2000 base. Car will start.. But will not turn off

by Justin

I just bought this car yesterday. I did what i could do to check it out and barring a few issues that concerned me. I felt confident buying the vehicle. It has 49,500 miles on it, inspected and clean car fax

So this morning i started the car with no problem, but immeadiately heard a "screaching" sound along with the motor running. The sound was more electrical than mechanical, upon hearing this noise i turned the key to the off position and attempted to shut the vehicle down. It wouldn't turn off!! The rpm's dropped tremendously but it stayed running. I turned the key to run and it picked right back up

After panicking for several minutes, i turned the key one last time and it finally shut down

Here are my thoughts... The starter motor is still getting voltage while the key was in the off , and the starter moror was still engaged

.... Whatever "killswitch" is responsible for killing spark is not working

... Wrong battery??

I would really appreciate any help if possible. Why is my car still running with the key in the off position?

Thank you

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