How to reset computer on 2010 corvette

by John rogokos
(Mesa arizona)

My battery went dead on me and triple A tried to jump start it and couldn't get it to even respond so I'll get a new battery and see if everything is ok but I thought I should at least reset the computer thanks john

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Mar 08, 2016
Battery Reset
by: Corvette Master Mechanic Chris


Thank you for using our Answer Service and purchasing our C6 Corvette Book of Knowledge paperback. I will personally make sure the book makes it out to you ASAP. Your submission and your satisfaction is very important to me so please if you have any follow up questions please don't hesitate to ask using the link we originally sent you.

As for your question the Computer reset process for your 2010 Corvette is technically done when the battery went dead. Removing the power from the computer (replacing bad battery) ultimately erases the learned and the volatile memory of your powertrain computer and personalized settings. Your best bet is to follow the owners manual for resetting your items for, memory seats, IPC custom greeting, driver and passenger window indexing (windows retracting so door will open) at the vehicle. I only say this in case you do not have a mobile device to take out to your car to read my responses here.

I'm assuming you are looking for reprogramming of your vehicles systems after the battery change. If this is the case please read my instructions below for this assistance.

Indexing procedure is as follows:

After power reconnect such as battery replacement the window index-up feature will not function until the system is initialized. Once power is restored, do the following:
1. Close the door.
2. Raise the window by pulling up the switch.
3. Hold the up switch for three seconds after the
window is closed. Release the switch.
4. Hold the up switch again for three seconds and
Remember to do both windows.

This is called resetting of the window indexing or power window initialize and is in the owner's manual page 3-18 of the 2010 owner's manual.

Memory seat setting procedure:
The numbers on the back of
the remote keyless entry (RKE)
transmitters correspond to the
numbers on the memory buttons.
Storing Memory Positions
To save into memory:
1. Adjust the driver seat, both
outside mirrors, and the
telescopic steering column,
if equipped.
2. Press and hold "1" until
two beeps sound.
3. Repeat for a second driver
position using "2."

Your tire pressure sensors and readings should be ok but if not just let me know. The same should be the case for the Key Fob's

The radio and clock settings should be straight forward but if you need help with that just let me know.

Some things you may or may not notice with the new battery are as follows:

Lower fuel mileage (temporary until computer relearns fuel trims, usually within one tank of gas).

Idle speed or rough idle, which is also attributed to relearning conditions.

Throttle or gas pedal responsiveness feels different until the relearn process is complete.

I have done my best to answer as many questions as I thought may come up with your battery change. If I have not answered what you needed please let me know and I will keep answering until we get it figured out. Once again thank you for your submission.


Chris Trautman
Corvette Master Mechanic

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