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ac on/ battery volts drops/ won't start when shut off/ac off car runs fine

by Harby
(Corpus Christi, tx)

Ok, excuse my writing! I have a 2004 c5 corvette stock except for a 25% UD balancer, auto, 73000 miles and is my DD because only car I have. Need to repair!!!! The last few months the lights on dash and head lights flicker/dim in and out at a long idle. When I would get on it the issue would stop. Now when it happens the battery drops to 11 volts or lower then back up when I drive. But when this happens and I shut off the car and come back to start later it is dead. Have replaced battery twice, had alternator checked it was good also charged the ac which made no difference. Yesterday 6/23/17 the cars lights began to flicker, ac was warm, clicking noise, battery volts dropped and driving it hard did nothing. Was frustrated so I decided to shutoff the ac ( don't know why ) and everything stopped. The car is running great, no flickering or any other issues. I really don't see or understand why this made such a difference but it did. I was wondering is it in need of a new compressor. Any information or ideas are greatl appreciated and thank you...not a mechanic but work on my own stuff since dealership screwed me over on a repair. Sorry, passenger side check valve needs to be replaced. Again any help would be great!!!!

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