C5 Owner with seat memory problems

by Bill
(Charleston, WV, USA)

I have a C5 and the seat memory has lost it's mind. Sometimes when I shut the door and put the key in, the seat will maybe move forward 1/4" then stop or maybe the next time it may go 1" and stop. Then if you manually operate the switch it my move 1/4" then stop and it may take 20 times to get it where you want it. Then sometimes when you turn the car off to get out, the seat may go back or maybe it will stay right where it is and you have to manually back it up with the ewitch. CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHAT IS BAD, maybe the memory module or switch? I am totally lost!!!!!!!!!!!

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May 03, 2023
Fixed my seat issues NEW
by: Windydog

I did the potentiometer cleanup and greased with dielectric grease and I now get full travel in both directions. It had been stopping going forward from full back and I couldn't use the easy access and return to memory function.

Jul 04, 2019
by: BGS

Same problem, so far fix is great !!! A few points:
Orientate so the lid is on top before opening or the parts will fall out. The contact plate is slip connected to the white gear below such that it can re-center its travel if not put together just right. I cleaned with alcohol & added, with trepidation, small amount of silicon grease to contact circles.
Bent up contacts very slightly. If you disconnect the position sensor wiring it will still hunt when 1st get into car after unlocking.

BGS 2000 C5 07/04/19

Oct 12, 2011
The seat fix
by: Anonymous

The intermittant,unpredictable movement of your memory seat is caused by a dirty potentiometer located in the seat motor. This is the motor that moves the seat foward and backwards. Normally the the fix is to replace the seat frame, since the motor is not available. Or you can repair it. I repaired mine and it works like new. How to do it:
Remove the seat. Unplug the wire connectors after you have removed the 4 retaining nuts. It makes it easier to unplug them. Set the seat on the ground, tilt the seatback foward and then tilt the entire seat back till the seatback is on the ground. You now have clear access to the seat motor at the top.Remove the two bolts located in the middle of the left (your left)seat track. This allows you to move the seat track and gain access to the two screws that retain the 90 degree cable adaptor at the top of the track. Remove them. Unplug the small electrical connector to the black housing on the right side of the motor. Slide the motor to the left,remove it and tilt it upwards.
You now have access to 3 small torx screws (#9) attaching the end plate cover to the
potentiometer housing located on the right side of the motor.Remove the end plate. Clean the circuit board and the tip of the contact spring located on the white gear that is still in the motor.Reassemble.Install seat and reprogram seat memory. Smile..it's fixed. memorymoremmmmme

Sep 19, 2009
re: seat prob
by: Rick

have you had any other electrical type probs. i have been told there is a factory tsb regarding the a new underseat wiring harness, but i haven't been able to confirm. if you would like to compare notes i'm at crvtman@earthlnk.net.

Sep 10, 2009
2004 c5 similar problem
by: Rick

I am experiencing the same problem. Sometimes it will move in spurts (hiccups) sometimes push me to the dash.I have rewired the underseat harness ( (thought a wire might be pinched and shorting) and replaced the control module both without success.

Aug 02, 2009
Check your On-board Diagnostics
by: James

1. Turn ON the ignition switch, engine OFF.
2. Press the RESET button to acknowledge any warning messages present.
3. Press the OPTIONS button on the Driver Information Center (DIC) and hold.
4. While holding the OPTIONS button press the FUEL button 4 times within a 5 second period.
5. System will first enter automatic display mode followed by the manual display mode.

Don't forget to get a pen and paper ready to write those codes down.

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