broken glove box latch 2012 GS

by al starr
(Scottsdale, Az)

Just finished with my local Chev dealer to R &R a broken glove box latch.
Cost to me: $303!!!

Based on some early research this was EXORBITANT money for a part that lists for $75(GM parts direct) and selling for $48.62
Dealer charged $96.79 plus $235 labor!!

Looking at this assembly there are two small screws securing the latch to the door.
In my humble estimate, time to R&R this assembly should be no more than 0.5
hour including 0.2 jawing with the parts counter guys. And that should also include putting the old tumbler into the new latch assembly.

Doe anyone have a flatrate schedule for this operation?
I think the dealer overcharged me by approx. $150-175!

Would appreciate any comments.

Btw, that final figure took into account my Corvette Club DISCOUNT!

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