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Abs/traction control/security light when moving power seat harness

by Philip dagan

Well.I have a 98 c5.the ac stopped blowing.so I was checking connections.also, drivers seat wasn't working.so.die electric grease.blower started working so figured I'd check seat next.I bought the car and it had bad door trim seals.but replaced them and dried car out.sunny Florida.lol,,, anyways, while wiggling harness for the seat I lost all gauges, abs light, traction control, and security light all came on.I shut the car off, and tried to re-enact, and repeated several times.now I'm wondering if all the abs/traction control failures are a bad abs module.or could be a seat module issue.or body control module.or a harness issue.I replaced my abs module cause said was bad.but I wonder.or am I having a unique problem.have yall ever came across something like my issues before.what's really weird is my seats have power/memory.passenger seat works, but driver seat hardly ever works.makes no sense.I'm about to pull the seat and try to figure it out.could it is about the bad ground, and conflicting with airbag sensor in the seat.or about the chafed ground.getting power from a chafed hot wire and back feeding to bcm.throwing everything else out.would really be grateful for some input.I have checked the grounds in the engine compartment.so kinda scratching my head here.I'm chasing gremlins

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