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Correct Optima battery for 2006 corvette convertible 
Replacing existing battery in my 2006 corvette convertible want to know the exact Optima battery I need to use to replace it with

Unlocking of Doors 

Battery died now driver side door won't work 
The other day my battery died messing around with an amp I installed a while back. The car was in accessory mode and i had forgotten to turn the car fully …

What is a body code YX07 mean? 
I am ordering a car cover for a 2019 corvette stingray and it is asking for a body code. It lists four YX07, YX67, YY07 and YY67. What is the difference …

Have an odor of gas in garage 
Frequently get smell of gasoline after driving but no visible evidence of leak

popping noise on passenger side of engine under hard exceleration, like a fouled plug our something  
popping noise on passenger side of engine under hard exceleration, like a fouled plug our something on my c6 Z06

2006 corvette convertible interior trunk release disconnect 
When the top is down any joker can reach inside the car and pop the trunk open by hitting the interior button. Is there a way to override or disconnect …

No clock no gps 
Changed battery, no clock no gps

Clock no longer working after battery disconnect 
Disconnected the battery a few weeks ago and my nav system and clock did not return. Nav now working, after 50 plus miles of driving, but my clock still …

2005 corvette lock light on dash  
Anti theft lock symbol is on all the time solid, car runs fine, everything works, but light will not go out, changed out the battery with new one .

Service Traction control 
When I get on my 2008 C6 6.2 my service traction control light shows up on the DIC my code reader shows ABS / TCS Brake Sw ckt Above Max Threshold …

C6 Manual -- Transmission noise when coasting down, in 2nd especially.  
Operating the car is mostly quite fine. Accelerates great and smooth, gears shift smooth. All in all very nice ride. Just that a few weeks ago I was …

ground connection on trunk lift struts 
Do replacement struts come with ground connection clip on shaft of strut. (part number 10380000

"Service ride control" in the dic,what is wrong? 
Can I replace the magnetic controled shocks with much cheaper fixed shocks to eliminate the message in the dic

2005 C6 has HUD not displaying on windshield 
The display images can be seen from outside the vehicle, when looking down through the windshield. While pushing the various control buttons, you can see …

Drivers side door window cracks open but door doesn't open 
Drivers side door doesn't open and I have to pull release in trunk

wrecked front end of C6 I bought new 
Is there any way to replace the front frame on a C6. I want to keep it and replace, front end if possible I have done a lot of work to the car and want …

speedometer goes to 200 and stayes there 
When I start the car the speedometer goes to 200 and stays there. The transmission doesn't seem to shift right. Then the next time I start the car it will …

Fully charged battery and my 2005 is completely dead. 
I recently took my 2005 vette to the dealer to have clutch pedal switch replaced. A few hours after getting it home the car was dead. It took a jump start …

Shifter is in park but display says "shift into park" 
I can move the shifter through out all the gears and into park and the car transmission will be likes its in park, but the disply still says "shift into …

How to reset computer on 2010 corvette 
My battery went dead on me and triple A tried to jump start it and couldn't get it to even respond so I'll get a new battery and see if everything is ok …

leak in right rear 
I have a leak in the trunk area of my 2005 convertible it only seems to get in the trunk. Yesterday the storage bin on the right side was full of water …

2009 ZR1 hatch won't automatically close. 
I replace the dead battery on my 2009 ZR1, and now the hatch won't automatically close

I burned a cd from my laptop, when I put it in my 2005 corvette it says error, will the factory bose head unit not play burnt cds?

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turn indicator works intermittently 
The right front turn indicator and daytime running lamp works intermittently

c6 clicking by air intake. pulled both off to replace h2o pump. runs but clicking electricl. 
Replaced water pump 2005 ls2 vett. All good but I put both electrical by throtal body. Now she runs but popping coming from one of wires on air intake. …

no air from dash vents 
The airflow on the vents from a C6 remains constant regardless of the climate control settings. The fan will increase or decrease in speed depending on …

Grinding sounds in first and second gear? 
I have a 427 2013 corvette. IN first and second gear I hear a funny sound. In the rest of the gears no problem. Any help on my question would be much …

I found an electrical connector in left side of trunk? 
I have a 2006 C6 convertible vette. Im not sure what this connector is for. I have a pic of it and it has a symbol on it but i have no idea what it is …

Internal door and button lights 
When I start my car at night, the external lights and dash lights work fine, but the door lights, the radio buttons, heater/fan, etc... don't light up …

dead battery. how can i get in? 
Battery is dead for some reason. can not get in car to open hood.

2009 Z-51 Double Thump in Rear of car when I step on it a low speed  
When I'm getting on the Freeway on an entry ramp, I floor it and some times the car sits down, I hear a Thump / Thump. The dealer can't find anything …

Noisy rear end 
'07 Vette. LS2, 6spd auto w/paddle shift. 23K miles. When car come to a halt, a noise in the rear end as though it had bad universal joints. Noise when …

2007 C6 CORVETTE Reduced engine power. 
Car was driving fine but while accelerating from 20 miles per hour the check engine light came on along with reduced engine power. No other warnings. Engine …


warning lights 
starts drives fine , 10 minutes into my trip all warning lights come on , I can feel a difference in the handling ,feels like brakes are being pressed …

warning lights 
starts drives fine , 10 minutes into my trip all warning lights come on , I can feel a difference in the handling ,feels like brakes are being pressed …

CB radio and antenna system install 
I would like install a cb radio and antenna system in my 2011 GS Corvette coupe. Where can I find more info and install instructions? Thanks, Ron H.

2007 Vette Radio/Nav System stopped working while driving 
Unit stopped working while driving. Radio went off and Nav System went blank but power still remains to the unit. Checked fuses and all are OK. Did a restart …

can't rest DIC, shows both english and german 
driving, right front tire said to much air, pulled over let some air out, showed 47 and left showed 37. Got back in the car. the message was still there …

2012 Corvette Build Sheet 
I have a 2012 Corvette Convertible with the LT2 package. The National Corvette Museum web site states the Build Sheet for each Corvette is included with …

driver door won't open 
My driver door won't open so i have been using the release lever in the trunk. Anyone have this problem or know how i can fix it? 08 z06

c6 hud no display 
I have a 2005 vette with hud.the display does'nt come on, i don't think its out of adjustment i think it's not coming on at all. where should i start …

C6 pulls left after new oil pan gasket 
2008 coupe had oil pan gasket replaced. Upon leaving dealership it appeared to pull to left. I did not have opportunity to drive car for approx 3 weeks …

Range Switch need to be replaced 
How to repair range switch.

2006 c6-tail lights not working. 
Brake and turn indicators are working.All bulbs are fine.Any ideas what the problem could be?

Gear Release Button 
Does anyone know how to release the gear button to put the car in neutral? It needs to be towed because it won't start and the FOBs aren't working, can …

Locked out of my vette 
Went to the garage and my keyfobe would not work...got new battery for them and still nothing? What can I do to get into my 2005 vette??? Have no idea …

my battery is dead and my door wont open using the release in the trunk 
My battery is dead, yet when I try to use the door release inside the trunk, the door wont completely open. It will crack slightly, but I still cant get …

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2006 Corvette C6 Rear(Hatch) Window Sits Too Low In Hatch 
Ever since I got this 06', the rear window has been too low, coming a fraction of an inch away from the rear of the roof when I lift the hatch. It binds …

can't shift out of park 
won't shift out of park


a/c comes out defrost only 
Car is 2006 A/c is coming out of the Defrost only. I replaced both actuators and still happens. Any ideas?

is an extended warranty needed on a 2009 corvette?  
My factory warranty runs out soon and I am confused on whether I need to purchase an extended warranty. It has only 46k miles. Original owner and well …

How much harsher is the Z51 suspension ride quality from base 
How much harsher is the Z51 suspension ride quality from base suspension?

difficulty opening the door after the car sits for a few days 
Lately during cold weather the electric touch pad door handle requires several attempts to open the door and at times I feel as though it won't open at …

Defective seal at top of hatch/rear of roof 
What is the proper name for the thin rubber seal at top of hatch/rear of roof? It is torn and shows ugly when the hatch is closed. Where can I buy it …

Locked out of my 2008 Corvette. Can not gain excess using the Keyless Remove. How can I resolve the problem? 
Locked out of my 2008 Corvette. Can not gain access using the Keyless Remove. How can I resolve the problem?

visor clip light 
there is an orange light about 1/8" diameter in the clip that holds passenger side sun visor....what is its function? thank you.

front seat driver's side? 
I have a 2007 z06 corvette, and have problems with the front seat. I have fixed it three times already and only have 8,500 miles on it I had it from day …

I just bought a slightly used 2008 Corvette that has the 'Heavy Duty Brake package (J55) with the Z51 option. The rear brakes are squealing on light 'in …

Scratched C-6 clear top 
Some little creap emtered my garage stole my wifes car and keyed my clear roof on my black C-6 coupe. Will that buff out or is a new one in order. I have …

How to fix a lose mirror on a 05 Corvette

grandsport emblems 
How do you remove the side emblems on the new grandsport? tried to go from the bottom of the fender no luck. thanks dc ANSWER: Looks like the best …

daily driver 
2008 Indy pace car, windows, doors,seat adjustment, or heated seat,mirrors,gas door,hatch,power port, cigerette lighter,telascoping steering will not operate. …

fast and easy way to increase horsepower to my 08 vette, without going nuts? 
fast and easy way to increase horsepower to my 08 vette, without going nuts?

