installation of flash back drl and led 194s, headlights refuse to raise, they do light up low and high . I do have flasher harness.

Power seat problems Not rated yet
Power seat goes forward and backwards. Not up/ or tilt. motors make noise, but nothing moves

Intermittent A/C operation. Not rated yet
C-5 with 26-000 miles. A/C console light cuts off intermittent. When light is on a/c works fine.

Loose top Not rated yet
I own a 2004 coupe with removable top. It rattles. How can it b tightened up so it won't drive me nuts.

Passenger side headlight pops up intermittently on manual or auto Not rated yet
I replaced the plastic gear inside the headlight motor with a metal one. The headlight worked initially but lately it only works intermittently, even on …

How do I install ghost lights in a 2000 convertible corvette  Not rated yet
Which wires do I Connect them to on the courtesy lights under the dash .

Faulty instrument cluster Not rated yet
I have a 2003 Z06 and the instrument cluster is intermittent. Sometimes you can't see the odometer reading. Sometimes the tach. Get erratic when the cluster …

buying a 2004 corvette with only 2440 miles on it Not rated yet
What age related items should I be most concerned about. i.e. tires, etc

Rear edge of driver side window sits too high on seal Not rated yet
Hello, I recently had to replaced the double sided tape material that adheres the metal door seal channels and plastic rain gutter trim to the cabin …

Interior lights keep flashing on and off Not rated yet
Interior lights keep flashing on and off

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No power to Windows, Radio, 3 gages not working and all alert lights on dash are on. Not rated yet
I've found 4 posts below with my exact same symptoms, but no solutions were posted to any of them. Everything happened at once: Power windows won't …

c-5 repair Not rated yet
looking for a fair priced wrench to look at my corvette in Sunnyvale ca

Oil pressure sensor needs replacing on my 98 corvette. Do I have to take intake in order to replace the sensor? Not rated yet
Bought oil pressure sensor for my 98 corvette. Do I need to take off intake value? If so, I will have to spend more money for gasket!

I started my 2001 vet tonite and none of the gages on the dash worked. Not rated yet
I started mu 2001 vet to nite and none of the gauges on the dash worked. everything else does.

Headlights fail to open Not rated yet
The headlights fail to open when the engine is running. My understanding is that GM has an upgrade kit to resolve the issue. What is that part number?

Doors will not close on 1999 corvette Not rated yet
Well it sounds kind of stupid but when I was trying to find draw on my battery I wanted the car to think the doors were closed so I reached down on the …

Traction control and ABS warning lights on Not rated yet
The traction control and the ABS warning lights come on and the air conditioning shuts down on my 2002 Corvette. The dealer replaced the EBCM and I still …

battery drain 2002 Corvette Not rated yet
With the left headlight harness connected my battery drains completely in 16 hours (overnight). With the harness disconnected no problem with battery. …

2001 c5 no power to hud Not rated yet
Just upgraded from 99 c5 convertible to 2001 coupe c5 have no power going to hud I check all fuses is there there a way to get to hud or plug without …

Won't start Not rated yet
I have a 1998 corvette with only 32,000 miles and it has sit in my garage for 10 months because I can't get it to start. I can work the radio, windows, …

Traction,& abs display while driving.Do I have trouble? Not rated yet
I am very concerned when this pops up in display.My wife & I are seniors,& can"t walk very if we have to leave vehicle at roadside.

Battery Not rated yet
Had jump off once battery bout 6 years will not jump everything lights up but will not engage start

Install gas struts on convertible top deck Not rated yet
How do you install the gas struts on a c5 convertible top hard deck?

2001 corvette convertible high pitch noise under hood Not rated yet
2001 corvette convertible high pitch noise under hood wstarts when i turn the ignition to on stays on even when i start the ca

2003 Piston slap Not rated yet
I own a 2003 coupe for the last 14 months 31,000 kiliometers it has piston slap at start up all , then as it warms up its very faint. will changing from …

1999 Vette Inside Red Door Lights Not Working Not rated yet
I have a 1999 Vette purchased recently and the inside doors have red lenses but don't light up. Should I check fuses or bulbs? Are they suppose to light …

Some time the car will not start Not rated yet
Some time the car will not start and other times it start up just fine

Interior lights and headlamps pop up with key in ignition Not rated yet
The interior lights won't come on. Checked all fuses, all good. Placed key in ignition to clear codes, thinking that might be the problem, and the headlamps …

Vin Not rated yet
The 5th letter in is a y. According to you guys y=ZR1. What does this mean This is vin on a 2003 50th Anniv

tight shifter and plastic smell Not rated yet
Hi, It seems my 2001 corvette may have a shifter issue. It only has 24k on miles and is not driven that much. When I do drive it it seems the manual …

dual controls lost all power Not rated yet
I have a 2003 Z06 and I lost all power and lights on my dual controls for the a/c and heat, but sometimes it will come back on and work properly. Can you …

C5 corvette power door lock won't lock driver side  Not rated yet
1998 corvette. Driver side will not lock using power switch or key fob. Both doors unlock, but driver side won't lock

Steering moves quickly right and left Not rated yet
The steering seems too dart right and or left while going down the road I have replaced all the bushings and the tie rod ends both inner and outer the …

battery is charged but all electrical just went dead Not rated yet
I keep a battery tender on my 01 zo6 and only drive it once or twice a year. I got in it to start it up and everything was normal until I turned the key. …

brake lights not working on 2001 corvette Not rated yet
Is there a fuse that controls the brake lights?

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Corvette by Chevrolet Not rated yet
corvette by Chevrolet does not show up on DIC screen at start up on my 2004 Corvette, can you help

need to replace radiator ,c5 ,2004 auto Not rated yet
Is replacement easier from top or bottom removal?

need to replace radiator ,c5 ,2004 auto Not rated yet
Is replacement easier from top or bottom removal?

high oil temp and reduced engine rpm dash message Not rated yet
I have a 97 C-5 corvette that was not used for 3-4 weeks. When I started it up, I got a high oil temp and reduced engine RPM message that scrolled across. …

C5 sun visor GROMMET replacement Not rated yet
How do I either remove the grommet from old visor or install new grommet without damaging it on new visor. Thanks

C5 sun visor GROMMET replacement Not rated yet
How do I either remove the grommet from old visor or install new grommet on new visor ? Looks impossible. Thanks

p0410 Not rated yet
keeps coming up after solenoids and air pump have been replaced , even replaced he solenoid located in the passenger fender..

Cold air coming out of vent on passengers on heater Not rated yet
When heater is turn on cold air comes from passenger vents.

Headlights flipped up with no one around Not rated yet
Both headlights flipped up with no one around---both motors were extremely hot--left lamp is now down and sounds like there is a ratchet when we lift that …

C5 2004 Corvette Not rated yet
When I select heat in this car, the AC compressor energizes and runs and the ac lights come on and I get Heat. No HVAC Codes. Yes lights are very dim …

need to extend glove box light switch Not rated yet
looking for a way to extend the button in my 1999 corvette glove box that turns off the light.

Headlight only comes up half way only Not rated yet
I had grinding noise in the headlight gear and I replaced with a brass gear from Rodney Dickman. After completion of the replacement, the gear and light …

2003 Z06 starts wont idle gauges haywire when ignition in on position Not rated yet
The car will turnover but will not idle, the gauges go haywire when the ignition is in the on position. We have tried the BCM as that was the code that …

horn and security stop working Not rated yet
car was locked up in yard while i was away. neighbor called me and said that the alarm was going off in my car but no one was around it. i returned home …

Blower motor works some times others don't work at all  Not rated yet
Blower motor stoped working the. Started again and now not working again... the resistor has power and ground going into it but only power coming out going …

check engine light will not light up when switch is turned on Not rated yet
check engine light will not light up when switch is turned on

Replacing Airbag/Clock Spring-- 98 Convertible Not rated yet
I bought clock spring part #26055139 to fit 1997-98 C5 Corvettes. Come to find out my 1998 convertible C5 uses clock spring part #26087359. By any chance …


Busshings on a floor shifter go AT Not rated yet
Bushings on the floor shifter for automatic transmission

C5 radio wont turn on after charging dead battery Not rated yet
My 1999 C5 had a dead battery. I charged it and now the radio wont come on.The clock does but not the radio. I removed the negative cable for 5 minutes …

Hit by speed bump where fender meets lower panel and fender is now sticking out Not rated yet
Is the, its missing where it was hooked up before, is their an easy way to fix?

Have 2001 that the dash lights go out when the car is started Not rated yet
About a month ago, the dash lights did not come on when I first started the car, but did come on after I went no more than a city block. After a few days …

turning horn chirp off when locking the door Not rated yet
that's it. Is annoying.

Clicking noise coming from standard trans when shifting to 1st or reverse Not rated yet
I have a 02 c5 with the 6 speed trans and after raising the rear end up in the air and using my hands to turn rear wheels back in fourth it appears that …

1999 corvette key fob training Not rated yet
Cannot get key fob training to display on dic. All I get is tire training. Pressing the options button should scroll to fob training but it doesn't. …

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Will not start Not rated yet
I went to get in my 2003 corvette today I used the remote to open the trunk and door I got in and put the key in the switch and turn the key on and on …

Service vehicle soon light problem Not rated yet
98 c5 coupe service vehicle soon light will not reset with scan tool or manual on dic

99 vette C5,35K MILES TAKES 3-4 CRANKS TO START  Not rated yet

1998 exhaust issue Not rated yet
Started car today and it immediately sounded loud like there was an exhaust leak or something

2003 C5 ZO6 with HUD windshield replacement Not rated yet
Looking for the best service/price out there for windshield replacement. Safelight wants $1,200.00!

A/C Vs. seat position buttons Not rated yet
My 2000 C5 Vett; The air conditioner turns off when using seat position door buttons. Is this normal ?

No heat from drivers side, dual zone Not rated yet
I get a constant clicking noise from the drivers side of the center console. No heat from drivers side, but passenger side is good. A/C works for both …


Interior and trunk lights not working. Not rated yet
I can turn interior lights on in car but they won't work when opening car doors on C5 corvette. Replaced #2 and #29 fuses. 42 appears to be relay and does …

98 vet headlights Not rated yet
My headslights aren't opening when I turn on the switch. I don't hear any motor or gear noise.. I checked the fuses and conections.. I believe it is the …

HUD will not adjust up to where I can see it. Not rated yet
My 03 C5 coupe HUD will not adjust up to where I can see it. This has just recently happened. It does move up and down a little just will not come up high …

TPMS no reading Not rated yet
The TPMS shows no reading for all 4 tires I did a relearn and got beeps for all 4 tires but still no reading?

Where do i get a tach drive motor for a 99 corvette Not rated yet
Cannot find a tach drive motor for a c-5 corvette

turn signal bulbs keep burning out when going through car wash Not rated yet
The turn signal bulbs in both the front turn signals keep burning out when I take the car through a car wash.

door chime is buzzing on the gauge cluster on 2000 c5 vet Not rated yet
Is there any other kind of a quick fix that is easier and also cheaper then removing the instrument cluster.

backup lights Not rated yet
Went to dealer for state inspection. I was told backup lights were out and needed to replace switch. I checked and they worked fine. they claim lights …

1999 corvette release button for convertible top storage compartment  Not rated yet
The release button that opens the convertible top storage lid on my 1999 corvette does not work? Could it be a fuse or a relay switch?

99 c5 Multiple computer messages 5-6 display suddenly Not rated yet
99 c5....started out on drive....speed 55-60 shifted up to 5th gear and suddenly ABS lit up,fuel level dropped to empty, when tank over 1/4, display read …

Oil pressure reading 1997 corvette Not rated yet
On start up pressure reads 55 once engine gets to 195 degrees pressure drops to 39 at an idle the pressure reads 28-29 is this normal just purchase this …

1999 Corvette front right engine compartment, something constantly quietly running with ignition off Not rated yet
I have a '99 c5 that has the noise comparable to a small fridge running, coming from the front right area of the engine compartment. It seems like it's …

Passenger Side Window on my 2001 corvette stop working Not rated yet
Passenger side power window on my 2001 Corvette just stop working. Driver side works fine, But, when I press the button on driver door for passenger window, …

HUD  Not rated yet
i have a 02 c5 corvette My windshield speedometer (HUD) isnt coming up all the way. I've everything i can think of. Is there something i can do to fix …

car quit Not rated yet
car quit no fuel pressure changed pump drivers side, battery went dead, car fired up tpm was reading high on all 4 tires fuel guage only reads half tank, …

Defroster fan making loud roaring noise Not rated yet
Defrost/heat fan making load roaring noise that gets louder as fan is turned up. Need to know how to locate the fan on 2004 Corvette ZO6

Unable to start my 1999 Corvette Not rated yet
Car was running fine After shutting down the engine unable to start the car Battery is checked and good three month old what could be the cause

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installed new battery  Not rated yet
After I installed new battery car started after turned off let sit for hour or so.went to start and no power took off neg connection put back on and …

Head light won't pop up  Not rated yet
Drivers side headlight motor won't work I changed my headlights bulbs to led after doing so they both worked fine for about 24 hrs I parked my car for …

brake lights not working Not rated yet
the third eye brake light is working but none of the others

HUD not working Not rated yet
I have a 1999 C5, the heads up display is not projecting. I have moved it up and down, looked for a blown fuse and still nothing. Before I go and pull …


Blower fan problem Not rated yet
Trying to locate and remove the A/C heater fan in my 2001 vette. I think the mice got into it over the winter. Thanks Gary

Right front headlight buzzes a few seconds on 2000 Corvette when turned off Not rated yet
Right front headlight buzzes a few seconds when turned off on 2000 Corvette

drivers window stuck  Not rated yet
Window moves a bit up or down and then stops

How to access gauge cluster. Not rated yet
I have a 2003 convertible that has been heavily modified for show and go. It is red and the trim rings added around the individual gauges are also red. …

climate control module Not rated yet
I had my control module repair but it did not repair the problem the problem it at like no power going to it no ac no light it won't do a xxxx thank

02 Zo6 Airbag light on Not rated yet
So I bought this car from a guy here in VA, the car sat in TN for two years after having it's original engine blown racing it in Houston. The guy I …

electrical & electronic issues Not rated yet
1997...most radio pushbuttons not working, most ac pushbuttons not working, ac temperature dial not working, one side of ac blowing hot the other cold, …

C5 DS headlight won't open or close Not rated yet
I've read many threads for a solution but tried almost all myself: -pulled and replaced #6 minifuse -refaced left ground between DS headlamp and generator …

wipers inop Not rated yet
wipers not working

Burning smell from under hood Not rated yet
I have a slight burning smell coming from under the hood. Car has new oil pan gasket, valve cover gasket's, and new rear main seal. No smoke or any leak …

C5 onboard computor Not rated yet
Has anyone had trouble with a pre-2000 corvette C5 computer?

