1999 corvette AC blows hot air

Put gauges on and the readings are OK. Compressor runs but still hot air only.

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Oct 20, 2010
cant have a vette full of hot air**
by: Auto Appraiser * Ned

simple things to check...hot air blowing as you say with gauges reading correct pressure in the system? compressor is either kicking in and pumping or not? pressurized system ...compressor clutches kick in and pumps...it will blow cold. compressor does not kick in with pressurized system it will blow hot. follow small side of a/c lines (high pressure side)from compressor back to somewhere near firewall...there will be a 2 wire switch threaded and plugged into the line this is the pressure switch. what this does is protect your compressor from kicking on without pressure in the system and burning out the compressor. If system has pressure...turn a/c to the on position...unplug the switch and use test light to the plug side wiring to confirm 12 volt power is coming to the wire when turned on. If not problem is in the dash control unit or fuse panel (blown fuse or relay). If power IS coming to the wire...turn key OFF first...then jump connection across plug to the pressure switch....this will bypass the pressure switch and then start vehicle to see if compressor kicks on. If it kicks on compressor it should blow cold. if this try works.... replace pressure switch. you can thread it in fast without losing too much gas...its like s tire schrader valve slow unthread you will lose gas/air...quickly you will reseal it without losing anything. hope this helps.

Aug 25, 2010
Could it be that on the dash
by: Intercepter47

that you press the A.C. button and the button next to it that circulates the air outside the cabin inside INSTEAD of the circulating inside the cabin itself.

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