My 2008 (13,000 miles)has started making loud metallic noise from the rear end when hitting any bumps - it is whisper quite on the smooth freeways. It …

Differential Clunking 
I have a 2007 auto C6. I'm getting a clunk from the differential when I decelerate then accelerate at low speed (15 to 30 mph or so). It is particularly …

Petro 1 
I need to know if a left foot gas pedal can be added to a 2006 corvette coupe with automatic transmission. I am concerned about the mounting (from what …

MY 2005 C6 Corvette won't come out of park when I start it even though my foot is on the brake 
I have a 2005 Corvette. I have had problems shifting out of park when I start the car. The car has been to three dealerships. Each mechanic said they couldn't …

how can i reset the bose system back to factory settings 2007 CORVETTE 
I have a 2007 Corvette. I changed the battery and it changed the factory settings to 2010. How can I change them back to the factory original. The XM radio …

corvette c6 2006 , 
Is it possible to connect left and right fuel tank to free flow? so fuel quantity remains equal and reading are exact. thanks

C6 Z06 transmission 
My car is a 2008 Z06, built mid-November 2007. It's a great car but sometimes I feel the "long" (numerically low) 5th and especially 6th gears are a drawback. …

Z06 transmission - ratios 
5th and especially 6th gear are way too "long" (numerically low). Solutions might be to use different gear sets - such as a 0.81 5th and 0.68 6th, for …

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How do I enter my 2007 corvette without keyless entry? Battery seems dead? 
How do I enter my 2007 corvette without keyless entry? Battery seems dead?

Keyless issue 06 c6 How to make FOB"s into #1 and #2 
I bought used 06 C6 in Feb 2010 only came with 1 remote and no key i bought a new key and another remote because the rear hatch only would open with key …

troubleshooting c6 corvette, click at right front wheel when turning hard left ? 
My 2005 c-6 has a clicking noise coming from the right front wheel area when you turn hard left, like going in a circle? ALLDATAdiy.com is easy to …

wich it's better? 
In a CORVETTE C6 2009 LS3 A/T for a 1/4 mile which is the best to choose auto or 6 manual shifting after you choose racing mode? thank you ... RAFAEL …

What would cause the temperature display to flash intermittently on a 2005 Corvette?  
What would cause the temperature display to flash intermittently on a 2005 Corvette?

I have 2006 ZO6 and the climate control is flashing any help would be appreciated 
I have 2006 ZO6 and the climate control is flashing any help would be appreciated

The trunk wont lock 2005 Corvette 
I cant get my trunk to lock on my 2005 Corvette. It latches but even with it locked i can still push the button above the license plate and it will still …

What is the casting # for the 2006 and newer LS7 Block? 
What is the casting # for the 2006 and newer LS7 Block?

Service contracts or "extended warranties" 
I am getting a new 2010 Coupe in a couple weeks. Should I consider the GM extended warranty. I will keep it at least 8 years.

how many like mine? 
I own a 2007 white Corvette coupe. I ordered it with a 6 speed manual transmission, LT2 package, titanium with black bolsters interior, and chrome wheels. …

2006 Z06 Production Sequence Numbers 
I have a 2006 Z06, sequence number 100593. Is there a way to determine how many Z06's were built before mine?

VIN number and build date 
Do the last six numbers, the build sequence, indicate the build date? If so, how do I determine the build date from the VIN? Thanks. I have a 2009 Corvette …

How can you tell what the suspension is on a 2006 corvette?

Markus P. Stebler 
I own a 2008 Corvette Z06. Is it possible to identify the production date of my car using its VIN...? Thanks for your help, Markus

MP3 for 2005 coupe 
I have the original factory Bose stereo system with navigation. I'd like to use my Apple iTouch to play mp3s. From what I’m told this is much easier said …

sceakty removeable roof panels 
the removeable roof panels are noisey more so when you go over rough roads.

Accessory mode for 2005 C6 corvette Not rated yet
My car was dead so I put in a new battery. Now, I can't turn off the accessory mode.

PASS. SIDE WIPER ARM Not rated yet

Dead battery swap Not rated yet
New battery now radio does not work. 2010 GS

Owner manual C6 Not rated yet
I am in France and want to buy the owner manual, even in english for my C6. Do you have in stock that manual, or could you tell me where can i find it …

Crossed the battery terminals  Not rated yet
On my new battery I installed backwards now my steering assist doesn’t function and my ABS lights come on if I try to pass I see a C0450 code.did I smoke …

Will need new tires shortly Not rated yet
As above. I have a 2013 Grand Sport which I love but my wife doesn't due to the constant road noise esp. free-way speeds. What new tire options do I …

RPO Codes Not rated yet
I can not find in any listing the meaning of the following RPO codes on my 2007 Corvette: IL3, R6K, R6P R9N, SLM, 19U, 933L Thanks to whomever knows …

car beeps 3 times after iognition is off Not rated yet
After turning ignition off c6 covette beeps 3 times

Convertible top issue Not rated yet
09 soft top convertible top. Top will open fine but the back part where the roof goes into will not open. Back hatch is latched to allow the roof to …

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c6 drivers door unable to open from inside or ourside Not rated yet
My drivers door will not open from inside or the outside. I have tried to swap the out side handles and it made no difference. Have tried to remove the …

Car will not turn over fob is good battery is good  Not rated yet
2005 Corvette will not turn over five has a good battery batteries fully charged connections are good there’s a CD stuck in the 6 disc changer don’t …

When pressing dash info buttons like trip hear a loud clunking sound Not rated yet
Engaging any dash button like trip option reset as I push the different buttons I large loud vacuum clunking noise occurs. 6200 miles car operation fine …

Help them to  Not rated yet
Should Camshaft and headers or a super charger or twin turner on my 2006 6.0Corvette

Exhaust filler plate with crossed flag emblem Not rated yet
I want to install an exhaust filler plate on my 2011 Corvette Grand Sport Convertible. I don't care for the smaller partial plates. I want the full gap …

Will GS bumper and splitter fit a coup model Not rated yet
Will a c6 Gs bumper and spliter fit a c6 coup model? I'm very new to vettes need input on model that fit others

Clock not working on c6 Not rated yet
You tube and forum answers are far and wide what actually say what the issue is, all i did was change the battery.

05 c6 fob known but unresponsive Not rated yet
I've replaced the battery with a couple different new batteries. When i tried to program it to fob 3 it said fob recognized (originally fob 1) but the …

2005 sitting 5 months wont start Not rated yet
Sitting for 5 months battery was dead took the battery had re charged put the battery back in the car...it seems like it's not recognizing the fob..I'm …

fault code: engine hot ... ac turned off ( eng is not hot) C6 CV  Not rated yet
This fault happens and a/c wont turn on … if you clear the fault temp is fine. this repeats itself in 2-3 days and cleared and repeats in a month. the …

Exhaust system tips and filler panels Not rated yet
I would like to put an after market exhaust system on my 2006 base corvette convertible. I had decided on a Borla S-Type II system, but their exhaust tips …

HUD and Clock don't work Not rated yet
I bought a 2006 corvette and the HUD and Clock don't work

programmed a second key fob now the intermittent wipers don't work Not rated yet
2013 Corvette Grand Sport , I programmed a second key fob now the intermittent wipers don't work.

Wheel size question. Not rated yet
can I run a 19 by 11inch wheel with a305 wide tire on the back of my 2008 base model corvette?

Dead Battery and Key doesn't work Not rated yet
I have a C6 with a dead battery and the emergency key will not open the hatch. I have opened the hatch this way numerous times in the past, but locking …

2006 no clock Not rated yet
Battery change and now no clock in nav/radio displays now. Is there a way to fix this problem?

2006 no clock Not rated yet
Battery change and now no clock in nav/radio displays now. Is there a way to fix this problem?

Touch screen is non-responsive to touch Not rated yet
2005 C6 Convertible with navigation & Bose. Recently the touch screen has stopped responding to touch. I can change to audio settings, source, navigation …

no shifting Not rated yet
Six speed auto with paddle shifters will no longer shift in manual mode and is stuck in 3rd or 4th in auto mode

Right front brake engages Not rated yet
Yesterday I took my C6 for a ride. The car felt like the right front brake engaged for a second, slowing the car and pulling to the right. It did this …

car palying dead Not rated yet
2006 corvette and all of a sudden neither of the fobs will gain access to car. With access gained to the interior by emergency procedures the dash lights …

Shift problems C-6 Automatic transmission Not rated yet
C-6 will shift from drive to manual shift mode and after a stop the car while in drive mode will move about 10 feet then goes to neutral. Put in manual …

Dim navigation screen Not rated yet
My battery was low on my 2006 c6 z06, after charging it my navigation screen is very dim. You can’t read what is on the screen.

Dim navigation screen Not rated yet
My battery was low on my 2006 c6 z06, after charging it my navigation screen is very dim. You can’t read what is on the screen.

