Rear edge of driver side window sits too high on seal

by Taylen
(Portland OR)


I recently had to replaced the double sided tape material that adheres the metal door seal channels and plastic rain gutter trim to the cabin fiberglass. The tip in adjustment of the window seems to be perfect but the height of the window's rear corner sits just a tad too high in relation to the seal. It is pressing hard enough on the "lip" of the seal that that it is slightly deformed and the door takes more force to close than I like. I am afraid of bending the metal channel too much in order to raise the gasket since the gap between the channel and roof line seem even along its length to me. Is there any good way to tilt the window glass itself so that it sits a bit lower in the rear? I'm thinking it would need to move down less than 1/16th of an inch in order to sit flush with the gasket lip along the top. It would be great if I didn't have to disassemble the seal again but at least I used 3m putty rope instead of double sided tape in case
I had to pull it apart again.

Thank you!


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