What options are available with abs control failure on gen. 5 corvette? Not rated yet
I am checking a 1998 coupe {corvette}. A GM parts tech shared with me today 02/23/16 the abs electrical controls are not available thru GM parts. Thanks …

went to replace exhaust system on 1999 vette  Not rated yet
Repair shop said they would have to adjust the car frame to give enough clearance to remove old and install new. I said no way! It is the original exhaust …

PSI needle ALL the way to right Not rated yet
Oil level is OK. heads up display shows bars ALL the way to top way past 5?

can't turn off twilight on my DIC panel Not rated yet
my headlights come on automatic too early after sunset, when I go to DIC to make the twilight change from on to off it won't let me??

Air bag light is on Not rated yet
My airbag light would come on sometimes when I would tilt the steering wheel. Well now its on all the time so I removed the lower panel so I could see …

Drivers side sun visor is very hard to lower or raise Not rated yet
Has anyone had similar problem and had successfully corrected?

Lights on HUD Switch Stay on very dim with key off Not rated yet
Battery Dies and the HUD lights stay on very dim

Oil leak under car... 2004 C5 Not rated yet
Oil leaks onto the exhaust system and oil burning smell in car, when changing oil noticed oil in the area just before the drain plug traveling towards …

Nothing on the dash functions.  Not rated yet
After charging my battery I disconnected the charger and started the car, Nothing on the dash worked. Oil pressure, temp, tack, fuel level and speedometer …

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Car Stalls Not rated yet
Charged the battery and each time I put in gear and move the car shuts off

What size are the stock heads on a 2002 corvette ? Not rated yet
I wanted to get aftermarket heads so I was wondering what the stock head size is

trans fluid or diff leak Not rated yet
Regarding my question I meant to ask can diff fluid enter the standard transmission Thanks

trans ? diff leak Not rated yet
I bought a 99 standard awhile ago. When I took it to a dealer to have the trans fluid changed I was told there was excessive fluid exiting the drain plug, …

I looking at an04 base coupe with removable top it has a painted top will a transparent top work there also and what year to what year will work Not rated yet
Will an 04 base coupe w removable painted top can a transparent top work on it? Will it fit and if so what year to what year will work?

1999 C5 Won't Start Not rated yet
When I turn the ignition on in my 99 C5, there is one click and then no power.....after about a minute or so, I can try again, but with the same result. …

A/C switch turns off when it is raining. Heat starts coming out of A/C vents. Car interior fogs up. Not rated yet
A/C switch turns off when it is raining. Heat starts coming out of A/C vents. Car interior fogs up. What is my problem and how can it be fixed?

2002 corvette converitble  Not rated yet
I am looking at a 2002 corvette convertible. The interior has something I have never seen and I want to know if Chevy did this or if it is a modification. …

no lights on driver door switch Not rated yet
lights on my driver door switch stop working on my 2000 corvette which fuse control these

Dick Marvin Not rated yet
Just a question-----I bought Mobil 1 10w 30 and thought I bought 5w 30. Now that I lost the sales slip, I am wondering if I can run this 10w 30 in my 2004 …

passenger window wont go down Not rated yet
My passenger window on my 1999 corvette wil not go down. seems like it is up too tight. i can hear the relay click when i push button. what do you think …

Stock speaker problems Not rated yet
Only the left front speaker works and also gives a humming sound. The fuses seem fine, replaced 24 and 28 on the passenger side with a spare and no change. …

Any suggestions and or solutions to fix my " Service column lock " problem on my 2001 Vette ?

driver information center problems Not rated yet
My 1998 corvette driver information center (DIC) display is scrolling uncontrollably through all the messages in random order. It will stop for a while …

I have a 2001 Corvette. I had to replace the rear window. More often than not, when I try to open the hatcback, it unlocks, but doesn't pop up enough to …

head lamps STILL not raising! Not rated yet
I replaced the bronze gears, connectors ,2, have been thoroughly cleaned,replaced, new battery with a tender installed, and the lamps come ON, BUT, the …

Tcs abs lights on no radio no heater fan Not rated yet
When my tcs and abs lights come on (also) service vehicle soon, the radio goes off as well as the heater blower. As soon as these lights go out the radio …

2000 corvette water in driver side floor Not rated yet
Had wiper motor replaced and now I get lots of water on the floor on the driver's side when it rains. did the mechanic leave out a gasket or seal? Water …

gas guage keeps going to empty Not rated yet
Gas guage goes to empty, check guage light comes on, but car has plenty of fuel.

manual tranny over full Not rated yet
Thank you. Just got a 99 C5 6 speed. When the tranny was checked it was over full. The differential was low. The mechanic said that possibly the diff …

Change thermostat to 187 now temperature needle is way too high Not rated yet
Change thermostat to 187 now the temperature needle is too high

Ticking noise Not rated yet
When I start it up I hear a ticking noise.. Sound like a lifter or injecter

Slow shifting automatic Not rated yet
Seems to shift much slower not near as crisp as the C4 automatic we have. There is no warning lights that come on to indicate a problem. Is this normal …

1999 stalled, while driving Not rated yet
I was driving to work, and the engine stalled out on me.

Active handling warm up fault Not rated yet
(99 Corvette)The active handling handling is activated and I can't reset it. What ca I do? Please help!

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climate control turns off sometimes and does not come back on  Not rated yet
sometimes the climate control does not come on. when it does it sometimes turns off and I have to wait ahile for it to come back on

takes 2 or 3 times on the on off switch to get the headlight to pop up Not rated yet
Takes 2 or 3 tries to get the headlights to pop up. Does not make a noise. I have a 1999 Corvette Convertible.

Where is the location of the C5 flasher relay block located Not rated yet
I replaced regular tail lights with LED ones. Now the blinkers are blinking too fast. Purchased new flasher but can't locat the old one to replace it. …

Shut down while driving wont restart Not rated yet
Low coolant on display, drove about 2 miles automatically shut down, wont restart. Gages go up then drops, cant get to codes or reset before gages jump …

Service Steering Column Not rated yet
2000 Convert with new Service Steering Column message. I can turn the wheels left and right with the key off, so I assume my steering column has either …

weak a/c blower Not rated yet
I just had a new A/C compressor installed and the a/c is cold, however, the climate controller says its on high, but not a lot of air is blowing out.

2004 c-5 coming home oil temp 180 pressure 130  Not rated yet
Coming home engine ran fine all the way home. I noticed after 10 miles of driving I my pressure gage maxed at 80 I pushed the gage button and it said …

oil temp 180 oil pressure 130?????? Not rated yet
pressure and temp way up on the way home from work

can you interchange a c5 corvette coupe and convertible roof assembly Not rated yet
Is it possible to change a C5 Corvette coupe to a convertible... It looks possible, but not sure. It is a 1997 Corvette.

coolint leak Not rated yet
Hello, My 2004 vett has started leaking radiator fluidonto passenger side header at the collector.noticed this after short drive yesterday afternoon could …

i get service steering column  Not rated yet
I had the recall done on my 2000 vet but now 3 years later I am getting service steering column I have in hooked the batt and made sure the batt is full …

headlight problems Not rated yet
the plastic gear went out on motor gearbox on the drivers side headlight well i couldn't get light up to pull gearbox off so i thought i would pull the …

Air conditioning coming out defrost vent only Not rated yet
Very little air coming out front vents. Most of air is on the windshield. The mode button is not changing the position of the air. LED lights have be out …

lights stay on after ignition is turned off Not rated yet
Problem started : headlights would not come up after dark. Turning ignition off : running lights would not shut off. Suggestions ???? Thanks ! …

remote will not unlock door, lights still flash Not rated yet
I have a 2001 c5 coupe. recently the remote stopped unlocking the driver's side door. the lights still flash. you can unlock the door with the key, …

remote will not unlock door, lights still flash Not rated yet
I have a 2001 c5 coupe. recently the remote stopped unlocking the driver's side door. the lights still flash. you can unlock the door with the key, …

Under hood light on 2003 Corvette Not rated yet
Is there a switch or fuse that powers the under the hood light? I assume it should go on when the hood is opened, mine does not, can not find anything …

Left front blinker and rear right brake light are out Not rated yet
I need to know how to replace the rear brake bulbs and the right front blinker light

Headlight continues to move Not rated yet
Hello, When I turn off my C% 2000 corvette, the driver side headlight continues to move up and down for about 15 sections. I see that the gear continue …

2000 corvette Not rated yet
Low pressure gauge I checked oil and its ok?

Rear TPMS will not learn, both front relearned Not rated yet
Bought 2 new tires, rear right was working also left rear, now both TPMS will not learn through the process

sometimes car wont start and I hear a humming sound Not rated yet
Every now and then when i go to stary my car everything lights up my gages go up but my car wont start. Sometimes it eill stsrt after turning tbe key several …

Right rear stop lights do not work. Not rated yet
My right rear stop lights do not work on my 1999 C5 coupe. The bulbs are good.

issues with the stock raditor fan cables with an aftermarket fans Not rated yet
Hello , i have a 1997 c5 corvette and i rarely drive the car but i noticed every now n then the cables for the raditor fan keep on expanding or coming …

2001 headlight motors acting up Not rated yet
woke up in the morning, discovered the passenger headlight was 'up' by itself and the motor was spinning. This afternoon I discovered the driver headlight …

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front turn signal assembly removal and replace Not rated yet
front turn signal assembly removal and replace

air conditioner on, water on floor on passengers side Not rated yet
Airconditioner on, water in floor on passenger floor

Ac will not get cold Not rated yet
I know the clutch is working. When I turn on the ac I don't get cold air. I noticed when I touch the ac lines they are cold. Does that mead my lines could …

my headlights on my 97 corvette are not working Not rated yet
first the high beam went and 1 hour later the low beam went, the cruise still works on the switch and when i hold open the highbeam switch the lights …

HUD warning Not rated yet
Got HUD warning Check Gage's

key fob won't stay programmed Not rated yet
98 corvette... bought a new key fob...programmed it... works once... next time I use it, it needs reprogrammed again.

gas tanks Not rated yet
I need a schematic of the dual gas tanks in a 1999 Corvette...I am replacing and having trouble trying to figure out how to access

had to jump car after instaling driver side turn signal now lights will not close Not rated yet
Headlights will not go down after replacing driver side turn signal and having to jump car.

c-5 corvette loses power when making right turn Not rated yet
2000 automatic C-5 looses power when making a right turn

2003 WILL NOT CRANK OVER Not rated yet

heater fan not working Not rated yet
My heater fan will not start blowing. Control display seems ok Corvette c5

my left front headlight will not lock in open position Not rated yet
When I turn on headlights my left front light my lock in open or it might start blinking like it trying to open, is there anything I can do to fix myself …

Cigarette liter does not work Not rated yet
Cigarette lighter does not work and my fuse box diagram does not tell me what one it is. Box is by baterry on passenger side.

I have a check engine light come on according to codes it is a vacuum leak I'm told it could take hours to figure this one it seems sometimes when I gas up it goes away but returns  Not rated yet
Problem check engine light is on code shows vacuum leak was told this could take hours to figure out $$$$$ my car does hesitate at low speeds

Speedometer doesn't work  Not rated yet
Speedometer doesn't work

Absolutely no power (electric) Not rated yet
I own a 2001 and it has been sitting in the garage for three years. Naturally the battery ran dead. I hooked up the booster cables and the door chime, …

changing gauge button bulb Not rated yet
How to change dashboard gauge button bulb

no dash and no start problem Not rated yet
When I turn the key warning lights nor gauges work and car turns over but wont start

can't program left front tire sensor Not rated yet
I have a 1998 c5 vet. I can not get the left front tire sensor to program. I purchased a new sensor but it will not program all the other three tires …

water in driver-side floor board when it rains Not rated yet
water in floor board on driver-side when it rains

Windshield wiper INOP Not rated yet
My windshield wipers aren't working on my 2001 corvette. Fuse is good, is there a relay or something else that could be bad...other than the motor?