Constantly resettin Not rated yet
My 2005 c6 convertible with 50,000 miles constantly has to have the battery disconnected and reconnected to start,I was told by a friend that it is the …

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Window an doors wont work, replaced drivers window switch koo Not rated yet
I replaced window switch on drivers side now doors want open windows don't work 2005 c6 corvette

Clock not working. Has a navigation screen, every thing else on screen is ok Not rated yet
Had 2007 corvette in for a new automatic shifter and recall 13146 about low beam fix. I assume they disconnected the battery. Everything on electronics …

disk brake replacement Not rated yet
I have noticed that Hawk disk brake pads have an electronic coupling on the front brake pads. I have seen other brands that do not. ( Internet sales) …

Replaced power switch for windows and doors. No power. Not rated yet
Wires burned inside where the window switch is. Orders new switch. Put in and now not getting power

hud mode Not rated yet
Track mode 1

gave gas went no where Not rated yet
I have a 2013 grand sport I was sitting at traffic light and I gave it gas . The rpms went up but it would not take off.

one door is not opening with keyless entery  Not rated yet
One door is not opening with keyless entery only passenger door opens.

Courtesy lights and ignition switch light  Not rated yet
The courtesy lights and ignition switch light will not turn off when door is shut and engine off. Is there a micro switch in the door malfunctioning?

C6 corvette climate control flashes other times blank screen  Not rated yet
C6 corvette climate control flashes other times blank screen

Won't come out of park. Auto tran. Not rated yet
It happens more regularly now. I have learned the over-ride by using the accessory position.I would like a permanent solution. Have read many opinions …

Won't come out of park. Auto tran. Not rated yet
It happens more regularly now. I have learned the over-ride by using the accessory position.I would like a permanent solution. Have read many opinions …

Everything goes crazy Not rated yet
While driving down the road all the gauges goes crazy all the service indicators come on and off the AC shuts off and on and the stereo goes off and on …


Warning Lights and Service indicators Not rated yet
I own a 2010 Grand Sport with 16,400 miles. Today while driving I had warning lights come on and Service Fuel System, Service Anti lock brakes. Several …

2005 corvette clock  Not rated yet
Corvette technician. Had corvette from body shop, battery disconnect and clock cannot be set. Dealt with GM technical assistance. Bulletin PIT5652E …

06 manually convertible. Lid in back of seat is getting caught on the trunk  Not rated yet
I have a manual convertible on my 06 Corvette and I release the top and push the button in back of the seat and for some reason why I try to lift up lid …

eject button will not open front cover Not rated yet
eject button will not open front cover on 2013 corvette on nav/radio/cd player

Dashboard blackout Not rated yet
Might be fob related but sometimes I get in car and dashboard is totally black car starts runs headlights and all lights work but dashboard is entirely …

Engine shuts off Not rated yet
2005 corvette starts then dies, press start button again and all electronics shuts off

Noisy Coupe Top Not rated yet
Just pickup my new (to me) 2013 coupe and the top is on the drivers side is very noisy. Making a cracking noise. I removed the top and reinstalled a few …

2007 c6 Z06 now has a beep or ("Dink" as it is called in the manual) every 60 seconds.  Not rated yet
A "beep" indicator sounds every 60 seconds even after I disconnect the battery and reconnect. There are no dash board icon lights that appear. I have …

Wheel alignment specs  Not rated yet
2011 corvette standard. Just installed Michelin pilot sport a/s 3+ non run flats. Question is do I use the same wheel alignment specs that was used for …


2011 Clutch pedal question Not rated yet
I looked at a 2011 Corvette Grand Sport at a dealer car lot. The clutch pedal is lower than the brake pedal, just wondering if this is the way the pedals …

c6 muffler.. Not rated yet
Muffler has changed pitch from quiet to loud. there is a slider on the exhaust end of the muffler that if manually pushed, suppresses the noise.. can …

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Compass won't calibrate on 2013 GS Not rated yet
Followed written procedures, but compass won't calibrate

Unable to set clock Not rated yet
Pad won't let me put time in. Screen doesn't' let me put anything in.

2008 LS3 corvette stalls just stops running  Not rated yet
My 2008 corvette runs great but suddenly stops running while driving or at a stop light or just idling in the garage, then I can start it up again without …

Is my Corvette a z51 or a standard they can't tell Not rated yet
I'm trying to figure out if my C6 is a z51 or a standard could you please help

Out of date main computer  Not rated yet
I honestly don’t have any issues right now thankfully however, I had heard that once your C6 is past 10 years of age , the main computer somehow breaks …

radio blowing fuse on tight turns or bad bump Not rated yet
the fuse for the radio blows on tight turns or on bad bumps. the heads up will work while the wire is still shorted out. when the short stops, the heads …

lock icon on top of the check engine icon Not rated yet
After dead battery was recharged on 2007 corvette, the engine will not start. there is a lock icon on top of the check engine icon. how do I get the …

Nav radio on 2009corvette Not rated yet
My radio on my 2009 corvette starting giving me trouble so I switch it out for a 2010 nav radio from a 2010 corvette zr1, radio works fine but you can't …

Driver door won't open from inside or outside Not rated yet
Door will not open driver side from inside or outside

Climate Control panel blinks Not rated yet
Every time I turn on the defrosters or heater the Climate Control panel blinks.

C6 won’t start  Not rated yet
Replaced fob battery and wouldn’t work so I reprogrammed my only fob using long method. Accessories work but car won’t start

Trying to reset clock after. Battery change...followed. Manual instructions but still can’t get any time to come up....is there some other trick Not rated yet
Trying to reset clock after battery change...followed all manual instructions....even holding H or M button doesn’t pull up a time to adjust

Corvette brakes locking up after a battery change Not rated yet
After changing the battery in my 2005 c6 corvette it would not seem to let me reverse out of my driveway with the brakes locking up.


installed stock navagation radio back into my 2005 corvette and how do I reprogam it to work? Not rated yet
need to reprogram oem radio navigation I returned to my car after removing after market stero.

Leaks Not rated yet
I have a 2005 C6 that leaks every time it rains. I cleaned the pan under the wiper but it still leaking mostly on the drivers side floor. Any suggestions …

Won't start dead Not rated yet
I have a 2007 c6 z06 and i moved the car in the morning to my neighbors house as my roof was getting redone and when I went to restart it later in the …

My radio is won't turn on after got wet inside the vette Not rated yet
My 2008 c6 vette the radio wont turn on after I splashed the hose inside.

2005 C6 key in rear hatch does nothing,, will not unlock  Not rated yet
key will not unlock hatch and will not work to program a new key fob the hatch opens fine with working fob and from button inside of car

broken glove box latch 2012 GS Not rated yet
Just finished with my local Chev dealer to R &R a broken glove box latch. Cost to me: $303!!! Based on some early research this was EXORBITANT money …

2005 Corvette will not start when hot. Car cranks over but will not fire. Not rated yet
When I drive the car for a long period of time (>1 hour) at interstate speeds in hot weather (>90) and shut it off the car will not restart until it cools …

Won’t start Not rated yet
I have a 05 C6 w/auto trans and 50000 miles. Car won’t start. I push starter button and foot on brake. After bout 50 attempts the dash will say apply brake. …

car will not start fob will not work battery is fine and so is alternator Not rated yet
car will not start fob will not work battery is fine and so is alternator

2007 coupe trunk lid strut replacement Not rated yet
I need to replace the the trunk lid struts because they will not hold the trunk lid up. I ordered two but when they arrived they do not have clips for …

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HUD Not rated yet
Will my 2013 Grand Sport Corvette HUD still work if I replace the radio

Not really a problem, but a question... looking for the darkest red for 'o5. Is it Magnetic Red or Monterey Red? Not rated yet
Not really a problem. Looking fo the darkest red for '05. Is it Monterey Red or Magnetic Red?

2012 Grand Sport must shift into Park more than once to shut off stereo Not rated yet
When I shift into Park and turn off motor, a message says "Shift into Park" and I must do it again once or twice. Whats up. Thanks

New battery, no interior lights, doors won't open, windows don't work Not rated yet
I have a 2005 vette. I moved my car Sunday. Monday, I checked all the fuses under the hood to see if one might be causing my transmission not to shift. …

fault code u0101 Not rated yet
service traction control system. trans will not shift. little throtle response. HELP!

Drivers door latch Not rated yet
Replaced pressure plate on drivers door exterior latch. This did not correct the problem. Any suggestions on what it could be? Sometimes it will open, …

C6 Z06 A/C shuts down when engine gets warm, around 220 degrees Not rated yet
Since I purchase my car in 2008 (Z06) my car has 11k miles on it. Even before several modifications to the engine it has always run warm (220-230 degrees.) …

wont shift to reverse, park and s stay in drive and shift to neutral Not rated yet
cant get shfter to reverse or park only neural and drive what can be done to release shifter corvette c6

Trunk key programming  Not rated yet
Im installing new trunk key tumbler ...do I need to program the car again..like turning the key 5x quickly

Stuck in park Not rated yet
At times I can not shift out of park.

Won’t start Not rated yet
Won’t start. Starter just clicks when jump starting from jump-start terminals

2012 Corvette see through top is sparkly Not rated yet
I looked at a 2012 Corvette Grand Sport that was for sale. (not positive if it was a 3LT or not) It had a see through roof unlike most I have seen. It …

rough start then reduced engine light message then engine light on Not rated yet
Rough start then reduced engine light message then engine light on I turned car on oh wow very rough so I turned it off right away then started up and …

RAdio band Not rated yet
Can't change the band on radio stays on fm. Is it a fuse problem?

torque tube bearings Not rated yet
Correct GM Part # for the 3 torque tube bearings in 2006 c6 base model.

