consider a C5 rolling chassis over my Porsche 911 fibreglass replics body ,FWD

by Alexander van Wyk
(Pretoria South Africa)

Dear Sir
I always loved Vettes but own a fibre glass replica 1989 Porsche 930 wide body. It will cost unlimited monies to restore the project the Porsche-parts route! Then still the engine is on the wrong side! I want to import a C5 rolling chassis (still searching), have it shortened by 15" and mount the body over it, also facing front.
The fenders have to be widened by ~2" both sides. I'll cut out/modify all fibre glass parts (mainly fire wall and fit new mounting frames) to accommodate the Vette's setup.
You guys always do the seemingly impossible. Tell me this should be fairly easy. Gas tank, battery and spare would go to the back. Tyre size might have to be reduced as the fenders' diameter measures only 28.3 inches wide.
Even cooling should not be too much of a problem as the Vette also has a slant nose.
Can't wait to witness the conventional Porsche guys suffering strokes. Exited to hear from you.

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