The low coolant and low fuel lights come on my dash Not rated yet
My coolant level is normal nd I have 3 quarters of gas in my car but my dash tells me I have low coolant and low fuel.

no fog lights,taillights,park lights  Not rated yet
I have no fog lights, instrument cluster lights,rear park lights,when car is running.you can hit lock and unlock on key fob and they come on whats wrong? …

need a C5 shale Temp Sensor Cover for 50th Anniversary  Not rated yet
tab broken on temp sensor cover. Need a new one. can find black ones, but need a shale colored one for 50th anniversary C5

dash lights only come on when I take off the emergency brake Not rated yet
Dash lights only come on when I take off the emergency brake

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Stuck seat belt Not rated yet
Seat belt will not release from retractor.it is not twisted or worn

changed tires out on my c5 to high tire pressure computer signal comes on to high air pressure signal comes on Not rated yet
Changed tires from goodyear eagle f1 to cooper zeon which are higher air pressure tires .now getting warning on my computer readout that have to much …

98 convertable release botton doesn't work Not rated yet
Release button to the storage compartment for the convertible top doesn't work on my 98 corvette. Is there a fuse some ware I haven't looked? Thanks …

2003 Corvette will not start or turnover, just makes clicking sound. Not rated yet
I have had this car on a battery minder and today took it off and the car will not start. This car is not driven much. It is a 2003 50th Anniversary and …

i have odometer error  Not rated yet
Suddenly my message center display a odometer error when I start the car and the option bottoms do not work, no trip, no fuel, no mph/kph, no options ... …

A/C blow hot on drivers side cold on passenger,,, Not rated yet
Air temp on drivers side seems approx. 10-15 degrees warmer than on passenger. Cause?

Replacement shale sun visor Not rated yet
Passenger side sun visor is broken internally. Looking for replacement or how to fix it.

some times the headlight doors do not come open. Not rated yet
Sometimes the headlight doors will not open, the lights are on but the doors stay closed. If I turn the key to off and then back on the doors will open. …

HUD DISPLAY Not rated yet

Headlighights Not rated yet
hello this isn't really a problem but i have a 2003 corvette and i was wondering if it is possible to keep my headlights popped up without the headlights …

gauges flashing, windows won't work, hot air out of passenger side Not rated yet
We have a 2003 Corvette and it's lighting up like a Christmas tree! Sometimes it will start but most of the time, she's freaking out. There seems to be …

replacing tire, continental vs. goodrear? Not rated yet
Continental are 1/2 the price. Get what you pay for? Can you tell me about any experience's?

my lights want work except headlight&raido Not rated yet
all of my lights work when I use the fog nothing works except headlights when I start the car

1999 C5 water leak on passenger side under dash Not rated yet
Water just began leaking under the dash on the passenger side. It is a small amount of water. I checked under the hood and saw no water. If heater hoses …

Driver Information Center is dim Not rated yet
The driver information center in my 2002 Corvette has gone dim. How do I fix it?

Coolant leak Not rated yet
I recently took my 02 Corvette to the shop and get the radiator replaced. Now, everytime I park the car after using the A/C. I notice a what it looks like …

C5 Convertible Indy Festival Door Stickers Not rated yet
If someone were to purchase an Indy Festival Convertible with the door stickers on it, will the value of the car be drastically affected by removing the …

air pump light Not rated yet
The yellow light on dash stays on i think its the air pump but it seems to be fine

Led lights flashing quickly Not rated yet
Locating where to put led flasher

car shuttig off Not rated yet
I have a 1997 corvette that is shuting off at random, i can unplug the BCM to reset it and it will start run a while then it does the same thing over and …

underhood light nonoperative Not rated yet
The underhood light does not light when hood is open. Where is the fuse? The bulb is good, must be the fuse. Thanks, Chazzz.

DIC buttons won't work - no response from any of them. Not rated yet
Bought a used '99 Vette, 6-speed manual. Couldn't get the "change oil soon" to reset through the DIC buttons, googled to find out that 3 times on the …

passenger side ac blowing hot air Not rated yet
When ac on passenger side blows hot air, driver side okay.

A/c Hot Drivers side, cold passenger Side C5 Not rated yet
I was looking at the actuator on the drivers side, it does move/rotate but only rotates about 30 degrees, is this the correct amount. Thanks

Using oil and gas smell Not rated yet
Hello I have a 99 vette with an LS1 V8. I have 40K miles and only drive the car about 3K miles per year. Recently I have smelled gas in my garage and …

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burning oil and smell burnt oil when air conditioning is running Not rated yet
oil leak - don't know origin. smell burny oil when running air conditioning.

On a C5 convertible top what is the name of of part that covers the waterfall when top is up? Not rated yet
Looking for the rubberized fabric that is connected to C5 convertible top which covers the convertible deck lid when top is up?

2000 ccorvette head light pops up Not rated yet
when you turn car off the left head light closes like it should but then pops back up.

LED not working Not rated yet
The LED on my 2002 Corvette for the electronic climate control display isn't working. If I tap a few times on the LED it usually comes on for awhile and …

Goes into reverse when in drive Not rated yet
My 2003 corvette was running. I parked it and ran in to take care of an errand. When I started my car and gave it gas it backed up instead of going forward. …

locating the fuel release button Not rated yet
Cant find the fuel release button on my deceased husbands 1990 corvette. where is it please

heat/air settings inside/outside temp lites dim Not rated yet
Lite on heat/air fan speed and inside /outside temp to dim to see unless it is dark outside

Toggling from mph and kph  Not rated yet
Inadvertantly toggling from MPH and KPH . I had it set on MPH and it keeps jumping back and forth

Transmisson  Not rated yet
Automatic gear selector moves,but won't change gears.Stuck in drive.

Stuck Hood Release on a 2000 Corvette Not rated yet
Passenger side Hood Release pops but the Drivers side will not release.

blower motor randomly turns on. Not rated yet
Was gonna put an alarm in my 2000 vette. But when I removed the knee guard brace the blower turned on. It stayed on for about 10-20 seconds then shuts …

1999 rattle that I feel at my feet going over rough road surface Not rated yet
I am new to corvettes and test drove one tonight. I felt what felt like a rattle when going over rough road at my feet. Don't know if this is normal …

Two back wheels lock Not rated yet
I have a 1999 Corvette and I tried to take off the back wheels and it looks like there is a lock or something in the middle because the wheel was not coming …

r+r labor 2002 corvette headlight switch Not rated yet
Whats the book labor time to replace a 2002 corvette headlight switch and how do you do it?

Passenger side air conditioning blowing hot air Not rated yet
The driver's side ac works fine. The passenger side is blowing hot air when ac is on.

car stalls Not rated yet
I have a 99 corvette. I just started it for the first time this year, I had to jump it. The engine is running fine. As soon as I put it into gear, …

03 convertable ground clearance measurment Not rated yet
Want to take 2003 corvette convertible on auto train but need to know ground clearance they have a minimum. Chevrolet gave me conflicting info. Also any …

HUD oil warning stays on after oil change Not rated yet
Just had my oil and filter changed and the oil warning in the HUD screen is staying on. I went into the gages and reset the oil life to 100% but still …

low coolent comes on  Not rated yet
Low coolant light comes on but the system is full

car shif slow but not slipping Not rated yet
When I take off slow the car shifts fine but when I get on the throttle it takes longer to shift can that be a pressure valve or a shift valve no check …

shifter linkage broke  Not rated yet
99 coupe automatic won't go in park I believe my shifter linkage cable broke I am trying to check it to fix it but I don't know where to look. Can you …

99 c5 wont turn over service vehicle soon ligth  Not rated yet
I was driving and the srvice vehicle light come on i drove home and shut the car off. I went to pop the trunk to take my top out and put back on. The …

headlights staying up Not rated yet
I have a 2001 corvette and i want to know how to keep the headlights down while I'm driving?

remote passanger door does not work Not rated yet
Pasanger door does not work with remote.

turn signal Not rated yet
Turn signal sometimes do not work

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no heat  Not rated yet
I have removed fuse #27 then heat works, but only for awhile then does not work again.

Remove ABS Not rated yet
I want to completely remove the ABS on my 04 Z06. It's a track car and will never see the street. The brakes lock on the rear before the front and i'm …

twilight option Not rated yet
When I turn on the twilight option on in the 2001 corvette My head lights pop up when I start my car and can not retract them. they will only retract when …

Tempature control is stuck on 74 degrees,control head was replaced about 1 year ago,any clues what Problem is Not rated yet
99 vette,temp control won't move off 74 degrees ,control head was replaced about 1 year ago for a different problem ,I was told it could be something other …

guages stopped working Not rated yet
This morning when I started my 98 I turned off the climate control and all of my gauges on my dash quit working including tach, speedometer, fuel gauge …

engine vibration Not rated yet
I had the rear main, rear cover and oil pan gaskets replaced on my 2002 corvette. when I took the car in everything was fine. the rear of the when I drove …

cold start clicking noise  Not rated yet
only 40,000 miles on 2002 c5 . On cold starts the engine starts making clicking noise after 5 mins and go away after normal temperature .

Light cover will not open due to motor burned out. How do I open the cover to the light 2002 Corvet? Not rated yet
My corvette is a 2002 and the motor on the driver side of the head light is burned out. However, the cover will not open to access the problem. How to …


memory seat buttons turn on climate control Not rated yet
When I push either memory seat button 1 or 2 it turns the AC unit on. This is on a 1998 Corvette. My BCM was replaced a month ago.

Can't find someone to repair or replace C5 CD changer Not rated yet
I have a 1999, C5, searching for someone or company that trouble shout, repair, or replace CD changer located in rear storage compartment.

surge tank Not rated yet
I want to replace the c5 surge tank with a new stainless steel 3in x 16in. cylinder surge tank,it holds 52 ounces of fluid,is that enough fluid for the …

leakage power steering area Not rated yet

wind sheild wiper Not rated yet
keep working when in the off position

2mph shut off engaged Not rated yet
Left key in my 2000 corvette conv over night. purchased new battery still has "service steering column" message. any suggestions?

corvette acts dead and won't crank Not rated yet
Last night I went to cut off my car and the radio cut off before I even cut my car completely off.. then it wouldn't crank. It has a brand new battery …

seat tilting back and forth Not rated yet
1998 c5 dr seat when you brake or take off seat tilts forward and back not same as sliding back and forth in track

Security lights when unlocking car will not come on  Not rated yet
When I lock my c5 the parking light, running lights flash to let me know the car is lock. When I unlock the car the only lights that come on are the interior …

2001 ebrake light in speedo stays on after break is off after a short drive. Not rated yet
After taking e brake off (light in dash goes off). Drive a few miles light comes back on. Car ha s 12000 miles.

Wont shift out of park Not rated yet
I have a 1998 corvette automatic...if the car sits more than 24 hours she does not want to shift out of park!I have been able to get it in gear most of …

1998 c5 horn does not work even when panic button is pushed Not rated yet
i noticed the horn didn't work after replacing multifuntion switch horn does not work even if i push panic

2000 corvette traction lite on Not rated yet
The traction lite comes on and the message says the traction is off

2000 vette key fob does not lock drivers side door, drivers side mirror doesn't work, door lock works when switch inside is used Not rated yet
New remote, key fob, does not lock drivers side door, drivers side mirror inoperative. door locks and unlocks with inside door switch. I have disconnected …

Low Oil Pressure Signal is appearing frequently.  Not rated yet
Please list usual reasons. I have kept up with all maintenance on my car and mileage is only 57K.

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Oil leak do to Harmonic balancer parting  Not rated yet
Today, had my vet into shop to have inspected and bushings replaced in sway bar, told them I had a oil leak and ask while up on rack if they could tell …

gauge lights not working Not rated yet
In low light conditions, at dusk, in garage gauge lights not turning on.

Engine power reduced Not rated yet
I hit a curb in a parking lot & slightly damaged the lower fender panel just behind the right front wheel. I got two codes on the readout. Active handling …

ABS /traction lights and A/C on98 c5 Not rated yet
Abs /traction light comes and goes and a/c will not come on until abs light goes out and then only blows hot air---just got car back from stingray chevy …

i can't start the engine and no fire come out the sparker Not rated yet
how to disconnect factory alarm system

hud bezel cracked Not rated yet
2002 corvette the hud bezel is cracked i would like to know how to remove and replace it

Where is the starter on a 99 vette ? Not rated yet
starter not working

c5 multiple warning lights Not rated yet
I was driving my car last night and I went to put the window up and lost all electrical on the drivers side door... along with that I started getting multiple …

start up and the head lites pop up Not rated yet
When I start up the headlamps pop up, the switch is off and was'nt touched. Finally they close and make a loud grinding noise, is putting on the seat belt …

Would not go in Park, then would not go in reverse; could drive in drive; then, suddenly drive would not work Not rated yet
Does this mean the transmission went out or something else?