Radio band won't change fm to am ect. Not rated yet
Radio band stuck on FM can't select other bands. Is it fuse related? Have had battery go dead before, radio always worked. Ejection problems w/cd player …

lights flash like a code in 4 way flash.  Not rated yet
When car is parked running or off. The 4 ways flash. Appears to be some sort of sequence. unable to figure it out. Combed the internet. Please let me know …

lights flash like a code in 4 way flash.  Not rated yet
When car is parked running or off. The 4 ways flash. Appears to be some sort of sequence. unable to figure it out. Combed the internet. Please let me know …

Passenger side mirror changes Saved position when car is turned off, then restarted Not rated yet
My 2011 Corvette passenger side view mirror does not stay in the memory position. It positions itself in an up position when car is restarted. after every …

breaklights go on and off but some times pops on while driving breaklight switch changed help Not rated yet
breaklights go on and off but sometimes pop on while driving breaklight switch changed help

2005 corvette convertible Not rated yet
battery died and had to be jumped. auto top wont go up now. would it be a fuse or something has to be reset since battery died?

Radios you interchangeable? Not rated yet
Have 2012 grand sport with aftermarket radio. Have opportunity to purchase stock radio with nav out of 2010 ZR1. Are they interchangeable?

disconnect battery will it reboot all computers Not rated yet
Will computers reset themselves if I disconnect the battery on my 2005 C6

HVAC system unit problem. Not rated yet
After turning on air conditioning and running for a period of time, the unit will not shut off until the engine is shut down for a long period of time. …

Battery good no lights no start Not rated yet
2008 c6 convertible. New battery but car is dead. Thought it was run down so I put on charger. Charger turns on then clicking from right front of car …

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pre purchase inspector, Bradenton, FL Not rated yet
Can you recommend someone to do a pre purchase inspection for me in the Bradenton, FL area? Sarasota is near there too. Tampa is not too far away. I'm …

key lost and fob want work. Not rated yet
2005 C6, I lost my hatch key, I have one key fob but it want work. How can I get inside my car to start it and drive it?

vin no. question Not rated yet
The last 6 digits of my Atomic Orange 09 Z06 are 108107. Does that mean the car was the 107th car off the line? Thanks, Doug.

map light battery drain Not rated yet
Map lights come on (05/c-6) when I turn car off. Stay on and doesn't respond to on/off button

Radio will not shut off Not rated yet
I have a 2005 C6 corvette with a Bose system. After the battery went dead this winter while in storage, I charged it and now the radio will not shut off …

can you personalize the c6 to verbally say welcome to you? Not rated yet
just wondering if the c6 can welcome me by name at start up?

Rear hatch button doesn't work. Not rated yet
I just bought a 2013 Corvette coupe. The rear hatch won't open with the button above the license plate. The key fob is in my pocket and has a new battery. …

No sound from stereo Not rated yet
2008 C6 - In process of starting car but had to quickly shut down before car was running. Received an error code on stereo and now have no sound. Have …

Heads up display different than gauge Not rated yet
I've noticed that the HUD in mph is 2-3 mph off of the actual gauge. Is it just because it's electronic vs actual? I have a 2008 C6. thanks

Kills battery Not rated yet
2008 convertible Starts and runs fine. When you push ignition button to shut the car down. Engine shuts off. But switch to acc mode and kills the battery. …

warning lights on, engine stumbeling Not rated yet
Have a 2012 Grand Sport manual trans with 7000 miles. Has run great till I started it today. The engine was running a bit rough and traction control, stability …

Rear Brakes not engaging on my 2006 Corvette. Not rated yet
Noticed the rear discs on my 2006 coupe are showing typical rust stains even after driving the car. Front discs are clean & shiny. Braking action doesn't …

how do i find out what kinda transmission do i have?  Not rated yet
I'm going to install a short throw shifter and I need to know what type transmission I have.

Poor radio reception. Not rated yet
Does the sound deadener sold on this web site affect radio reception as the entire antenna system is located in the back of the car? The Chevy dealer has …

Strange loud noise coming from air vent towards the windshield Not rated yet
I just bought this car less than a month ago and it started making weird noises. It’s a 2008 c6 that sounds like it’s coming from the vent towards the …

Rear view mirror and tag lights strobe at the same time Not rated yet
I just bought a 2006 Corvette, the rear view mirror lights and tag lights strobe at the same time. When I first noticed it only did this when the car wasn’t …

Will headlight assemblies from a 2010 Corvette fit my base C62005 model? Not rated yet
Will headlight assemblies from a 2010 Corvette fit my base C62005 model?

Left turn signal stops working Not rated yet
After driving for a while the left turn signal stops working. Once I have parked I pull the bulb and re-insert it. It then works. It only does this during …

front wheels sqeak when fully turned Not rated yet
I notice that the front passenger wheel squeaks when I turn the front wheels fully left or right. Hasn'tseem to have gotten any worse over 2 years.

2009 c6 base auto 143k miles suddenly acts weird Not rated yet
It was normal but suddenly when I turn it on start shaking and shows in the display ..ACTIVE HANDLING SYSTEM . SYSTEM TRACTION SERVICE.. and if I disconnect …

Electrical problems Not rated yet
I have a 2005 corvette. 1st heads up display would stop working then come back. On long trips the gas gauge will show no gas and come back. Air bag light …

Electrical problems Not rated yet
I have a 2005 corvette. 1st heads up display would stop working then come back. On long trips the gas gauge will show no gas and come back. Air bag light …

08 won't start when 40 degrees outside or unlock Not rated yet
Happened last winter also, as soon as it warms up outside it starts,dealership thinks I'm crazy,,no fob dection also

08 won't start when 40 degrees outside or unlock Not rated yet
Happened last winter also, as soon as it warms up outside it starts,dealership thinks I'm crazy,,no fob dection also

Air leak on 2006 Corvette Convertable Not rated yet
I have a air leak on the driver window. The leak is on the driver side at the curve or right before, on the curve next to the front windshield. Is there …

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message service traction system Not rated yet
I have had this problem for 2 years with my 2006 corvette, but the message would go away. I notice recently while driving my breaks are sticking, and sometimes …

Starts in first gear Not rated yet
My 2006 Convertible just began not starting on occasion when in neutral, but will start in 1st gear. Any ideas on what the problem might be

temp contol lights are flashing, Not rated yet
When we start our '05, the temp control lghts come on and than they start flashing. What would cause this? It's in the garage and the weather is in the …

Draing evaporator  Not rated yet
Where is the drain hose for the evaporator 2006 Vette

Fully charged battery but nothing works Not rated yet
The battery is fully charged but when I open the door i have no lights and can't operate the power door locks or start the car either! I tried putting …

Fully charged battery but nothing works Not rated yet
The battery is fully charged but when I open the door i have no lights and can't operate the power door locks or start the car either! I tried putting …

Car does not recognize key fob Not rated yet
Had to replace battery in key fob. Tried spare key fob and battery was also dead. Can't get either fob to work. Also replaced car battery a few weeks ago.. …

Traction control Not rated yet
I can't disconnect the traction control connector on my c6 08

C6 corvette climate control flashes other times blank screen Not rated yet
It seems random, but the corvette climate control flashes or has a blank screen. I have no idea way it's doing this, while it's doing this the controls …

Rear view mirror lights won't turn off Not rated yet
The rear view mirror (map lights) lights won't turn off. Pulled the fuse to keep from running down the battery but that disables all of the interior lights. …

hot engine coolant motor Not rated yet
The fans just started the water gauge stayed at 100' what is causing this?

Tire wear Not rated yet
I have 2013 corvette base model. I bought the car with 24,500 miles and the car is super clean. My problem is tire wear on the front had Goodyear tires …

2005 C6 can I retract the steering column lock pin by installing a bypass module? Not rated yet
I've had the steering column lock leave me stranded three times in 6 months. I've had it repaired a couple of times by GM at the tune of over $1000.00 …

"Click" sound @ acceleration (around 25mph), and deacceleration. Not rated yet
2007 C6 Base w/ 25k miles, makes a distinctive "click" when accelerating in the lower gears (2nd-3rd?) Any suggestions before I take it to a dealer? I …

Doors locked Not rated yet
All of the sudden my doors are locked and will not open with the transmitter

cannot listen to music on iphone Not rated yet
Once I connect my iPhone to the jack inside the center console I hear music for a few minutes and it cuts off saying this accessory does not support this …

07 zo6 #2 key fob stolen Not rated yet
07 zo6 #2 key fob stolen..i still have the #1 keyfob and it works.. i want to kill the #2 fob so my vette does not get stolen by the same a hole that stole …

Options button and heads up.display 2008 corvette Not rated yet
My 2008 Corvette options button has stopped working and also I think it's linked to the heads up display which is stopped working,thank you.

trunk won't open whit any buttons Not rated yet
the key fob, the interior button, and button above tag none of these will open the trunk. nor when I press the buttons I can't hear the solenoid working. …

2008 Seat steering mirror memory not working Not rated yet
When I set 1 or 2 it remembers radio, AC,heads up display only . Seats , mirrors , steering do not move. There also is no option in DIC for auto memory …

07 c6 wont crank Not rated yet
07 c6 wont crank , check battery voltage with meter , it read 12.6v. when I press the start button I here a few clicks (it sound like a relay) HELP

Interior lights Not rated yet
2005 c6 interior lights and under hood light will not come on.

my 2008 corvette stereo stops working Not rated yet
My 2008 Corvette Bose stereo intermittently stops working

release button on shifter stuck Not rated yet
Release button on shifter stuck in down position, but not keeping it from coming out of park

overheating supercharged c6 ls-2 Not rated yet
I have a 2006 a&asupercharger 619/624 cam, headers, meth injection,. On summer days the car will overheat with normal city driving. The the will reach …

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Cam and headers change Not rated yet
I have a 08 corvette and wanted to change the heads and cam on it, and I was wondering if that would be a good move. If so, why would it? What would be …

2005 C6 Corvette "Service Column Lock" Not rated yet
This is the second time 22 months that this has occured, but only 3000 Km. traveled since this is not a daily commuting vehicle. Steering Column Lock …

My gas gauge is not working, aftering filling up with gas, is there a reset code or button for this? Not rated yet
Gas gauge is not working, it said low fuel and check fuel system. Have a full tank of gas.

