C6 pulls left after new oil pan gasket

by Jerry Hipp
(Overland Park, KS )

2008 coupe had oil pan gasket replaced. Upon leaving dealership it appeared to pull to left. I did not have opportunity to drive car for approx 3 weeks and drove approx 100 miles. Car pulled left on every type road it was driven on. i called dealer and they scheduled appointment to re-check alignment they did when gasket was changed. They told me the cause was that right front tire was 8lb higher than other tires. I disputed this because I had checked the pressure before taking it for re-check. I asked if car had been driven and was told no. They called back later, said car had been driven, and everything was OK. Car pulled left upon leaving dealership but they were closed. Took back two days later on Saturday. They rechecked tire pressure and I took a mechanic on drive. Again car pulled left everywhere we drove. He suggested that tires were tracking on road even though we drove streets and highway. He then suggested that since the car had not been driven for a long time (2 1/2 weeks that maybe the tires developed flat spots (?). After being in the left of three lanes and pointing the car to the right, the car went all the way to the right edge of the right lane and then tracked left across 3 lanes again. Now his suggestion is that maybe the left tire went bad and they want to switch the right & left front tires even though the are uni-directional. I called Good Year and they said to absolutely NOT run the tires in the wrong direction. Car has 10,100 and has never been in any accident and only driven by myself, son, and brother (when I was with them).

I understand that they had to lower engine cradle and loosen or remove tire rod when changing the oil pan gasket.
It seems that what ever they did when changing the pan gasket caused the pull. I've also seen articles on steering wheel sensors not being correctly centered /adjusted that can cause this issue.

Any suggestions?

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Dec 11, 2012
by: Anonymous

The car was aligned after the gasket replacement and re-checked again after I took it back. I have the alignment sheet. I'm not into alignments but the sheet gives ranges for each area. Some of the numbers are awful close to one end or the other of the ranges. I would think that the closer the numbers are to the center of each range the better.
I talked to GoodYear customer support yesterday. They opened a claim and told me to take the car to any it their stores that provides run-flat support and have them go over the alignment, check the tire, and take it for a test drive at no charge.
I stopped at the only store around that handles run flat tires this morning. The manager said the alignment numbers look OK. I did not have the Corvette with me and he said to bring the car back but he wants to put a new tire on the left front to prove one way or the other whether it's a tire or not. If it's a bad tire he would replace both fronts at an adjusted price. If it's not the tire then I bought a tire I don't need. Both the dealer and their national support group said to NOT run the car with the tires switched from side to side as the Chevy dealer wants to do. Back to Chevy for a definite path if it's not the tire ..

Dec 11, 2012
Get a new repair shop!
by: Anonymous

They knocked the car out of alignment doing the repair. Dispute the charge on your credit card if you used it for the repair. Speak with. The service manager for the free alignment and then go over his head if necessary. Sorry for your trouble. Good luck!

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