Security system  Not rated yet
I own two 98 vetts and I put the wrong key in the car and now the right key won't work. What can I do

Tachometer doesn't work Not rated yet
Tachometer on a 2003 Corvette doesn't work. The needle goes up and back down when the car is started but then goes to zero and stays there.

wipers 1997 Not rated yet
wipers do not work. How to tell if its motor or switch

headlight Not rated yet
My left headlight stays up and the right one goes down then when i turn headlights on the left goes down and right goes up, the right one is normal the …

Gauges shut down and reduced power light flashes Not rated yet
After staring my 1999 corvette and driving it for less than two minutes, the gauges shut down, radio turns off, power windows do not operate, and the reduced …

Horn doesn't work Not rated yet
I have a 2003 Anniv. conv. and the horn is not working. I have tried hitting the horn button on the key fob and get a clicking sound but no horn. Question …

horn or gas cap wont work  Not rated yet
Horn and my gas cap won't work dont no why ,i check horn fuse it was fine . I could not find the fuse for the gas release button.

horn or gas cap wont work  Not rated yet
Horn and my gas cap won't work dont no why ,i check horn fuse it was fine . I could not find the fuse for the gas release button.

getting low oil level warning. Not rated yet
Oil level is fine

left head light won't go up  Not rated yet
I have a 99 vett coupe left head light won't go up tried to put it up manuel and knob came off in my hand any help would be appreciated.

Head lights stay up Not rated yet
I have 2001 Corvette Convt.. The head lights pop up when I satrt the car, but do not retract even if the headlight switch is off. Started last year. …

Low Pressure right rear pops up Not rated yet
On my 2000 FRC I started today and low pressure of 11 lbs. showed up on left rear. Checked and it was perfect pressure. Reset TPMS and it moved the 11 …

Drivers door won't stay locked Not rated yet
If I lock the doors with the fob or the electric lock on inside door, in about a minute or so the drivers door will unlock.

how to change front turn signal bulb Not rated yet
how to change front turn signal bulb

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no turn signals Not rated yet
I just reinstalled the steering column after replacing the steering senor. I have one electrical hook up which I cannot seem to find the other half. …

buzzing sound Not rated yet
I issue with my 2001 Corvette C5 Base. I hear a buzzing Sound Coming From behind The steering Wheel dash when the car is off. When I open the door I can …

Driving home on I-85. Car shut down, put it in neutral restared no problem! Not rated yet
I was driving home from Charlotte NC to my home in Cherryville, NC. I was driving around 70-78 mph. All of a sudden the car totally shut off. I move the …

vac control valve for 2ooo vette A.I.R. system Not rated yet
mechanic tested pump after check engine code. Pump okay but says vac control in right fender needs replacement. Says fender has to be removed for access …

Don't know how to operate ac control panel Not rated yet
Don't know how to operate ac control panel

When I started the car both the ABS and Traction Control indicators came on and stayed on. Not rated yet
1997 model. No previous problems. When I turned key on a warning appeared 'service soon'. Started engine and ABS and Traction Control warning indicators …

DIC fades away after start up until it is not visible Not rated yet
Drivr information center fades away after start up.

o oil pressure while driving Not rated yet
2000 vette 6 speed 120k mile -all was good then oil pressure went to zero?? stopped the car- So any ideas- oil pumps do not just fail?? could it be …

Fan Motor Not rated yet
Would like to know if the 2001 C5 Corvette Has a fuse for the Raditor Fan motor

Balancer problem 01 vette 6spd Not rated yet
Bolt keeps backing out of harmonic damper Chevrolet replaced about 11000 miles ago

tail lights or dash lights not working  Not rated yet
Checked #6 fuse

cold start lifter sound Not rated yet
When the car is cold and first started sounds like a lifter noise wich fades as the car warms up . the motor runs smooth and flawless. I was toldthat this …

Off and on I smell battery acid inside the car  Not rated yet
When I park and it is not all the time I smell battery acid when I get into the car. I replaced my original batter with an Optima yellow top batter. Any …

When starting the steering lock indicator shows and the steering is locked. Why? Not rated yet
What would cause the steering lock indicator to show when starting? Also what would cause one headlight to remain closed when lights are to be on?

2002 c5 corvette trunk lights not working along with inside mirror lights and door pannel lights Not rated yet
Rear trunk lights not working and just noticed mirror and door pannel interior lighsts also not working can this be a fuse? if so, which and where is …

oil light in window Not rated yet
My problem isnt with resetting the oil life that shows on the display under the odometer, its the display in the driver window that shows your speed in …

97 corvette ran through car wash hasnt started since Not rated yet
my 1997 corvette ran fine till last week. I was in hurry and ran through car wash . windshield wipers didn't want to turn off.. after a while they stopped, …

C5 guage cluster swap Not rated yet
I've had my GM dealership swap my guage cluster out to an international one (300 mph/kpm)seeing how I live in Canada. After swapping the guage cluster …

C5 guage cluster swap Not rated yet
I've had my GM dealership swap my guage cluster out to an international one (300 mph/kpm)seeing how I live in Canada. After swapping the guage cluster …

gas cap fuse keeps blowing on 1999 corvette Not rated yet
The gas cap switch stopped working on my 1999 Corvette and when I checked the fuse it was blown. I replaced fuse and it immediately blows. Gas cap can …

Shifter won't go into gear Not rated yet
Started car up, went to move Into gear ,felt a click and now shifter is loose and goes from P to low but won't engage.Stuck in park now.

Shifter won't go into gear Not rated yet
Started car up, went to move Into gear ,felt a click and now shifter is loose and goes from P to low but won't engage

Door locks/windows won't work after setting memory Not rated yet
Power windows and door locks will not work on the drivers door after pressing the memory button on a 2002 corvette convertible

shuts down after putting in gear Not rated yet
I have had my vette in storage for 3 years. during that time the battery naturally went dead. put in a new battery car started and ran good .However when …

'01 - stereo bass problem : Not rated yet
This '01 ( Delco & Bose - all std. factory items ) has had no bass since 6800 mi. It now has 9400 mi. The passenger side has been checked for connections. …

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Had new Fuel Pump and Sending Unit Install on my C-5 Not rated yet
My Gas gauge quit working used injector cleaner and it worked for a while and quit again. I had the sending unit replaced. Now my gas gauge only goes …

display panel and cigarette lighter don't work Not rated yet
Changed fuse for the cig lighter and display panel but still doesn't work. Please help?

abs and traction control light  Not rated yet
afetr winter storage got car out notice abs and traction control light on whats the fix a 1998 c 5 corvette

C5 stalled from traffic light, "Reduced Power/Check traction control" message.  Not rated yet
C5 stalled and gave message of reduced engine power./ check traction control. Would restart, but stall out and not take gas. After 10 minutes, started …

need a new or rebuilt EBCM for my 1998 Not rated yet
part has been discontinued

UPDATE How do I replace my AC condensor in my 99 vette Not rated yet
UPDATE: how do I replace my 99 AC condensor?

2000 vette ac hot one side cold the other Not rated yet
ac cold on driver side hot on pass changed the panel control in the dash same problem

A/C BELT CHANGE Not rated yet
What are the proper steps in replacing the A/C drive belt on a C5. I have it off and I'm trying to install the new belt.

I need simple instructions on how to operate the A/C in my 1998 Vette Not rated yet
I had the air conditioning charged last year. The knobs on the controls are worn badly and I cannot tell how to set the air. It seems to blow a little …

Headlamp has mind of its own! Not rated yet
When starting car left headlight opens a crack. Possibly causing the battery to run down over night. Turning lights on and off closes the cover.

2000 c5 5.7 coup Not rated yet
Turn singnal works sometimes then next time when you turn the singnal left or right it will not work and makes a buzzing sound. can some one tell me …

2001C5 - Random DIC codes on start-up Not rated yet
When the engine is started I get Active Handling, Service Vehicle Soon, Service Ride Control, etc, etc. if I restart some or all may go away (or not). …

is there a aux imput on the c5 factory radio Not rated yet
aux imput on the c5

service vehicle soon on the dic Not rated yet
the message keeps appearing on the dic.What is the usual cause.

fuel door switch Not rated yet
How do you remove the fuel door switch inside the console.

2002 zo6 starts good, dies when clutch released Not rated yet
The car stalls when the clutch is released, otherwise sounds good, already had recall done

bad slave cylinder 97 corvette Not rated yet
Need a reccommendrion for a slave cylinder and clutch/ fly wheel combo able to hold approx.500hp.with near factory pedal pressure.thanks!

c5 corvette battery drain Not rated yet
Every 2 days the battery drains on my 2000 vette when i take the key out of the ignition and exit the car the radio still stays on face of the radio has …

remove seats Not rated yet
Does the seat come off with just removeing the 4 nuts & how many electral lines do u have to disconect under the seats? 2002 vette thanks. Mickey

Are all c5 corvette automatic transmission's the same Not rated yet
I have a 1998 corvette with an automatic transmission and I want to install a 2003 c5 automatic transmission on it will it fit my car ..... I notice that …

TPMS Not rated yet
How to program a TPMS when intsalling....Or, hold it in my hand and check it out??

service column soon Not rated yet
Every time I start the car I get the message Service Column Soon. I know there was a recall years ago on a part in the column and I brought it in for …

ABS and traction light comes on when cranked up Not rated yet
When i crank my 98 vette the abs and traction light comes on and periodically goes off when driving and a/c goes on and off as the abs lights goes on and …

tire pressure sensor Not rated yet
Installed a set of four 25981210 in 1998 c-5. All four programed and blew the horn. The last wheel blew the horn only once not twice. All show high tire …

tire pressure sensor Not rated yet
Installed a set of four 25981210 in 1998 c-5. A four programed and blew the horn. The last wheel blew the horn only once not twice. All show high tire …

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My 2000 c5 corvette transmission is slipping coming out 1st gear Not rated yet
My 2000 c5 corvette transmission is slipping coming out of 1st gear. If I give it more rpm's for a few seconds if will catch in 3rd and start moving …

charge system fault message while driving, lights/electronics failed and car died Not rated yet
jumped several times just to get car home. replaced alternator, charged battery and started car. car started fine but got charge system fault message …

Check engine lite on now Not rated yet
Car was sitting and battery ran down and would not turn over. Put charger on car for 1 hour and it started and all is fine except check engine lite stays …

multiple miss firing Not rated yet
04c5 my car was miss firing when i stop occasionally. I changed the spark plugs ran fine the first day next running rough lost of power engine light is …

Car won't spin over Not rated yet
My 04 zo6 quit while driving I found that the oil temps tyre sensor wires had crossed rubbed and were touching , but now my gauges won't come on radio …

starting car Not rated yet
Getting in the car in the morning put the key in and it said to take key out for ten second to reset the steering

shift knob Not rated yet
I want to replace my 2002 vette automatic gear shift knob with a non automatic knob I dont care about losing the lock possition in the park mode., is …

What is a 3LT Engine Not rated yet
What is a 3LT Engine

how to change right side fuel pump Not rated yet
fuel gauge will go to e

Turn car off and it wont start back up.  Not rated yet
Originally started smelling something burning. Seemed like it was coming from the driver's side. Now,at times, after driving I can turn car off and it …

2000 Corvette needs new clutch. Not rated yet
My 2000 C5 needs a new clutch I have some bolt on upgrades and I estimate 380 to 390 HP. I am wondering if a stock clutch is fine or if I should go for …

1998 corvette, switch will not operate rear view mirror, not sure if switch or fuse, not sur which fuse to check  Not rated yet
1998 corvette side mirrors will not operate, lights come on when pushed for each mirror but nothing happens, want to check fuse but manual doesn,t specify …

2000 corvette manule Not rated yet
My vette needs a new clutch I have some bolt on upgrades and I estimate 380 to 390 HP. I am wondering if a stock clutch is fine or if I should go for an …

c-5 corvette storage compartment lid Not rated yet
It appears that whatever mechanism that causes the storage compartment lid on my 2000 C-5 convertible to lift up when the button is pushed and stay up …

park lights and tail want work wit headlights onand inst panel dose not work  Not rated yet
flasher work and when u trun motor off inst panel work check fuse all good

no ac no heat Not rated yet
was driving with heater on heard pop no heaat no ac climate control lights up ac button blinks any button i touch don't do anything could it be the climate …

side seat panel Not rated yet
Looking for info on changing drivers seat adjuster switch panel

were does e brake cable connect under car Not rated yet
pulled e brake handle it popped and no more e brake free rolling now

1 of 2 problems,my power steering hose on my 2002 vette squirts out fluid Not rated yet
I have a 2002 vette 6sp.manual that has two problems 1 power steering hoes squirting fluid coming from the passenger side under hood can't pin point exact …

Differential whine Not rated yet
GM wants car driven gently 300 miles after differential oil change to prevent damaging ring and pinion gears, which will cause gears to whine. How is this …

Alarm sounds after I lock the car with the remote Not rated yet
The factory alarm sounds (horn honks) a few seconds after I lock the car using the remote. I would like to disable the alarm.