Tail lights don't work Not rated yet
Turn and stop lights work, but not my tail lights

Dash board Engine light on after improper battery terminal jump  Not rated yet
I mistakenly connected my battery charger in boost mode incorrectly, reversing the terminals and proceeded to start my 2006 Corvette after realizing my …

2008 Corvette z06 Manual transmission , getting message press break start ? Not rated yet
Getting message press break to start and also when I shut the car off accessory mode stays on unless I put the car in reverse ???

oil gauge reset Not rated yet
I just change the oil on my 2005 corvette and need to reset the counter on the oil gauge.

2008 electrical short? Not rated yet
2008 driving in a rain storm, car goes in to limp mode gauges go crazy, get it home. Next day battery is swollen, replace battery horn goes off wipers …

Low engine power light has been turning on cosistently Not rated yet
Low engine power light has been turning on consistently while driving the vette. I hit the traction control button to put the car in race mode and it …


2006 HUD does not display when headlights come on. Not rated yet
HUD display works fine all day. When the headlights come on the display stops. Is this a programming error on my part?

Won't start  Not rated yet
Problem began every so often,now it start every once in a while. Bought new battery. Wondering if brake petal sensor might be problem?

complet power loss 2008 c6 Not rated yet
battrie full charge--drove car 60mi today. 2hrs later no power to anything ???

2010 C6 Corvette Coupe AM FM only static CD and XM work Not rated yet
2010 C6 Corvette Coupe AM FM only static over speakers. CD and XM works. I had to jump start the car recently and had to reset the TPMS. Did this jump …

Radio stops playing Not rated yet
Radio says audio auxiliary device.

Dash lights won't go off battery saver message on dashboard display  Not rated yet
Battery went dead over the last days of winter and I asked a friend to hook up my charger to the battery at 10amps for one and one half hours. Now the …

Trunk cd player Not rated yet
I inherited mom's 1999 convertible vette. It has a cd player in trunk. But there is no cd button option on the Ŕadio display panel. How do I play the …

Spring rates Z51 Not rated yet
I would like to know what the spring rates are for the 07-08 z51 suspension and I need to know spring rates for a manual transmission and automatic transmission …

Dead Battery Not rated yet
My C6 battery dead. I recharged it using a trickle charger. The charger says the battery is charged but there is no power at all. What might the problem …

Engine check light came on Not rated yet
One of my spark plug wires came off and when I put it back on, the engine check light came on. I disconnected the negative battery terminal and the light …

Clutch goes to floor with no pressure  Not rated yet
Clutch goes straight to the floor with no pressure I can pull it back up with my foot but it won't disengage the car will start as if clutch was engaged …

08 vette option switch won't work Not rated yet
I can't use the option button. I get an option unavailable message

Catalytic converter  Not rated yet
Check engine light came on and said it was an O2 sencer that the catalytic converter wasn't properly clean and was wondering if I could remove the catalytic …

Corvette battery dead Not rated yet
Battery dead on my 2015 corvette doors locked how can I boost it

New battery 2008 C6 car completly loss power overnight Not rated yet
How do I restore reset C6 after complete battery power loss when new battery is instlled.?

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locked car icon Not rated yet
2006 coupe won't start. There is a light on the dash, of a car with a pad lock. Everything works windows, doors, hatch release etc. I read it might be …

vacuum control on my C-6 2005 vette exhaust? Not rated yet
Is there a replacement exhaust system that has the same controls as the new C-7 vacuum exhaust?

Radio lights stays on with dead battery Not rated yet
I had a dead battery. I charged it for several hours. Now the ignition light stays on, and the radio light is on. The car still won't start... Car doesn't …

Ugly shifter got to go (auto) Not rated yet
I have the early model C6(2005) with the ugly outdated shifter. I was wondering if I could swap it out with the later model C6 shifter, the rounder,sleeker …

Can't get past "Press brake to start engine" C6 Corvette Not rated yet
Display says to depress brake to start, but it still won't start after pressing brake

Dashboard displaying multiple service requests Not rated yet
Has anyone experienced dashboard displaying "Service Active Handling System", then "Service Charging System", then "Battery Voltage High", then "Service …

I have a 2008 z 06 with navigation. I want to add Bluetooth  Not rated yet
How do you read the Vin number to find the options that your car has or may not have?

Shifter will not come out of park sometimes. After playing and trying numerous times it finnaly comes out of park Not rated yet
I have a 2006 and some time when I get in it and start the engine and try to get it out of park it will not come out of park. After numerous tries it will …

I can't open my trunk with my number one fob. Not rated yet
My number 1 FOB will not open the trunk lid nor will it allow me to open the trunk using the button over the license plate. However, it will let me open …

HUD stop working  Not rated yet
I can still see some lights in it but now projecting on windshield.

Question regarding the VIN of my 2008 C6 Not rated yet
In number position #9 of the C6 VIN is a randomly selected security number between 0-9. Mine has an X. I see that is an option with the C7's. Is that a …

Unusual noise in the tunnel Not rated yet
I just got off a session of "hard" driving. I am a beginner and am pretty cautious. However, this was my first time using the paddle shift. When I got …

Parking brake light is it suppose to stay on when engaged Not rated yet
The parking light in the dash doesn't come on when engaged

Need to verify what kind of sound system I have on 2006 base model  Not rated yet
I wasn't sure what kind of factory speaker I have on my 2006 base corvette model pls let me know

convertible top stop working Not rated yet
battery replaced, convertible top stop working

07 C6 with Automatic transmission will not engage reverse Not rated yet
My wife is driving to FL with our 07 C6 with automatic and stopped for gas then parked. Shifter will move to the reverse position but car does not engage …

Fuel pump and sensor  Not rated yet
Fuel pump leaks emmiting gas smell and sensor not working

C6 Push button start not working even though there is power Not rated yet
Car was running fine....got in yesterday and pushed the start button and the dash went dark. After about 20 seconds, everything recycled with the check …

My washer squirters spray too wide. c6 2013 GS Not rated yet
when I squirt wiper fluid it gets inside driver windshield post and top of door. How to adjust direction and force? I'm gettin wet!

My washer squirters spray too wide. c6 Not rated yet
when I squirt wiper fluid it gets inside driver windshield post and top of door. How to adjust direction and force? I'm gettin wet!

2005 corvette. Heads up display does not work after changing the battery. Not rated yet
2005 corvette. Heads up display doesn't work after changing battery.

Climate control area does not respond..seems totally dead. AC is always on.  Not rated yet
The climate control area does not respond. There is nothing in the display area. The AC is on all the time.

Shifter stuck Not rated yet
accessory light stays on the start switch . shifter is in neutral can go into drive . Shifter button does not depressed.

This picture was taken at 5:30 am with light fog has anyone seen this on their car before. we purchased the 2007 Chevy Corvette in October of 2015 with …

2005 C6 Corvette passenger side door will not close.  Not rated yet
2005 C6 Corvette passenger side door will not close. Doesn't matter if the window is up or down. Any idea what is going on?

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Dash lights go off intermittently, traction control error message on d. I. C. Got flat tire message but tire has air in it. Not rated yet
Dash lights sometimes go out then come back on. Traction control message, disappeared then hasn't come back. Got a flat tire message but tire had 34 …

2006 corvette base gear indicator out in DIC Not rated yet
Gear indicater out in DIC

Active handling service Not rated yet
What does it take to service active handling system ?

Compatibility of stereo Not rated yet
Hi. I just want to know if the stereo 15866354 (AC DELCO OEM for 2008-2013 Corvette) can be programmed on a 2007 Corvette. I am thinking of purchase …

5th gear vibration  Not rated yet
My 2013 Grand Sport's shift lever vibrates wildly when 5th gear is engaged. All other gears operate normally, but there is a distinct difference in 5th. …

door wont open  Not rated yet
Have to use manual levers to open door buttons not working

radio Not rated yet
is there any way to extend the range on the fm stations..book said 10-40 miles. thanks jeff

My 2005 C6 Corvette Nav and Radio Reset while driving  Not rated yet
This morning on my way into work My C6 2005 seemed to lose power coming from a light. But never stalled. Then about 10 minutes after that. The Radio, Nav …

Power window does not go up fully when car is running or shut off Not rated yet
Have a 2005 C6 Corvette with targa roof. I get out of car while still running and window lowers enough to slip out of groove in weather stripping but then …

Engine starts then dies immediately Not rated yet
2005 engine starts but dies immediately. Can't try again for a couple minutes, but the same result each time.

