Inconsistent starting, running and heating.

by Sonny

C5 Key Blank

C5 Key Blank

C5 Key Blank
Pellet Resistance

Bought a 99 C5 came with no FOB remote but 2 keys only. Previous owner wired in a on/off switch as a BCM by pass I think. In short car would not run farther than 50 yards and would shut off. Taking the key out an rubbing it in a few seconds would restart. Later hear up and shut off but not restart. The following are on order and will be replaced soon,Battery, alternator, thermostat,and starter. Mechanics is unfamiliar with corvettes but I am unable to move it until parts arrive and replaced based on his recommendation. Personally doing a lot of reading I think most of the problem may be caused by the car's lack of communication from the computers which may be giving false symptoms to the mechanic. Needless to say I am a bit frustrated. One question I have is, without the remote key FOB is this in anyway affecting how the car performs? Can the car be driven and operated normally without one?

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Jan 16, 2016
Key FOB not Needed
by: Chris

The Key FOB is not required as no security is justified for a present FOB. You will require the proper key. Keys have a special resistor near the exposed end that fits into the lock cylinder. See pics. Many resistances exist for this added security feature. Over time the receptacle in the lock cylinder gets dirty or worn out. You could try replacing the key with the proper one and clean the lock cylinder gently with some alcohol on a cotton swab. This would be my recommended first step. Also go to a different mechanic he is shot gunning the problem at your expense! See the pics for the resistances. I almost guarantee this is your problem. Good luck!

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