Battery keeps dying

by Ray Ellis
(North Richland Hills, Texas USA)

My son borrowed my ZO6 and had a little problem (tire sidewall blowout) and I had to have the car brought home on a rollback. I ordered new tires but they were on B/O for two weeks and we let the car set. I finally had the tires mounted on the rims and brought them home and installed them myself. When I got in the car and tried to start it the battery was dead and I mean DEAD! I took the battery out of the car and had it re-charged and due to my work schedule I had to leave it set on the bench for three days. When I was finally able to re-install the battery it was very low showing only 10.4 volts. I removed the battery again and took it to my placed of business and had it put on a slow charge. At the end of the day we checked the voltage 13.6 and performed a load test. The battery dropped to 12.8 but recovered back to the original 13.6. Assuming it was okay I re-installed the battery once again and drove the car for about one hour. Charging rate on the DIC showed 14.1 on start up and dropped to 13.8 during the drive. After two day s of setting the battery is once again dead showing only 10.3 volts. I can only assume I have a weak cell that isn't showing up during the load test. I've never had this problem before with any of my Corvettes. Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance, Ray Ellis

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Nov 17, 2012

Nov 11, 2012
Battery Problem
by: Don Herstine

It sounds to me like you have a bad battery that is 3+ years old .Unless you want to take it to a vette place and get charged a arm and a leg just to look at it ,I would go and get a new battery,
(A GOOD ONE ) like a 5 year one . If you let corvette do it they will over charge you . Do it your self.

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