DIC wont work Not rated yet
buttons fuel, gauge reset etc wont work

how to fix codes B0040, B0041 and 0065( seat belt pretentioner. Not rated yet
Took 2011 grand sport corvette to dealer and was told I need a new left front seat belt pretensioner(B0065). Two more codes also popped up. B0040 and 0041. …

key wont open trunk Not rated yet
I have 2 keys and it wont unlock the trunk and I cant program a third key fob according to the instructions.

Door wont open Not rated yet
Electronic door wont open have manually open

2007 non-nav radio will not turn on Not rated yet
Removed an after market aPAC-GMC2 auxiliary device that a previous owner installed, reconnected battery and now the radio will not turn on, red light in …

how do i change the bulb in sun visor in 2009 corvette zr1 Not rated yet
Want to change the blub in my 2009 zr1 sun visor

2010 ,wont start after change battery Not rated yet
We were on vacation 7 days ,corvette wont start or jump start, got new battery ,still wont start

rapid clicking sound when starting engine Not rated yet
There's a rapid clicking sound when I try to start the engine. Lights, etc. work but engine won't start. I have to jump to start the engine. Clock returns …

rapid clicking sound when starting engine Not rated yet
There's a rapid clicking sound when I try to start the engine. Lights, etc. work but engine won't start. I have to jump to start the engine. Clock returns …

06 c6 started put in gear only would go in reverse , now wont start at all  Not rated yet
Have a 06 c6 , worked fine last night . got in it today , started right up , put in gear and was stuck in reverse , turned car off , now power comes on …

06 c6 started put in gear only would go in reverse , now wont start at all  Not rated yet
Have a 06 c6 , worked fine last night . got in it today , started right up , put in gear and was stuck in reverse , turned car off , now power comes on …

airbag deployment Not rated yet
I bought a wrecked 2005 corvette for the drive train. car will turn over but will not fire. air bags were deployed in the accident. my question is... what …

antilock brakes lite/service traction control soon. Not rated yet
Antilock brake light/service traction control comes on when car is cold, but when warmed up and start it up light stay off.

Want to make gas pedal more responsive  Not rated yet
Just bought a 2013 grand sport and loving it. Have noticed though that the gas pedal is not nearly as responsive as the brake pedal. When you want power, …

HUD works intermittently  Not rated yet
HUD works for four of five days in a row and then will not come on for a day or so. Dimmer switch works when its on and the image moves up or down when …

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Seat Upgrade Not rated yet
Is it difficult to install used heated seats in a vehicle without them from the factory? Is there a lot of wiring involved or is it already present?

Auxiliary light will not go off Not rated yet
Turn car off but Auxillary and inside light will not go off

C6 steelies out there? Not rated yet
I'm new and hope not offend you all with this question. Son and I building 51 Chevy 3100 truck and found a low miles 2006 C6 chassis,driveline, …

xm radio issues in 2006 convertible Not rated yet
I had a Bose 6 cd indash model with xm. the xm worked fine. i had the dealer install a factory navigation unit. They installed an antenna for the nav …

Traction system engaging at 58 mph. Not rated yet
At 58 mph my traction system engages and the warning pops up on my dash board and you get feel the system engage.The gas pedal at that point seems soft …

clunk noise shifting at low rpms Not rated yet
2010 GS corvette 6 speed

never know when car will start Not rated yet
I have a 05 with z51,6speed manual, 44,000 miles, have owned since 2008.car has been great until this year but know it is nothing but problems.seems that …

Locked out of 2006 Z06 Not rated yet
IM am locked out of my 2006 Z06 and the key fob I have does not include the emergency key. Please help asap Thx Kevin

where is the automatic transmission computer located Not rated yet
I have done some upgrades on my 2006 C6 and need to get tuned Im going to send it to texas speed it says to send ecm and on 2005 and newer automatic cars …

Clicking while turning and squeaking rhythmically on speed Not rated yet
2005 C6 Stock Bought used and didn't notice the sound Car had it's tensioners and belt replaced recently The clicking sound happens only …

Radio stations resetting  Not rated yet
Every time I start my corvette c6 2005 the radio goes to different stations, I have to press the drivers one button to go back to my preset stations but …

driver's door won't unlock or open when it is hot out. Not rated yet
Hi, I have a 2008 C6. I haven't had issues until the hot weather hit. Now, if you are inside with door button or outside with fob the driver's door will …

06 z06 w new battery wont start or turn over Not rated yet
2006 z06 with new battery wont crank or even turn over. Started out of the blue today. It has a cam intake long tube headers and corsa exhaust and tuned. …

How do you eliminate the smell of gas? Not rated yet
When I recently bought gas for my 2008 corvette the gas pump kept pumping gas and some apparently got under the car and in the frame underneath. Even …

heads up display is cracking Not rated yet
No problems yet. But will it become an issue? is it something that needs to be fixed?

The gas tank has a problem when I go to fill it up the gauge goes to empty and there for s while Not rated yet
This problem with the gas when I go to fill it up

OAT LIGHT FLASHING 2010 Z06 Not rated yet

Leak in AC pressure system Not rated yet
Removed condenser to repair radiator, only two connections, my leak has to be in those two connections, did I forget the rubber grommet, or O Ring ?, …

Dash board around the window and events has come unglued and buckled  Not rated yet
Dealer states they no longer make a dashboard for he 08 vette any suggestions to get it repaired.

heater ac unit flashing Not rated yet
How to replace the heater ac control unit on 2008 c6 corvette

05 corvette infomation center not working Not rated yet
05 corvette informatiom center not working.

creeking sound from 2008 removible top Not rated yet
Creaking sound with every bump.

Steering Wheel - Failure to Get the Column to Lock Not rated yet
I have a 2005 C6 which occasionally will not allow the steering column to lock. The only way to get this to be corrected is to reset the computer by disconnecting …

2005 corvette Not rated yet
battery ran down, but not dead. Went to charge and start, but we get no response from the start button. does the car think it is getting stolen? Is …

C-6 Auto trans reverse slip Not rated yet
Not always, but sometimes my auto c-6 reverse will slip.Could it be a code or linkage/cabe problem or am I just hoping, it isn't going to be a full rebuild …

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Wheel repair Not rated yet
The mechanic sprayed a solvent on the wheel that removed some of the paint inside the wheel. How can this be repaired back to original?

clicking from front when turning Not rated yet
when I turn to the right or left I hear a clicking noise from the wheel area.

Rear Brake Line Mounting Diagram Not rated yet
My mechanic had his mechanic remove my rear cradle and associated parts to do some upgrades to my drive line, transmission. That mechanic was fired so …

corvette won't start 2008  Not rated yet
I get into car fob turns all lights on inst. panel green start is on I put my foot on brake push the start button everything goes blank it says …

corvette won't start 2008  Not rated yet
I get into car fob turns all lights on inst. panel green start is on I put my foot on brake push the start button everything goes blank it says …

heat stop working then came back on  Not rated yet
I started the car up and drove it to my destination. Once I reached my destination I turned the car off. When I started the car up again and drove it. …

Is 2010 Z51 diff and 2011 grand sport diff interchangeable? Not rated yet
I have a 2011 grand sport auto A6 with 2.73 diff gear ratio and will like to swap for the 3,42 I know the C6 ZO6 diff will just bolt on ok to my 2011 …

Poor quality GPS in 2009 ZR1 Not rated yet
Are there upgrade radios from C7 Corvettes which could be swap into my 2009 ZR1 that work all the factory functions including OnStar?

key locked in car and car and FOB dead Not rated yet
My key FOB will not work it is completely dead and I locked the key inside the car. How can I can inside?

2008 4lt dashboard delaminating Not rated yet
My 2008 convertible 4lt trim corvettes dashboard is delaminating the dealer tells me that the dashboard is no longer available and there is no fix and …

3rd brake light not working Not rated yet
3rd brake light not working

Message Center Warnings and all dash alert lights coming on Not rated yet
2010 Grand Sport, 31K mi. I have replaced the battery with dealer battery, they say they have reset the codes. Just got it back from the dealer 2 days …

removve footwell plastic protection to replace bulb Not rated yet
How to remove plastic lens to replace bulbs in footwells without breaking them thanks

shift display Not rated yet
When I put the car in park it displays a warning saying shift not in park, but it is & the doors when not lock

Door lock indicator light on 2008 corvette just stopped working. Not rated yet
One of my door lock lights does not work. Can it be reset or need to replace?

navigation system radio theft kocked  Not rated yet
Replacement navigation system locked dealer could not unlock it they said they could not communicate with the unit original unit is part number 15820017 …

Starting Problem 2005 C6 Not rated yet
Recently bought a 2005 C6 from Carmax. After a 2 hour drive home it would not start the next day. The battery showed only 10.6v., so charged it up to …


2007 corvette trunk won't open with key or fob Not rated yet
Battery is dead so fob will not open trunk. Key is inserted above liscence plate and turned clockwise until about to break and still only open a couple …

Check engine light on 2007 Z06 with keyless start Not rated yet
Check engine light on due to faulty gas cap. Replaced the cap how to you reset or clear check engine light

Band new battery car won't start and it has all dash lights lit up Not rated yet
Band new battery,but car won't start and it has all the dash lights on .also car locks you out

car starts sometimes  Not rated yet
My 2006 z06 starts only some of time. I pull the fuel pump relay switch out and it starts ,sometimes it takes several times to get the car started.

