1998 corvette engine change cranking problems?

by BJ Hucks
(Mullins SC)

I recently changed the ls1 engine in my 98 corvette. After the change while on the lift the engine cranked fine but would not run
about 10-15 seconds. the engine finally ran long enough for me to back the car out of the shop. i took the battery out to check the vacuum line to the map sensor and it was unplugged so I plugged it in. i replaced the battery and went to crank the car. the starter just bumped over a 1/4 turn and stopped. since then thats all the starter will do. i can hold the key to the start position and every now and then the starter will bump like there is no ground. i took the pcm out and had it reprogrammed to fix any security questions. i can jump the wires on the starter and the car will crank and run 5 seconds and stall out. I am gonna check the grounds to see if i plugged all of them back up. the snapon scanner shows no codes at all. anybody know what i can do next?

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