A/C will not shut off Not rated yet
I recently had the A/C replaced in my 1998 Corvette Covert. After this was completed the a/c worked great. As the weather cooled, I found the a/c will …

were there and 1998 grand sport corvettes made Not rated yet
looking for a 1998 grand sport corvette

2001 vette left front parking light assembly replacement how to Not rated yet
Need step by step parking light assembly replacemt instructions

after market warranty Not rated yet
My 2003 Anniversary Edition no longer qualifies for GMPP due to being 10 yrs old; any info on after market warranties (what to look for, etc) would be …

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My 1998 Corvette 6 spd manual jumps out of 1st gear 1 in 5 times. Not rated yet
My 1998 Vette 6 spd manual transmission jumps out of 1st gear 1 in 5 times, approx. What can I do to fix this. I have heard 50 solutions. My corner garage …

c5 driver side seat switch Not rated yet
How do i replace the driver side seat switch,does the whole seat need to come out

trans / diff Not rated yet
is there a seal between 6 spd. trans and diff ..... where can i find pic's thanks

heat control doesnt work passenger side Not rated yet
No control on passenger side for heat blows hot air all the time

Heater Problem Not rated yet
My heater sometimes takes a while to come on and sometimes doesn't come on at all.

2000 Corvette door lights Not rated yet
Are the lights that are on both doors (interior) bulb type or just reflectors ?

Right turn signal doesn't work Not rated yet
How do I replace the right turn signal bulb? Answer: Access can be attempted with the headlights turned to the up position or manually opened. Yo …

The rear tire pressure is always low. Not rated yet
The rear tire pressure on my run flat tires are low after 4 days.

my windows wont work Not rated yet
The passenger side window wouldn't open at first, then a few days later, the driver side wouldn't function, you can hear the click when you push the button …

low tire pressure warning Not rated yet
Low tire pressure warning came on last week and went back off after a couple of mile, Yes tires are at 30-35 psi. Now warning back on with max speed of …

back up lights dont work when in reverse but work with key bob Not rated yet
When i use key bob to lock or unlock back up lights work but when i put the car in reverse they dont work its a 6 speed

Car needs cable boost to start car Not rated yet
Why does the 1999 corvette shut off when not in use and why do I need to use a cable to restart. It appears that the battery does not recharged once I …

2003 driver side lumbar problem  Not rated yet
The driver's seat lumbar control works intermitantly. If the car sits about an hour, the lumbar switches will work, for a few seconds then stop. Then after …

left headlight turns on but will not pop up. right headlight turns on and pops up. Not rated yet
2002 corvette, left headlight turns on but does not pop up. Right head light turns on and does pop up. Two possible problems here: 1. The headlight …

C5 Tire Pressures Not rated yet
What is the recommended tire pressure for a 2003 C5 50th Annuversary Coupe? I know the book says 30 psi, but I'm getting unusual tire wear. And yes, …

recommended oem tire pressure Not rated yet
What is the recommended tire pressure for a 2003 C5 50th Annuversary Coupe? I know the book says 30 psi, but I'm getting unusual tire wear. And yes, …

reduced engine power  Not rated yet
Reduced engine power came up on my 03 z06 and car cut off and wont restart. I've had a similar problem before when the battery died

Loss key Not rated yet
How can I get anothetr key already program

can't clear warning messages Not rated yet
hit reset but can't get to blank page to check codes 1999 cpe

Engine won't stay cranked on my 2000 C5 Corvette. Not rated yet
Crank the engine and it will run for a while then shut off as if it lost fuel. It won't start back up immediately, you have to let it sit for a while, …

Engine won't stay cranked. Not rated yet
Crank the engine and it will run for a while then shut off as if it lost fuel. It won't start back up immediately, you have to let it sit for a while, …

Dead battery Not rated yet
Can I jumpstart that battery

Problems Installing a replacement sun visor on passenger side.  Not rated yet
I have a 97 C5 coupe. The original passenger side sun visor wore out and needed to be replaced. I removed the visor and acquired a new one.. The old visor …

passenger side power seat won't go forward Not rated yet
Power seat wont go forward. you can see the torque on the worm gear going backward...but nothing forward

I need a shale driver side sunvisor for a 2003 Anniversary Convertible. Not rated yet
I just purchased a 2003 Anniversary Convertible. It needs a driver side sunvisor in the shale color. I have been looking for several days on the web and …

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turn signal Not rated yet
turn signal doesnt always work

I have no air at all inside the car either air or heat. The module comes on and lights up but no air blows inside the car. Not rated yet
I have no air at all inside the car, no heat or air-conditioning . The module inside the car lights up and everything works digitally, but no air comes …

reduced engine power service tps soon Not rated yet
c5 engine light on reduced engine power

my 1997 corvette headlight won't pop up open Not rated yet
My 1997 corvette headlights won't pop up open when I turned on the engine first, but when the engine is turned off the headlights will pop up open with …

driver side head light won't pop up. Not rated yet
Driver side head light won't pop up. Basics to troubleshooting headlight problems 1. The headlight gears stripped out Corvette Headlight Motor Rebuild …

air injection pump code 0410 Not rated yet
Air injection pump code 0410 disconnect procedure.

funny sound when starting car Not rated yet
funny sound when starting car

vcv Not rated yet

passenger door locks only will not unlock Not rated yet
electric door lock doesnt unlock only locks

where do I find the smog pump check valve Not rated yet
engine light stays on and I was told it might be the smog pump check valve, for my 2001 corvette.

where do I find the smog pump check valve Not rated yet
engine light stays on and I was told it might be the smog pump check valve, for my 2001 corvette.

driver side window won't come up Not rated yet
I have put in a new dcm and the window still won't come up it is the window control assembly with memory the mirror ,both sides work the passenger side …

harmonic blancer Not rated yet
how to take off and what are the steps

drivers window Not rated yet
doesn't go up after lowering it and a service code flashes across message center

1999 abs stab control light on intermittently Not rated yet
light goes out sometimes but comes back on while driving, wouldlike too know how to trouble shoot system ,also air bag light does not come on when you …

Active Handling Warming up message Not rated yet
Getting active handling warming up message after having harmonic balancer replaced. Message stays on and then says service active handling. Checked IAT …

Driver's side headlight turns on but does not open Not rated yet
The driver's side headlight does not open when you start the car. It normally opens, times out and shuts down. The light comes on but the motor will not …

removing and replacing rear license plate Not rated yet
how do you get the rear licesne plate cover thing off the car to put the plates on easier? then trying to bend the plates to get them out. is there an …

installation of power seat switch on C5 corvette Not rated yet
The switch that is installed now works, but the cover that one would touch to adjust the seat is missing. I have a new switch and would like to installed …

Driver and passenger windows will not go down Not rated yet
Where is the fuse box for a 2001 Coupe? Would this be the problem for windows that won't work? Also my key fob does not work but just on the driver's …

Trouble re-installing the passenger-side sun visor. Not rated yet
Original visor wore out and had to be replaced. Purchased new one, but I a having difficulties installing it. Any ideas?

speedo problems Not rated yet
Speedo switches from mph to kph on 98 corvette

2000 C5 Clock/Radio Light Not rated yet
Clock/Radio is stuck lit up even though the car is off, how do I get it to turn off?

2004 corvette wont start Not rated yet
It will start on any given day,some days it wont,turn key and nothing,security light blinks,i got new keys,still sometimes nothing, pls help.

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temp gauge registers hot 140 water pump infared gun temp 197 Not rated yet
temp gauge says cr is running hot had water pump thermostat changed coolant chnged to dextrose radiator cap change raditor flushed car still running …

Fuel gauge Not rated yet
Fuel gauge reading empty when I fill it up. We recommend Chevron Techron fuel system cleaner Chevron 67740 Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner …

fuel smell inside car  Not rated yet
fuel smell inside car

small evap leak repair Not rated yet
I changed fuel cap but the code returns a few days later. Were should I begin to locate the problem?

C5 key fob will not stay programed Not rated yet
Have done everything the manual has said the fob will program but in less than a minute it will stop any ideas?

active handleing light will not go out Not rated yet
Vehicle got flooded, duing storm, now active hadleing light will not go out.

I have a C5 2004 with manual gear. I'm located in Paris France Not rated yet
When I put the reverse gear (manual, then normally you have the rear light which is on immediately. Unfortunately, there's no rear light on at my car and …

my running lights and interior gauge lights are out Not rated yet
i had a fog light fall out and drag and i think it blew a fuse because now my running lights and interior gauge light doesnt work. the brake lights work …

air door won't change from defrost vent to lower vents Not rated yet
Can't change air condition from defrost vent to lower vents. how do i get a reset?

replacing release button for c5 soft top Not rated yet
I have a '99 C5 soft top and the button that unlatches the hood broke. I've picked up a new button, but can't figure out how to get the old one out. …

1998 vette makes noises pulling out of driveway sideways on an incline Not rated yet
It sounds like the frame is creaking, flexing loudly. I have no idea but it is really bothering me. It is a rag top. Just bought it a week ago. It seems …

headlights work but don;t retract Not rated yet
I had trouble with my battery,i had to jump start,since then my headlights work but don/t retract?

fuel door wont open on my 1998 corvette Not rated yet
Is there a fuse for the fuel door and power outlet?

battery Not rated yet
bought 2000 c5 ,drive it every day all was going well then . after 2 weeks later try to start it but only get clicking noise , after awhile it will start, …

Under steering column bezel Not rated yet
I need to replace my telescopic steering column switch, but I'm having trouble removing the bezel under the steering column. I removed the two screws, …

blinker sometimes is off beat Not rated yet
I have a 1998 vette and when I turn either one of my blinkers on the rythm goes from normal then faster then back to normal and this repeats. I also noticed …

shifting hard  Not rated yet
When the transmission gets hot other gears shift hard

car will not start not the battery  Not rated yet
I cant start my corvette put key in and turn, lots of clicking noises coming from the silver box under the passenger side floor all systems work slowly …

Gas gauge goes to empty and a check gauges light goes on in my 1998 corvette. Not rated yet
Why does my gas gauge go to empty and a check gauges light go on in my 1998 corvette? I just went through the column lock bull crap with this car and have …

Traction Control light is stuck on Not rated yet
I can't seem to figure out why the traction control light is staying on? Also my a/c stopped working, could they be related?

Shifting problems  Not rated yet
My 2002 C5 automatic is starting to shift abnormal. It works but feels like it slips or misses downshifting when I accelerate hard, then it downshifts. …

98 Corvette service column lock message came on replaced relay switch/wiring harness now key fobs don't work Not rated yet
98 Corvette service column message came on had relay switch/wiring harness replace (was also done in 04 as a recall) car would cut off now that switch …

service vehicle soon 1998 coupe Not rated yet
Service vehicle soon message comes on, then fuel gauge "dumps"from whatever reading it's at to empty. Then " low fuel" & "check gauges" lights come on. …

door locks keep cycleing Not rated yet
Disconnected battery and now my door locks won't quit cycleing

front suspension Not rated yet
car wont go over 80mph, suspension inoppertive

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Won't stay in overdrive and as soon as that starts acting up the cruise quits working.  Not rated yet
It won't stay in overdrive. It seems like it can't make it's mind up if it wants fourth or overdrive. I just replaced both shift solenoids. It was acting …

traction control comes on  Not rated yet
Why my traction control light comes on at 55 mph.

Service vehicle soon Gage's all drop out then come back on over voltage Not rated yet
My 2003 starts great runs great but then I get high voltage Gage's drop out then return to normal voltage reads 13.8 put in new alternator old one said …

Headlights Not rated yet
I want to know if there is any way to keep the headlights from coming up all the time

trouble starting Not rated yet
I have a 97 c5 , when i put the key in turn it but dont turn it all the way and wait for the gauges to go up then down itll uselly start sometimes it does …

99' Bose rear speakers low volume, but clear not blown. Not rated yet
Hi, my 99' hatch rear Bose speakers play well but low volume, is this a fuse thing, wire connection, I heard of the problem before. Also I have the memory …

how do you get the seat adjustment handle off? Not rated yet
my 2003 corvette, driver side seat control bracket, the plastic piece around my seat adjustments, broke, how do i remove it to put on the new one, i have …

sterring column locked Not rated yet
Started my car put it in gear and the steering column was locked. the steering locked light does not appear on . How can I unlock it. The battery is …

99 Corvette blow hot air Not rated yet
Good afternoon, The AC unit is blowing hot air on the drivers side, and cold on the passengers side. If I change the temperature on the drivers side …

Headlight Twilight Off...Daytime Running Lights Stuck On  Not rated yet
After changing a headlight bulb, Twilight mode off, rotated headlights / parking lights switch and depressed fog....all worked both front and rear. Second …

a/c blowing hot Not rated yet
a/c blowing hot air

how long does it take tu burn a head gasket when overheating Not rated yet
how long does it take to mess up the head gasket when a car is overheating

Clicking noise coming from the instrument panel right side 98 vette.  Not rated yet
I have a clicking sound that is coming from the instrument panel of my 98 corvette. We think it's a relay. How can we tell which relay it is without disassembling …

Water in passenger floor Not rated yet
When using air conditioner water gets in floor on passenger side

2004 c5 headlamps raise but willnot light up. Not rated yet
Need to know how to fix the problem if i can. thanks for the help.