Can't open doors Not rated yet
Battery is dead. No key in my fob. 2007 corvette.

Save my Bose system on my 2010 grand sport c6 Not rated yet
I need a new battery, I don't have the security code for the Bose. I haven't pulled the battery yet. How can I save the stereo?

sticking buttons Not rated yet
Climate control buttons stick

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passengerseatbealtlightstayson Not rated yet
Passenger seatbelt light stays on with someone in the seat or not,but the airbag sign goes on and off when you sit in the seat and get out

Reduce engine Not rated yet
Help!! I have a 2005 corvette and as I'm driving the reduce engine pops up and it turns off my car. What could be the problem ?

2006 Corvette AM/FM radio and NAV unit occasionally goes dead Not rated yet
I'm the second owner of a 2006 base model Corvette that I purchase a little over a year ago. I've had a recurring problem with the AM/FM NAV unit in the …

2005 VETTE NOT START Not rated yet

Slightly Loud Click pressing brake in park with car running Not rated yet
When 05 Corvette A4 is running, I press brake and all of a sudden click noise sounds. From what i can find out i think it is the Interlock Solenoid. Maybe? …

battery drain issue 2005 c6 Not rated yet
Just bought a low model 2005 c6 6-speed convertible. Ran fine first month then one morning boom dead battery. Thought battery might have been old so put …

How to change battery on key fob  Not rated yet
My battery is dead on car fob, can you tell me how to diy install new battery?

05 corvette completely dead over night Not rated yet
Drove last night, then this evening went back out and completely dead..only thing different I done different than usual was used my heated seat last night..and …

2006 model year. Is it a good year for a C6? Not rated yet
Are there any issues/problems I should be concerned with in buying a 2006 Corvette convertible? I understand that the 2005 model year had issues because …

2008 chevy corvette coup Not rated yet
My front hood on my 2008 chevy corvette coup has a dent from tow hitch on my truck. I was told by one auto body place that he would give me a brand new …

light on sun visor Not rated yet
What is the small light on the clip of the passenger side sun visor. It glows red very dim.I have had the car 9 years and did not know it was there till …

warning dc error,on radio Not rated yet
Warning dc error,on radio Seems to drain battery

whirring noise felt and heard when depressing clutch Not rated yet
Whirring noise felt in clutch pedal and heard when using the clutch. Doesn't do it all the time. Suggestions ?

Passenger Power Window only closes three quarters Not rated yet
Passenger Power Window only closes three quarters 2006 Convertible Z51.

HVAC problem Not rated yet
I have an 09 coupe and the passenger side only blows hot air. The drivers side works fine and has full control. The car has a full a/c charge an the mode …

2007 corvette turns over wont start/ intermitinly Not rated yet
this is a new issue following harmonic crank balancer repair by dealer. Job was done in jan 2014 then car sat till april. Put back in use this spring and …

wont shift out of park with brake pedal depressed Not rated yet
after starting corvette wont shift out of park untilyou depress brake pedal several times or restart car

2006 CORVETTE car has no power need to get trans out of park into neutral and be able to steer car Not rated yet
I have a 2006 Corvette coupe. The car is completely dead, no power at all. Won't start or. Jump start. Last message seen on dash was computer did not recognize …

Can you interpret the RPO on 2013 corvette Not rated yet
Can you interpret the RPO on 2013 corvette

new battery dead in 4 weeks Not rated yet
I put a new delco battery in my 2009 corvette z06, never did drive it in 4 weeks and the battery was dead.did I need to drive it abit wn hen it was newÉ …

Automatic transmission will not shift into park Not rated yet
Won't shift into park

2005 automatic sticks in Park Not rated yet
In an unpredictable manner our car will lock in Park. Brake is applied and shifter is repeatedly tried but will not move out of Park. For some unknown …

Conv top Not rated yet
Having a new top installed the installer removed rubber put the top back up everything went dead doors won't open won't start has auto top. Nothing works. …

can't shift out of park Not rated yet
I have an intermittent problem shifting out of park, sometimes is does, sometimes not. I've notice when I hear a "click" when I push the brake pedal, it …

C6 Dead battery and my trunk wont open. Not rated yet
I have a 2008 c6 corvette. My battery is dead and my trunk will not open with my key. How can i get into my corvette besides busting the window?

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2005 HUD is projecting a blank screen (green box)  Not rated yet
I have read many stories of c6 projector mirrors falling down. Mine has not. I can see the projection in the correct place on the windshield, but there …

throwout bearings and clutch Not rated yet
my C6 corvette with a 6 speed manual has a loud chattering noise coming from under shifter and then when I shift between gears Ill get a grinding noise …

2012 ZR1 Passenger window only goes 1/2 way up Not rated yet
2012 ZR1 has been stored for about 2 months without battery tender. (Yes I know better) Battery is now dead. Passenger window is 1/2 way open. Not sure …

option button says not available and the service tire monitor keeps coming on Not rated yet
Car dealership ordered new tires for us, but they never came, so they took tires off a new corvette and put them on ours (2006), now the option button …

Fuel system Not rated yet
My 2010 Z06 Fuel tank is full, but the gauge shows, low fuel then goes to full, why?

car will not start Not rated yet
While driving my 2005 c6 the lights on the dash all of a sudden stated giving me a number of different messages such as full service check up is required, …

help in removal of the ac heater display module from a 2005 corvette. Not rated yet
Anyone removed the AC/Heater display module? I have removed the 2 lock down nuts behind the temp . knobs. My display unit in this 2005 flashes at times …

Vibration passenger side possibly air flow related .  Not rated yet
When driving 2008 corvette, vibration noise comes from what sounds like dash on passenger side. Louder noise with increase in speed, unless it is raining …

Computer stuck on driver 10 and won't recognize my presets. Not rated yet
My personal settings for mirrors and seat presets are not being recognized and the DIC seems to be stuck on driver "10" and can't get back to driver 1 …

Dead Battery Not rated yet
My 2009 Corvette ZR1 needs a battery. I have heard of problems with memory on some items if battery is disconnected. Is there anything special I should …

wipers don't work and have problems getting out of park with my corvette Not rated yet
after having trickler by schmacher installed by dealer,in my 2005 corvette the following happened. the windshield wipers don't work and experienced difficulty …

Dead battery and hatch key will NOT work Not rated yet
I have a dead battery in my 07 C6 coupe. And my key will not turn the hatch lock. It seems to be jammed, I even tried lubricating the key in hopes it would …

trunklid Not rated yet
2010,c6 convertable,after shouting trunklen,you still have to push down on len to finish closing, is this normal

Car wont start Not rated yet
Get in the car with key fob and all the dash lights come on like its ready to start and when you push the start button everything shuts down on the dash …

Information on customized exhaust systems for C-6 Not rated yet
I am looking for information on customizing the exhaust system for an LS-7 powered C-6. Looking for aftermarket options.

the battery is dead due to not sure Not rated yet
The insturment panel is blinking but not looking fully charged. Didn't have it on the trickle charger for the last week.??

I can't get my car out of park, how do I tow it 2008 corvette?

every now and then my car will crank but will not go out of park i have to play with key fob in glove box to get it to move Not rated yet
What is going on when i enter my car i cross my fingers and hope i can get in gear i may need to move quickly please help

Starting  Not rated yet
05 c6 won't start even with fob in the glove box. Fob has a good battery, everything comes on but just doesn't start. Is it possibly the starter or is …

bose radio sticks on cd Not rated yet
My radio in my 2006 corvette intermittently goes to cd function. example I can be listening to xm or fm and all of a sudden it will switch to cd and ask …

fluid Not rated yet
I have a 2013 corvette only 100 miles on it brand new just took delivery of it, I don't see any fluid spills any were on the ground but for some reason …

C-6 plug wires. Not rated yet
I bought Moroso plugs wires for my 2006 C-6. I was curious if the heat shields from the stock plug wires interchange with after market plug wires ,or do …

noisey roof panels Not rated yet
the removeable roof panels on my 2010 corvette grand sport squeakes.

redlined  Not rated yet
Red-lined and a check engine light is on and it wont accelerate.

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headlamp wont turn on Not rated yet
Head lamps will not turn on even get notification on dash asking to use headlamps

Dead battery Not rated yet
My 2005 Vette battery goes dead at car wash. They vaccume trunk, leave both doors open to vac. then wash & again leave both doors open, radio on. Go …

driver door will not open Not rated yet
I have a 2008 z06 and the driver door will not open so i been using the releases in the trunk. Anybody have this problem or know how i get fix it?

clutch fluid is dark Not rated yet
My car has 42000 miles on it, clutch feels like it grabs high, when cold first and second feels tight until it warms up,then its smooth,does the discolored …

gas pedal wont work. Not rated yet
I have a 2005 devil ray corvette it has a ton of work 427 with d1sc procharger the list just keeps going on. the problem im haveing is if i hit the brakes …

2012 corvette grand sport Not rated yet
Has anyone tried gutting mufflers for performance and sound. Thanks Jerrry

driver window shuck in down position Not rated yet
Motor out window on driver side stuck in down position

clicking right front wheel Not rated yet
Right front wheel clicking sound, when making right turns

i bought a theft recovery 05 vet no keys no vin numbers  Not rated yet
I cant see how do i get it started or get it out of sleep mode.

