BCM buzzing after stereo system install

by Roy

New Kenwood stereo, 700w amp, speakers, sub with proper harness wired in along with installing entire rear end with new gears.
Stereo instructional install was straight forward. Didn't start the car for obvious reasons, but played stereo system off battery for maybe 3 songs.
All seemed fine, went back to tying up loose ends on the rear end install. Went back next day to start car and check everything out, and battery (not that old) is dead. Charged back quick. Hook it up and hear buzzing passenger floor board, dash lights SECURITY light and car seems to have a dead battery though it registers, charged.
Pulled HU to check wiring, saw one wire exposed and thought, maybe grounding out so cut and taped it. Still the same.
I installed head unit, harness, to c5 harness for proper power. HU head unit to amp, amp to newly wired new speakers and woofer wired to amp. I am not using stock speaker wires or stock amps.

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