'99 C5 Automatic shifts from 1st to 3rd during normal driving Not rated yet
My '99 Corvette C5 automatic transmission shifts from 1st to 3rd during normal driving. This shift occurs at 3,000 RPM unless I let up on the gas and then …

head light won't pop up  Not rated yet
I have a 1997 Corvette and the problem was the head light won't pop up open when I turn on the engine, but when the engine is turn off the head light pop …

c5 alarm. hit unlock, open door, still goes off. Unlock again stops it. Not rated yet
If you lock with fob, then come back later and hit unlock, the door unlocks, but when you open it, the alarm goes off. You have to hit unlock again …

97 dic quit working Not rated yet
Dic was working intermittently, quit working all together. Can not bring up any codes.

check engine light came on at 55,000 Not rated yet
When i started my 98 corvette it was at an accelerated idle , i turned it off and on again and it was back to normal but the check engine light was on

message center light Not rated yet
Can't read it during the day but can at night.

I have a question I think should be asked in this section of the web site. Re: Shop manuals. Not rated yet
I have a 3 book shop manual that appears to be only for my 2001 Corvette, base coupe. Now I have a 2004 base coupe, can I use the manual for this car, …

dual climate control only works on passenger side Not rated yet
module was replaced 2 years ago. as soon as battery was disconnected it stopped working again. since then it periodically works, but as soon as work is …

The driver"s side power window doesn't open all the time but on occasions it does and it does close all the time

1998 c5 service column lock bull crap Not rated yet
I purchased a 1998 c5 corvette in feb of 2012 and loved it until today 5/17/12 .when i parked it my garage 4 days ago it ran like a top, i had no problems …

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where is the crank trigger on my 03 c5 corvette Not rated yet

Loud shutter noise on the drivers side when I turn off my headlights. Not rated yet
When I turn on the fog lights, now the headlights pop up. Then when I turn off the headlights, there is a loud shutter noise on the drivers side that …

electrical 97 corvette 50,000 miles Not rated yet
After the car warms up for a while if you let it set there and idle the lights dim every five seconds don't think its a short because it timed so perfect …

change speakers Not rated yet
How to change out factory speakers on 04 vette

Key FOB keeps losing its program Not rated yet
Key FOB keeps losing its program

Rear window became unsealed at top Not rated yet
What can I do to have the rear window reseal? It has a small opening that has become unsealed

cd player non-functional Not rated yet
I just purchased a c5 & the cd player is not working . Is there a programming procedure I can follow before I take it to a shop for diagnosing ? It has …

i am getting code 1232 and it comes on at 25mph, i have replaced the left wheel bearing and sensor  Not rated yet
i am getting code 1232 when i reach speed of 25 i have replaced the left wheel bearing and sensor

a/c light comes on then turns off all hot air Not rated yet
Air conditioner light comes on than turns off Sometimes it will flash 4 or 5 times and turn off What do I need to fix this problem??

ac chargered but not blowing cold Not rated yet
Ac was blowing hot on passenger side now it blows hot all over tried to charge the ac but it says its full its still blowing hot would anything with having …

I have a 2001 vette that the shift indicator light always stays on Not rated yet
I have a 2001 vette that the shift indicator light always stays on> does anyone know how to fix ... Thanks!

C5 Headlight vibration Not rated yet
Hi, I have a 2001 C5 Z06, and it has HID light kit with projector headlights and when my car is in idle, my headlights have vibration, when I am touching …

C5 auto trans Not rated yet
Is it true if you leave C5 in reverse it will prevent battery from draining

2003 won't start Not rated yet
Security alert, car won't start or starts for second then dies. After a few minutes it starts???

looking for a drawing with the dimensions of the seats for 04 ZO6 Not rated yet
want to change the seats but need this info so I know what will fit.

battery voltage issues Not rated yet
When driving my 2001 Z06 the battery volatage is at 14V but when the car idles it goes down to 11-12V. Is it a bad battery or do i need to replace the …

car has a scraping sound from front of motor when cold Not rated yet
serp belt looks good no leak no overheat

Replaced battery now won't start Not rated yet
Replaced battery that was not keeping a charge and now it won't start. Engine turns over and maybe one cylinder fires but then dies. Like it is out of …

Dic codes b4032, c1225 and c1040 abs service trac control actvehandling Not rated yet
I'm getting codes b0432, c1225 and c1040 and the abs light, display service traction control and service active handling and service abs.

99 corvette headlights dont come on or up with the switch? Not rated yet
This car has no aftermarket goodies on it,I can operate the lights with my Tech2 under body control outputs and by putting ground to the #44 relay pin …

Radio security code Not rated yet
Just bought 99 Vette. How do you retrive the security code? Can it be retrived by giving thr Vin # to GM dealer?

Hesitation when floored Not rated yet
My 1998 corvette with 30K ,Borla exhaust,K&N cold air intake will hesitate sometimes when i floor it to take off fast from a dead stop.Any suggestions …

I have a 1997 Corvette manual transmission problem with second and fourth gear. Not rated yet
I just bought a 1997 Corvette with the intention on replacing the transmission due to second and fourth gears not engaging. I have a little over 120K miles …

Horn noise when using turn signal Not rated yet
When I use turn signals left or right you can here horn noise while turn signals are operating 2003 corvette automatic

Multiple Electrical problems Not rated yet
I have a 2002 6 speed standard with a number of problems I would relate to electrical. 1) Driver door lock will not lock with key fob or manually. It …

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have a 2000 C5 starts then cuts off Not rated yet
After I start my car it shuts off. the only way to keep it running is to keep the ignition key in the start position.

1999 corvette convert alarm problem Not rated yet
it comes and goes no matter if u lock the door by key,inside door lock or fob when u unlock by key or fob the alarm goes off ,do not know y

a/c does not stay on Not rated yet
2000 c5, dual a/c, ac will not stay on when a/c or auto pushed. Blows cold when it works.

2003 F55 Shocks Not rated yet
Magnetic Selective Ride Control Shocks All Four Leaking New Parts Quote Over $3000.00 Any Suggestions

01 zo6 a/c starts working after you start driving Not rated yet
A/c wont come on fuse is good switch light on after driving about 10 minutes it will come on

Car will not start after glove compartment installation Not rated yet
Replaced glove compartment with new one and car will not start. What is a SIR near glove compartment side screw.

noise inside overakk Not rated yet
so muck rear tire noise inside any way to deaded this to make quiter (road noise)

Clock light and transmission gear lights stay on Not rated yet
1999 Corvette clock light and transmission gear indicator lights stay on and drains the battery after several days.

Car dies on take of  Not rated yet
Disconected battery to do some work now car dies after take of.

Vibration from the right front wheel to the left rear wheel at 70 mph and up Not rated yet
I get a vibration that moves from the right front wheel to the left rear wheel when I go over 70 mph

what bulb goes to window switch 2002 corvette? Not rated yet
Need to replace light bulb on drivers panel door switch. What type do i need?

problems with the lights Not rated yet
2001 Corvette- I am having problems with the lights. The headlights went on when I started the engine and would not go off until I stopped the engine. …

drivers seat inop Not rated yet
I recently went to start my C5 and found battery dead even on Tender. After replacing batery my drivers seat will not go forward or back or up and down. …

200 z06 steering lock  Not rated yet
Replaced battery after winter and even thou steering is not locked dash shows steering lock warning and car shuts down after I release clutch.car starts …

driver seat lumbar does not work Not rated yet
The driver seat lumbar does not work. How do I determine if it is the switch or the pump?


2000 Corvette Not rated yet
Had the Steering column plate removed by dealer per the recall. Now I am getting the same steering column lock notice again. Had it towed to dealer …

miles Not rated yet
Is 136,000 miles too many for a 1999 corvette?

2000 base. Car will start.. But will not turn off Not rated yet
I just bought this car yesterday. I did what i could do to check it out and barring a few issues that concerned me. I felt confident buying the vehicle. …

How is two differnt kinds of fuel mix in the twin tanks???? Not rated yet
I want to put E85 9gals and 9gals of 93oct to get 100octane in the tank just wondering if the twin tanks will mix the fuel or are they completly seperate. …

rattling top Not rated yet
Is there a way to address a rattling top in a C5? is there an adjustment that can be done?

2004 Corvette LS1 Car wont start full tank of gas and gauge reads empty Not rated yet
HELP! I filled the car up the gas gauge is reading empty and it wont start..I put about 20 gal of gas in it, and it still reads empty and it still wont …

No heat except on defrost Not rated yet
99 c5 - no heat except on defrost. I read that resetting the actuators can resolve the issue. I cant find the process for resetting the actuators. Do you …

power windows  Not rated yet
Power windows are not working model C5 2001 convertible

Instrument Control Button Lighting  Not rated yet
How do you replace the bulbs at the DIC, HUD, and Comfort Control buttons. mine are starting to go out. thank you. Mark

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Door replacement Not rated yet
What is the replacemeent cost of the drivers side door for a 1998 C5 convertible, including labor?

headlights come up while driving Not rated yet
When i start car headlights come up by themselves.

oil pressure pegged at 130 Not rated yet
Is it possible for me to change the sensor without major mechanical problems? Answer: Yes it is. This is a very common problem with the sensor. This …

Reduced engine power on 01 corvette. Not rated yet
Reduced engine power displayed on the computer 01 corvette. Traction control too and was wondering if there is a fuse or relay that could have blown. I …

Radiator leak? Not rated yet
I discovered a minor drip from top driver side of radiator. It kind of appeared to be leaking from side top of radiator, yet not sure? There is still …

Noise heard coming from rear of 2004 after attempting to crank with near dead battery  Not rated yet
I attempted to crank my 2004 corvette and it would not turnover. When I turned the key in the ignition all I got was click. I attempted to crank it …

no electric power to car Not rated yet
Charged battery when I put key in ingition and turn nothing happens

Bill B. Not rated yet
I am looking at a '98 C5 roadster. The car has 59K miles and is exceptionally clean. However the Traction Control and ABS light are on and they stay …

head lights go out for no reason Not rated yet
drive for an hour or two stop for gas or coffee start car turn headlights switch on head lamps open but will not turn on

Air/heat problem  Not rated yet
I have a 98 corvette. The air and heat work fine on the passenger side. On the drivers side it works opposite. If the heat is on it blows cold Air and …

Water leak and air noise above window in 2000 convertible Not rated yet
Slight water leak but terrific wind noise at higher speeds where convertible top and window meet. How can I repair striooing?

no comms and car wont start Not rated yet
No comms on 2 wheel sensors and getting max speed flash, but now car wont start, put in new fuel filter new alternator,flow was bad and volts were bouncing …

No A/C Not rated yet
A/c compressor is leaking. Can I remove it myself? How difficult is this?

locked keys in 98 convertable Not rated yet
Locked keys in 98 conv. only have that set.

My trunk lid won't latch when I close it. Not rated yet
The trunk lid won't stay shut when I close it. It seems it won't latch.

how do you replace the e-brake on a 99 corvette? Not rated yet
have to replace e-brake handle and need instructions on how to remove several things so it can be installed.

sun visor issue Not rated yet
the bezel broke when removing it. can I purchase another one

changing ecu from 02 into 99 c5 Not rated yet
i pulled engine out of 02 and installed into a 99 the ecu in o2 is tuned for engine will that ecu enterchange with the 99

power seat module Not rated yet
i bought a used 2002 corvette with memmery seat telescopic steering wheel ect, the last owner changed seats, everything works but the telescoping wheel, …

power seat module Not rated yet
I bought a used 2002 corvette with memmery seat telescopic steering wheel ect, the last owner changed seats, everything works but the telescoping wheel, …

water leak left front on convertible top Not rated yet
1998 corvette convertible water leak left front of top, right over the drivers side

rear view w/auto dim removal Not rated yet
How does one remove an auto-dim type rear view mirror for 2004 to replace it? thanks

my c5 corvette rpm does not show on cluster Not rated yet
I just foun out that my c5 corvette rpm stoped working,how can I fix it?

re-install sunvisor in 2003 corvette Not rated yet
Replacing sunvisor in 2003 corvette, cannot get the new one in

Passenger side fuse box and BCM Not rated yet
Where can I find a passenger side fuse box for a 98 C5? I can't find one anywhere and need one badly!!! Please help!!!!

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car has problems starting Not rated yet
My 2001 Z06 will not start because I ran out of gas.

installing c5 seats in a 58 need wiring diagram for seats Not rated yet
Need a wireing diagram for 1999 seats

vibrates heavy when in gear at a light foot on brake Not rated yet
just started when in gear i'm getting a vibrating noise and it smooths out once your're moving and in idle nothing runs great no vibration at all.

How can I hardwire my escort 9500ix to mute the bose radio Not rated yet
Want to hook my escort up so when it goes off it will mute my Bose car stereo in my 2001 Corvette Coupe

Seized up air pump Not rated yet
My 2004 Corvette is seized up and cost $850 to replace it. Does this need to be done? Does it effect my gas millage? It has gone down over 3 miles to …

01 sport seat side airbags Not rated yet
The passenger side sport seat side airbag is inflated (pinched in at hips) but will not release. I replaced the seat control so I know it is good. …

MP3 hook up on c5 cd stereo, worked fine till now. Not rated yet
Hooked up and plays through 12 cd changer input, when 12 cd changer not hooked up. Played till last week, and when battery went dead recently. Charged …

c5 am reception Not rated yet
AM reception poor. Used to work ok for the first two years I owned the car (bought used three years ago.)

want to buy a corvette Not rated yet
I want to buy a Corvette. I seen its silver convertible its a zo6 .. the year its 1998 but the mileage is pretty good it has 67000 miles its in good condition …

dash lights Not rated yet
Dash light seem dim when the headlamps are turned around the speedometer area. How do you check lamps to see if they are burned out. c-5 1998

dash lights Not rated yet
Dash light seem dim when the headlamps are turned around the speedometer area. How do you check lamps to see if they are burned out.

