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1998 c5 service column lock bull crap

by Daniel Dupuis
(Windsorlocks Connecticut)

I purchased a 1998 c5 corvette in feb of 2012 and loved it until today 5/17/12 .when i parked it my garage 4 days ago it ran like a top, i had no problems until i got in it today to take it to work. i started it as usual and as i backed it out of the garage it stalled and i saw a message on the dic saying pull key out for 10 seconds. i thought that was odd so i did,then it restarted and another message popped up on the dic saying service column lock . i just hit reset and it went out but as i gave it the gas the car shut off so i restarted it again and again only moving maybe 10 feet total. so i put it back in the garage feeling very hopeless. when i got to work i went on line and thats when i realized all the bull crap involved with this car and its anti theft mechanisms and recalls . I called the dealer i bought the car off of and they told me that a recall was done on my car in 2002 and to have it towed in and they would fix it for $350 .My stering column had the lock plate removed because i can turn the wheel when the car is off and the key is out so i guess that the bcm thinks its still locked and shuts off my fuel when the car is running. Help , did the relay that GM put in fail again ? Did gm replace bad parts with more bad parts? I want this fixxed right ,what do i do? thank you Dan Dupuis 860-805-6337 joyce.hrycay at

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