Have 2001 that the dash lights go out when the car is started

by Dean Arnold
(Winnebago, IL)

About a month ago, the dash lights did not come on when I first started the car, but did come on after I went no more than a city block. After a few days they stopped coming on at all.

When you open either door the dash lights up. As soon as I start the car the display goes out, except the seat belt warning light. When I turn the head lights open and on, the bright beam light is works. HAVC system works, but no light. The service engine light was on about a week ago, so it also works. I have check all smaller fuses in the fuse box in the floor of the rider with a meter using buss function. All check fine. Speedometer, tack and all other gauges work, but do not light up.

I have loosened and retightened the grounding wires on both sides near the hood hinges. I have also loosened and retightened the grounding wires on both driver and rider A-pillar (by the kick panel).

I have also taken the battery cables off and let it set for (24) hours. Lights still only work till the car is started.

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