Sometimes when I really get on my z06 I hear a loud popping noise from the rear of the car Not rated yet
Sometimes when I really get on my 2008 z06, I hear a loud popping noise from the rear of the car. What could be the problem? This is a very common problem …

Stereo and navigation system not working properly on a 2005 Corvette Not rated yet
The stereo turns on, however the screen turns to the c-6 logo then blank and goes back and forth... Repeating every couple of minutes... Already took it …

over 65 mph no accelleration when pedel to floor Not rated yet
when going 65 mph or over when gas pedal pushed to acellerate it goes to the floor and engine does not respone. let up on pedal and try again and it is …

Wind noise at front of dash Not rated yet
about 60 mph load buzzing wind noise coming from front of dash wiper area on 2013 C6 coupe

Auto trans, Battery Dead, need to push car  Not rated yet
Hello, I have a MY 2006 C6 with the auto trans and have a dead battery. It's a pretty tight fit in my garage and need to push the car out to swap it out …

2006 Corvette C6 Rear(Hatch) Window Sits Too Low In Hatch Not rated yet
Ever since I got this 06', the rear window has been too low, coming a fraction of an inch away from the rear of the roof when I lift the hatch. It binds …

Climate control does not operate Not rated yet
I have a 2005 corvette. Just today I tried to set the climate control but nothing works. Was working fine yesterday. After driving a while today the outside …

fuel system problem C6 corvette 2008 Not rated yet
Hello, I have 20000 miles drive C6 vette. I have problem with fuel. I have full tank gasoline but fuel meter shows empty and gage shows; service fuel system …

hatch key will not work Not rated yet
Hi, I recently purchased a 2005 corvette, and had to have my local dealer cut a key for the hatch access lock above the license plate. The problem I am …

c6 vet recurring starting issues Not rated yet
My 2005 Convertible frequently gets a dead battery I replaced the battery recently the car would not start so I checked connections and charged the battery …

05 vette won't start Not rated yet
Entered car with fob all lights came on as soon as I hit start button everything went dead had to use manual door release to get out

key entry location Not rated yet
need key entry location

transmisson whirring noise (auto trans) when shifting Not rated yet
my 2006 c6 makes a whirring sound when shifting. it is an auto transmissom???

How to install a new door latch 2008 Z51 Not rated yet
is this major installation or can it be done fairly quickly.. I hav e new part already..

HVAC mode not changing Not rated yet
2005 corvette, the HVAC system works fine except the mode, vent, floor, defrost position will not change. I'm assuming the actuator is bad as everything …

can't get gear shift to move Not rated yet
I replaced the brake pedal sensor switch, still can't get gear shift to move. Is there a reset button?

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Caliper replacement on a 2009 with Z51 suspension Not rated yet
How difficult is it to replace the calipers and bracketes onmy 2009 Z51 equiped 2009 convert?

a/c comes out defrost only Not rated yet
A/c is coming out of the Defrost only. I replaced both actuators and still happens. Any ideas? On My previous post I left off that this is a 2006 Vette. …

a/c comes out defrost only Not rated yet
A/c is coming out of the Defrost only. I replaced both actuators and still happens. Any ideas?

LS7 won't start with GM Peformance Part ECM and Harness Not rated yet
I installed a GM Performance Parts harness and ECM on a production LS7 and it will not start. The Tech2 scanner shows no codes. The new harness's connector …

get locked out of C6 get in from Trunk release and then windowns wont work. Not rated yet
Occasionaly I get locked out of C6 convertible i get in by realising the trunk release. I get in start the cra and notice the security lock light is on. …

Building a hot rod on C6 suspension Not rated yet
What are the tech specs for the suspension. I can reverse engineer the chassis if I know the upper and lower A arm angles (ant-dive, ant-squat)Distance …

would like to know my specific options by my vin # Not rated yet
I just bought a C-6 2005 Corvette. I would like to know how to tell if I have a 1sb, or z-51 or as much information about my specific options by the vin# …

harmonic balancer/damper wobble Not rated yet
This problem seems to be very common, I was hoping to find a TSB so I could make an argument to have it repaired under a "Good Will" warranty.

rear hatch mechanism will not engage and unlock  Not rated yet
My 2006 Z06 rear hatch manual unlock mechanism will not engage and unlock with key? The mechanism turns 90 degrees but does not engage, however the electric …

xm Not rated yet
I bought an 2005 C6, it has the ugly XM antenna, and the module in the fender, and the XM is a listed option but no XM shows up on the band button on the …

Battery dead doors locked no key Not rated yet
Drivers door window down about two inches . Can I fish a wire down to the manual door release 2007 corvette Can we see a pictrue of where the manual …

lights going off and on Not rated yet
2005 6speed While driving headlights and all dash lights go off and back on by themselves along with radio and then all warning lights come on momentarily,abs,seatbelt

radio gps display went blank Not rated yet
The display went blank but radio and CD still works. Display still responds to touch. What is the problem and what is the best way to get of fixed?

How to adjust front headlight  Not rated yet
My front headlight was replace before but is not lined up straight. I would like to know how to fix it. thanks

roof  Not rated yet
What is black pod on roof of 2005 and can it be removed ?

Rebuild the C6Z06 roof for TARGA roof C6? Not rated yet
I would like to know if somebody has the expirience how to rebuild the roof in C6Z06 or use of normal targa roof C6? Thanks, Frank

Rebuild the C6Z06 roof for TARGA roof C6? Not rated yet
I would like to know if somebody has the expirience on how to rebuild the roof in C6Z06 to use of normal targa roof C6? Thanks, Frank

doors will not open after sitting Not rated yet
doors will not open after sitting but open hatch pull door release everything starts to work again

rattle Not rated yet
2005 base model 6 speed 11,000 miles When I take off from a stop I hear a little rattle when the car is lugged just a bit. Don't hear it at 3rd on up. …

C6 corvette dash pad black 2005 Not rated yet
Dear sir, I’m looking for 2005 C6 Corvette Complete Dash Pad Black OEM without the airbags. Regards Elie eliemasri@hotmail.com

flasher location Not rated yet
where is the flasher for the turn signals for a 2011 corvette located?

Scratched C-6 clear top Not rated yet
Some little creap entered my garage stole my wife's car and keyed my clear roof on my black C-6 coupe. Will that buff out or is a new one in order. I have …

c6 evaporator drain Not rated yet
System is not draining have blower set for after blow ,but no h2o drains out hose..where is hose and how to unplug it

clutch Not rated yet
scratching noise at low rpms

barrybair ipod input Not rated yet
07 vette it has ipod input in middle console but i don't know how to play it i hook it up but there is nowhere on the screen to switch to aux

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Driver Information Center Not rated yet
I have one light bulb out on the DIC (Options Button).. Is it possible to change just that light bulb without replacing the entire unit?

battery drain- 2006 c6 auto Not rated yet
My vette was in storage for the winter,with a trickle charge plugged into the ashtray outlet. This week I went to remove it from storage and it would …

8 2 much Cant get 05 out of park? Not rated yet
can,t get my 05 vette out of park help pls

vaccum line parts for 11 GS Dual Mode Exhaust Not rated yet
I'm adding dual mode exhaust to my 011 gs an want to use gm parts and need the vacuum line parts and the routing,thanks Doug

what does the reduced engine power meen that lit up on the dash? Not rated yet
what does the reduced engine power mean that lit up on the dash? I have a 2007 corvette LS1.

How many Arctic White Z51 corvettes were made for Canada in 2005 ? Not rated yet
How many Arctic White Z51 corvettes were made for Canada in 2005 ?

Interior light will not go off in 2005 Corvette Not rated yet
Interior light will not go off in 2005 Corvette

I need a schematic diagram of a 2005 6-speed shifter in order to replace it, and NOT make a mistake! Not rated yet
Hi there! We own a 2005 Corvette Roadster, and I'm going to replace the shifter with a MGW one. In order to make sure we don't goof this up, we would …

What is headlight layout on 2002 c5 Z06 corvette Not rated yet
High beams and low beams do not look as i would expect, what is the correct layout for the lights are the 2005 inboard and the 2006 bulbs outboard?

how do you change the brake light switch/sensor on a 2005 c6 Not rated yet
How do you change the brake light switch/sensor on a 2005 c6

2005 corvette is dead in the garage. how do i get it in neutral to roll it out to get it jumped? Not rated yet
2005 corvette is dead in the garage. how do i get it in neutral to roll it out to get it jumped?

Keyless entry - car doors will not unlock Not rated yet
My husband is frustrated.........we have a 2005 Corvette. We lock the doors and when we go to unlock the next day to drive it, the doors will not unlock, …

HKA NAV install for Z06 Not rated yet
Want to install nav on my 09 ZO6. Are there any good aftermarket ones or should I look for a stock unit? Are there any tricks I need to know?

andy browns tire, Groaning noise from rear Not rated yet
On a 2009 convertible automatic when first drive in the morning from the rear there is a groaning noise like there is no lubrication in the half shafts …

Corvette-web-central.com Not rated yet
Here is another Ipod adapter http://forums.corvetteforum.com/c6-corvette-general-discussion/1748480-9-diy-aux-input-for-ipod-for-c6s-with-xm.html

Answer for Mike and the Apple I pod Not rated yet
This is one system that might work for your application! Just copy and paste the link below into your browser. http://www.smartpark.net/iPod_iConnect.html …

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