Battery drain Not rated yet
The battery drains over time on my 2003 Anniversary Edition. No lights are on. Can't find the drain. Battery is good. Have had it and the alternator …

corvette remote door openers Not rated yet
The battery on my 2000 corvette went dead, now my remotes won't work

gearshift slides back and forth on 04 vette. wont go in any gear Not rated yet
when I try to put the car in gear the shifter just slides back and forth and wont go in gear. think it may be a linkage or cable.

heater does not work on drivers side of my 1999 Not rated yet
the heater does not work on the drivers side. it does work on the passenger side. what could this be

Transmission kicks after a long trip Not rated yet
Hi, i have a 2004 C5. After a long distance trip, i completely stop at a red light. My transmission fluid is around 180 F. i accelerate from first to second …

electrical diagrams Not rated yet
I believe I have a short circuit in my 2003 c5 corvette. I am trying to figure out which fuse goes to the lights inside the rearview mirror. The covers …

when backing, the car will cut off Not rated yet
My 99 vett, when I back up the car will cut off when I put it in drive it also will cut off, it will idle fine just when you want to move is when the proublem …

WTB 2002 Driver Side Molding Not rated yet
Looking for driver side door molding, prefer magnetic red but will take any color in good condition. Call Rick 708-408-0467

Trouble codes - 2003 Z06 Not rated yet
Trouble codes Service ABS and Active Handling are on and the power to the climate control system is off. The situation is intermitant.

how to replace one of the elec. fans on the radiator Not rated yet
The fan is trying to turn on but when it does all the lights in the car dim and it shuts off so it starts for a sec then stops putting a big strain on …

both windows will not go up, you have to pull on window to raise and lower motor seems to work Not rated yet
Windows wont go up or down unless assited motor runs

P1515 Not rated yet
01 corvette ls1. So I was driving doing some shopping and out of nowhere no throttle response and the "reduced power" check engine light came on for code …

98 vette...jumps out of fourth gear. what does it cost to fix Not rated yet
..jumps out of fourth gear. what does it cost to fix

can't lower temperature on drivers heater control Not rated yet
I can change the temperature control when I first the car. After the car heats up I can't lower the temperature, when I try the temperature starts going …

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light will not flash when setting the car alarm Not rated yet

My 2000 corvette often turns off after I give it gas  Not rated yet
When I start the corvette, it works fine... until I let go of the clutch and give it some gas, in which it usually stalls out. I have to repeat this process …

Service Ride Control not working on 1999 C5 Corvette Not rated yet
I have a 1999 C5 Corvette Convertible. The selective realtime damping system is not functioning and nobody here has a replacement. Called several dealers …

High pitch sound coming from front enging area Not rated yet
I removed the accessory belts and it still can hear it loud. I wonder if it is the smog pump, Is it electric, and where is it/ and I unplug it to find …

99' c-5 windows no power,just clicking. Not rated yet
First the left side would go off and on when it wanted to . now stays off. problem on drivers side has just stoped working and clicks.

Battery low and will not start the car after 1 week Not rated yet
I have a 2003 ZO6 I just put my 2nd battery in and I still have to jump it with my jump box after 1 week. Lights are bright, I do not lose radio channels, …

what size light bulb 2001 corvette climate control buttons Not rated yet
what size light bulb 2001 corvette climate control buttons

immediately dies after starts -- 1999 convertable vette Not rated yet
How do i disable or remove the security system on a 1999 convertable vette?

whine  Not rated yet
I got diff oil change it starts to whine in 4.5.6. gear

instrument panel lights off and rear running lights off Not rated yet
Instrument panel lights off and rear runnig lights off. I'm thinking fuse. But on the fuse box cover diagram does not tell me which fuse is for those …

heat air flow dosn't change postion Not rated yet
I have a 2000 C5 i can not change the airflow to the vents. i can control the speed of the airflow but it does not change from defrost to feet or vents.You …

Stock Tailights-When headlights are off, brake lights all work, when they are on only 2 and the center light work Not rated yet
Thats my issue. It is a 1999 C5 Convertible. Oh, and I am in Okinawa, Japan.

heater control Not rated yet
My heater control only works now and then

Power windows will not work Not rated yet
My brother-in-law just bought the 2003 Z06. Neither power window will work. I'm thnking the power window relay. Do you know where this is located? I've …

Turn key off and doors won't unlock Not rated yet
2000 Corvette turn key off and doors won't unlock

Need to add automatic transmission fluid to my 2003 Corvette Not rated yet
I did some major engine repairs. Upon,re-installing the radiator,one of the transmission cooling lines seal to the radiator fell out. I have replaced the …

location of fan sensor Not rated yet
check engine light stays on and the fans won,t kick on.

driving my car when my electrical components went out Not rated yet
Driving when my abs light came on my windows would not go down my radio stopped working and my gauge hands stopped working. Moments later everything started …

gm Not rated yet
I have a 98 corvette in the shop. the a/c does not blow cold but pressures are normal and the small line next to the fire wall is cold. i have no codes. …

my radio wont turn off Not rated yet
I changed the battery on my 2002 corvette and ever since then my radio wont turn off even with the key out and doors open. did i blow a fuse or somthing? …

red rocket Not rated yet
The driver side window just resently quit working on my 99 convertible. The first thing I checked was the fuse and it was ok. What would be the next steps? …

RON RIKER Not rated yet

2003 corvette Not rated yet
How to Replace the Power Seat Switch on the right hand side of 2003 corvette convertible

1999 Corvette front signal lights Not rated yet
How do you replace the front signal light?

No AM reception at all, just static Not rated yet
(2002 Corvette AM gives static only)and I don't know why. Bought it used and it has not worked since bought. Connections at coupe rear window seem fine. …

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Transmission Not rated yet
How to put a transmission strainer in?

seat plastic housing broken Not rated yet
Need to replace the plastic gears inside the seat

mr giron Not rated yet
My air conditioning console was stolen and I replaced it; but I need the wiring diagram as the wires were cut. So does any one has the wiring diagram?

Low oil level Not rated yet
I'm sometimes getting a message "low oil level" I have checked the level on the dip stick and its good. Also I have checked power steering.

Seat bladders Not rated yet
On redoing my seats and when I took the old leather covers off, I noticed my lumbar air bladders intake valve had dry rotted. I am now trying find new …

Where is window relay? Not rated yet
Passenger side window and door locknot working

2000 corvette driverside window switch wont work Not rated yet
2000 corvette driverside window switch wont work

2000 corvette dies when it is in gear & moves about 5 feet Not rated yet
my 2000 corvette dies when i start it up & try to pull it up (approximately 5 feet),it does it in reverse but seems like it goes a little farther (approximately …

rear end noise Not rated yet
when i first start my 08 and make a turn i hear a rubbing noise in the rear. Driving straight no noise. After driving a while and make a turn, no noise. …

1999 c5 convert. Not rated yet
my a/c is not blowing from the vent it is stuck inbetween settings how do i fix this

Need a replacement C5 2003 Coupe deck lid Not rated yet
I have an 03 anniversary with the dreaded bubbled deck lid paint. I cannot find a company selling a replacement deck lid. Can anyone give me a company …

frank Not rated yet
Head lights only come on with switch also tire sensors only showing left,right no pressure

Hunter Not rated yet
My 99 C5 Corvette power seat botton isn't working. The sport buttons work fine. Has anyone else had this problem and were able to pinpoint the reason?

Headlight Pops back up Not rated yet
2000 vet After i shut the headlights off on my vet one poops back up?

Aux input for C5 corvette Not rated yet
I would like to plug my ipod into my 2001 corvette radio. Is there an easy way to add an AUX input connector (1/8" stereo jack).

c5 seat pump quit Not rated yet
I reupholstered my seats and replaced my seat bladders, and now my driver side seat pump does not work. It worked before I replaced the bladders, so I …

headlights stay up Not rated yet
When my headlights are on auto, when I start the car the headlights go up but won't go back down in daylight. also the turn signals don't work

rick Not rated yet
1 side of my seat goes foward then stops seems like one sides jammed what do i do?

A/C Issue Not rated yet
98 Vette - A/C module display does not work. Also the DRIVER temp control knob appears broken. It will go in either direction and does not stop like …

knock sensor Not rated yet
What is a knock sensor and what is it used for?

Recon Not rated yet
Drivers window sticks on my 2001 c5 going down and sometimes going up sometimes after it starts working then it will work good for a few times

Gauges going wild Not rated yet
I started up my C5 today and all the gauges went wild, the only ones that stayed normal was the voltage and oil pressure, "service engine, low tire pressure …

Driver's Seat Problems Not rated yet
The lumbar bladers and side adjustment on my driver's seat have stoped working. All other adjustments are working fine. Is there a seperate fuse? Any suggestions …

tail lights Not rated yet
Tail lights don't work on my 97 vette

headlights Not rated yet
Headlights pop up when I turn on parking lights and when i turn them off right side light makes a grinding noise

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99 C5 owner Not rated yet
I have a 99 C5 that has not been driven for a while. When I start it and let it run everything is good. When I take off the ABS and Traction Control …

tony Not rated yet
need to tack of the rims on my c5

joe Not rated yet
Though the car battery is fine, every time I start the car the 'stored' information in the DIC, e.g., trip odometer, fuel mileage, default, and in my case, …

A. Smith Not rated yet
C5 -2004 and convertible top wont open. push button makes normal noise but wont release.

which port to charge Not rated yet
Need to charge my vette for it to last a day or 2 till i get it to the shop. my ? is which port do I use. The port lowest (by the engine block) or the …

1997 c5 corvette starting promble  Not rated yet
Well I replaced a dead battery in my car with a new one the car starts and idles fine but when I start to a move a few feet the engine stalls whether it …

2004 C-5 Headlights Not rated yet
Just had motor replaced on the drivers side. All ok after repairs. Now all of the sudden with the headlight switch in the off position,when you crank …

A/C on my vette Not rated yet
Yes in my car the drivers side blows cold but on the passangers blows hot do you know what could be thank you?.

98 C5 passenger headlight won't open Not rated yet
Just had some repairs done to my 98 C5 were they replaced to whole headlight assembly. Now the headlight won't come up all the time, it may work 30 times …

2003 Corvette light goes down the pops back up. Not rated yet
2003 corvette. When I turn the lights off the left light goes down then pops back up. Same thing when I turn the lights back on...the left light goes …

Aircraft sheet metal inspector, light covers opened up , will not go back down. Not rated yet
2002 Corvette, replaced the battery, and light covers opened up , will not go back down.

jacking up Not rated yet
I need to jack up my vet at home but do not know the best way. have no low jack . can you use a 2x4 on top of a jack or run the vet up on a small ramp. …

Mr, auto climate control reprogram Not rated yet
Have a 98 Corvette with auto climate control. How do we reprogram the temperature control head.

inside temperature sensor vent cover Not rated yet
The inside air temperature sensor broke. Where can I get one more reasonable than the ebay one the guy wants 23.50 for. seems way too much for a piece …

Mark remove tire Not rated yet
I need to remove right tire and rim to repair a crack. how do I remove tire

feelgood TX Not rated yet
how much does it cost to have the a/c compressor replaced on a 1997 corvette. I am thinking of buying the car and i need to know how much to deduct from …

Fred Oil pressure gauge Not rated yet
Oil pressure gauge on 2001 Corvette pegged at 80 psi. What is the fix for this?

2002 Corvette computer code problems Not rated yet
Computer codes P1515 thru P1517. What is required to fix these items?

turn signal bulb Not rated yet
How do you replace the front turn signal bulb

fuel acuator Not rated yet
How do i fix the fuel acuator on my c5 corvette

hazard flasher Not rated yet
I need to replace the hazard flasher, but I cannot find where it is located.

DIC Codes Not rated yet
The past week when I start up my 2001 vette it goes into reduced engine power,service traction control and shows the following codes.10 PCM P1120, P1221, …

avroflyer9 Not rated yet
2002 vette front headlight would not come up so lifted hood and took rubber grommet off and turned gear a couple turns now light works but when we turn …

2002 corvette Left door- switches panel inoperative and power seats auto position Not rated yet
nothing works on my left door panel and throws codes like low tire pressure, low oil pressure ect. codes stopped but still no left door panel operation …

greg Problem with A/C  Not rated yet
Having a problem with my ac . it blows out cold air but it wont switch to defrost or floor . it blows out all of the vents

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seats  Not rated yet
Seats are not working at all, checked fuses and power on the main seat connector all ok ?????????

