car won't accelerate

by J.R. Johnson
(Camden, SC, USA)

My 2001 corvette this morning decided it would not go above 50 mph when I went to pass a so moving vehicle. I was travelling approximately 45 mph in 5th gear, dropped to 4th and went to pass. As I stepped on the accelerator the pedal felt like it stopped having resistance and the car felt like it was straining to go, but no matter what I did it stayed at 50 mph. I shifted down to third, and back up to fifth all with the same results. After a few scary seconds it slowly creeped above 50 and I got in front of the car, only to have it do it again. I am sure the person I passed thought I was making fun of them, but after a few more seconds (seemed longer) it accelerated normally and I left them at 60 mph. As I was cruising later at 65 mph it felt like it was resisting again, but no slowing down. Later after I turned off and was accelerating from a stop, it did it again at 50 mph in 4th gear. This time it went back quicker (or at least it seemed to), but later it kicked in again at 40 mph. Is this my computer? I would think if it was a fuel line issue it would clear out when you down shifted and revved it higher.

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Jan 22, 2016
car stopping
by: Magoo

I have 1998 C5 automatic and I had to install an C5 Corvette Steering Column Lock Bypass Simulator
in it. Got it from an corvette magazine on line. Took about 25 min to install myself. It corrected my problem.

Jan 21, 2016
Computer issues
by: Chris

Issues like this will eventually trip a code. When they do you can obtain the code with the C5 Corvette retrieval procedure. If you are more technical and like the Gee Wiz stuff ScanTool 425801 OBDLink SX USB: OBD Adapter/Diagnostic Scanner for Windows
can be fun and very useful. It could literally be anything at this point so its hard to say exactly what happen. We have to assume you had no codes. Its hard to provide help when we essentially we have so little information. But we can say when a PCM is done your day is over. Fuel pump maybe or MAF. Possible your traction management is kicking in due to a fault it perceives as an actual skid or loss of traction that is not happening. Thats a long shot. Start with a tuneup if you haven't had one recently as it creates a good starting point. Especially the fuel filter!

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