02 Zo6 Airbag light on

by Luis Figueroa
(Newport News, VA)

So I bought this car from a guy here in VA, the car sat in TN for two years after having it's original engine blown racing it in Houston.

The guy I bought it from is pretty mechanically inclined, yet had other toys to mess with so he sold me his zo6.

The ABS, Traction lights were on so I'm currently awaiting the EBCM I took off and sent it to get fixed, to fix those lights.

Now my airbag light has yet to turn off. I've taken the horn/ air bag module to check the plugs, and all is well. Even disconnected the plug under the steering wheel, that one was a bit oily, but I sprayed it with some alcohol and dried it up. Still nothing. I checked all the fuses, and nothing. I really don't know where else to look. All seems well but I get nothing.

The only codes I get now are the following:

10- PCM P0102 H C
10- PCM P1571 H C
PCM P1689 H C


58- SDM B0026 H C

U1040 H C

I get the B0026 deals with the light, but in no way can I find what the heck is wrong with my car.

Any help or guidance will be greatly appreciated.

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