Signal problem 2000corvette

by lila

C5 Corvette Hazard Switch

C5 Corvette Hazard Switch

C5 Corvette Hazard Switch
C5 Corvette Hazard Switch (back view)

When I turn on my signals they don't work. then if I turn them off and then turn the 4 ways on, then then signal again, then 4 ways off the signals will work for a while then it starts all over again. I have a 2000 corvette.

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Jan 26, 2016
Hazard switch
by: Chris


Thanks for visiting our site! The C5 is know to have bad turn signal stalks but your problem appears to be the hazard switch its self. Due to your excellent detail and troubleshooting observations we can say with a fair amount of certainty that its your hazard switch. You can check out what it looks like at this link. This is also the cheapest we could find.

1997-2004 Chevrolet Corvette C5 10359036 Hazard Warning Flasher Light Switch

Great job again on your detail if all of our submissions were like yours we could help a lot more people.

Its also important to remember that all signal commands are running through the hazard switch and this is what ultimately leads us to believe this is your problem since it intermittently influences your issue. Maybe excising the switch about 20 times might help but probably not. Worth a try. They are pretty inexpensive and easy to change so its probably something you could do your self. With the new switch it may not hurt to cycle it once in a while. Not sure where you live but the contacts can get corrosion from sitting.

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