What are the normal a/c pressures on a 1999 corvette?

A/C will not come on.

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Jun 26, 2016
AC Pressures
by: Madmax

I have a quick way to check you AC is properly filled. I use have an Automotive A/C shop where we build custom Air Conditioning systems for hot rod and custom cars. I have found a little secret to checking for the proper fill of Refrigerant.
Let the vehicle sit over night if possible if not at least 4 hours with the engine off. do not start the car! (the pressures need time to equalize)
Take an ambient(outside air temperature)air temperature Reading at the time you want to test the effected car. Attach your pressure gauge but DO NOT start the car. check to see if both low side and high side are equal. Now look at your low side pressure reading. The pressure of the low side should be equal to or close to the Ambient temperature.
I don't know why this works but you will be surprised how well it does works.

Aug 24, 2014
a/c preasure readings
by: chris s

low side or suction is around 32-35 optimum high side or discharge side depends on outside air temp the hotter it is the higher the readings a baseline reading is 175 at around 70 degrees at 90 degrees it will range around 200-225 up to a max of around 250 if you see guage reading start to run up to the 300 mark shut the a/c off as there is probably a restriction in the system and the pop off valve is getting ready to blow and these are readings that apply to any modern car not just corvettes

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