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corvette owner 1997 Fuel gauge shows empty

Sending unit

Sending unit

Fuel gauge shows empty on 1997 corvette?

Answer: See Comments for more info. This is a very common problem!

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Dec 30, 2012
Gas gauge Fixes
by: Corvette-web-cental

We recommend Chevron Techron fuel system cleaner Chevron 67740-CASE Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner - 12 oz., (Pack of 6)

Second would be to always use top tier gasoline see site

And your final and really ultimate solution would be to replace the fuel level sensor in the LH tank.

Jun 16, 2011
Gas Gauge Problems
by: Corvette web central

We are assuming you have adequate gas. If so this problem is very, very common in Corvettes and all GM vehicles for that matter. For more info do the free search at AllDataDIY and look for the term Top tier Gasoline.

Follow these steps to fix in order.

1. Change brands of gas always use premium. More detergents the better. Chevron with techron is the best.

2. Give an adequate amount of time to take affect 2-3 tanks full. Keep using this brand if this fixes your problem.

3. Next if this did not fix your problem a faulty sending unit is to blame. See the main post for pictures. You can change this yourself if you are handy and follow all cautions when working around gas. The C5 Corvette has 2 sending units one in the left and one in the right tank. The left tank is usually the one that goes bad so change that one first. Get just the sending unit only not the whole assembly. If its more than $75 its not the right part.

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