1998 C5 Rear View Mirror Pin Out Not rated yet
Need RV Mirror pin out to get switched power for Invisicord power installation for Escort 9500ix radar detector. Invisicord has two wires, power and ground. …

memory Not rated yet
my 1998 Corvette convertible is equiped with memory option, according to the maunal the seat settings, outside mirror, temp., mph or kph and radio station …

climate control Not rated yet
Need to reprogram it

help Not rated yet
my headlamp doors open when i only turn on park lamps never used to do this .any ideas?

Driver #1 Not rated yet
I apparently have a short in the wiring to my fuel gauge While I'm driving the Fuel gauge will drop to empty without warning... then come back to full …

headlight Not rated yet
one headlight is bright and one is dim low beam and high beam on the same side all the time

2000 Corvette with multiple error messages Not rated yet
Low oil pressure, low air pressure, high temperature, warning chime and lights

hvac help Not rated yet
Today I was driving and went over a speed bump, now the hvac is completely off. When I push bottons to make it come on, nothing happens. The screen doesn't …

keith Headlights wont work Not rated yet
wife's 2002 vette headlights stopped working this morning. no noise, no indication there was a problem. they just stopped working. i stopped at oreilly's …

2000 corvette a/c Not rated yet
I tried turning on my a/c in my vette this morning and keeped on switching off what could it be?

c5 radio change Not rated yet
Can a c5 gm stock cassette player radio be exchanged with a c5 stock gm cd player radio and reprogram the computer

Tommy Not rated yet
97 C5 Power seat switch won't move seat forward. Motor is good. Can I hot wire the pinned receptical to move seat forward enough to drive? Once …

changing auto shifter bulb Not rated yet
How do you remove the shifter bulb on a 1999 corvette?

rkn C5 AC Problems Not rated yet
C5 a/c not cooling well on drivers side passenger side stays cold has separate temp controls

Reduced power Not rated yet
My vette is in reduced power mode and it starts for a second and shuts off and the windows and radio wont work??? thoughts?

Bad ABS Module Not rated yet
Battery went dead bad ABS Module. Discontinued. Can I disconnect the ABS to get the light to go out?

dave s. c5 2001 Not rated yet
i am getting some noise from my rear axle system when i am driving straight it makes a some what hum growl but when i turn a long left sweeping turn all …

car keeps dying when abs and traction control light come on after about 5 seconds of runtime Not rated yet
The abs and traction control lights come on after about 5 seconds of running and the car dies! anybody have any ideas on my problem? the column is bypassed. …

service brake monitor system light Not rated yet
The service brake monitor system keeps coming on.ill turn off the car and restart, then the indicator light goes off. but after awhile it will turn back …

Power window problem Not rated yet
driver's side window doesn't work. Locks, seat, passenger window OK, just the drivers side

Grandpatoml Not rated yet
I bought sunvisors for my 2004 corvette convertible from you but there were no instructions of how to remove the old ones or install the new ones. can …

electric problem ? Not rated yet
hi , I have a 1999 corvette conv and the instrument panel went bizerk and said reduce speed check tries check gauges low fuel i mean every warring that …

Technical diesel and rebuild specialist Not rated yet
Hello I,am john and living in the netherlands. I've got stand an corvette c5 2001 convertible with problem's in the Abs circuit. The faultcode's …

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2001 corvette passanger seat Not rated yet
My seat was all the way back.got out of the car for a few minuites.went back the seat had moved all the way foward and now it doesnt work?

electrical issues Not rated yet
I have noticed that right after i really step on the gas pedal real hard in my 2001 vette that my drivers side door controls stop working for about 15 …

Tom Do I need to mark or scribe the harmonic balancer Not rated yet
I am installing a new cam in my 2004 LS1. Do I need to mark or scribe the harmonic balancer to reinstall it in the same location on the crankshaft ?

kenny V Not rated yet
I have a 2001 not a zo6 it has 30000 miles It has developed and engine tick are the rocker arms adjustable or is it likely something else.


i think i have an oil leak... stupid question but where do i add a qt  Not rated yet
i think i have an oil leak... stupid question but where do i add a qt

2001 corvette Not rated yet
Change the headlight gear now the head light goes down and pops back up and stays half way up when I turn off my lights trued the adjusted but does the …

air conditioning Not rated yet
I am thinking about buying a 98 corvette the air conditioning needs charged. How much does this cost

I have a clicking noise under my passenger seat 2000 corvette Not rated yet
I have a clicking noise under my passenger seat 2000 corvette

1999 vette transmission  Not rated yet
I have a 1999 vette with auto trans runs fine till temp gets to 200 deg then it doesn't want to stay in overdrive unless you are giving it gas or pulling …

Window trim C5 Not rated yet
How do you replace the plastic window trim on the passenger side on a 2002 z06 corvette?

What is the correct oil & coolant temperature when operating a corvette C5 at a speed of 65mph? Not rated yet
What is the correct oil & coolant temperature when operating a corvette C5 at a speed of 65mph?

My 1998 corvette needs the passenger side heat actuater reprogramed how do I do that Not rated yet
How do I reprogram the actuator to shut the heat off on the passenger side?

Is a C5 Convertible Top Deck Lid strong enough to allow someone to sit on? Not rated yet
Is a C5 convertible top deck lid strong enough to allow someone to sit on?

2002 corvette Not rated yet
Changed plugs on 2002 corvette, started and was running fine. sprayed intake cleaner into throttle body and car stalled. Reduced engine power code appeared …

98 corvette ac problem Not rated yet
98 corvette drivers side a/c blowing hot air

what is evap Not rated yet
What is evap

Electronic break parts on a 2003 C-5 Corvette Not rated yet
I have a 2003 C-5 Corvette and I would like to know if there is anyway you can check electronic break parts to see if they are good or bad? Parts like …

Where is the engine coolant temperature sensors located on the C5 2001 Z06? and what is the cause of Diagnostic code PO117? Not rated yet
Temperature sensors located on the C5 2001 Z06? and what is the cause of Diagnostic code PO117?

hvac problems / Not rated yet
I have a 99 corvette conv with 81,000 miles.my ac sometimes stop blowing in the ac mode and just blows outside air(the freon is full).after about 5 to …

c5 corvette z06 Not rated yet
I bought this corvette and the hood never lined up. I got it checked by 2 auto body shops and the frame was bang on. I just purchased an oem hood and installed …

my ac doesnt stay on  Not rated yet
Just purchased my 98 vette. the ac button light does engage but after a few seconds it turns off . any suggestions thanks

Need step by step to remove and reinstall 2001 Corvette Coupe AC Display Not rated yet
Need step by step to remove and reinstall 2001 Corvette Coupe AC Display

where can i find replacement sun visors for a 2003 anniversary edition vette...they r not black Not rated yet
where can i find replacement sun visors for a 2003 anniversary edition vette...they r not black

2001 Oil Pan Leaking Not rated yet
I have most of the bolts out of the upper oil pan. I need to drop the sub frame, and I'm having trouble dropping the sub frame down for clearance to get …

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What is involved with removing the seat back on a 2002 convertible with memory seats and lumbar etc? Not rated yet
What is involved with removing the seat backs of a 2002 corvette convertible with memory seats, lumbar, etc

I replaced the driverside headlight motor and know the motor works but it still will not open. Any thoughts? Not rated yet
Driverside healdlight motor replaced, headlight still does not work (won't open)

Defective brake light Not rated yet
I have a 1999 Corvette convertible. The dual right side brake light do not come on, nor will the same lights come on when the four way flashers are turned …

C5 chair is broken and now sits lower to the floor Not rated yet
I sat down in my 2002 C5 vett when I hurd a odd noise then the seat felt like it lowered down into the floor, I got out and now I can wiggle the seat …

ac problem Not rated yet
when ac button is pressed it flashed a few times and then goes off the ac doesnt work

Service Ride Control message on C5  Not rated yet
I have looked all over the web to help me diagnose my service ride control message but can not find any solutions other then it let me know that my Selective …

removing and replacig a/c control head (in dash) Not rated yet
How do i do this? Are there any computer programing afterwhich?

2002 vette air conditioner Not rated yet
I have the automatic air conditioner in my '02 vette. it works fine but the display is dead. is this a problem with the dash circuitry or is it just a …

Driver side door is intermittenly dead!! Not rated yet
I have an 03 coupe. I've been trying to figure out why my left door goes dead. Nothing works and it's an intermitten problem. The mirrors, locks, and …

Window? Not rated yet
I have a 1999 corvette conv. my rear glass window has come apart from the canvas top. How do I reattach the window to the canvas top?

My 98 vette is experiencing a headlight problem. The headlight motor and fuses are good, however the headlight motor is not getting power. Any ideas? Not rated yet
My 98 vette is experiencing a headlight problem. The headlight motor and fuses are good, however the headlight motor is not getting power. Any ideas?

I have a 01 corvette the remote battery died now no ops Not rated yet
I have a 01 corvette the remote battery died with the car locked so i used my key to open driver door. The alarm went off so i put the key in the ignition …

How to you re-install your EVAP system in a C5 Corvette? Not rated yet
My Corvette came in as a rolling chassis and none of this was hooked up, so I have no idea how to install the EVAP canister or where it hooks up to the …

best way to install new ac belt on c5 Not rated yet
What is the best way to install an ac belt on c5?

AC works but will not blow from vents. Not rated yet
The AC works fine, but when it runs it blows cold air down on the floor where the heat would normally come out. When moving the selector from AC to vent, …

ac on c5 not blowing cold Not rated yet
A/C just stop blowing cold air

After market convertible tops??? Not rated yet
I have the last yr model - I think 2004 -that the convertible is NOT automatic- can I get one put on that IS automatic??? Breaks my back putting it up …

How do I tighten a C5 side window? Not rated yet
How do you Tighten side window on my convertible C5?

How do I repair C5, 2000 Corvette radio lights? Not rated yet
The background lights on my Delco Radio in my C5 (2000) Corvette have failed. Upon checking with my local dealer, I was told that the only way to fix …

fix for side mirror broken swivel ? or side mirror replacement Not rated yet
side mirrors on both sides of a 97 have broken swivels. I have epoxied back in place but would like to fix before selling. Is there a fix or should …

My 1998 C5 Corvette has one connector to the power seat. I purchased a 2003 Vet seat, the seat has two connectors, What do I do with the other connector. Will it still work. Not rated yet
Will a C5 Corvette 2003 power seat fit in a 1998, I noticed the 2003 seat haves two electrical connectors and the 1998 has one connector under the seat. …

R F A unit Not rated yet
I have a 2000 corvette I need to change the rfa unit I know where it is located but how do I get to it through the trunk area or the left rear wheel will …


a/c coil and clutch replacement Not rated yet
do you have a/c coil and clutch replacement diagrams on how to change them out without removing the compressor.

Airbag Light Stays On Not rated yet
Could low voltage or poor ground (anywhere in a 1999 Corvette) cause the followng Code to be generated? CODE: 58 SDM B1001 H C? Thanks! Ian R. …

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1998 corvette engine change cranking problems? Not rated yet
I recently changed the ls1 engine in my 98 corvette. After the change while on the lift the engine cranked fine but would not run about 10-15 seconds. …

c5 tranny cable install Not rated yet
cable install but shifter wont close park i tried to adjust the cable but didnt work ??????????

Fuel leak Not rated yet
I have a fuel leak,as i fill the tank fuel leaks after about 3/4 full. Dealer wants to drop trans axel and remove tank to diagnose problem. (Cost mim. …

charles mcDaniel Auto Transmission Problem Not rated yet
my 2004 corvette had a small leak from transmission pan. recently it stop shifting into 3rd and fourth gear, the only code the car has is p0410

Replacing Sun Visors on a 2003 Corvette Not rated yet
How do I go about replacing both sun visors on my 2003 Corvette Convertible? I cannot figure out how to get to where mounting rod is affixed to the windshield …

Roy Glover Performance Upgrade question Not rated yet
I have a stock 2003 50th anniversary Corvette, with approximately 35,000 miles. I purchased it a few months ago, and it is in excellent condition. It …

please help K.Tubbs Not rated yet
I have check engine light on.It came on last night at 11 o'clock. I checked and got these codes from the on board memory.P1416,C1278,U1064,B2283.please …

Dyno Facility in PA? Not rated yet
Hi all, I have a 2003 AE Corvette and I am looking for a dyno and maintenance facility in my area for this car. Not having much luck. Anyone have some …

Z0sick dumb azz Not rated yet
My right side window & door lock will not work fuse is ok do you have any idea what up ?

Estimates for Clutch replacements Not rated yet
I was wondering if anyone out there have some "ball park" estimates for cost, level of effort, time etc for replacing the clutch assembly (Plate, disc, …

C5- sun visor removal and install Not rated yet
How do I remove those sun visors? I don't own a good manual yet.

Transmition filter destroyed my 1997 Corvette automatic transmission Not rated yet
I purchased a transmission filter from Pepboys that caused me to destroy my 1997 Corvette automatic transmission. The filter was almost the same as the …

schwartz61 Not rated yet
I have a 99 corvette. My problem is how to fix the air conditioner air flow system. I have repaired the tube under the battery box but the air flow still …

Maintenance Not rated yet
Hi all, just bought a 2003 Vette and am looking for a qualified garage or performance facility in my area (Erie Pennsylvania)Can you recommend anyone nearby, …

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