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(Dexter, Mi. USA)

Just did a rebuild of my (left) actuator motor on a 2000 C5. Replaced the plastic gear with a metal one, reinstalled the pod, turned lights on to raise Right side then I plugged in the Left side. Problem: When I turn off the lights, both doors go down but the Left side pops back up again. What is going on? How do I fix it? Dea

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Sep 29, 2011
Left headlight fix
by: Corvette-web-central

The following is a description of the Service Bulletin that is primer-ed by a short do it yourself fix.

Replace the plastic insulator that you will see is worn when you take the frame off. You may be able to salvage the plastic bumper by swapping the worn one with another side and flipping it over.

2000: Service Bulletin: Left Headlamp Door Does Not Stay Closed
Number: 00-08-42-002
Subject: Left Headlamp Door Does Not Stay Closed (Shim Headlamp Door Motor/Actuator and Replace Insulators)
Model Year: 2000 Chevrolet Corvette


Some customers may comment that the left front headlamp door does not remain closed after the headlamps are turned off. Others may comment that the left headlamp door closes when the headlamps are turned off, but then reopens. In either case, the right headlamp door operates properly.



The following information applies to the left front headlamp door motor/actuator only. It does not apply to and should not be performed on the right front headlamp door motor/actuator.

Install one washer (2) between the left headlamp door motor/actuator (1) and the mounting bracket (3) at each of the three attaching bolt locations. Also replace the insulator (4) on each of the two mounting bracket travel stop tabs (5) as shown. For information on headlamp motor/actuator removal, see the Headlamp Motor/Actuator Replacement procedure in the Lighting sub-section of Body & Accessories in the appropriate Service Manual.

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