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AC blowing hot on drivers - cold on passenger

by Tim
(Victorville CA)

Had to replace the pos battery bolt (loose / stripped) now AC blows cold only on pass side, hot on dvr's. Also, radio will not turn off after key is removed and door opened!?

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Jan 07, 2015
ac blows hot fix
by: Jshowtime

I have had the same problem and there is a simple fix.it is correct to say the diverted gets out of sync. There's a fuse for the ac under the passenger side floor.remove the fuse. Turn the ignition on so it registers in the computer then turn it off. Replace the fuse.turn the car on then wait 5 to 10 minutes for the computer to reset the diverters.sometimes it take a couple times for it to resync.

Aug 24, 2014
a/c blend door
by: chris s

in your heater a/c box there is a door that diverts air in the system its controlled by a little motor thats controlled by a computer the door gets out of sync sometimes when the battery is disconected or loses power you can fix this sometimes by disconecting the battery again i have had this happen multiple times somtimes it works sometimes not i have had to take it to a dealer to reorient the door dosent cost much 45to 50 bucks half hour labor i been told by other mechanics that it might be a bad diverter door motor IDK its just one of those things i have learned to live with to own a vette

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