99 c5 Multiple computer messages 5-6 display suddenly

by Pamela Nelsen

99 c5....started out on drive....speed 55-60 shifted up to 5th gear and suddenly ABS lit up,fuel level dropped to empty, when tank over 1/4, display read 1. Fuel low 2. Shock absorbers inactive 3. Check tire pressure 4 engine power low 5. Service engine now 5. Check gauges. I turned around and got more fuel thinking I misread fuel level, started car back up No messages in display. Car drove fine on hwy until I tried to shift to 6th gear at 80-90 all same messages displayed again and didn't clear until I stopped & restarted car again. Car has approx 57,000...bought used previous owner did not provide any maintenance records. We did put new battery

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